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good evening out there how are you guys doing doctor Marco Ferrucci I'm from the chiropractic source in Caldwell and also the Lyndhurst chiropractic source in Lyndhurst and welcome to another awesome seminar I'll about a well-balanced diet I'm I want to welcome you guys some you guys are probably knew to this see let me give you a little background about what health and wellness Wednesdays all about um it's about educating the community about how to monetise it started at Caldwell college six months ago where I was doing this in person and I decided let's get this are on the internet so more people can join us and enjoy the great information we share so I appreciate you taking some time out your day and night to join me for the seminar an I've been doing seminars or webinars for about you know two years now and this is one of the topics that people just grab onto in love Armitage and they just relate to it because everybody try to figure out what the healthiest healthiest diet is in you know what what she GE what she did not eat and it becomes very overwhelming for somebody and I am tonight we're gonna kinda break down the diet in a way that you may have never seen before and I'm excited about that and I'm excited for you to join us I'm to do that so some if you have any questions we made is actually really easy if you see below the video that you're watching right now you'll see comment box that says a something if you type something in there that will load up onto the page and will be able to see your question and I have my producer here Robert Allen he is going to but help me out here and he may see if everybody they do and I'll be are monitoring that that feed for question so just go ahead and I type them in there in will make sure that doctor Marco I gets that to gets that question answered for you so as we're going along if you think I'm anything just go ahead and type that into the I to the box right below the video all right thank you Robert I am so yes on excited about this I hope you guys are we're gonna really that dive into sin diet and I'm I know a lot of people you know I don't understand what is the most ideal diet and and what he meant diet means so um let's get started with I always on begin all of my knee seminars webinars um with an agenda you know what the heck we're gonna go over tonight you know if you get a little bit have an agenda on the kind it gives you a an outline 0 you know we're gonna go with this in can make it a little bit more exciting so alarm the first thing we're gonna do is obviously since we're talking about diet we gotta find what is a diet um believe or not its very easy being understand but you might be surprised my answers on them I talk about some of the common diets you know you're gonna hear me say it's a bad diet bed i the thing is bad it just means a very popular diet that people go you can hear that word throughout the the night and then we want to talk about how do you lose weight what is the formula for weight loss on you want to discuss arm blood sugar and diabetes and there's a certain diet that we talk about that helps to balance out the blood sugar and is extremely important for the letter dealing with that I'm it's a very common thing we also want to talk about information and the anti-inflammatory diet I'm gonna really dig into that and and I really have some fun tonight and that obviously to finish it off we want to learn some practical ways to turn in your diet into optimal health and wellness so let's not let's dive into some minor some information about your diet so how would you define diet what is a diet is it ballot counting your calories there are some diet soda that required to do that but is that really what did I it's all about is that really what eating in all the right foods is all about how about is it all about cutting out fat and carbs you know are you supposed to ninety any batting cars because you know that's what keeps you bet up that's something we wanted you know talk about excite these I it about cutting out the things that taste good or the things that we love you know a lot of people just stress out when the right diet because they feel like they're just still wish tracked it makes chain and have did things that they love by Tom that's not what it's about either so what is a diet you know how do you define a diet what is it all about you know it's Douglas discussed that so I diet in the most simplest description a diet is simply to food choices that we make on a daily basis so we have to chew is we can decide to eat a diet rich in healthy foods or we can choose a diet that's rich in unhealthy foods and then obviously you have the jewish a eating a diet that is half good half bad or even accord good and requires bet I'll buy it it really is just what you put in your diet so the only difference D people die it is you really eating good bad or ugly arms we're gonna go into debt so what are some common diet I called bad diets I it's not because they're managed just because ur their the common died two people choose arms let's goes let's go over some other I mean I'm sure we're gonna know most adept but here are some examples: and you can now we got Weight Watchers got Jenny Craig we got the Atkins diet we got the South Beach Diet got his own diet you have your vegetarian diets you have your vegan diets your gluten-free diet and the list goes on you could probably name 20 more I'll let is why do most of these diets help you lose weight because they're changing what you're currently doing so if you're planning on going on any these diets there's something about your diet currently that you're not happy with your body is not happy with it either making you gain weight or not allowing you to lose weight so when you go on these diets is changing what you're currently on: and that's why you're gonna start to choose better choices in your study help your and your body's gonna start to not to let so that's why all these diets work work well here's the flaw these diets only work when you're arnett so if you're on them for the rest your life you're good but if you're on them and then you get off it he's are going to the older habits you're gonna gain that weight right back and I know it sounds like barry basic but dats why so many people have these yo-yos diets are losing weight gaining weight losing week anyway because they find that when they're on the diet which they may choose month a bit they may choose to europe it may choose two days a bit but during that time here they're gonna start to lose weight near such as he changes but as soon as they slip up in these are gone they're always that's gonna start packing back on so we gotta change the way we think about week about a diet a diet is not a temporary time period a diet is actually a lifestyle how are you going to eat for the rest of your life not because you want to lose weight because your wedding in a couple months or you wanna lose weight because you know is the summer anyone looking at the beach so is really a lifestyle think it's not a bell a certain time period so what's the key to weight loss what's your secret formula and the formula for weight loss is easy as it sounds is you want you expand more calories than you are consuming so that means that you want to be exercising image you want to be active and you want to make sure that your active to the point we're you're spending your burning more calories than you consume that's actually the formula for weight loss I unfortunately most people reverse that they consume I had a lot of calories and then they're not very acted today day may not go to the jam they may not exercise they may sit at a desk for eight hours a day and they go home and watch