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M: Hi it's Martina! S: And it's Simon! M: And it's our 3rd week in Japan S: Welcome to Eat Your Sushi M: Time is flying by! S: I know. Three weeks in Japan we have finished now! M: And we experienced something super Japanese. S: Our very first earthquake M: I know that's something that some of you guys experience all the time Depending on where you live S: And for you its normal and for like– in many situations its really scary And for us, our first earthquake was really scary.

M: Were you scared, really? S: Oh, no like Well its kinda like (exasperated mumbling) How dare you! Come on! I'm STRONG!!! Okay It was actually very comforting the first earthquake that we experienced because we were actually sleeping in bed It was like 7:45 or so M: Yeah and you know what's funny is that I totally called it I remember saying to you a couple days ago I wonder if we'll experience our first earthquake in Japan Ah, in bed because Simon sleeps naked And so I just imagined us running out onto the streets And Simon frantically trying to find clothing and then he runs out as a giant naked foreigner S: Hey, if you gotta survive– You know, what do you wanna do? Do you wanna live or do you want underwear? You wanna live. M: Well, Simon doesn't have underwear to begin with as we know, so… S: (Cries) Oh I forgot to pack them But I bought some while I was here M: Yes Anyhow S: It wound up swaying us in our bed and just rocked back and forth And then I woke Martina up and I'm like (Whispers) Hey, we're having an earthquake M: No, you didn't wake me up You think you woke me up But I was like this BSSSSSSSH! M: My eyes opened up and I was like I feel something S: Okay, you didn't say anything S: But I tapped you on your shoulder and I'm like (Whispers) Hey, we're having our first earthquake But it was so soothing, it was almost like a hammock M: Well, I heard the sound of the cupboards going like Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta! And right away I heard the dogs barking in the neighbourhood.

And that's how I knew it was real because You know animals can sense these kind of things, although I doubt our animals can I think Spudgy will be like *snores* With his little snot bubble when he sleeps. I heard the dog very clearly being like WHAT'S GOING ON? WHAT'S GOING ON? WHAT'S GOING ON? You can hear them barking and the alarms went off on some of the cars so– S: But its like it swayed us and I just went right back to sleep M: He fell asleep S: It was great S: I actually experienced my second earthquake without you M: Oh yeah, I went grocery shopping S: Yes, I was very sick at the time so I was um… pooping… at the time. So, I sat down at the toilet and you know like things weren't going right in my stomach at the time. I was just getting over like a small case of food poisoning but then like everything started shaking And I'm like okay I know that I'm sick but I didn't think it was gonna be that bad M: He's like backing up the pipes and causing the whole house– S: The whole thing was rattling and I'm like okay, okay Wait a second, it's not my poop, its an earthquake M: And Simon's like phew, thank goodness! S: But then again it was really small, but then I thought to myself If this gets any worse this would be the worst place to be in an earthquake naked with my underwear at my ankles and as everything tips over and I'm covered in my own feces That will be a terrible terrible way pooping during an earthquake.

M: I'm just having a major nostalgic childhood meltdown. We've grabbed some onigiri at a custom made place in the morning And the ones at the convenience stores are good, but these ones are still warm, And when I bit into it, I was just rocketed back to childhood when Mrs. Tamida would make these for me And I remember the seaweed, biting down into the rice and the flavour would be nothing like I've had before. She would make me them for every birthday. At every birthday Mrs. Tamida would make me these little onigiris because I thought they were the most amazing thing on the planet And I'll never forget when Miki told me Oh in Japan those are everywhere they're like a dollar. They're like sandwiches And I was like Cause I thought it was some magic thing cause it looked so time consuming And I'm being rocketed back to childhood with this. You're gonna have to carry me the whole way to the subway, Simon.

