/Sakura Gakuin at TowerRecords ’15 Mar. 5th (Eng. sub.)

Sakura Gakuin at TowerRecords ’15 Mar. 5th (Eng. sub.)

Video: Sakura Gakuin at TowerRecords ’15 Mar. 5th (Eng. sub.)


towerrevolveproject_05-03-2015.mkv [ikuo] Hi, good evening. [kazumi] Good evening. [ikuo] OK. This is a regular program of Kazumi NAMBA's "The 36th Chamber of Idols". [kazumi] Good evening. [ikuo] I feel at home, somehow. [kazumi] Me, too. [kazumi] However, for an hour from now… [ikuo] Yeah. [kazumi] it's not a regular program. [ikuo] Right, right. [kazumi] A few hours ago… [ikuo] We invited some members of Sakura Gakuin. [kazumi] Their talk… [ikuo] We will show the video of their talk. [kazumi] It was terrific, wasn't it? [ikuo] It was amusing. [ikuo] However.

.. the audience don't seem interested so much. [kazumi] The audience are… Oh, here they are. [ikuo] Oh, here they are. [kazumi] Here are Sakura Gakuin's fans, too. [ikuo] Here are "Fukei", too. Good, good. [kazumi] Most of the audience seem to come here for listening to (unknown) burned CDRs. [ikuo] Right. [kazumi] I feel so. [ikuo] I wonder if they think like "Why pressed CD?" [ikuo] No, that can't be the case. [kazumi] Well, their talk was rather… [ikuo] When I asked them to do unreasonable things, unexpectedly they did rather earnestly. [kazumi] It became terrific. [ikuo] I think the latter half is very amusing, so please watch that. [ikuo] And as usual, if Sakura Gakuin or Berryz Kobo are beside me, my face flushes red.

[kazumi] That's worth seeing, too. [ikuo] Worth seeing… [ikuo] No, it's not worth seeing. [kazumi] And after the video, around 10 p.m… [ikuo] Right. [kazumi] "Japan Idol File 2"… [ikuo] This is it. [kazumi] special program. [ikuo] We will feature this CD. [kazumi] We beg you to listen to it. [ikuo] Until then, please enjoy viewing Sakura Gakuin for a while. [kazumi] And I say to the streaming viewers: Today this compilation CD is sold only at this venue. You can get it if you leave for here from now. [ikuo] Yes. [kazumi] If you like to get it… [ikuo] Please buy it on this occasion. [kazumi] Oh, thank you very much. [ikuo] Oh. [kazumi] Oh, you're Kira sensei, aren't you? *1 [kazumi] Why have you bought it? [kazumi] Though it contains your song, you've bought it. [ikuo] Right. Thank you very much. [kazumi] Thank you very much. [kazumi] Then we'd like to show the video.

[ikuo] OK. [ikuo] Here we go. [ikuo] Hi, good evening. [kazumi] Good evening. [ikuo] Good evening. [ikuo] Well… [kazumi] Ah, I'm sorry. [ikuo] I ask Mr. NAMBA to call the title first of all. [kazumi] Well, the title… Could you call it instead of me? I'm sorry. [ikuo] OK. Well… The special program of Kazumi NAMBA's "The 36th Chamber of Idols" for the release of Sakura Gakuin's 2nd DVD single titled "Aogeba Totoshi from Sakura Gakuin 2014". [kazumi] You've done it! [ikuo] I've done it! [ikuo] We've failed from the beginning. [kazumi] You're right. [kazumi] Well… [ikuo] Yeah. [kazumi] Awesome. The cosplay of Sakura Gakuin… [ikuo] Yeah. A cosplay girl… [kazumi] Good af… Good evening. [ikuo] What? You seem greedy for a little girl. [kazumi] No, no. [ikuo] Mr.

NAMBA. [kazumi] No, no. [ikuo] You're approaching her prior to me. [kazumi] Stop talking about it, please! [kazumi] When we started this program… [ikuo] Yeah. [kazumi] Mr. MIMEWAKI, you said "I will continue this program until Moa chan can appear in"… [ikuo] Yeah. [kazumi] didn't you? [ikuo] Well, how long ago was that? [kazumi] Two and a half years ago or so. [ikuo] About two and a half years ago. [ikuo] Because this program is held at night. [kazumi] Right. [kazumi] That plan… [ikuo] My dream is about to come true, indeed. [kazumi] The mood is like that of the final episode. [ikuo] This is the final episode. [ikuo] With this episode, Kazumi NAMBA's… [kazumi] No, no. [kazumi] The coming episodes after this have been already notified. [ikuo] You're right. [kazumi] Well, we will be as tense as in the final episode. [ikuo] Yeah, with such a feeling.

[kazumi] OK. [ikuo] Shall we go on? We should call them in now. [kazumi] Right. [ikuo] Because the time is short, because they have a time limit like Cinderella. [kazumi] Right. Shall we call them in right away? [ikuo] Yes. [kazumi] We invite the ninth grade members of Sakura Gakuin. Please come in. [kazumi] Please introduce yourself one by one. [moa] OK. Here we go. [moa] MOttomo Ai o… [all] taisetsu ni! (= Cherish the love most!) *2 [moa] In 9th grade, the president of the students… I am Moa KIKUCHI. I beg your kindness. [yui] In 9th grade, the leader of producing, *3 I am Yui MIZUNO. I beg your kindness. [moa] Yay! [hana] Everyone, are you healthy? *4 [all] Yay! [hana] If you are healthy, you can do anything. [hana] Well, I became 15 years old yesterday, on March 4th. [all] Congratulations! [hana] Thank you so much. [hana] In 9th grade, the leader of fighting spirits, ready..

. [all] TAGUCHI, Hana. [hana] Thank you so much. I beg your kindness. [moa] Yay! [yunano] Everyone, here we go. [yunano] It's not Yu_na-no-. *5 [all] It's Yu-na_no_. [yunano] Thank you so much. Now I am fighting against pollen (hay fever). [yunano] In 9th grade, the leader of talk. I'm Yunano NOTSU. I beg your kindness. [moa] Yay! [kazumi] OK. Please sit down. [sakura] OK. We beg your kindness. [ikuo][kazumi] We beg your kindness. [kazumi] Mr. MINEWAKI's… [ikuo] Yes. [kazumi] wallpaper of smartphone is… [ikuo] What are you talking about? [ikuo] Oh, you start the revealing talk again. [moa] Huh? [moa] I'm interested in it. [kazumi] the photo of Miss KIKUCHI. [moa] Eh? [hana?] Is it so? [moa] I've done it! [moa] Are you Moa oshi? *6 [moa] Do you favor me? [hana] It's already a famous story.

[moa] Maybe so. [kazumi] (* You hear it) within this distance. [ikuo] I think my face flushes red. [kazumi] It's Red, it's red. [ikuo] Thank you, thank you. [kazumi] Red, red. [ikuo] You remember, when we appeared in Nico Nico Live before, I said… *7 [moa] You're right. We asked you the question. [ikuo] Some years ago. [moa] Two years ago. [ikuo] Two years ago, probably. [moa] Yeah. [ikuo] Right. I was obliged to say. [hana] It was? [moa] That sounds like… [kazumi] Obliged to say… [ikuo] I was obliged to do the public confession. [ikuo] That's true. [kazumi] I looked in your smartphone minutes ago… [ikuo] Uh-huh. [kazumi] and I got surprised. [ikuo] Ah. [kazumi] I found that. [ikuo] Just as you saw. [kazumi] In such a private area where others don't see, you also do such a thing. [ikuo] Listen. [moa] I've done it. [ikuo] When I attend the events of Hello! Project, I see my smartphone..