TV for another four hours and they go to bed I and now those those calories just on weighing on them in ending up in adding up you're not burning them so you're just too slowly over time started and on way in and out back um in addition to that it's very important to start doing cardiovascular exercise program cause cardiovascular exercise is what helps to burn calories in addition to other things what that's when the best workouts to do to burn calories see you want to do that about three to four times I'm per week for about 20 to 30 minutes ago where to start on some people do more some people do less but I would see a good starting point would be about 20 to 30 minutes three to four times a week are not only will that be good for weight loss but that's also good for your heart and for the rest of the year on help because it helps to get oxygen throughout the brain year and in the body and your body lives for that oxygen to get your fuel for your for your function are and then Leslie about weight loss it's really more about the quality if true that you're putting in the body rather than the quantity so you can choose to have more good and less bad or you can have choose to have more bad unless good but that's a big difference so um that you want to differentiate see you want to start and better foods and take out the last batter to its but it doesn't matter about the quantity actually in fact if you're eating good food there's actually not a really big macs how much you have you know what on earth good food you get up but a ton to vegetables because not gonna you know act on this week are you can have you know if you if you eat meat you know chicken is not that bad you could have a lot of that so it's not a when you're eating good sources approved a quantity really starts to go away I'm so well I go over now is the top ten excuses on why people decided not to joined in a good lifestyle change or good dietary change so let's go with the easy one every set is too expensive to eat healthy which is true state is not chill expensive to just a little bit more expensive because if you think about it in the long term if you become very sick and you need to go to the hospital are you need to do all this other stuff that becomes expensive so your may be paying a little bit more now but you're gonna pay a heck a less in hospital and and and sickness bills in the future on that we haven't you busy I am nobody's too busy to to make a make a choice to eat a better diet um if you made a decision to go out and get a hamburger cheeseburger at mcdonald's or another best to join you can also make take that same at time you thought to think about that and go home maybe I could use a salad with chicken today rather than going to get a burger I it doesn't take any action time to make a better choice and then you just fine you know a good source arm are a good place for you can go get a better source of food on the value a bad day this one always makes you laugh because we have a bad day your body each definitely doesn't wanna get bad if you're to add to that because the you gotta give everything you put in your body is fuel if you are putting all bad stuff in your body your body is gonna give you back garbage coming out so if you already had a bad day near really stressed now you're gonna Etienne all this like emotional eating food that horrible any in source solutions and their bodies and even more stress and it's just good actually a.

m. to the problem rather than remove that problem named I deserve a treat um you're just you your body doesn't deserve a treat your body deserves a treat every day you should treat it well it doesn't have to get that that she's dead that cheeseburger and that your chocolate chip cookie that shouldn't be your Sri for your body your treat should be you know every day she doing something good choose the jury a treat as you know all go for a you know of a 10 minute walk that's a better treat then let's go get the chick that chick China chocolate chip cookie genetic you know why I can't lose the waiter why I you know it so much and that's just a cop-out you know your genes are definitely not your destiny yet you might have genes that predispose you to being a heavier person or predisposes you to be you know are overweight but your genes are expressed by the environment that you put it you can have the same exact genes as your family but if you eat better if you exercise on a daily basis if you do all the right things to become as healthy as you can you're not going to get seen disorders is that it's called epigenetics your genes are expressed based on the environment that is putting so if it's put in a bad environment where all the food you eat heard bunch junk enough to be very active then you're gonna start to get those same genetic things but on your not predisposed at your genes are not your destiny in please don't believe that diets don't work for me um and you're correct about that because diets don't work for you because you are only on it temporarily like I said diets work when it's a lifestyle you're supposed to be: a good diet everyday up your life you're gonna slip up in here and there you gonna call you note she I'm expecting at the perfect diet every moment today like if you go with that 90 percent rule I was like talk about where ninety percent the time you're eating as good as you can in 10 percent I'm slip-up you go advocate yet you know a party or wedding you know our site and ICICI be perfect but you definitely should um want you eat a good diet as a lifestyle rather than just monetary time so when diets don't work for you mean number one you can go on it long enough or number two your diet was kinda lazy I would I would bet I I've got a slow metabolism um that Shrek some people do a slower metabolism but the best way to speed up your metabolism is number one to start exercising number two to actually start eating more often eating more small meals throughout the day actually will start to speed up your metabolism um and just making better choices throughout the day up what you're putting your body will speed up your metabolism so that is the next step is a valid excuse but it's something that could be reversed I'll tomorrow is it the I'll get to it eventually and then all of a sudden it becomes three weeks three years you know thirty years later and you have to start that diet he keeps an all-star Mar I love food too much and some people do love food but you can also love good food it doesn't have to be only bettered so that we're not telling you to remove food at afterlife we're just saying remove think dude is gonna make you very unhealthy the rest of your life and eat more they help here a choice don't wanna look like this stick figure that's another big one um your body your body type is is really I don't see a predisposed to we all have our body type some of us are gonna be skinnier some of us are going to be a little bit more hostile here so I was maybe even a little bit more heavier Chuck here we we we have his body they were supposed to be and you your body knows your body is able to detect on when you're getting too skinny he gets used any your body just to give you signals like you're gonna have no energy order your to get the symptoms that you may not have had in the past because your body because there is a sore so I'm too much weight loss versus jew too much weight gain so your body is gonna tell you things in and you have to get in tune with your body in and feeling what's going on because you want to make sure that it's something that is I'm not it did you not degenerating in your help rather than you know be driving in your house so I talk about blood sugar now this picture when I saw this picture I know it may be a little small help us.

