/Eat this Raw or Eat that Cooked? Discover which is Best

Eat this Raw or Eat that Cooked? Discover which is Best

Video: Eat this Raw or Eat that Cooked? Discover which is Best


All right this is John Kohler with okraw.com . Today we have another exciting episode for you and I have a special guest on our show today. This is my friend Dr. Rick Dina D.C, I have known him from since like late 1990's. Dr. Rick Dina: 1998, I think John: 98', like a long time, anyways he is been into raw vegan since 1987, since 2017 it is a 30 years anniversary on a raw vegan diet, predominantly raw, all vegan all the time. This guy is a wealth of knowledge, he & his wife Karen Dina D.C do many different things including raw food educational classes will talk about later in the episode. But the reason for Dr.

Rick today is because he has been predominantly raw or vegan during this time. He eats more cooked food than I do & you know that we may differ on some opinions on something but we also would probably agree with a lot of things that raw food is not always superior to cooked foods. And I know this comes up a lot & there is a lot of raw food dogma and you know I want to make this video with Dr. Rick today to cut through some dogma out there. What we did is like we cam up with 10 questions that we are going to actually ask Dr. Rick and then I am going to answer my opinions on if you should eat something raw or cooked depending upon what it is & in some instances we have raw verses raw food or may be something like you are going to eat higher fat or you are going to eat more fruit instead. So, this is just going to be kind of fun, kind of things that you guys can learn about may be some of our opinions on eating a different choice under circumstances. And, this may help you guys out in your life. Something Dr.

before we start countering. Dr. Rick Dina: Yeah, there was a thing in the Woodstock Food Festival deal that said something about the raw food which was always superior to cooked food. And I thought now way, absolutely not. So, we will cover some of those reasons some of those things now. John: Yeah, I mean I would also agree that raw food is not always superior. Both: Generally, but no way. John: All right, let's get to the first one Dr. Rick Dina: Yeah John: So, see Dr. Rick you actually have to go to a raw food say may be like in L.A, Au Lac which is the famous one there, some kind of like soup or salad place. You may have salads, steamed vegetables or potato, which one would you rather eat and why? Dr. Rick Dina: I guess it depends which specific thing on the menu I will pich but generally speaking Gourmet places the food is really high in fat, it's salty, it's oily, it's spicy. The food is really concentrated and I know from experience when I eat that food which is like really really rare but forming in the present. It started really in the middle 80-90's when raw Gourmet started coming in and I am so thankful that I had just about a ten year history with raw food, fruit & vegetable base because when I eat that Gourmet raw still I do not feel good even if I normally feel like this, I mean it brings me way way down.

If I go to place even if it's not organic or even if I eat a big plate of salad, then some steamed vegetables or a couple of potatoes or something then I go from here to may be here & that is way above when I eat raw Gourmet food. So, that without a doubt I would eat cooked food that's clean, simple, healthy over Gourmet dense, nasty, raw food. It's just you do it a few times and the difference at least in my personal opinion based on how I feel is dramatic and it tells the whole story. John: Yeah, so I would disagree with Dr. Rick actually for me I would eat at the raw Gourmet restaurant right with some, so as you guys know who watch me that I do the most raw Gourmet restaurant reviews online on You tube than anybody else. I do so many episodes appearing and talking about some of the raw food restaurants .

Even in some videos you can see my energy level go from here when I start the video to down to there when I start eating the food and I remember one of my video where my energy level was. You know I have learned be creative & like Dr. Rick said what you eat at the raw food restaurants. So, tried to procure the things which don't have extract oils that are used in avocados for the source of fats & have a lower salt content. And I do like spices because I think they can be beneficial depending upon what they are and in what quantities. But I will say that I will choose a raw Gourmet recipe but knowing that when I am going to a raw Gourmet restaurant I feel a difference compared to like eating home grown stuff in my home and I make my own recipe. You know when I am travelling is generally like to raw food restaurants and when I am not at home and have the accessibility to my garden but I do like mix things and make a fun a little bit and get some new flavors and sensation.