. covering it as completely as possible, like this. [moa] You do? [ikuo] Sure. [ikuo] Some time ago, when I attended the event of an idol group named "Negicco", *8 I was finally witnessed by some fan of Negicco. [sakura] Wow. [ikuo] He said "Ah, you favor that (more than Negicco)". [ikuo] I wonder which he meant by "that". [moa] I've done it. [hana] I wonder which. [ikuo] Then, I immediately required him to keep it secret saying "Never tweet about it, even in error". [moa] Today, everyone can tweet about it. [ikuo] Yes, Miss. [kazumi] Well, just a while ago, when the streaming viewers couldn't see, the music video was played in the beginning. [ikuo] Yes. [kazumi] We want you to tell about that video. [ikuo] We want to talk about it first of all. [moa][yunano] OK. [ikuo] It's an amusing music video, isn't it? [hana] Yeah.

[yui] Yes. [moa] I think so. [ikuo] A drama-style video or something. [hana] Exactly. [yui] Acting… [ikuo] All of you acted fine. [yunano?] No, no. [hana] Our acting is terrible. [sakura] Right. [moa] We got much tense, didn't we? [hana] I can't help laughing. [moa] Because the video shooting started with the scene of us, 9th graders. [yui][hana] Uh-huh. [kazumi] Which scene are you talking about? [moa] I mean the scene at the beginning in which we, 9th graders, acted. [ikuo] Ah, in the classroom. [yui] In front of a blackboard. [yunano] Our terrible acting is shown. [yui][moa] Right. [moa] Because it was the first scene of the video shooting, we got terribly tense. [hana] Right. [yui] We, however, got very merry saying "This looks like a school drama", but, when we saw the video, it looked rather (* worse than expected). [hana][yunano] I agree. [yui] I am too much ashamed of it. [yunano] Terribly ashamed, aren't we? [moa] Really so.

We want to try it again, don't we? [hana] The last scene, too. [yui] In the last scene, we acted as if we were rocked. [hana] You know that scene is… [yui] It looks unnatural, isn't it? [hana] In that scene, we acted in such a simple place like this. [kazumi] Do you mean the scene in the spaceship? [hana] Yes. Though nothing around us, we pretended to be in a narrow cabin. [moa] Saying "oops!" [yui] That scene was shot in the classroom. [hana] It is difficult. [ikuo] Moa chan, however, acted fine, acting something like this. [moa] Ah, do you mean this? [ikuo] Did you have the rehearsal for that scene? Or were you directed to act at random? [moa] We were directed to act at random. [hana] (* The control panel) was superimposed. [yui] It was adjusted to our actions.

[moa] The director is awesome. [yunano] So we looked toward somewhat different directions. [hana] Right, right. [ikuo] Right. [yunano] Our sight lines are quite unequal. [moa] In the scene of looking at the spaceship, our sight lines are diverse. [hana] Right. [moa] It's a bit funny. [kazumi] It is? [ikuo] Right. It was amusing. Well… the name of the person on duty was written on the blackboard. It was Hana chan. [hana] Exactly! [moa] You're right. [ikuo] Because the release day was your birthday. [moa] It was yesterday. [hana] That's true. It was yesterday. [ikuo] How do the junior high students of today feel to see that classroom? [ikuo] It is very like that of our generation. [ikuo] There was the triangle like this. How about it? [moa] Triangle? [ikuo] I mean the big triangle ruler. [hana] Ah, there is it.

[yui] Ah, it is still there. [ikuo] Is it still in your schools? [moa] Yes, it is. [hana] We use it. [moa] There are the compasses, too. [hana] The compasses, too. [yui] We have the very big one. [ikuo] Oh, there are. [hana] The super huge compasses. [yui] We use them like this. [ikuo] I see. [ikuo] I hear you didn't know "Aogeba Totoshi". *9 I've read about that in some magazine. [kazumi] The students today don't sing it, do they? [ikuo] You don't sing it, do you? [sakura] We don't sing it. [hana] But… I sing it. [yui][moa] Only Hana and Aiko had sung it before at their own schools. [hana] Only Aiko (and I) had. [ikuo] Does that depend on the area? [moa] I wonder if that is so. [ikuo] Is that so? [yui] At Hana's school, however, students sing "Tabidachi no Hi ni", too. [hana] Listen. We sing so many as seven songs. [kazumi] Eh? In the graduation ceremony? [moa] That's awesome, isn't it? [kazumi] Seven graduation songs? [hana] I think we sing too much.

[ikuo] That's awesome. [kazumi] Are there so many graduation songs? Ah, "Hotaru no Hikari" (= Auld Lang Syne) and so on. [hana] Right, right. [kazumi] In your graduation ceremony, you sing such songs one after another, don't you? [hana] Yes. [moa] Oh, you do? [kazumi] Such schools are rare, aren't they? [ikuo] Yeah. I wonder whether "Okuru Kotoba" is sung. [kazumi] The students of today also sing new popular songs in the ceremony, don't they? [moa] Ah, Yui sang that, didn't you? [yui] Oh, yeah. [moa] Was it Kobukuro's song? [yui] Yes, it was. [hana] Did you sing it? [ikuo][kazumi] Oh, you did? [hana] That's cool. [yui] "Sakura". Kobukuro's "Sakura". [moa] I envy you.

[hana] That's trendy. [moa] Trendy… [ikuo] Well, watching the MV… and the video behind the scene, you look very cold. [hana] I felt cold. [yunano] I felt extremely cold. [kazumi] When was the video shot? [hana] In January? [yunano] In February? [kazumi] In February? Oh, it was so recent. [hana] Why? Had the new year opened yet? [moa] Had it opened yet? [yunano] I think so. [yunano] Ah, the new year has already opened. [moa] That's true. Already opened and… in the video shooting, Rinon, Shira-Saki & Saki were said to have become fat. [hana] 8th graders. [kazumi] They got fat in New Year's holidays, huh? [moa] Yes. [yunano] Ah, then, it was in January, wasn't it? [yui][hana] I wonder if it was in January. [yunano] Wasn't it shot before we went to Okinawa? [hana] Was it so? [yui] Yes, it was. [ikuo] The audience said "wow" at "Okinawa". [moa] We went to Okinawa (for photo shooting).

[kazumi] It's just like (* idols). [hana][moa] I don't remember it. [ikuo] Don't you even remember when it was shot? [yui] I wonder when it was shot. [hana] Recently, in this period, we have many shooting sessions. [moa] Right, right. [yui] Yeah. [yunano] It sounds a bit like posing as star idols. [kazumi] (laugh) [moa] "We have many shooting sessions." [kazumi] Posing as star idols… [ikuo] You're too busy to remember when it was shot. [hana] Uh-huh. [yunano] I'm sorry. [ikuo] Never mind. Well… [ikuo] Now I remember… I'm sorry to talk about my private matter again. [ikuo] My wife and I watched it yesterday, at midnight. [sakura] Wow. [kazumi] You mean the MV shown a while ago? [ikuo] In that MV, at the end, four of you, as said a while ago, get into the capsule and fly away, don't you? [sakura] Yes. [ikuo] My wife cried bitterly at that scene. [sakura] Oh, really? [moa] I am somehow glad though. [hana] Did she so? [ikuo] She said.