I'm just gonna be like in a little bubble. S: Okay, easy there, little whimpering child M: Wow For this weekend, we decided to go to our new office We do have an office space that's completely open to the public. S: But our office hours are from 10pm onwards S: It's actually uh.. McDonald's. M: Yes S: Because our service apartment is really small and we can't get work done there because we don't have any tables and when we try getting work done there, our backs were just on fire. S: Our necks were busted M: We're crunched over on the ground, M: trying to edit until your face is closer and closer to the screen. S: So we need a table to work at M: We started out at a coffee shop and there's actually alot coffee shops that I'm really happy with S: Yeah, there's some great ones that we've totally fallen in love with at the Kichijoji area like Light Up Coffee, M: Blackwell Coffee. Amazing! Really good coffee and it's like hand drip and everything and that's you know, what I really loved about Korea was there were a lot of little tiny indie shops and I was really worried because some of the shops in Japan are really heavy on smoking but if you look inside and you see tons of old men in business suits, its probably a coffee shop that's more like S: For socializing, smoking rather than for enjoying the taste of coffee.

M: Yeah, I mean, it could be good coffee but it's like a brick of fumes S: How could you taste it? How could you taste it, really? Come on The indie shops are great but they close around 8, so what are we gonna do? S: So we went to McDonald's M: And we felt really shameful about it at first cause I'm like I can't believe we're going to McDonald's to work That's so weird S: But actually when we went there, everybody has their office space at McDonald's Right beside us was another guy doing some excel spreadsheet M: And he was like in his 40s S: Some other people were studying It's like all of us recognized McDonald's is the best area to work So, if you wanna have an office meeting with us, meet us at the Kichijoji McDonald's after 10pm M: Wait, something really upsetting S: Okay M: Last week's Happy Meals were serving all types of Mario figurines like Princess Peach and Mario and Boo and I asked Simon if I could get a Happy Meal, he said no And then the next week we went back for our first office hours, and everything was gone already.

S: Yup Things go very quickly in Japan The special edition stuff (snaps fingers) gone M: Well now we don't have anything so I'm sad S: I know, so you might just have to go to the store and buy some stuff M: Maybe Pu-lu-lu-lu-lup! I will remember that forever S:Never! So you might just have to go to the store and buy some stuff So you might just have to go to the store and buy some stuff (Screaming birds) M: Stop yelling at me! My god (More screaming birds) Its like a horror movie (Even more screaming birds) Why are you You're suppose to be cute Okay, Japan, you need to work on your cute birds S: Your birds are not cute! M: We saw some, like, muscle bound crows! S: They were jacked, son! M: It's insane! But I don't know if you guys can hear this but I'm really concerned about the lives of these birds right now (Even more screaming birds) HEY MOMMY CAN I GET A CUP OF FLOUR?! SURE! (Crow screaming) S: Hey, you know what? We actually have some pretty good news.

When you are watching the show on Monday, we are actually going to be moved into our new house So Monday is our moving day The uh, house tour is gonna take awhile though until we get stuff in And I don't wanna do a house tour of an empty house M: Here's our empty house-house-house-house S: You might have to be a little bit patient for awhile We'll have a kotatsu-kotatsu-kotatsu-kotatsu M: Can't wait to show you guys the kotatsu S: Oh my gosh S: Can I find one that's big enough for my feet? Do you know what a kotatsu is? Answer right now, yes or no Do you know what a kotatsu is? M: Are you seeing this? S: This is a touch screen vending machine M: So these ones are hot So I can have hot corn soup It's amazing S: And it tells you how many calories are in there as well And you can pay for it via your subway card M: Yeah.