But I generally don't feel the next day and also my girlfriend. She love going out to raw food places in I don't think she is as affected as I am at this point of time so yeah. Dr. Rick Dina: So, yeah again if the raw Gourmet restaurant had some things that were clean enough to eat that would be clearly preferable than cooked food. I mean I don't want a lot of cooked food, I feel best when I am raw. But again clean simple cooked food verses raw gourmet, experience is a tough lesson. John: And it occurs all, if you are raw food restaurant owners watching this have some simple recipes &I want all the raw food dressings are oil based and hey can you blind me up with some handful of nuts with some tomatoes burned up or something, they won't even do that for me because we got these oil based dressings. And I don't want an oil based dressing.

Dr. Rick Dina: Now if I am travelling out of town which is really about the only time this will come up sure it would be the cooked salad place. But say I am at home I might actually choose the raw gourmet place and here is why because I will pre-load before I go. I will eat a big salad at home, I would eat before I go out to eat and when it will be full then I might eat a little bit of Gourmet stuff and that might actually work. John: Right and that is the tip that I tried to give you in a lot of my videos that I actually learned from Dr. Rick. He calls it pre-load I call it pre-party because you are partying before your raw food party at the restaurant and bringing to the restaurant some salad to eat along with the dense food to neutralize a bit and make it less dense, and still have the experience of going out with your girlfriend and have some fun, what I call a party foods. Gourmet foods are party food but some culinary institutes teach any good, healthy sustainable recipes.

So, if you are looking for healthy and sustainable recipe for long term check my you tube channel. I dedicate all the recipes that I actually eat in my home and unfortunately lot of you tube videos show gourmet food which in my opinion are definitely not the healthiest. Dr. rick Dina: Yeah good better best, so they are good. But there is a long way to go from better to best. And actually it is a good news if you feel better eating raw gourmet food compared to your previous diet, then let us encourage you that there is so much further to go. However much better you feel there are five or six levels still to go, so we will encourage you to keep going. John: So, we have the next question for you which might be a tricky one but we will see and we might answer this one also differently but it's cool. So, for example in this day you have eaten most of your calories in raw and you would have say 10% fat but you are hungry still and may be say after dinner you feel like to eat something.

So, would you eat some avocados, soaked nuts & seeds or would have some cooked potatoes or rice to have some calories to make your toy fill up. Dr. Rick: God, now it is like the same Gourmet question but we have taken out some of the nastier stuff out. Do it I eat fat & stay raw or more cooked and stay low fat. That's a tough one if the question were steamed non-starchy vegetables like lighter vegetables probably go cooked. If it's denser things like potatoes, brown rice and we have talked about this earlier like I would go above 10% fat which I do most days anyway for a lot of reasons and if you think you know it all because you heard one guru you know every decade you learn a lot more anyway not to get out about that so if I have some 20% fat like avocado or what not and stay all raw I tend to feel a lot better on many years of personal experience as well as lot of education then stay with lower fat need to be cooked. Now going to some point don't know exactly where it is but to some point well before I get a Gourmet raw food 50, 60, 70 percent of a calories of fat & adding a lot of unhealthy elements to that, I would much rather be cooked just like I answered the last question and it might be 30 or so percent of calories to fat.

So, for a little while I would rather eat more fat at some point of time it becomes to hard to take and digest, and I think steamed vegetables are way way healthier. John: So, I mean the way question was set up eating low fat almost all the day so I would straight up eat the avocados or the soaked nut always like even eat the cooked stuff the reason for me why is like long time ago I had some baked potatoes and I have eaten them and once I started eating them I craved for more and more baked potatoes every night for some nights and I couldn't stop. I did that because my personality is like all or nothing and I did that started eating cooked stuff and might not eat that much raw but when I did that it was like my energy level was taint and I started eating the baked stuff and it started to take something away from me like high energy levels been taken away so to this day I would eat a rather more fat & the avocados would be just significantly more better than any nuts or seeds even if they are soaked just because of more water rich fat in addition to I would have some coconut blended young coconut talking about meal but I know you made up things in your questions too but that's what I would personally do even then these are all hypothetical questions what will you do when you have this option or this option or adding like any other options.