.. "They are gone away…" [sakura] How cute! [ikuo] Beside her, I couldn't help bursting out laughing. [ikuo] You know, in that video, you set out on a journey, and four of you will soon set out on your own journeys. [kazumi] Certainly she overlapped them. [ikuo] I think she cried bitterly because she felt lonely to think about that, but I said her "It's too early". [moa] That's early. [ikuo] She is easily moved to tears recently. [kazumi] I know she often shows her tears. [ikuo] My wife often shows her tears. [ikuo] I often show my tears, too. [ikuo] OK. And… Ewok. [kazumi] The character. [kazumi] You seem not to know it at all. [ikuo] Ewok. [hana] Huh? [yunano] Eh? [ikuo] Why? Don't you know it? [moa] WALK? [ikuo] Everyone, you know it, don't you? [sakura] To walk? [ikuo] It is called "Ewok", isn't it? [kazumi] Yes. You know…

[ikuo] ET (= extraterrestrial). [kazumi] the character appears in the video, huh? [moa] Do you mean Mira kun? *10 [sakura] It's Mira kun. [ikuo] Oh, you don't know. These girls seem not to know about Star Wars. [kazumi] He is completely from Star Wars (Ep.6). [hana] Oh, I understand. [sakura] I see. [ikuo] Sure. He is just like the character who appears in Star Wars. [kazumi] That is surely homage to it, isn't it? [ikuo] I think so. [hana] Oh, there is (* his original). [ikuo] There is the scene of outer space, so I thought (* Mira) is homage to Star Wars. [moa] However, he was called "wanko" (= doggie). [yunano] Ah, ah… ah, I've recalled it. [hana] It's scary. What's happened to you now? [moa] I don't know. [yunano] Moreover, he is just like my beloved dog. [kazumi] Oh, it is so.

[hana] He's doggish, isn't he? [ikuo] Yes. Ewok is the character with doggish face and appears in Star Wars, the movie. [sakura] Oh, that is so. [ikuo] This topic doesn't seem to expand so much, so let's quit it, shall we? [kazumi] Yes. [ikuo] OK. [ikuo] Well, Mr. KenKen also appears in the MV. *11 [sakura] You're right. [ikuo] Well… such contents have been rare in Sakura Gakuin's previous PV/MV. [sakura] Right. [ikuo] The members acted and the CG were used. [moa][yunano] They're not CG. [kazumi] Oh, (* you will insist) that way. [moa] They're not CG at all. Really the spaceship landed down with a thud. [yui] It was awesome. [moa] Indeed. [yui] We were astonished, weren't we? [moa] Yes, we were. [kazumi] But just a while ago… [ikuo] You said you acted with nothing around you.

[kazumi] you said you did the acting. [hana] It's all over. [moa] Oh, it's been revealed. [hana] Let's tell honestly. [moa] Yes. [ikuo] The members talk ignoring the context at all. [kazumi] Just a while ago, the members said, after New Year's holidays… [ikuo] Yes. [kazumi] some members got fat, didn't they? [ikuo] Yes. [kazumi] (* MINEWAKI & I) have discussed what to ask backstage before this program. [kazumi] In the program "LoGiRL"… *12 [moa] Yes. [ikuo] Uh-huh. [kazumi] the junior members were asked and exposed the secrets of the senior members, didn't they? [sakura] Yes, they did. [kazumi] How about the reverse? [ikuo] About your juniors. [all] Wow. [ikuo][moa] The revealing talk about the juniors. [hana] I wonder what to reveal. [ikuo] Won't you? [moa] Let me think… [ikuo] Because you're going to graduate soon. [kazumi][ikuo] You should say what to say before that. [moa] Hmm. [ikuo] The revealing talk.

[moa] Is there anything to reveal? [yui] I wonder… [yunano] Well… [hana] I wonder whom I should talk about. [ikuo] Huh? Hana chan, haven't you anything? [hana] I wonder whom to reveal. [ikuo] Oh, you're tender. [kazumi] Basically, all of the present 9th graders are very soft. [hana] Moreover, in that LoGiRL, they didn't talked bad about me. [moa] Right. They talked good about Hana. [ikuo] Ah, OK. I ask Yunano chan on behalf of the four. [yunano] They talked terribly bad about me, indeed. [ikuo] Isn't there anything to reveal? [yunano] Let me think. [ikuo] Such as "Aiko chan does so and so". [yunano] Er, I wonder what to say. [yunano] Well, when we take lessons, such as during dance lessons, we point out our errors each other. [yunano] Then, we don't want to make the hierarchical relationship strong, so I said to the juniors "Feel free to point out the seniors' errors", then a junior said to me with an arrogant attitude. [yunano] Moreover, though we danced right, she had memorized the dance wrong, and she said "Yunano chan, you're wrong at this point".

*13 [hana] Right, right. [yunano] (* I was offended) a little with it. [kazumi] And then, who said that? [yunano] Eh? But… it's a bit immature to disclose her name here. [kazumi] Quite an adult. [moa] Oh. [ikuo] You are mature. [kazumi] I wonder if it was Miss Ya… [ikuo] Maybe. No, I said nothing. [hana] Listen. Sometimes I don't remember my position because my brain is dull, then Aiko often says to me "Hana chan, your position is here". [hana] I am told by her. [yui] She is reliable. [ikuo] It seems to me that Aiko chan speaks very frankly. [kazumi] She seems to have a very strong character. [ikuo] She looks so. [hana] However… I think she's alright. [yui] Contrarily, such a characteristic of hers helps us in some cases. [hana] Really so. [yunano] That's right. [moa] We really don't notice if we're not told.

[hana] Right. Aiko… [moa] Because I was not told we got fat before… [hana] I didn't notice it at all last year. [moa] I didn't notice I got fat last year. [ikuo] I hear, however, you are always fat in this season of year. [ikuo] Every year, (Hana & Moa) with one more member… [moa] Are you referring to Miss ISONO? [ikuo] With Miss ISONO, a club activity starts, which is called "odebu" (= fat girls club). *14 [moa] Odebu? Yes, it starts. [kazumi] Is it alright to talk frankly in public like this about who get fat? [moa] Yes. We're quite alright with it. [yunano] Alright. [hana] It has been rather OK since last year. [moa] Right. [kazumi] (* The control) has become gradually loose, hasn't it? [hana] Listen. Because I got fat last year, it was soon noticed in this year that (8th grade) members got… [all] Ah. [ikuo] Ah, I see.

[hana] that they got fat. [kazumi] Has it become easy to talk about? [moa] Hmm. [hana] Um, sort of. [moa] We wish we too had been told soon, don't we? [hana] Right. [yunano] Yes. [moa] If so, the album hadn't become so bad as that. [hana] Awful is the scene of the last year's in which we weep. The part below here… [moa] (Our faces are) round. Our chins can't be seen. [hana] They have become one with our necks. [kazumi] Do you care about it in daily life? [moa] But it's because we're in the growth period. I rationalize so. [ikuo] Aha. [kazumi] You say there's no help for it, don't you? [hana] I shall return to be slim before long. I believe so. [moa][yunano] Me, too. [moa] Meanwhile, our graduation is coming up. [hana] Exactly. [moa] Yeah. [yunano] Well.