can see it by Tom it battle me now if you look at those on top of the the some the picture I'm sorry you have all the bottles are the different sources are arm liquid you know we got a water looks like we have a chocolate milk some type of soda and goes all the way up to 1 Oz big gulps the bag underneath it that white stuff get that is sugar so look at how much sugar is in a soda and a big ol versus how much sugar is in Atwater almost nothing well a lot of people out there you know drank to 3-4 bottles is arkansans so today and look at how much so sugar is in just one of those bottles and now you're put in that much in your body on a daily basis and no wonder you're degenerating in your help the way that some people are so what his blood sugar when we ingest some type of food good or bad our body breaks down there food into glucose for energy next slide please so all a well-balanced diet which we're going to talk about today helps to keep the blood sugar and optimal level because fluctuations in our blood sugar is not good for the human body unfortunately what I call the all-american diet space is a diet that a lot of americans go on or at least E um is rich and sugars sodas carbohydrates and processed foods and when you have a diet like that throughout the day all day every day that actually has your blood sugar start to fluctuate high and low throughout the day and a lot of people end up starting TE a diet when site eat food and I eat food when their blood sugar is low so they even their blood sugars low they get this spike your blood sugar that keeps them in energize for maybe hour two hours and there's let you decide to come down that many deck of fear that you know that could hear that you know sugary drink to bring that lecture up and that's like a diet that I'm so that lets out a lot of people start to you to to get into and thats on a very unhealthy for the body you know so if you don't address this um you get to start going down what we call the diabetic asking here that's what I call in the diabetic cascade so what the heck is a diabetic cascade probably never heard that so it starts with like I was talking about this fluctuation the blood sugar so we call that reactive hypoglycemia have a lesson yet means low blood sugar on but reactive means is going up and down like its reactive based on what you're eating at the moment then we have insulin resistance that's the next step and then we have your diagnosis up diabetes so the diabetic cascade like you said reactive hypoglycemia its core was by unhealthy diets skipping meals diets that are hiring carbohydrates processed foods and sugars and I wanna go over the skipping meals because that is eighty enormously important to talk about because I know a lot of people and I emit myself I am one of them in the past I'm now not doing this but a lot of people skip breakfast and that's when the worst things you can do for your body because how you start your day is how the rest of your day is gonna start going serve you start your day with no fuel you're not gonna get you that day with energy your star fluctuating up and down with energy because you're not gonna have to your just are you through the day um so if you are somebody that skips meals or you know hat doesn't have practice has a little bit of a launch in only two big dinner these at this is probably something you're gonna start to see you know reactive hypoglycemia is one that most common things that people go through and they don't realize it and a comment sign and symptom that you are going through this and some you guys May left despite if you know that person out there that when they're hungry they are not fun to deal with when you're around them they become very nagy they become very Lake arm you know on edge like they're about the snappy you any second if somebody like that that person is actually going through I hope St Mia are at that moment you know their blood sugar so low they can even really focus on anything else but she's getting food in their body because any debt your it's funny we laugh at it but that's the first step to this diabetic escape so I'm sure some you guys out there left and right now I'm sure you guys know somebody that you're thinking about on but that person is going to this reacted look like hyperglycaemia and I'm getting on a more well-balanced diet throughout the day is actually something that would change a person's life arms-length if this never gets corrected or the person just continue down this path a reactive hypoglycemia the next step is what they call insulin resistance now insulin resistance um is exactly what it says the insulin starts to become resistant to the sugar and what insulin does is insulin actually takes sugar out of the blood and brings it to the tissues up your body to give you energy unfortunately it there's is your this rusher sugar that's currently coming in the body the insulin no longer can work another to get that sugar out at the blood and the blood sugar starts to slowly raise upward and that's why sometimes people could say their pre diabetic or they're going towards diabetes is exactly what's happening the blood sugar is slowly rising slowly rising slowly rising because I insane can't get the sugar out at the blood because I've the diet that there are and lifestyle the living so if this never gets corrected then we finally get to a point where you get that medical diagnosis of diabetes and all that means is that your blood sugar reach a certain level which is normally arm over 200 I believe it is um but I'm not 100 percent sure about that don't go in there but I am once you get to a certain level of blood sugar it some I'm sorry two hundred at not 200 just thought about that but I am if you get your blood sugar to that level and above it you get the diagnosis diabetes for you don't get diabetes overnight it's not like he's one day you're not that you're not diabetic and then you look wake up the next day nor the docking in a blood work and they say all your diabetic we have to do this this is ness this is something that has progressed from when you were probably young and UPN out certain like dietary lifestyle you've lived a certain lifestyle that didn't allow your body to um control their blood sugar anxiously raised over time so that's what I call