/Why Am I Not Losing Weight on a Raw Vegan Diet?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on a Raw Vegan Diet?

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Why am I not losing weight on a raw vegan diet? I was told the pounds would just melt away. It is one of the primary issues with the raw diet. It is hard to eat too many calories on a vegan diet. What do you think the problem is? If you’re vegan and raw, it is very hard to get enough protein and fat. That’s why so many vegans are super-skinny with flat hair. I like the super-skinny part, but not the hair. But that’s why there are so many hair care products.

If you try to get enough protein by eating a lot of nuts, you could end up eating a lot of fat in the process. Eating a pound of nuts is around 2000 calories, depending on the type. I’d notice if I ate that much, if only by the shells left around. If you’re adding peanut butter powder to all the veggie smoothies or walnuts to the salad, you could end up taking in a lot more calories than you thought. No one said you needed to count calories while on a vegan diet. Too many girls decide to eat just vegetables or rice and hot sauce on the vegan diet and simply don’t get enough nutrients or calories. But taking care to add enough protein makes it easy to get too much. But I’m not eating the processed foods with a lot of sugar and fat. You might be getting too many calories if you’re adding coconut to everything. That has around 250 calories a cup, and it adds a lot of calories to a trail mix or smoothie. What else could be causing it? If you lower your calorie intake to what your body needs to live, you’ll stop gaining weight but won’t lose any. On a healthier diet, the pounds should fall off. If your intake equals the burn rate, it is stable.

Switching to vegan raw doesn’t eliminate the need to actually exercise to lose fat – though you have to hike to the bathroom a lot more because of the extra volume of crap. It sounds like the raw vegan smoothies are a load of crap. Or you’re drinking too many of them for weight loss..