Soy tea That's super cool So money or suika That feels like the future S: That's pretty amazing M: Yeah, that's pretty awesome A lot of you guys have been asking how we feel about being in Japan and does it feel all crazy and weird I would say the subway system is still extremely baffling S: It's still very confusing for us because you could be on one platform and two different trains from different lines can show up there M: And they'll start like they're going in the right direction and suddenly it splits and you're like this isn't right S: So that wound up happening to us once M: Got on the train and the train had the doors open a little bit longer because it was waiting for people to transfer off And so we looked at the phone together and we just kinda like weren't sure S: Just looking at the map M: Didn't even say anything S: No idea M: This lovely old man probably in his what? His late 70s? S: Probably M: Yeah, late 70s, early 80s M: He waddled over and he asked us in Japanese– I knew what he was saying but I didn't know how to respond, but he asked us like oh where are you going? S: Okubo M: And then he went, oh no no S: And then he told us to get off How lovely is that? None of the young people did that None of the middle age people did that None of the youngsters did that Every experience that we've had with old people in Japan is amazing M: Amazing S: We keep on hearing about how Japan has this old people crisis and its aging population issue Its not an issue Its a blessing Every person in Japan should be an old person because old people in Japan are great! S: Okay, this is embarrassing M: Its not embarrassing We're terrified There is apparently really really strict garbage rules in Japan for garbage and recycling and stuff And we don't know what they're trying to say to us Only throw out your seashells with your VHS tapes but if you've got ducks and guns, you can put them together And there's your leftover bamboo Apparently there's so much of it that you have And I heard that you're supposed to remove the lids from your plastic bottles and cut the labels off and separate those But into what? I don't know.

Where do I separate them? S: So then what have we been doing instead? Well, we've just been hoarding it in a corner and I've been trying to just divide it like bottles, cans and just there's so much cardboard Please help us Send help S: Two weeks worth of garbage M: Recycling! Maybe we should wait till nightfalls And I should put on a black wig. And then put on a face mask up till here And wear contact lenses Maybe that's a good plan Okay, even last week or the week before, I trying to remember When did we go for the katsu, uh, the… (Incessantly guessing japanese food) (Miming) S: What? What are you talking about? M: Mmmm. Waiting in line for so long… S: Oh, oh, oh The… The menchi katsu! M: Thank you! What was the sound I was making? I was saying it was hot cause when you bite in it, its really– S: The word is 'hot' It was hot M: Anyways So when we were there, we were on the corner of the road and we were just like so excited to eat this food and we were just like covered in grease and oil and this little old couple waddled up to us and they went: Oishi? with a big smile on their face and I was like: *thumbs up* oishi! And they were like: AH HA HA And they were like super happy And then they kinda just waddled off And I was like this is amazing It feels really welcoming is what it does S: Get a run for it Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Speaking of food stories, you might have seen the chocolate ramen episode that we wound up doing on Thursday What you didn't see afterwards is a situation that I put Martina in that she was very uncomfortable with that I found absolutely hilarious only in kinda like after I realized what was happening but at the time it seemed normal to me M: Okay, first of all here is what I wanna say I found the whole thing unfolding in ripido flipido super slow motion Simon was eating the noodles and because you had to dip it into the sauce which I cannot pronounce this word for the life of me S: Tsukemen! M: Tsu-ke! Tsu-ke-maaan.

Tsuuu! S: Tsukemen! Tsukemen! Tsukemen! M: When he was dipping it, I saw him eat it and he went like this, and it went like this: And I just saw like in slow motion like little chocolate droplets flying everywhere S: How do you eat that without making a mess of yourself? M: And I thought to myself S: That is a level of skill M: Um, I ate it without making a mess of myself S: No you didn't! M: Yes I did! S: Okay maybe M: Yeah! S: But how do most people M: Most people kinda use their teeth to pull the noodles in rather than like a Rather than like a You do kinda like uh S: Well, I did not do too good of a job So I stood outside and I was like bending over and I was– M: Just licking his fingers and furiously rubbing his crotch M: What's that? S: HOLY SHIT! M: That's you eating chocolate S: Holy shit, why didn't you– Why didn't you tell me M: You look like a giant perv! Don't rub your legs You're just covered in chocolate S: Oh my god Ducky, oh my god M: You are so messy.