the diabetic cascading it's extremely important to understand because you can stop diabetes well before it even starts to come around making some lifestyle changes arms let's talk about the blood sugar daddy called watch a good day this is the best way to control your blood sugar want to make sure that you have a level blood sugar throughout the day because the level blood sugar means that your energy it means your body is functioning at optimal endure the healthiest you could be when your blood sugars up so the most important aspect of balancing or keep your blood sugar at bay is practiced some people may be like I i cant think a breakfast in the morning I get sick just thinking about it that means that you have the reacted by I have a casino he say I used to be the same way I used to wake up in the morning and I would be sick to my stomach to think about eating breakfast arm but once I started to have a little bit of a breakfast in the morning what I started my body started to realize up i'd have secured the morning now I don't have breakfast its a whole new world i cant even you know have the energy to function as I that's why I have to start my morning and a good technique for people that don't you have practiced to start having something in the morning is to make um like a breakfast shake in the morning with some through um you know maybe some like a like a multi-vitamin protein shake type thing arm that's a good way to start because when you get here yum vitamins and minerals in protein is up in the morning and then as you start to use that then you decide to end in more solid foods that's a good way to start off eating a breakfast if you don't know how to so grab this is number one and that breakfast should actually start of with protein um and some people may think really you know most people to get breakfast as you know %ah milk and cereal or I am let's say ya bread-and-butter are bagel with cream cheese you know those are the things people think about when they have practice but unfortunately that's high in carbohydrates and sugars and that's actually going to spike your blood sugar and about a couple hours later you can have that crash if you start your day off a protein that's good actually level out the blood sugar as gonna make you arm more energetic throughout the day and have your body function more optimally so some other proteins I recommend um is egg whites is always a good one on but then you you could get into the meat you can get the sausages you get into the Biggins you know and I would choose turkey or chicken bacon or sausage over you know your pork bacon or sausage because other a little bit less healthy on you could even have sliced heard your slave chick in the morning you go to your local supermarket near Whole Foods and get Lake like fresh turkey and slice it up then you know a pounder to and you could actually just pick on that and that's something you could have in the morning and it's good good protein it's a good source %uh but you know that a balance out the blood sugar and like I said you can also go on a multi-vitamin shake you know and I'm not saying a protein shake because some people think I have a shake as a protein shake where they're getting 60 grams of protein um you know in that one source and that's what we're talking about i'm talking about a multi-vitamin supplement that has like maybe half of the vitamins you need throughout the day plus protein plus I'm some other good sources of omega-3 and stuff like that so it's another thing you could do um let's continue and then another big aspect of balancing out the blood sugar is snacking between your meals and I don't mean snacking on I you know some cookies and something high in sugar I mean snacking on %uh something not based like almonds or walnuts or sunflower seeds something in that not family because thats good fat and a good protein that's gonna help to balance out the blood sugar and I'm not talking about have a whole meal a bit I was talking about having a little nervous that makes it 10 you know maybe a handful love almonds you wanna snack in those good fats and proteins its which that's either so we got Commons law not sunflower seeds you can even do harness with some veggies you know i i recommend the veggies over your pita chips and stuff like that because the little bit healthier so those are things you can just snacked on throughout the day so you wanna have breakfast say if you wake up at a normal time at eight o'clock you have a practice that maybe start snacking um maybe 930 10 o'clock before you go to lunch at well over 1 o'clock so you wanna just start your day with protein on actually even recommend ending your day with some protein in he offers a vegetable and if you are carbohydrates feenin you can't live without carbohydrates um and I mean carbohydrates like your bread to your boss doesn't not the the bad carbohydrates is obviously good carbohydrates on you know in your fruits and stuff like that but um I would leave it for the afternoon so then if you do you have any typeof spiking in the blood sugar you know it'll be in the mail today and not you know in the morning or the afternoon so if you have to have those carbohydrates output in afternoon you know for lunch time I so let's talk about information it's been proven that most disorders such as heart disease cancer diabetes autoimmune disorders the list goes on and on and on it is caused by a chronic systemic information which means your body is just inflames from the food that we eat in the lack of exercise that we've gone stresses that we have are like it starts to become very inflamed um especially you know in america we're probably the most stressed nation in the world we probably eat the poorest and we exercise the least you know street we r1 healthier nation I mean unhealthy is nation in the world because of this reason so controlling the systemic inflammation is one of the biggest things to decreasing heard or even removing the risk for some of these disorders so let's talk about what the inflammatory diet is is your all-american diet week at a little bit disgusted so the all-american diet is high in fried in processed foods it's high in refined sugars complex carbs bad fats arm low in protein high investable oils um that's pretty much the in