But the real answer is you have got options beside than eating fat or cooked stuff, how it is like you are having vegetables or have some fruits we will get on to some of those questions talking about that more. Actually here is a good question for you Dr. Rick, and let me tell you something I prefer this saying that Dr. Rick doesn't really like bitter green so he eats dandelion green so this is a question for him. Dr. Rick Dina : My wife loves them, we buy them all the time John: And I love the bitter greens, I totally love them. So, would you rather have a raw dandelion juice 75% dandelion green juiced with 25% pineapple juice even though you got some good pineapple juice there. Let me tell you something that the dandelion greens are so strong that it's still going to taste nasty or you would rather have some steamed vegetables? Dr.

Rick Dina: All right, well John asked me this before and I have think about it, a lot of it will depend upon what I am going to do for next certain levels. So, if I were relaxing home, watching the tv as you know I have not to be alert or hard on anything I will eat the steamed vegetables and the reason is I will enjoy them. Dandelion, I don't enjoy them so much I remember TC Fry saying when you can't relish it in it's raw natural state you probably shouldn't be eating it so anything that makes me go think ok here it come, you know I am in defense mode, it is some level energetically not good for me. Now if I were about to go and give a presentation 200 people and inspire them I wanted them to be raw and wanted them to be on the ball the most the light steamed vegetable would bring my mind from A plus to an A minus that's not so bad brings me down a little whereas if I ate a salad I would still be at an A plus.

So, if it was the case and I had to get the most out of myself then I would have the dandelion greens even though I would not enjoy the taste half an hour or an hour later they won't be doing anything to bring me down. And I would be functioning optimally and I would sacrifice taste for functionary but usually you want to have things which taste good and makes you feel good. So, I hope that would be my choice. John: I will always choose the dandelion juice with the pineapple and you know I have tried a lot of green juice with most of carrot, spinach and when I tasted them with pineapple tasted great but the dandelion & pineapple still don't taste good but even though in that state I would have that juice rather than some cooked steamed vegetables for me personally. Dr. Rick Dine: All right, how about this John you have eat way this for a week John: Yeah no problem I will do the juice man, and more dandelion in me I know it doesn't taste good I know there are health benefits to dandelion like it's a blood purifier and all kinds of different things. You know I will crave people to eat a diversity of foods and not eat or like a food all the time but still eat it on rare occasions so that at least you are getting the nutrients in that specific food.

Dr. Rick Dina: What if you are maxed out you are at the lowest body fat point healthy and for the next week you are to either have dandelion or steamed vegetables. John: I will have dandelion and pineapple juice until I get underweight and next week I going to eat things to gain weight but never had a problem maintaining my weight on raw foods diet. Dr. Rick Dina: Lot more discussion we can have John: Yeah I mean once again this is this or that you have all options, don't make the dandelion pineapple juice if you don't like it make some other juice that tastes good to you, add some celery add some spinach it's so much more mild. All right now, Dr. rick Dr. Rick: I would pick some any other green John: So, I chose the other option I know you will like it. Dr. Rick Dina: Like one piece of dandelion, you got that covered.

It doesn't help me it's like hiring somebody else to exercise. It doesn't really work that way. John: All right, the next question Dr. Rick Dina: By the way I get a lot of greens, tree colors, tons of cauliflowers, zuchini so couple two-three pounds of vegetables everyday. John: Next, yeah very important get your vegetables everyday. So, next question for you Dr. Rick because this is something you have run in to before and I have run in to myself you know. Late at night after you had the last meal of the night like I had a nice big salad or a raw soup at night you eat that you are pretty stuffed but you want a little bit of something. So, would you have some steamed non-starchy vegetables or like a handful of almonds. Dr. Rick Dina: So again it's cooked verses fat now. So, generally speaking some of the people are going to get mad who are adamantly all right.

Based on my experience and education I would eat that light vegetables, the steamed light vegetables over the almonds. First of all for the same amount of calories let me think talking about 200 calories per pound verses 2800 calories per pound I could eat 14 times the volume of the steamed amount of vegetables for the same amount of calories as 1/14th amount of almonds. So I am going to feel lot more full and satisfied on the steamed vegetables. I am going to get piles more of nutrition, piles more fiber. It is going to be so much better the deal. It is going to take more longer to eat so it is going to be there, more fun, more associating, more nutrient dense just no doubt I would sacrifice a bit of not being as raw as being healthier in my experience. John: I will kind of agree with Dr. Rick, but I personally I would agree with you on that but I will eat the almonds.