.. I'm sorry to talk about, but, seeing our seniors, I find, because they don't take dance lessons, etc. after the graduation, they are rather… [hana] Right. [ikuo] Oh, what? [kazumi] Oh, do you do so? [ikuo] Oh, (* you're merciless) against your seniors. [yunano] No. [ikuo] And then, whom do you think to be so? [yunano] For example, JK (= a senior high school girl) in Ibaraki. *15 [all] Aha. [moa] Right. [yunano] JK in Ibaraki has got too fat and flabby… [ikuo] Oh, merciless. [kazumi] You're merciless. [ikuo] You know she may watch this program. [yunano] and the staff of Sakura Gakuin… seem to threaten her with saying "If you get fatter, we will forbid you entering". [moa] Right. [ikuo] JK in Ibaraki seems to be made a scapegoat. [moa] Yes.

[kazumi] I don't know how I should respond. [hana] Me, too. [ikuo] We, however, have no chance to meet her, so no chance to confirm that. [kazumi] Right. [sakura] Hmm. [kazumi] I see. [kazumi] It's thanks to dance lessons etc. that you can keep your body shape, isn't it? [sakura] You're right. [kazumi] Then, it becomes tough after this, doesn't it? [hana] Really so. [moa] Yeah. [yunano] Well, it'll work out somehow. [hana] In summer, however, automatically… [kazumi] You slim down? [sakura] Ah, really so. [hana] We automatically get fat in this period. [moa] Right. [moa] We get fat every year. [hana][yui] Yeah. [kazumi] Why? Is that because you eat a lot? [hana] Is that because of coldness, I wonder? [moa] Maybe so. [hana] Do our bodies swell, I wonder? [moa] Swe… Right.

It's dropsical swelling, not fatness. [kazumi] Is it swelling? [moa] Our bodies are swelling. [kazumi] Are you swelling all during the winter? [moa] We remain swelling. [kazumi] Isn't that strange? [hana] But my calves are seriously (swelling). [moa] But it becomes pale. [moa] If it becomes pale here, it's a bad sign. [hana] I know, I know. [hana] If I press my leg like this, there remains a yellow spot clearly. [moa] Look! [hana] I get scared at this. [moa] This is surely swelling, isn't it? [yui] Oh, really so. [kazumi] Oh, is such a thing the evidence of swelling? [moa] This is the evidence of swelling. [hana] Yes. There remains a hand print. [kazumi] Then, it's not the case that you've got fat, is it? [moa] You are right. [hana] Right, right.

[hana] No, that's a lie. [kazumi] Probably you eat a lot. [sakura] Right, right. Yeah. [ikuo] In New Year's holidays. [moa] Right. Because rice cake is delicious. [yui] Rice cake and so on. [hana] Moreover, I've thought, until recently, it doesn't relate to me, not so much. [kazumi] What? Do you mean getting fat? [hana] Yes, getting fat. [hana] Moreover, my mama has told me to eat more, so I've eaten a lot. [moa] Oh, you have? [hana] That's all happened to me. [kazumi] However… [ikuo] However, you talk about being fat… unexpectedly commonly on the stage, such as in the open classes. [moa] Yes. [ikuo] Also about swelling… [hana] About swelling. [moa] It's not swelling. [ikuo] Moa chan often talks about it. [moa] Yes. But it's not swelling. [ikuo] Well, we shouldn't draw this topic out so much as now. [moa] Right. We shouldn't. [kazumi] Mr.

MINEWAKI, you've attended all of the open classes, haven't you? [ikuo] No. I've missed one class in this year. [kazumi] Ah, now I remember… [hana] Oh, unbelievable. [ikuo] I was in Okinawa then. [kazumi] A certain… [moa] Ah, the event of Berryz Kobo. [all] Aha. [kazumi] Though I hid the name now, you… [moa][hana] Aha. [hana] I was watching (* them on TV). *16 [moa] Right. We were watching. [kazumi] He attended their final fan club tour. [moa] And then, how about March 3rd? [hana] I remember they were making shiisaa. [ikuo] What? [moa] How about March 3rd? [kazumi] He is questioned in turn. [ikuo] Ah, the day before yesterday? [moa] The day before yesterday. [ikuo] I attended there, of course. Well… [moa] Did you cry bitterly? [ikuo] Though not bitterly… [moa] I see. [ikuo] well, unlike an adult, wrong for my age of late 40s, yes, I cried (at their final concert).

[kazumi] Well, Berryz Kobo was his favorite, but it is gone away, isn't it? [moa] Yes. [kazumi] So now the last favorite is Sakura Gakuin, isn't it? [ikuo] "The last favorite"? [ikuo] I love Berryz Kobo and Sakura Gakuin. [kazumi] Sure. [yunano] Hah. [ikuo] I've been following you since the beginning, [kazumi] Uh-huh, uh-huh. [ikuo] and the last two original members are going to leave this spring. [ikuo] Berryz Kobo has stopped its activity, and two members of Sakura Gakuin graduate. [kazumi] Little by little sentimental. [ikuo] Sentimental. Yes, I get that feeling. So I… [kazumi] So this March is rather significant for Mr. MINEWAKI, isn't it? [ikuo] Yes, it is. [kazumi] History, step by step… [moa] Changes? [ikuo] Right.

[hana?] Oh dear. [ikuo] Well, shall we talk about the future? [moa] Yes. [ikuo] That is too gloomy. [kazumi] Right. [ikuo] I think the scene of me crying here is rather terrible. [ikuo] OK. Well… [ikuo] Your graduation ceremony is coming up soon, [sakura] Yes. [ikuo] and how about the distant future? [ikuo] Do you have any future dream? [ikuo] For example, "I want to marry until 28 year old", I don't know if you think like that, or "I want to do such and such a job". [kazumi] After the graduation, your seniors have shown various… remarkable activities. [sakura] Right. [kazumi] Oh, there seem what can't be told now, definitely. [ikuo] Probably so. [kazumi] However… [yunano] Here. [moa] Quite alright. One by one..

. [kazumi] About distant future. OK. Miss NOTSU. [yunano] I want to appear in the variety show in which I can eat food. [ikuo] Why? [kazumi] Oh, you're interested in food. [yunano] Yes. [yunano] Recently I've become able to eat more and more various foods. [yunano] Though I really disliked meats and vegetables before, I like them very much now. [sakura] Hah. [yunano] Before this program, Tower Records kindly gave us… expensive meat sandwiches. [sakura] They were delicious. [yunano] Thank you so much for an expensive present. [ikuo] You're very welcome. [sakura] Thank you so much for delicious food. [kazumi] Listen. He usually doesn't give such things. [moa] Oh, we've done it! [hana] We've done it. [moa] It's just like (* our huge fan). [hana] I kept eating it until 10 minutes before. [ikuo] It becomes a big matter after this. [ikuo] After this… [moa] A big matter. [ikuo] it's a big matter.