lavatory diet hell what that diet does is it actually increases what's called omega-6 in our body because those things are high in omega-6 so omega-6 is a fatty acid in our body that is actually what's called proinflammatory it actually increases information now omega 3 I'm sure somebody out there is heard this before may get three is the exact opposite omega-6 omega-6 true promotes inflammation omega-3 actually decreases information so when you have a high diet and omega-6 8 changes that balance so omega-6 to omega-3 have a good balance you know your body needs information sometimes it helps to protect the body from damage in you know when your second helps you keep you healthy but not when it's overly inflate so omega 6's get a rise up omega 3's rise up as well just our to balance that out when you have a diet high in those foods that I just said you're gonna have a mega 6 going through the roof and omega-3 is going to be low your body starts to increase this information slowly and slowly and we start to get some with these disorders I dot market just wanna breaking we had a question come up okay I'm and it was so what do you think is a a good breakfast for people that are on the go the shake I i mean day it sounds like it's a lot but it takes twenty-five thirty seconds to make a shake if you get one of these new jobless or these out little boat today have you play ice a lotta fruits and vegetables I I don't do best doubles that much but you could I used to do through in the morning other fruits vegetables your little shake that I would recommend um there's a couple on out there mark and i really push want them on but if you do that and you could put in a coffee cup put in you know a travel company could go up you know on that so that saw something that I would recommend or you can even like I said the it going to the store and getting shredded %uh sure it's laced chicken or turkey ukraine roll it up and put in a plastic bag in a go and just pick on as you're driving so all these things are not things you have to prepare and cook and do all this crazy stuff it's a big just taken to the fridge later run outs are you know we as you go hope that answers the question correctly or at least in gonna way for you to to get motivation to change that get great if anyone has any questions don't forget they can just put them out right in there I below the the video and I will get doc Mark A to answer okay grade you'll dominated I'm sorry let me say if you guys have any other questions after this to talk about what I recommend for you know a shaker anything you got your email me directly after I'm the seminar is done and I'll get back to you guys will give that information into seminar so let we're saying omega-6 promotes inflammation I'm so try to control this information um is what's going to help you decrease your risk for somebody's source so simple changes in your diet can decrease your risk for all these and they are simple changes I mean it sounds like it a lot but just making a better decision about what you're about to put your body and think about what you're about to eat rather than just the emotionally year on the rust logistic about likes it yourself hmm is this going to be good for me orders can be bad for me and like if you take that second to think about it and you say to yourself this is not be good for you take another 32nd a dick about what's a better choice you could choose so we talk about the inflammatory diet that was all that other stuff we're all-american diet is all about well what's the anti-inflammatory diet so what are some good sources are um omega-3 in and anti-oxidants that will help to decrease the inflammation because on mega threes like I said decreases that information so you want to have a make a three-step in your freshwater fish thats in your but let such as tuna salmon herring anchovy stuff like that show make it three fish oils emotional think about the also gotta think about your knots in Lakeview that you're nuts I'm sorry your comments that's your walnuts your your flaxseed oil your sunflower seeds on those are all good fats those your omega-3 thats so on that could help to be decrease the inflammation and also that oils that you choose our differently vegetable oil is arm is a higher source of omega 6 so if you choose to use um olive oil or coconut oil or flaxseed oil that's gonna be a better oil to use because it's higher in omega-3 in its not going to raise the omega-6 sold some of those arm changes can start to decrease the inflammation in the body that he had also talk about your anti-oxidants you may have heard this word before you may or may not understand what it is so what is an anti-oxidant it's what neutralizes free radicals free radical is I'm very unstable bondage in our body that goes around destroys tissue in order to stabilize themselves so they're trying to become stronger but they're destroying other tissues nearby that's what a free radicals so anti-oxidant is actually goes in there and you shall I say those free radical so they don't go around and I'm destroy the other tissue around you and if you think about that that sounds like cancer doesn't it a certain cell in your body that just is multiplying and destroying this trying this writing this right so this is actually what starts to create those type A um things to happen and I so free radicals result in your aging result in your seller destruction and cancers does so if we could find a source of food or a source that is going to neutralize that and decrease that from occurring arm will be good choice to do rather than going to get your McDonalds or something along those lines so I'm what are some anti-oxidant foods those are some your fruits are very high in antioxidants an the fruits debt I like to say the end with barry are your best source is so you're your berries are a huge torso anti-oxidants so strawberries blueberries I'm one the biggest ones is I'm sure you may have heard about it some way the Siad Barre was a big commenting over the past few years on those are all high in anti-oxidants and that's gonna be a good source 0 um fuel for your body prune GI Apple's you got clones then I would you gather fruit wrong you could start looking to the beans beans are high in anti-oxidants as well you're black being a jerk