Dr. Rick Dina: You eat the denser, less nutritious food so that you could be all wrong John: Yes, in this case it is the hypothetical situation not that I will go and eat almonds after dinner as I would rarely ever do that. I will eat some dried fruit or banana or have some extra fruit before I take almonds instead. Or just have much salads and eat enough of it in the first place. Dr Rick Dina: Now you said, you are full of salads John: I know but anyways I need the almonds Dr. Rick Dina: We will agree that we will make a banana shake or have some banana ice cream after salad instead of eating something cooked or too much fat. John: I agree Dr. Rick Dina: So, we do agree John: Bu I still think Dr. Rick is right there's still vegetables in it and is probably a bit healthier. All right, here is another one Dr.

Rick that can stump you up and stump me up actually. So, would you rather eat lightly green home grown steamed greens or a raw commercial Kale that's raw you know from the store may be not the best in nutrients and what not, may be picked a week ago and all this. Dr. Rick Dina: All right so this lightly steamed you lose a few nutrients but not a lot there might be a few nutrients that you might absorb a little bit. In theory debate on back and forth my wife is a expert and she has all the research. John: You cut the Kale first and more nutrients because you are releasing the enzymes and that might work. Dr. Rick Dina: Let me cut that first, not sure about that. All right, well I think I will go with the steamy greens out of the backyard versus raw and commercial. Because number one commercial means probably it is sprayed with pesticides and it depends on where from it is a clean fifteen or thirty.

At least I would know the stuff from the backyard nobody sprayed it, so I wouldn't be getting that and the steaming thing because I will lose a little bit in nutrient value. And I think it is far or less damaging then actually consuming pesticides. John: So, yeah Dr. Rick i have to agree with you not that I will actually do this but I would rather eat my home grown greens which are nutritious at least twice as nutritious from the stuff that you buy in store. Dr. Rick Dina: And probably you won't lose half the nutrients from steaming. John: In fact that's right, I have started with the higher quality produce and the other thing is that and the produce is picked and shipped and they are not adding the nutrients in the first place. So, the greens that I am growing and lightly steamy are more nutritious than the conventional stuff. You also brought the pesticide which is also a huge issue for me as I am not going to start intoxicating my body with pesticides and all these things which are needlessly added to our foods so that company can add profit and not have boggles in it or rather some of the stuff I eat today has boggles in it, so it's a good thing that it is organic and I didn't spray my food.

Not to say that actually as I eat my home grown stuff raw but none of the less these things are important and I tell you guys to grow your own food and check out my you tube channel growyourgreens.com and learn how to grow your greens because you know it's how important. Dr. Rick Dina: That brings up a point in some way I would actually eat and I will explain why shocking initially some non-vegan food over some vegan food and here's why when you talked about bugs and stuff it makes me think often times when I crack and head over cauliflower I see some bugs feeds in there whereas the commercial cauliflower which I didn't had for years you wouldn't see bugs there as bugs don't eat them. So, sometimes I eat some bugs and I go like Oh My God! I am not a vegan anymore or I didn't follow the plan. So, I would rather eat that even if I got some bugs than have the pesticides and have it clean. John: Wow, I mean I tried to watch the things all I can I love them all the time but you are the best you can you know. Dr.

Rick Dina: So, what's our central theme here there are very less absolutes John: Right Dr. Rick Dina: And we want to eat much raw as much as vegetables, organic, much locally grown better you know you are growing your greens, growing your salads. But there are always exceptions, there are always things to consider and the world isn't perfect and you do the best you can. So, hopefully you are enjoying a little bit or the back and forth discussions wrestling somebody's issues. John: One thing that I want to get across in this video is not always one answer like raw is better than cooked that is not always right and cooked is not always better than raw, it depends on the situation and in our society we have to think things are either right or wrong, good or bad but it's always in between so they teach the good better best laws. And always know you have options to think about the best to analyse things and figure out what makes sense to you and what feels right for you. So, our next question is not about raw verses cooked but it is about raw verses raw Dr.