S: Oh my god This is terrible I can't go out like this M: I watched you I watched you eat the noodles As Simon ate the noodles he was like He took the noodles and he went And I just saw the noodles whip its hair back and forth and I saw him get coated in chocolate and I didn't have the heart to tell him at the time cause he was too excited No. We're gonna get a wet wipe. You just look like a huge pervert Can we please go get you a wet wipe S: No M: Ducky I'm not kidding you look like a– just a ginormous pervert S: Well I wouldn't do this in front of a girl. I think that people won't interpret me– S: Well… Maybe… M: What?? S: If they just see me from behind like AHHH M: And you're wearing your trench S: AHHH M: Chocolate stains S: Chocolate butter M: Oh Ducky.. S: Okay, okay… S: I'm gonna keep my thing buttoned up M: What do you want to tell everyone about eating tsukemen? S: Well… You need a bib Make sure if you eat here, you eat with a bib or a towel on your lap or just eat in a bathtub with a cone of shame around you so that you don't get yourself too dirty. Oh.

.. and I like these pants. M: *gasps* Perverto. S: No, eating that meal was rather challenging M: Yeah S: And I say, speaking of challenge– It's time for the weekly challenge!! M: I didn't see that coming and you startled me! Okay, I really don't want to do this challenge. You know how nervous I get when it comes to- M: being tested on camera S: Well– Okay S: The best way to learn something quickly is under the threat of punishment. M: Noooo S: Kind of like old school education systems What we have here are seven cards all written in katakana, and these cards have English words written on them, written in katakana. M: So katakana is the alphabet for foreign words S: Yes M: But it doesn't necessarily mean it's an English word [S] Right M: It could be for example, a French word– they'll use katakana [S] Exactly S: So, we are going to flip a card, First person to guess what it actually says, gets a point. The first person to four points wins and the loser faces a punishment. M: So how are we gonna know that it's right? S: Well we have **** behind the camera and if you wind up getting the answer right, he's going to ding the bell. M: Okay.

What if I get it close to right? S: No, no, no. It has to be– M: You know what to do M: If I get it close to right S: NO M: Just go for it, okay? S: No, no, no, it has to be– M: Believe in your heart. Just be like "Martina's so close" S: You have to know the exact word– M: "She's got– she got it. Guurl you go this." S: No, it doesn't work that way S: Okay, ready? M: Okay, okay S: 3..2…1 Okay, that's…sara… Salary man! *ding* S: YESSS! SALARY MAN! M: Okay. Can you do me a favor? S: What? M: Can you not mumble your words out loud? S: Why not? M: Because in my head I was like– S: Does it matter? We didn't mention a rule? M: Nono. nonononono. S: I can do whatever I want I can go wooste wooste wooste WHOO! I can feel my heart racing. I can feel the heart racing. M: Feel my heartbeat~ S: Okay, okay, okay M: Okay, calm down!!! S: I can't do this anymore. I'm so– I'm so– S: Okay, okay, okay M: Just runs out of the room screaming S: Habento? M: Biento? nono.

. M: Ha..Shi..Ra..Fo..No Hapi..Habi.. S: Hapiesendo..Hapiesendo..Habiesdo.. Habiesdo M: Hapiendo? Habiento? No. Habiento..Habi.. Hapiendo S: Hapi WHAT THE F*CK M: Happy ending? *ding ding* S: WHAT M: Happy ending? WHOO S: Happy Ending??! S: Oh my god M: Hapi endou S&M: Hapi endou S: Okay, you ready? M: Yup S: Here we go M: Konbi. Konbi? No. nonono M: Kon… S: Konpyuta! *ding* S: Yes! Yes! M: Damn it… M: Ahh.. Konpyuta. Konpyuta S: Alright M: Okay, you ready? S: Go for it M: Okay. Rupi…hoteru hoteru. hoteru M: Ra.. rabe? S: Rap hotel? rap hotel. M: Lobby hotel! I don't know what these little squiggly lines are, I forget! M: Rabi? Ra..pu S: Rabu..rabu.rabu.rabu S: I'm so… BU BU BU BU BU M: Rabu.. hoteru S: hoteru.. M: We agree that it says rabu hotel S: Rub Hotel! Love hotel! *ding* M: Love hotel. NOOO! S: YES! Love hotel! S: The salary man gets on the computer then goes to a love hotel and gets a happy ending M: Who made these? Who made these? S: Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh M: Okay, palms are sweaty Toruperu Toru.