in the beans I'm stuff stuff in that way you know in that row on those are going to be a high sorcery and actions as well so you know and obviously best doubles you know our high source up anti-oxidants and it a good source of your Sol I'm not sure if you can even see this if it's too small but is your fourteen best vegetables in a guy rubella you gotta broccoli the guy Cali lower mean a magazine here read them all but is your top 14 vegetables to eat so he started and someone them into your diet you're now saying yourself up to become healthier so what is the way balanced diet all about you know it's about number one the first thing that you have to you grass or change the mindset on is that a diet is a lifestyle you need to like put that in your hand and is and just cemented in there diet lifestyle you have a good dietary lifestyle or ban dietary lifestyle or you could be in between but once you get that switcher a diet is a lifestyle and now you can start to means getting relate to that in a way that you know what you're putting in your body on a daily basis is more something you need to make a change the rest of your life not a temporary fix I'm so you know like we said earlier protein in the morning is such an important day some people may have heard this some people may have not but protein in the morning is gonna balance their blood sugar and keep you more um energized throughout the morning then starting your day off with something in the carbohydrate rail you know I'm not saying don't have anything are rightly let's use protein as the feature let's have protein the biggest source in the morning and then if you have to have something smaller give you that carbohydrate and that's okay Dom then to after your breakfast you wanna start to snack you know you want that's next couple hours ft because that's going to keep your blood sugar level it's also going to keep your metabolism going you know what are the issues is back in you know the day 15 minutes ago was about um how some people who use the excuse that they have a slow metabolism but the metabolism could be sped up by eating more throughout the day so snacking between meals is so important arm and then if you have to have your bad carbohydrates put in the middle your day you don't get those look blood sugar spikes arm so the order and that thing the thing about his let's have a breakfast at you know an 8 o'clock 7.

9 up whatever time normal area then have a snack in between that say ten or eleven o'clock in the afternoon have a a good source over but %uh lunch you know you can have chicken with salyers on like that then say two or three o'clock in the afternoon snack on something else you know some threads investable some more those almonds then you can have a dinner then you're even going to have a little bit of a midnight Action column in night a after-dinner snack but say maybe ten eleven o'clock so that you don't have that blood sugar spike in the me in the middle of the night that will prevent you from sleeping so if you cud get that in your head off that's how much you should be eating throughout the day on that'll help you out and you want to have a diet rich in 32 mess doubles pressures %uh vessels I'll lean meats you know like chicken n you don't want to have as much of the pork as you do you know something along the lines of chicken you guessed a stuff like that and then obviously fish fish is so good you know for you and it's such a good source of omega-3 it's a good source nutrient I'm so you know if your diet is primarily pressures eventually meat and fish you're gonna see your body just start to melt into the into the person you're supposed to be were not meant to be happy you know we're not meant to be over way in sick you know but the lifestyles we live unfortunately make sp make us like that so your body loves to be help bien thin and in shape on you plenty of water throughout the day like that should be the most most your source up fluids should be water you know we start drinkin the sodas and the um the fruit juices and all that that's got so much sugar that actually a dehydrating you more in the long term so the formula that I like to give people for the amount of water that you need throughout the day is 1/2 up your body we in Alex's of water so let's say you weigh 100 pounds you should be having 50 ounces of water per day um some people may look at that number and be like there's no way in heck I'm reaching that amount of water throughout the day so if that's true then I would say start off with adding 10 ounces you know one week then once you get used to that and in another 10 ounces you know the next week and you do in a progression but if you get your body up to that point your body can be so much healthier and you know if you think about it happen our body or seventy percent of her body is water you know water-based term so um you know in addition to eating this well-balanced diet I also recommend using supplements for support I'm not saying you supplements for your source I love nutrition but sometimes the diet that we choose or the food that we choose may not have enough of this or so I'm by no means a manner that we need so I'll recommend supplements and I have my top 4 supplements that I always recommend to people this is something that everybody can start to and their hell and its gonna make them arm helper make a healthier person so I always recommend a multi-vitamin now the multi vitamin that I recommend is what they call a food steady or a food source a multi-vitamin which means made from food I don't lie to go and get these processed ones that are out there you know your best source a multi-vitamin is when it comes from the food and you gotta look n wanna look for that word would be aged um by a min you know they have a manure your local by a man shop you know your your um all food of food stuff like that they have him out there just gotta at the right people for what you want it made from food you don't want process because your body can't process that nobody your body knows that a processed food not processing that is done in the lab so I recommend that mall for a multi-vitamin then I recommend omega-3 fish oil because like I said early and GR earlier you aren't as much anti-inflammatory things in your body because just living