Rick that makes me surprise, some of you guys want the answer of that either of us may take. It's actually about mono meal oranges which should be left on tree for years which are really delicious or you will have some average oranges with some lettice & avocado. So, it is about some modern meal like oranges with some average oranges with lettice and avocado. Dr. Rick Dina: That's a tough one, I thought the question is going to be just the good oranges with some good oranges with the lettice. So, let me start with that one I will break from mono meal and add lettice to it. And the reason for it is that you get more nutrients, lettice is way more nutrient than oranges are. So, that would be good but if it's really great oranges versus average oranges with lettice & avacado (John), boy that's tougher I will go with good oranges mono meal. I don't know the lettice would make up for good oranges versus average oranges.

And then the avocado, I don't know man. Why would I have avocado with oranges that sounds really weird. John: We can make an Orange Avocado dressing, people do that Dr. Rick Dina: Ok that's true John: And it's like a salad than an Orange meal Dr. Rick Dina: Yeahh John: This is good Dr. Rick Dina: I don't know to me avacado and oranges doesn't appeal to me. Now we can analyse the nutrient and all that but doesn't appeal to me. So, I think I will stick with the really good oranges. But really good oranges with lettice would be my first choice. So, mono meal all else be equal easier to digest better, however lettice to fruit is not going to screw up fruit combining. It's not going to screw up your food digestion at least for the majority of people. It is going to add some fiber and add some nutrients and it is going to be a good thing. Not that complicated as on a whole we are going to come out ahead.

John: Yeah I actually agree but I will choose the orange. lettice and avocado for me personally. But as a general rule exceptions can happen say on that day I don't want to eat avocados because I got really good oranges and they are really good. But in general I will eat more varieties of fruits then one fruit as even though as I believe in mono meals and so many mono meals over the years. You know I believe that increasing the variety might benefit you the more personally. Dr. Rick Dina: And you know speaking of just eating oranges I did that for day and a half once couple of years ago because we had a student in class who said that he heard somebody saying that all fruit are acidic because glucose is acidic and sugar is acidic and I told that's wrong and I made a you tube video where I ate 36 hours only oranges and the later 24 hours I collected all the pH samples and it was 7 neutral only that I picked an acid fruit that is Orange and my pH was neutral and then I did an interesting experiment.

I said why not analyzing all the nutrients when I ate only oranges and then I took a few oranges away and placed those calories with vegetables and the nutrient profile improved dramatically. As the key nutrients that were lacking were there now with oranges and vegetables. And then I took a few more oranges away and added few nuts and seeds, that really completed the nutrient profile. It was really pretty dramatic, so you know you have to weigh a lot of things out there. So, good oranges and lettice will be my ultimate choice. John: But then you said with nuts and seeds it adds more nutrition, so rather we can add avocados to it. Dr. Rick Dina: But the avocados can't do it. So, some sesame seeds and some other stuffs, and the avocado didn't have the same nutrient profile. John: So, with that guys eating volume of oranges are not the ones like sitting on the tree for years and have less acid. They are very acidic but they might not be acidifying your body but they can acid your teeth that can erode your enamel and you have to pay the consequences later.

We both have the same with our teeth. Dr. Rick Dina: In fact, I was at a calorie deficit can't eat oranges as they hurt my gums and teeth. Now if I had the full day with oranges my pH would have been slightly alkaline to give you an example I spent four years at a Water fasting center and people always fasting their pH is always acidic because we produce acidic waste products part of our muscle metabolism task and then we bring alkalizing stuff to buffer that. When you are on a water fast you are not bringing those alkalizing foods. So, your pH is low and acidic. So, I got a neutral on under reading oranges if I would have eaten more it would have been alkaline. But it was acidic to my teeth and gum but alkaline to my body depending upon the mineral content left over. John: So, the thing I wanted to share is after eating any citrus fruit or pine apple that is quite acidic which are untruly ripe, you want to rinse your mouth with some water & baking soda.

But don't brush your teeth for half an hour or an hour to get all the acid off very important. All right Dr. rick so the next question is after your dinner salad you are almost full and you are still hungry and you have eaten 20 percent of calories from fats, should it be a handful of raw nuts or a fresh water melon?. What would you rather do? Dr. Rick Dina: So you are asking weather I hire some fat or break the food with some melon. Because as they say melons eat them alone or leave them alone. And if you don't leave them alone, that's a tough one. I had a big enough salad and I had a few nuts and seeds that's reasonable. But say I already had a good amount of salad which had a good amount of fat and it was already kind of dense, would I add even more fats to make it more denser or would I have water melon. We picked water melon because it breaks food combining the most. John: But you had 20 per cent of fat in the food that far.