..peru S: Traburo? Trapuro? M: Toropowru? It's a toropowru S: Nono. Stop. S: Toraburu. Toraburu M&S: Toraburu M: Trampoline? Toraburu..Toraburu…Toraburu S: Toraburu or not Toraburu, that is the question M: Trapru *Martina and Simon get very frustrated* M: Do we both agree to give up of toraburu? S: Agreed M: Ready? We give up S: I give up M: What is the answer? S: What the f*ck is it? S: Trouble?? This is trouble? M: Like you're in trouble? S: You're in trouble? This is bullsh*t! M: You're in toraburu~ S: Oh my god. Oh my god. M: From now on Simon, I'm gonna be like, M: Spudgey! S: That was the worst! M: Spudgey! S: You're in toraburu! M: Spudgey did you make a poop in the house? S: You are in Toraburu!! M: If I'm gonna tie this– S: You have to get the next two right to tie M: No stress Martina. S: Okay, you ready? M: Okay S: I'm flipping S: God, my ears are numb, I'm so nervous M: Okay, just do it.

I'm sweating. My palms– M: Okay. S: Grapefruit! *ding* S: Yes M: What? S: Grapefruit!!!!!!!! That was so stressful. M: Good for you for being so good at katakana S: Thank you M: Yeah. I just get stressed out as soon as I see anything on camera. S: You know what? In actually– M: I'm really bad with the little tickedys S: In real life, when we're out in public, you read things so much more quickly than I do M: Simon's really good under pressure S: I think that because you're under pressure, I heard you making the wrong sounds M: I just crumble. I just crumble under pressure S: I think under pressure– S: Now you are in toraburu and you have to wear fat fat tako head for the rest of the show. Oh what's this? Is this going to be the new hat? Queen fat fat tako head From now on, you can only refer to Martina as Queen fat fat tako head. And Queen fat fat tako head is going to answer any of your questions now for the rest of the show. It looks good on you! You still look pretty cute. Look at you.

Hey. You know what? That's not that much of a punishment You actually look really sweet. Anyhow… M: I feel like a rugby player. Oh my god, rugby players should totally adapt this instead. S: If that would be a rugby helmet, the audience participation would be so much higher. M: I don't feel so good. I should probably just go home… S: Oh no! S: This is from Youtube from Timelord Kai and they said, Simon, are there any video games that you're looking forward to that you can play now that you're in Japan? Yes! Final Fantasy 14. I can't wait to finally be able to play. As soon as I get my TV and as soon as I get a Playstation here. I tried, I actually bought it in Korea, and it was region blocked because Korea has these weird laws– Oh, you can't drink your coffee anymore? Because of that queen fat fat tako head? Anyhow, Queen fat fat tako head said that it would be very good for me to be able to play it here, but I couldn't in Korea.

Supposedly it's not region blocked in Korea anymore but for me, I just spent so much time trying to buy it and download it, and I got frustrated, so now I'm gonna play it here. I'm not gonna play it in Korea. I'm so happy and I'm so ready because I play all the Final Fantasies S: So it's getting a little bit cold in Japan and I decided, "Oh, I should buy some heat tech" which are these warm undershirts. So I saw oohh!.. Navy blue, long sleeve! I really like navy blue, let me get it– but then when I put it on today… *Martina is distraught* S: I realized in horror that it's a turtleneck. M: Ducky, we need to get rid of that thing. S: And Martina is not even looking at me anymore. She's just pointing the camera wildly and staring at the wall. S: She won't even call me by my name M: I'm covered in garlic M: I have a cross S: Geez… S: I'm really upset about this.