in this world is gonna make it in plain just by that amount of processing in the food that we eat even when you try to be healthy you're still eating a lot of processed stuff that you don't even know is existing so it's more like we did you end up in flame then not inflamed unless you have linked the most perfect guy in the world which I'll check to so we got the multi vitamin we got the omega-3 fish oil and then we also want to talk about probiotics now what are probiotics probiotics are the exact opposite up antibiotics so antibiotics as we know is you know we take it when we're sick because wanna kill the bacteria that may be affecting us unfortunately that doesn't have a GPS that says only go to the bad bacteria it also gets rid of the good bacteria and in our star Mick we have what's called gut flora and net gut flora is what helps to you strengthen your immune system actually is the first defense on your immune system so when you take out those good bacteria's um by taking antibiotics this probiotics is the exact opposite puts Dec good bacteria back in your stomach and increases your immune system I increases even your digestive update just a function so probiotics are very important and last but not least is vitamin D um vitamin D is one of the biggest vitamin deficiencies out there and its so important that some researchers in some scientists are starting to call vitamin D more 80 um enzyme or a but i'm looking for.

going back into and where they don't consider to buy a minute so important hormone hormones that dick thank you like half a second i'm yearning I have a good car practical et sela yeah that's right think that it's more of a hormone rather than a vitamin so and it's very very very common net people are low on by M&A so I recommend a source of vitamin D is well so let me give you a quick runaround about um no cut go back with more arms are what I recommend for how much a source is this a multi-vitamin I recommend um you know wanted to a day you know depending on the source words coming from omega-3 fish oil you I recommend in this is gonna sound high 27 people up to 3,000 milligrams up but I'll make it three now when you breakdown omega-3 there's shoe important part to make it three you have DH a M eat PA you are a balance have that feature 21 you are approximately 2,000 up Daha EPA Annabel thousand Daha and that year 3000 and if you look on the site early because you're gonna see them are not making this up when you go to make it three fish are you gonna see EPA nd AJ you want to make sure that the ratio to do once you are double the amount EPA to thx um and you want to be as high as 3,000 and if you look at some of these bottles that you buy in the store they may say 1,000 milligrams but then when you look at the back a bit in only breaks it down is being say %uh 350 love EPA and 250 v %eh a and then if you think about you only really getting a five or six hundreds milligrams torso make a trade you what have up to three thousand that's the max you want to do is you can have a little bit less if you're a smaller personally don't like all that I but up to 3,000 is what I recomment probiotics there's not really a big recommendation is 12 pills day is good and for vitamin D the formula I like to use is um 30 for every 30 parents that you weigh it's a thousand I use so let's say you weigh 120 pounds I would recommend four thousand I use arm if you win more obviously do the math accordingly but for every 30 pounds a week that you way you wanna have about 1000 I use a vitamin D I'm if you really really really low in vitamin D and you get your vitamin D checked out by any of your doctors throat a blood test on you want to be in the 35 to you eighty-something range you know 35 85 I think that about eighty um I've seen people calling our office as low as 10 and six and 15 arm and thats extremely low in your body can't function very well you have it that low so you could find out the vitamin D level is really low I would probably recommend in going more closer to late between five in 10,000 IU the day rather than being closer to the 4,000 3,000 um but it all depends on the person so it's important to get your body checked out to see where you're at um but the thirty pounds a thousand I use is more for some way it's not very lonely more balanced by media might be rounded at 25 to 30 range ready which one to increase in a little bit and maintain so I'm that pretty much summarizes a lot of what I call the well-balanced diet I hope it was informative for you I'm I hope we have more questions I mean I know we had one in the middle that is there any other questions I'm gonna give some time for you guys s that but I am I did say earlier that if you guys have any other questions or comments here something you wanted to ask me personally read their on here I'm please feel free to contact me it contacted we do our yeah we'll have we'll put up the I the contact info here but a a question did come in okay I'm and I might have been answered I'm gonna put up to contact information on the screen went black while we're talking I'm but the question was I'm II guest are there other vitamin levels that you check for in blood work other than vitamin D um there is a $10 there is a blood test after that you could check your vitamin levels by it be net by Mindy is one the most common causes I am sorry deficiencies that's really one only ones I really check it's very uncommon you to really see like by Nancy low in vitamin a loan I really don't get that in particular I would stick with vitamin D because that is what most common ones in my most important ones and then arm you would want to get a regular just you know a generic I am what I call a metabolic blood test we're gonna check your blood sugar you're your your cholesterol you know your heart function your liver function European function die right function I mean that something you don't wanna check yes gonna give you an a baseline of how your body's functioning but I i mean it you can go in depth with the by any means but if your gonna go that in depth I would go more to somebody that's a nutritional specialist then I'm you know regular medical doctor is there going to be more specific on what nutrients are going to have those lawn and stuff like that so I don't go into the other