[yunano] And the chocolate was delicious, too. [ikuo] Ah. [sakura] It was delicious. [ikuo] Thank you for tasting it. [ikuo] Well… it seems to cost rather much. [ikuo] Well, you said you have 6 meals a day, didn't you? [moa] Eh? [yunano] Yes. [moa] No. [hana] She doesn't eat so much. [yunano] What? [moa] Yunano eats only a little each time. [ikuo] Right. I had before thought it is awful to eat 6 meals a day, but I saw the photo of a rice ball in your hand. Where did I see, I wonder? [yunano] Ah, do you mean that on the twitter? [hana] That of Sakura Gakuin's staff. [ikuo] When I saw it on the twitter of Sakura Gakuin's staff, "How small!", I got surprised. [yunano] Oh, you got it wrong. [hana] If we count her meals that way, [moa] definitely more… [hana] she definitely eats 12 meals or so. [yunano] No.

Not that way. [yunano] That was just a part of one meal. [yunano] I can't help eating a late-night meal, and its amount is extreme large, but recently my appetite calms down gradually, but… [hana] That's nice. [moa] Right. [yunano] if I skip breakfast, I can't be active all the day, so I eat terribly much. [kazumi] Then, except meats and vegetables, I wonder what you ate before. [yunano] When I couldn't eat them, I liked fish eggs very much… [sakura] Hah. [yunano] for example salmon roe and cod roe… [yui] Oh, I like salmon roe. [yunano] and I ate only such foods (and rice) every day. [kazumi] She may suffer from gout. [ikuo] There is a risk of gout. [kazumi] They contain much purine. *17 [ikuo] Taking much purine increases a risk of gout. [ikuo] I think she's alright because she's young, but middle aged people like us should be rather careful of it. [kazumi] Right.

[kazumi] Then, we would ask others like this. OK? [moa][yui] Yes. [hana] Yeah. [moa] About my future dream? [ikuo] Your future dream. [hana] Yeah, yeah. [kazumi] How shall we do? Who will answer next? [hana] Then, I will. [ikuo] Oh, Hana chan. [hana] Since before I joined Sakura Gakuin, I had liked singing and dancing. [hana] After I joined Sakura Gakuin, I've performed on the stage in front of the audience, our fans, and I've learned very much the joy of that, so I want to continue to sing and to dance after the graduation. [hana] Well, well, of course I want to appear on TV if I can, but if anything, I want to perform on stage (in front of audience). [all] Hah. [hana] Indeed, I like performing here. [hana] I hope so. [ikuo] I hear you often go to Asakusa… [hana] Torahime Ichiza san. [ikuo] to see Torahime Ichiza, don't you? *18 [hana] Yes. I like them very much. [hana] I want to become like them in future.

[hana] I really like them so much that I want to join them if I can. [moa] I want to go to see her there. [yui] I too want to. [hana] They're awesome. Moreover… Custard puddings (= creme caramel; flan) which they serve are extremely delicious. [ikuo] Pudding is delicious. [hana] Their puddings were delicious. [ikuo] I remember you emphasized that before. [ikuo] Maybe on the pro wrestling club… *19 [hana] Right. Right. [ikuo] you said their pudding was delicious. [hana] So everyone, please go to try it. [kazumi] I hope to listen to her singing before long if she continues to sing in future. [yui] Then Yui. To be honest, I'm not sure what I want to do, and now I am at a loss about what to do, but I intend to concentrate upon Sakura Gakuin until the graduation. [yui] And, after I become a senior high student, I want to look for what I can be absorbed in as much as Sakura Gakuin, so there isn't yet the only one thing, but I want to become very very famous someday, to become a super lady, *20 and to tell various people that Sakura Gakuin is such a wonderful school. [all] Wow. [ikuo] (* How deep) this love of Sakura Gakuin is! [kazumi] She said everything is for Sakura Gakuin.

[ikuo] She makes me weep. [yui] I really think so. [ikuo] Well, you are 15 year old, aren't you? [yui] Yes. We're fifteen. [ikuo] Did we think about our future at fifteen? How about Mr. NAMBA? [kazumi] You know I never thought such a thing then. [ikuo] We never thought like this. [kazumi] She's great. [ikuo] It's just like (* a future super lady). [yui] (laugh) [ikuo] OK. [moa] OK. Let me think. [moa] I've been the member of Sakura Gakuin for 5 years, and Sakura Gakuin has been my everything, so I don't know what to do after leaving it. [moa] That is my real feeling, but… since I was little, I've been saying I want to be Super Moa chan… [kazumi] Oh, here it comes. [ikuo] Ah. [moa] so I want to be Super Moa chan someday, but, for the time being, after the graduation, with Suu chan and Yui, as BABYMETAL…

[kazumi] Right. [moa] we will go on the way that we believe in, we will publicize Sakura Gakuin after all, and I want to come back some day not as MOAMETAL but as Moa KIKUCHI. [all] Wow. [ikuo] Yes, Super Moa chan. [moa][hana] Super Moa chan. [ikuo] Well, long before… [kazumi] This is today's biggest question. [ikuo] Right. What does "Super Moa chan" mean? [moa] Yes. Super Moa chan. [kazumi] Since long before… [ikuo] I've heard it probably since long before. [moa] I've continued to say it indeed since before joining Sakura Gakuin. [kazumi] Oh, really? [moa] Yes. [kazumi] It's pretty long. [ikuo] Right. [moa] Yes, it's long. [ikuo] Then, specifically what is Super Moa chan? [moa] Let me think, well… [kazumi] Why? Is it quite indefinite though you continue to say it for such many years? [moa] Well, on the other day, during an interview, I said "I want to become Super Moa chan in future", then the interviewer misheard it as.

.. "super obachan" (= super older woman). [moa] That's true. [moa] And I told her that I had received *21 a letter from one of my fans a while ago and it had said "You've already become fully Super Moa chan", then she said "Oh, you are already (like) an older woman". [ikuo] It's terrible. [moa] Really so. [yui] She said it. [hana] She asked Moa "Specifically what does that older woman do?". [moa] Right. I was at a loss for the answer, but I couldn't point it out. [ikuo] Oh… [ikuo] How did you do then? [kazumi] Oh, you couldn't. [yui] We let her go. [moa] Something like "Well…" [ikuo] Something like "The super older woman does…" [hana] I was strongly suppressing my laughter. [kazumi] Then, the interviewer remained misunderstanding it, didn't she? [moa] Probably, if our staff had not corrected it, it should have printed "super older woman" just as she heard it.

[hana] You couldn't point it out, could you? [moa] Right. I couldn't. [ikuo] Oh, you couldn't correct her error. [moa] She talked so earnestly… that I couldn't point it out. [yui] Right. [kazumi] Oh, I see. [ikuo] Returning to the topic, what is Super Moa chan, indeed? [moa] Super Moa chan… let me think… I myself can't imagine what it should be, but, well… since I was little, I've been loving Kirari TSUKISHIMA, who is the heroine of an anime "Kirarin Revolution", so I want to become like her. [sakura] Aha. [kazumi] Do you mean becoming like Miss Koharu KUSUMI? [moa] Ah, Koharu… *22 [ikuo] On that person… no coment. [kazumi] Oh, it's (* inappropriate) to ask. [moa] I don't mean Hoharu chan. I want to become Kirari chan in the anime. [ikuo] TSUKISHIMA Kirari chan.

[kazumi] OK. [moa] I like Koharu chan, too. [ikuo] Miss KUSUMI is awesome too, isn't she? [ikuo] She's wonderful. [moa] She's wonderful. [ikuo] OK. [kazumi] She said like this. [ikuo] I see. [ikuo] You want to become a sparkling girl. [ikuo] This is my interpretation. [moa] You're right. [kazumi] Has the mystery of "Super Moa chan" been solved? How do you feel now? [ikuo] She's continued to say she wants to become Super Moa chan, and I was glad that she said it. [kazumi] Uh-huh, uh-huh. [moa] Uh-huh. [ikuo] She didn't say it for some period. [moa] I may not have said it for some time. [ikuo] Right. [ikuo] Then she started again to say it last year or so, and I felt it was delightful, but.