I really like navy blue but– this– it's covering my neck. I feel like I'm suffocating. M: Look, I'm just gonna take some scissors and I'm just gonna do a gentle surgery from here to here making it just normal, okay? M: How's your heat tech turtleneck doing? S: It's nice M: Is it? S: Yeah M: Let me see M: Let me see it S: Somebody cut off the turtleneck part M: Oh yeah M: Fabiana Zenziro and many people on Youtube have asked this so far: Hey guys, I was wondering if there are some vegan restaurants over there and how is the vegan culture S: Well that might be difficult for Queen fat fat tako head to answer because to tako heads, don't they always eat seafood and stuff, or do they eat vegetables? I'm not sure. M: I don't even know how you brought that around to me because– S: Because you're a squid and– M: Yeah, we eat other animals obviously.

S: Yeah, so you have no participation in this vegan conversation. M: People who aren't vegans can still go for vegan food you know. S: True, true M: How dare you. You're so rude. M: I'm starting an entire tumblr dedicated to you being racist and biased to Queen fat fat tako heads around the world. S: Okay, we've had some great vegan food in Seoul and we've heard that there are very many great places here. M: I've already looked up lots of them. They're by Ebisu Station and I really wanted to go. There's a raw food cafe and it serves only raw food. Like uncooked stuff. And you know what? I can barely hear what I'm saying. It sounds like I'm just screaming at the camera I'm like, "AHHHH" S: Hi sweetheart. Did you make a new friend? M: Yeah, and I got coffee. S: Did you make a new friend? M: Maybe.

M: I'll never tell S: kaththebear winds up asking, "Do we feel more discomfort filming outside in Japan or Korea?" M: I do feel a little bit more discomfort in Japan. S: I've noticed that in you significantly. M: Only because I don't want to be a burden to the restaurant and be a slow eater who's trying to film. S: Because usually people eat, pay, bounce. M: Yeah M: So I want to make sure that when we go somewhere, we're not being in the way of it. So we've gotten to know a couple places and seen where can we film and where can we move out of the way so that we won't be a problem. So that's what I'm kind of grappling with right now. S: For example, when we filmed our menchi katsu video, we saw some people that looked really happy when we filmed, like "Oooh!" They had a good look on their face so I didn't seem like I was disturbing anybody.

So we're trying to be conscious of that so at the moment, S: We're still trying to feel out– M: Figure out the culture M: We're trying to feel it out. Is that what you just said? S: Yes M: I would do a no, but I only have one arm. Quickly add it. Ready? No, I mean an X. No, we're trying to make an X. S: High five, I agree! M: I don't– No! M: That's not what I meant to do! S: Well done! M: Put your arm behind my arm. Ready? S: Okay. M: Like, no! M: No, not that! S: Spoonsies M: Not that arm! S: Am I going the right way? M: You're so difficult! S: Oooh, what happened? M: You always do this to me M: Like when I lose my voice, you try to translate everything incorrectly S: Okay, what do you want me to do? That way? M: Nothing. Forget it! Pfftt! S: Okay. S: Thank you for the questions M: Ink.

I was spitting ink at him. S: Because our last video wound up getting 10,000 likes, we can wind up telling you a little bit more about *****, in which we will do so right now. ***** is half Japanese and half British. If you'd like to know some more about *****, he demands 10,000 likes on this video and next week we will tell you a little bit more about him. M: Okay, question. S: Question. M: Could you remove the eyelashes from my eyes? Not my eyelashes. I've got hair in my– S: Love is the moment~ M: Ah, it's so close by my nose! M: Ow, it still touched my head. Ducky~ S: One of the things I like doing whenever Martina's hungry is I like taking a really long time to pretend that I'm filming something. M: I'm making the murder of you. S: Nonono, wait, I gotta film this. M: I'm not even sharing this with you. S: Of course you are. You're gonna share together. M: Nope. We were here last time and we saw them making these from scratch behind the counter and so now we're finally gonna get the chance to eat them.