vitamins much ado vitamin D how long does it take like let's say someone comes to you and they've got a very low and I'm vitamin D level how long does it take to you I to see a change in lunch and vitamin D level that's always good change person to person it's hard to know recommend you know a certain time period for the person depends on how low they are first of all and also what their other lifestyle looks like you know you can just start taking vitamin D and then all of a sudden things like your entire last gonna change like if your gonna start taking a vitamin D you should try make other lifestyle changes as well see you become healthier all around not just in that one area so but I've seen vitamin D increase pretty quickly like we don't take blood test often like him anything would take a blood test may be three months later will follow up but I've seen people raise their blamed you I was pretty high within that three-month period so but it does take some effort you know it takes repetition you know you can take vitamin D you know one time to time than expected to shoot up to that normal level it's more of a balanced you know lifestyle where you're having it on a regular basis and you're gonna be able to balance that out you know overtime you know I I like to say healing and hell takes time you can't go from sick to help the overnight it takes a lot more than that so you know starting to choose a better are healthier diet plus starring day and some other supplements plus heading into vitamin D and don't forget your best source of vitamin D and i cant abeyance is earlier is some sunlight you know sunlight is really wet drives and and get that vitamin D to raise up but its the sunlight that you're not getting like burn you know you eat if you're going out there you're getting sunburned you're not increase your vitamin D is that it that its debts or so Sun where you're out there say 15 or 20 minutes with no sunscreen and you get that light reading that's probably the amount you need for the day I'm when you're out there for five hours putting all this lotion we actually put suntan lotion on it actually decreases the amount a not decreases but doesn't increase the vitamin D as a ball that protection doesn't allow your body to produce it and then Tom you know obviously if you're burning your skin that's very unhealthy for you as well so it's that late reading maybe 15-20 minutes after out the site that's the best source but unfortunately some of us live in the northeast area and we don't have some little your ad so in the winter time is actually the best time to up you're blaming the sources in the summertime you probably down to a picture gonna be out on that sunlight we have any other questions out there I not at the moment but if anyone does have a question for doctor Marco jewish to go ahead and type that in on the event hooo the video on and I'm and we'll get that answered and I stock market share or prettier contact information appear right now I you can always email your questions and to and have them answered that way as well and if if anybody's interested in in having a a further discussion our evaluation on their their help you know my phone numbers right there that's our office the phone number in Caldwell I'm but here here's a support you know I wanna help you know it some of us may be struggling with all areas of our life physically emotionally a metabolic there were putting in a body in and I I live for this this is what I do for for my life am i living so I am here to help you get through whatever you can you know if he has to be a phone call because you're too far away I am willing to do it if you're closer you wanna come the office that's great too so I'm here's a supporter I don't want you to feel like you know you can only get this information to a seminar I'm here to help you and I'm it's not as hard as you think to become healthier it just takes commitment and um a willingness to go out of your comfort zone I we had question I i think people were really fascinated with the the picture that you showed how much sugar was in II products up but there was a do you know of and it how much sugar is actually in a in a bottle a shoulder coca-cola I'll knew someone asked is I don't know the number of top my head but it's I wanna sit a don't call me I want to say it in the 30 gram to 40 gram per can i cant 100 percent say that's true but it's put it this way it's way more than you need and Anna know the exact number but it would be great I will find that out and will ever ask that question if they can email me I would love to get an answer to you but its way to you saw that bag of sugar like it was you know it's not like a little source it's a big source ray there was a request to have that that image that picture posted on your I social media in your website so is what happens anywhere yet but there are moderately actually there's a lot to react and mod I can promise you that there was a lot a reaction can mean a put up your I'm contact information or more time case anybody they need to didn't get it that I know there's another question out there on yeah I guess that's probably in on the questions let me thank you all for attending I am that was an hour a fun in my eyes at least I hope those in our fun for you hope you leave here with some valuable information and I'm pretty confident he did and I said that in the beginning that you're gonna get a wealth of knowledge day you may not expect and I hope you come away with something even if it's just stop with the sugars you know that's enough and that's enough to change your lifestyle and I'm I'm excited to be here and be a be of service to you guys so let people know about the seminars we're gonna do these webinars on a monthly basis you know me maybe get to the point of doing it on a weekly basis but for now we're gonna do monthly but I love doing this stuff and the information is priceless and I give it to you for free so I totally invite you guys you talk to your friends about this weapon RN the next time you see come up totally in bike that might if we had I don't know maybe we have to be there 15 20 30 people on this one I would love to get next 12 56 seventy people so um thank you so much again and I look forward to having you the next thing the neck sweater.