.. what did "Super Moa chan" mean? [ikuo] I had such a simple question. [moa] I am often asked about it. [ikuo] Yes, it has been solved today. [moa] Oh, that's good. Thank you so much. [ikuo] Thank you very much. [ikuo] OK. [kazumi] OK. [kazumi] Could we talk about the CD album just a little while? [sakura] Yes. [moa] Only a little while? [ikuo][moa] Only a little while? [kazumi] Every year, the limited edition of your album is bundled with a special DVD, isn't it? [ikuo] Right, right. [kazumi] The videos are already shot, aren't they? [sakura] Yes. We've already finished them. [kazumi] I'm very looking forward to it. [ikuo] Me, too. [kazumi] Could you tell us about it if possible? For example "This scene is worth seeing". [ikuo] Does a dancer or something appear? *23 [kazumi] Somehow you make sour faces. [hana] Right. [moa] Hmm, I don't know what to say. [ikuo] You were, however, rather cautious this year, weren't you? [hana] Right. [yui] We were cautious.

[moa] This year I would never… [moa] Well, we never believed we could appear in a program like LoGiRL. [hana] Exactly. [kazumi] You thought it too was something like… [moa] We thought we couldn't have a regular program. [hana] We thought it was for a hidden camera show. [moa] Right? [hana] Right. [moa] And we thought we would never been tricked, but we were actually tricked again. [yui] Right. [moa] I regret that. [hana] Me, too. [ikuo] Oh, the CD album is at hand now. [yui] Uh-huh. [yunano] Yes. [moa] What was it? [kazumi] The year-end exam or something. *24 [ikuo] Right. [moa] Right. The year-end exam. [moa?] Right. [ikuo] Well… [kazumi] The members seem unable to tell. [ikuo] Right. Members can't tell about it, can you? It shall be the revelation of the tricks. [yunano] You're right. [ikuo] Well, March 25th…

[hana] I am about to sneeze. [kazumi] I wondered what happened to you. I wondered if you got a nosebleed. [ikuo] I see. [ikuo] Then (we will wait) for the release on March 25th. [kazumi] They didn't tell us what is worth seeing after all. [ikuo] Right. [yui] We don't know to what extent we can tell. [kazumi] Right. It's difficult to escape spoiling the plots. [moa] Then I could say like there is a smell of Eddie Murphynton again. [hana] Aha. [hana] We don't like that, do we? [yui][moa] Hmm. [yunano] Though we memorized the dance with much effort at that time… [yui] In the previous school year. [moa] Something like that. [hana] Right. [ikuo] Ah, was he Ataru san of Shinbashi? [moa] Shinbashi..

. right. [ikuo] Did a happening like that occur again? [moa] Our feelings were like that. [hana] Right, right. [ikuo] Oh, (not a happening but) your feelings were like that. [sakura] Our feelings were like that. [ikuo] I see, I see. [ikuo] It was terrific in the previous school year, wasn't it? [ikuo] "I know him!" said Rau chan. [moa] Right, right. [hana] I don't like that. [yunano] I wondered "Who is he?". [yui] A fictional character. [ikuo] Did such a pattern occur again? [ikuo] Didn't it occur? [yui] It didn't occur on this time. [hana] We were rather keen to do that, didn't we? [moa] Yes, we were. [yui] Because we were keen to do that… [ikuo] Oh, you were in high spirits then. [moa] I feel a bit disappointed. [yui] Then, I think that'll be difficult next year. [ikuo] Yeah.

[yui] Members won't be tricked like this, will they? [hana] Probably no longer planned. [kazumi] I agree. [yunano][yui] Won't our staff do that? [hana] I think they can't. [moa] While we talk like this, they may do that in April. [yui] Aha. [hana] There'll be various ways if they try to find. [yunano] Well, wasn't it rumored for some time that the midterm exam was planned? [moa] Yes, yes, it was rumored. [yunano] It was. [ikuo] Ah, (they can trick the members) saying "this is the shooting for the midterm exam", [yunano] You're right. [hana] Our staff have few ways to trick the members. [moa] Right. [moa] Then we will help them next year. [ikuo] Oh. [kazumi] It's a nice idea. [hana] Definitely. [moa] Isn't it nice? [yui] We disguise ourselves and.

.. [moa] We will trick our juniors with them next year. [hana] Then it shall be a new trick. [ikuo] Right. If the staff say the seniors will come, they will never doubt that, will they? [moa] You're right. [hana] Definitely not. [yui] Right. [kazumi] The way to trick the members becomes more difficult year by year, doesn't it? [ikuo] Yes, it becomes difficult. [moa] Awesome. [hana][yui] Yeah. [ikuo] Now I remember Mori sensei had to shut himself in something the last time, didn't he? *25 [yui?] Ah, in a locker. [ikuo] Right. [ikuo] I feel Mori sensei comes to perform at the risk of his body in more and more cases. [moa] Right. We asked him to do so this time, too. [ikuo] Oh, did he so? [yui] Yes, he did. [kazumi] Oh, he did. [ikuo] I see. [kazumi] I'm very looking forward to it. [ikuo] Me, too. [kazumi] There are 3 limited editions of the album, SA, KU & RA. [yui][moa] Yes. *26 [kazumi] Also this time, all editions.

.. [ikuo] I will buy all editions. It is a matter of course, isn't it? [ikuo] Look! Everyone nods deeply in agreement. [sakura] Thank you so much. [kazumi] Fans seem to need to buy all editions. [ikuo] Right, right. But… [yunano] Everyone, please buy (* all editions). [moa] Sure. [ikuo] Right, right. [yunano] I beg you to buy. [ikuo] You'll receive the change if you buy them (= They are more than enough to satisfy you). *27 [ikuo] That's true. [hana] Yeah, yeah. [yui] Oh, I've understood it! [ikuo][kazumi] What? What? [yui] Now I've understood the meaning of the idiom. [hana] Right. OK. [yui] It's a skillful expression, isn't it? [moa] Recently Yui often asks the meaning of words. [kazumi] What's the matter with you? The meaning of words? [yui] Now I study English hard, but also in Japanese, I don't understand proverbs etc. well, so I ask their proper meanings. [moa] Always so.

What did you ask a while ago? [moa] She asked me about a rather simple word, so I got surprised. [ikuo] Unexpectedly, however, we use simple words without knowing their meanings. [moa][yunano] You're right. [hana] Definitely. [yui] I feel it difficult to explain the meaning. [moa] Right. [yui] Though I've felt I understand the word well, when I try to explain it to others, I often find I don't understand it well. [moa] Definitely. [hana] Uh-huh. [ikuo] Oh, it seems to be time to close this session. [all] Eh? Really? [hana?] Unbelievable. [hana] Too soon. [ikuo] Oh, too soon. [moa] Unbelievable. [hana] Too soon. [ikuo] It comes too soon. [moa] We haven't talked enough at all, have we? [yui] Right. What shall we do? [yunano] Eh? [kazumi] Then, shall we talk a little more? [moa] We're quite alright. [ikuo] No. [ikuo] We must not exceed the time limit.

