/Home Obliques Exercise (INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL!)

Home Obliques Exercise (INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL!)

Video: Home Obliques Exercise (INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL!)


What's up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Athlean-X.com. Today I'm going to show you a great home, oblique exercise. Now, a lot of oblique exercises are, in fact, capable of being done at home, but a lot of them – because they involve rotation – will be done hanging on a bar. I know that a lot of times some people don’t have access to a pull up bar. Maybe you're on the road and you want an option that you can do just on the floor with nothing else. This is what you're going to want to do: get yourself into a side plank, okay? It's going to have two parts to it. I've got my hands here, just in a fist like this on the ground.

I'll back up just a bit right to here. I get up into a side plank and then I take my hand that's up on top of my head here – behind my head – and I'm just going to rotate down and try to get my elbow here to meet my fist. Now, I'm not just going to do this. That's cheating because I haven't done any type of rotation from my torso. So what I want to do is keep it up here, I want to rotate my torso down until I make contact here. What you should see is that the external obliques on this side will be activated because they're opposite side rotators. So if I rotate my trunk to the right then the external obliques on the left will be activated. If I rotate my trunk to the left then the external obliques on the right will be activated. So what we do is, we're getting external oblique here activation on the left hand side. It's a little bit of eccentric, too because we don’t want to allow us to rotate so far that we collapse down to the ground.

The next thing we do is, after we touch down here, we come back to the top and then we get a lift here up at the top. Now, the lift is going to activate both the internal and external obliques on the right side to cause a lateral trunk flexion okay? When they work together on one side they'll flex the trunk this way. Are they best at doing that? No. We've got muscles in our back – the quadratics – that are much better at doing that job, but we can get that little activation there and get further work on our pillar strength on the side here and come down. So two parts down, touch, external on the left, up, lift, external, internal, on the right. So guys, incorporate this move. Especially if you're training at home and you're looking for ways to really fill in the gaps when it comes to your ab training because your obliques will do a great job of tapering in and giving you that visual appearance of having a more tapered waste line, better looking abs as they frame them out on the left and right. If you're looking for a complete home training program, Athlean-0, guys.

No bars, no bands, no bench; literally no equipment at all. You can get that over at AthleanX.com. If you've found this video helpful make sure to leave your comments and thumbs up below and tell me what else you want to see here and I'll do my best to bring those to you each and every week. I'll see you soon..