There's like some kind of cream sauce for this. ONE I'm gonna leave you one. S: Wait waitwaitwaitwait, we gotta make a video of this. M: Wait wait wait wee wee wee S: Hold on, wait wait wait M: wee wee wee S: Wait, wait wait Why do we have only one spoon? I need two spoons M: Oh yeah Oh yeah. S: This right here– Look at the shu mai. Look at how glistening this is. Oh my god. It smells so good. What? M: ONE-PUNCH~ S: ONE-PUNCH~ (One-Punch Man reference) M: So last week we were very excited to find out that you guys had sent us some packages and some letters in the mail! This is– I believe it's– Is it Darlin? S: Daraliya M: I'm really hoping we pronounced your name properly. M: Darilin from Hawaii, thank you very much. S: Thank you from Jennifer from California as well for your letter. M: This one's from Kristen from North Carolina. Well originally she lived in North Carolina, but now she lives in Southern California. S: All the letters we get, we actually scan and we save forever. [M] We keep everything.

So that when we're old and nobody watches us anymore, we can remember when people cared. M: It also makes me feel really happy when I'm having a hard day. So I just read over your letters and I feel like, "Yeah, I can do it!" Okay, so this package is from Jessica from England. M: From the UK. Thank you so much S: Thank you! S: OOOH! M: WAIT! M: We literally just talked about this this morning. S: Okay, you're gonna wear this hat on top of your King fat fat tako head. M: I will S: Here you go. Homie don't play that. S: This is from one of our favorite Nasties that has been with us for so long. We saw you in Taiwan, William Chen and also Tiffany Chen. Thank you, we got something awesome here from Taiwan. M&S: The pea crackers!!!! S: You can open this part right here. M: It's the stickers that Tiffany mentioned!! S: And we have a bunch of other things in here M: Oh, Simon got some kind of sandwich. S: Oh yeah.

M: Did you? This is still really good. This is like a sesame nougat or something. S: This is like cream cheese and cranberries M: What?? S: And like an herbal cracker. M: Guys, thank you so much for sending in letters and boxes for us to open even if these are the only ones we ever get. M: This was just a wonderful ray of sunshine for our week. [S] This was amazing. S: Thank you so much M: So, thank you so much. S: So for last week, we announced our capsule giveaway for every week and we had a skill testing question. The question was: What two characters that I cosplay as, and the answer was Honey sempai and Tifa and the winner of that giveaway is Jessica Blanca on Youtube. If you are Jessica Blanca, send us an email over, we'll try to find a way to get that to you and then send us your mailing address and we will mail you your wonderful capsule toy for this week. M: Okay, so we have the capsule that's going out this week, but we have another S: We have another, this amazing one. M: awesome capsule M: It's really hard to give this to you, I want it so bad! S: Martina wanted it so bad, but we know we have to give this away so umm For this week's skill testing question– Can I say Martina? No– I meant Queen fat fat tako head.

Why exactly did Martina throw the cupcake against the wall? If you know the exact answer, let us know in the comments section below, we will pick one winner, announce it next week and mail out a wonderful capsule toy. Thank you for watching this week's episode Next week, we'll be moving to our house and we can tell you more about it and share some more stories. M: Yeah. Oh, we have so many more stories we didn't even tell you guys I didn't talk about my toy story!! S: Oh my god!! M: Okay next week, I'll talk about the toy story. S: Next week, we'll talk about the toy story. S: Take care everyone M: Bye everyone! From Queen fat fat tako head. S: QUEEN FAT FAT TAKO HEAD You have to wear that the beginning of next show also. M: No, that wasn't part of the rules. S: Of course it is Should Martina wear it? No.

Should Queen fat fat tako head wear it for next week's show? Yes or no.