[kazumi] Oh, we must? [ikuo] Yes. [moa] It's a Cinderella time. [kazumi] I see, I see. [ikuo] They have a time limit. [hana] I wish we have appeared a bit earlier. [moa] Me, too. [kazumi] The music video was long, wasn't it? [moa] If we hadn't spent 8 minutes on it… [ikuo] You think so? [moa] Yes. [kazumi] Well, there was no talk like "Before graduation, how do you…" [ikuo] Ah, we didn't at all. [ikuo] Well, I should say, since it was amusing… [hana] It was amusing. [ikuo] it was alright, wasn't it? [kazumi] Is that so? [ikuo] Yes. [ikuo] Then, one by one, er… [kazumi] Comment? On what? [ikuo] Ah, for the graduation. [kazumi] Ah, now is the time to talk about it. [ikuo] Yes. [ikuo] We ask you one by one the feelings and detarmination of now, but answering normally is (* not amusing). In LoGiRL, Mori sensei asked the members to do unreasonable things, and that was rather (* amusing), so I would ask the members to imitate someone answering how they feel now.

[yui] Wow. [kazumi] Too sudden. [moa] Eh? [ikuo] Alright, I ask the members to imitate someone. [ikuo] Moa chan, well… to imitate Airi chan. [moa] Oh, Airi chan. OK. [ikuo] Then… [moa] You mean Airi SUZUKI, don't you? [ikuo] Yui chan… to imitate Tomato kun. *10 [yui] Eh? [ikuo] Who is Tomato kun? [yui] What is it? [ikuo] And Hana chan… to imitate Mr. Antonio INOKI. [hana] Oh, here it comes. [ikuo] Yunano chan… to imitate a character in "Shingeki no Kyojin" (= Attack on Titan), [hana] Oh, no. [ikuo] er, a commander… [yunano] Do you mean the commander? Not the squad leader? *28 [ikuo] Ah, he's a squad leader. [ikuo] What is his name? [moa] Mr. Levi. [yunano] His name is Levi. [kazumi] Yeah, Mr. Levi. [ikuo] Imitating these persons, I'd like you to say the last message. [yunano] Oh, really? [ikuo] Shall I ask you for it? [yui] What shall I do? [yui] I have nothing to imitate. [yunano] Eh? Wait a while! [ikuo] To imitate Tomato kun, Yui chan.

[yui] Tomato kun. Yes. [hana] Who is Tomato kun? [yui] I wonder, too. [ikuo] Yui chan, you like tomato… [yui] I like it very much. [ikuo] You love it, don't you? [yui] Yes. [ikuo] I'd ask you to speak as if you were a tomato. [kazumi] It's far beyond an unreasonable request. [ikuo] Oh, will the staff of Sakura Gakuin make a complaint about this? [kazumi] Let's begin. There remains little time. [ikuo] At which side will you begin? [moa] First is rock. Rock-paper-scissors! [moa] I've won. [yunano] Eh? [moa] We begin with Yunano. [kazumi] Then, let's begin with Miss NOTSU. [yunano] Eh? Wait a while! [ikuo] The squad leader. [ikuo] I don't know at all how his voice is. [yunano] He, he, heichoh? [kazumi] Levi, the squad leader. [hana] I've never seen (* NOTSU like this) before. [moa] He speaks like "I…

" [yunano] But I love him so much… that I don't want to act him by myself. [yunano] I don't like that. [ikuo] OK. Then, a titan. [yunano] Yes. [kazumi][ikuo] Then, we ask you to imitate a titan. [kazumi] It's an absurd request. [yunano] Shall I imitate the running of the abnormal titans? [ikuo] Right, right. They run like this. [yunano] Well, really… the graduation from Sakura Gakuin has seemed real to me… until a few days ago, but after March has begun, I've lost the feeling that I really graduate. It is gone away somewhere, and I really can't believe the graduation, but I will cherish the time to be with our fans and the time to be with our members and I will do my best until the graduaiton ceremony. [yunano] I beg your support. [ikuo] Didn't she do an imitation? [kazumi] She didn't at all. [moa] Right. She didn't.

[hana] That's surprising. [kazumi] It's OK. [kazumi] Hana chan, will you start? [hana] Shall I speak with this face? [yui] Her chin… [yui][moa] has been turning up. *29 [moa] It's nice. [hana] If I make this face, people will think my chin is regularly turned up. [kazumi] They don't think so. [ikuo] It's alright. No one think so. [inoki] Is it alright? [ikuo] You are perfect. [inoki] OK. Finally… we are going to graduate soon. [moa] Seeing from the side, your chin looks turned up very much. [yui] It is turned up. [hana] This is risky. [ikuo] OK. You can speak as usual from now. [hana] Has my chin returned to the normal? [ikuo] Yes. [hana] Well, after the graduation, my carrier fully starts, but, when I feel uneasy, I will recall the members of Sakura Gakuin who have cooperated together and what I have learned in Sakura Gakuin. [hana] I will surely recall them, and, even if I feel uneasy, I can feel all members are with me, so I'll surely be alright.

[hana] I will do my best. [hana] I beg your support. [kazumi] Hey, nice! [ikuo] Then Yui chan imitating Tomato kun. [ikuo] I wonder what is Tomato kun. [tomato] Yes. [moa] Cute. [kazumi] Oh, it's supreme. [hana] What of tomato is it? [tomato] Well… until the graduation… [ikuo] The voice is low. [tomato] there remain 24 days. [hana] Scary. [tomato] The time has really passed so quickly… that I myself can't believe my graduation at all, but time doesn't wait for us, [hana] Hey. [tomato] so, until the graduation, I will cherish the time left for us and pass down what I want to pass down to our juniors. [tomato] I will do my best. [kazumi] Wonderful. [yui] Thank you so much. [ikuo] It is very… [yui] Phew. [ikuo] handsome Tomato kun. [kazumi] Wonderful. [yui] Right. I've acted strong Tomato kun. [ikuo] Strong… [ikuo] Then lastly Moa chan.

[airi] Wel its mai tarn. [ikuo] Oh, here it comes. [airi] I… what should I say, well, I've been the member of Sakura Gakuin for 5 years, [hana] Does she speak like this? [airi] Gro, grojueishon? I've been the member of Sakura Gakuin for 5 years, and, to be honest, I can't feel I'm going to graduate. [kazumi] What? What did you say? [ikuo] Indeed… Airi chan's pronunciation is poor. *30 [airi] All the time… I've been afraid of graduation and looking away from it. [airi] Dear fans, I still… "want to see you, to meet you, to be with you". *31 [airi] Ai hav sach a fiilin, bat az Yui sed bifoa, our graduation can't be postponed, well, so I will do my best, and I'd like our fans to expect much of Sakura Gakuin 2015 (next school year). [airi] I beg your support. Thank you so much. [kazumi] Wonderful. [ikuo] It resembles Airi's talk.

[kazumi] It resembles. [moa] Thank you so much. [ikuo] I'm sorry that I've asked you to do unreasonable things. [moa] It's alright. [ikuo] However, er, indeed… thanks to Mori sensei on that LoGiRL… [kazumi] Right. Their speeches were wonderful. [ikuo] they are used to such a thing. Great. [moa] Could I let the audience understand my talk? Well, well… [ikuo] Yeah, I think they understood it was amusing. [moa] I agree. [kazumi] Listen. The time is up. [ikuo] Yes. [yui] Oh dear. Time flies. [kazumi] At last, I'd like the members to tell the information for Sakura Gakuin's fans. [sakura] OK. [moa] First is Yunano. [hana] Here. [moa] Ah, first is Hana. [hana] I tell. [Hana] As we talked just a while ago, "Sakura Gakuin School Year 2014, Reaching You", which is our 5th album, [sakura] Right. [hana] is to be released on March 25th. [hana] It includes songs of various genres, so I think you'll never get tired no matter how many times you listen to it. and I'd like you to try to find your favorite song in it.

[hana] I beg you to try. [sakura] We beg you to try. [yunano] OK. And I say, though it's persistent to say this every time, our graduation show is on March 29th and its live viewing is decided to be held, *32 which is our first live viewing. [sakura] Yay! [yunano] So… today we've brought its poster here, haven't we? [hana] Right. [moa] Yes, we have. [moa] Could you hold it? [yui] This is the first time to show the real one. [moa] Yes, (the poster is it). [hana] Oh, (the first time). [yui] It is big. [yunano] It is big. [moa] Could you hold it? [moa] Wow. [yunano] Like this. [yui] Ta-dah. [moa] It is big. [moa] Were usual ones half in size of this? [kazumi] It's huge, isin't it? [yui] Yes. [yunano] Right.

[yunano] And, well… some tickets of the movie theaters in some regions are lef… it's strange to say they're left over. [moa] Still. [hana] Right. [kazumi][ikuo] They're still on sale. [yunano] They're still on sale. [yui] The general tickets are still on sale. [yunano] We… in order that our fans in the movie theaters can enjoy our show, we will do our very best, so, everyone in those regions, please invite your friends and so on to go to the movie theater. We beg your consideration. [sakura] We beg your consideration. [kazumi] And, and… [moa] Yes. And surprisingly, also this year, as commemoratives of the release of Sakura Gakuin's school year 2014 album, Mini-Pati's… *33 collaborative products are to be offered by courtesy of Tower Records. [moa] Oh, not products. They're foods. [yui] Foods.

Menus. [moa] At Tower Records Cafe on the 2nd floor from March 20th, is this right? [ikuo] Yes. [moa] they are to be offered. [ikuo] On the 2nd floor of Tower Records from March 20th, Friday to March 26th, Thursday, we will offer the special collaborative menus and we sell Mini-Pati's original goods. [moa] Yes. [moa] And… [ikuo] And one more… [moa] Yes. [ikuo] on Omote-Sando, we have another Tower Records Cafe. At that cafe from March 24th to March 31st, Tuesday, we will also offer them. [hana] Wow. [ikuo] We will announce the details on March 9th, so please look forward to it. [moa] On 9th. OK. [sakura] We beg your consideration. [moa] And… the goods to be sold are… awesome, aren't they? [tomato] Moreover… [ikuo] Wow.

[kazumi] It continues still more. [hana] It's not yet ended. [kazumi] It's been continuing still more. [ikuo] Oh, Tomato kun again. [tomato] I am Tomato kun. [tomato] The original lunchbox and the original mug are to be sold, so everyone, please check them out. [tomato] I beg your consideration. [sakura] We beg your consideration. [yui] I beg your kindness. [ikuo] And, as information, now Gyao is presenting the dance shot version of the MV. *34 [ikuo] On the bottom of the video, the interpretation or something… [yui] Right! Right! It is so! I… Oh, it is really so! [hana] What's happened to you? [ikuo] …is displayed under the lyrics. [yui] Yes, Sakura Gakuin's own interpretation is displayed. [moa] Ah, I haven't viewed it yet. [yui] It's like translations for English songs. *35 [yui] I am very glad of that. [yui] I hope to let our fans know what we, Sakura Gakuin's members, feel, so everyone, please never miss it.

[sakura] We beg your consideration. [kazumi] (* She's got so excited) that she's forgotten Tomato kun. [yui] Ah. [ikuo] Well, it's very good. [kazumi] It's interesting, isn't it? [ikuo] Yeah, it's interesting. [ikuo] I think you can view it on Gyao. Please don't miss it. [ikuo] And the open class on this weekend… [kazumi] We'll keep holding this for now, shan't we? [ikuo] is to be broadcast on Nico Nico Live. [kazumi] Right. [hana] Ah, it is. [moa] For seven straight hours. *36 [ikuo] Seven and a half, if I remember right. [yui] 7 hours. [hana] It's long. [ikuo] The subject is the art of calligraphy, isn't it? [moa] Yes. I wonder what we're going to do. [sakura] Me, too. [hana?] I'm looking forward to it. [ikuo] The class of calligraphy is to be broadcast. [ikuo] If, if… [ikuo] Probably the tickets are not left. [kazumi] The tickets are already sold out. [ikuo] If you get interested in the open class, please view it on Nico Nico Live. [yui] We beg your consideration.

[ikuo] I announce in detail (for Sakura Gakuin). [yui?] Oh, really so. [sakura] Thank you so much. [ikuo] You're very welcome. [kazumi] That's all for today, isn't it? [ikuo] Yes. [all] Just a blink of time. [sakura] It is soon. [ikuo] It's already less than 10 minutes until 8 p.m. [sakura] Alas! [yui] We're in danger. [moa] We may be scolded. [ikuo] OK. That's all for today. [kazumi] Shall we return this? [ikuo] Yes. Let's put it down. [moa][yunano] Oh, we're sorry to trouble you. [yui] Thank you so much. [moa] Oh dear. [all] Oh my dear. [kazumi] They say "oh dear" (* but how shall I do?). [hana] Oh dear. [ikuo] Well, it's been delightful. [moa] I feel so, too. [ikuo] I'm sorry for enjoying though I'm the host. [moa] Not at all. Thank you for enjoying. [ikuo] I'm sorry for my unreasonable requests.

[moa] I've enjoyed this very much. [sakura] Me, too. [ikuo] OK. Then… [kazumi] Shall we close this session now? [kazumi] OK. Let's stand up, shall we? [sakura] Yes. [hana] Upsy-daisy. [kazumi] OK. Well… I've lost what I should say next. [kazumi] Ah, I see. [kazumi] Then, thank you for coming today. [sakura] Thank you so much. [kazumi] Here were Miss Moa KIKUCHI, Miss Yui MIZUNO, Miss Hana TAGUCHI & Miss Yunano NOTSU from Sakura Gakuin. [kazumi] Thank you very much. [sakura] Thank you so much. [sakura] Thank you so much. [kazumi] A, a… [ikuo] OK. [kazumi] How did you feel about it? [ikuo] It was amusing. [kazumi] That's good. That is good. [kazumi] Well, the number of the streaming viewers has reached nearly 2300, but about 2000 of them, probably straight down, (the number shall decrease), as viewers say good-bye. [ikuo] Yes.

[ikuo] It shall be the stable number as usual from now. [ikuo] I think (not only) Sakura Gakuin's fans… (but also) BABYMETAL's fans probably have viewed this. [kazumi] I think it's sure. [ikuo] I've found someone tweeting in English, so I feel that's why the number has jumped up. [kazumi] It seems the big mark after a long time. [ikuo] Yes, it is. [ikuo] It's awesome. [kazumi] It's quite astonishing. [ikuo] Well….