Dr. Rick Dina: Oh I see, so do I go over 20 per cent. I am going to say that because usually during the day I eat fruit and some greens that's 8-9 calories of the percent from fat that may be if there is enough green there. So, I got to 20 per cent the whole day and that means my salad will make 30-40 percent of calories of fat. So, probably I am already feeling a little bit dense. So, I would break the food and have some water melon instead of eating more fat. You know what I have broken the melon rules all the time eaten them with grapes and oranges, some sweet fruit like banana with melon which is extreme. But if the salad is going to move out pretty well and not up to melon for too long. So, I will break the food and stay lighter. Rather than eating those super calorie, dense, tough to digest nuts and seeds. If I had already eaten some salads and had to to add the first-level nuts and seeds, then I will probably go with the nuts and seeds. But at some point you feel dense and you are better of with fruit.

It is on my experience, my personal experience. John: So, based on how the question was set up so 20 percent of the fat comes that far I see 25-30 percent fat total, so I would probably go for the nuts. Eating melon after salad that already contain fat because I don't think that will digest so well for me. And f I was to choose 30 per cent calories from fat then I will choose fruits but not melon. It may be some oranges or something. Dr. Rick Dina: But there wasn't a choice John: I know Dr. Rick Dina: Hypothetically, I would have bananas instead of melons. John: So, always the choices are not clear. It totally depends on you, how it affects like Water Melon might not affect Rick but for me it might be a big heavy meal. It might differ for you as well. Dr. Rick Dina: Well, it wasn't that heavy, dense meal I won't take melon.

I would take steamed vegetables or take some Gourmet raw food. No way I would take water melon as that wouldn't work. The things which I eat is a pile of lettice, pile of cauliflower, pile of zuchini and may be there are some nuts and seeds, some avocado in the dressing so it's not to dense. That's going to go through pretty quickly and the water melon is going to sit on top if it but it's not going to stay there for that long. If I went to some gourmet raw restaurant that gourmet is going to stay in my stomach for hours and the water melon sitting on top for hours, that would be a problem. So, it depends on what the answers are, it depends on the circumstances, it is not so black and white. John: So, hope this has given you an idea that we both might react to some things very differently. Dr. Rick Dina: Yeah, and does that mean one of us was right and the other was wrong. John: No ways, these things are cool you know Dr Rick Dina: Absolutely John: And either one works for us, the one he does works for him and the one I do works for me.

Dr. Rick Dina: Yeah and if different things work, we both are doing right. We are different from each other and we are doing things which are right for us. Neither of us are eating processed foods. We have a fine tuning John: Even we are not eating animal foods. Dr. Rick Dina: Yeah absolutely it's just a fine tuning and it's not like the world is going to end over. John: If you are eating animal foods or processed food, then either of the questions given here are not meant for you because the stuff you are doing is way better than the stuff we are doing. Dr. Rick Dina: We are between A plus and A minus whereas most people are failing miserably. John: So, Dr. Rick the next question for you is after dinner you are pretty full but still a bit hungry and you have to choose, it happens with everyone it happens with me too when I have not eaten that much and I am a little hungry. Dr. Rick Dina: You are full salad but you need something a little more dense. John: May be have a fruit or someting.

So, after dinner you have to choose steamed Brussel sprouts or some dried figs? like some dried figs Dr Rick Dian: Either of those will work well, It's hard to go wrong here I mean I can go either way but thinking about it, I don't know it's a tough one. Figs are going to be a bit easier to digest. They are concentrated but they are going to be easy to digest. On the other hand for the same amount of calories I can eat eight times more steamed vegetables or may be up to 15 times more and that might actually take fewer calories. The steamed vegetables and they are not so hard to digest and I would get more nutrients from steamed vegetables than I am from the figs. John: Depends on what nutrients, because they are figs and they are dry so they are concentrated the nutrients are higher. Dr.

Rick Dina: Yeah, but the calories they get up when they are concentrated. John: Nutrient Density, the brussel sprout would be much nutrient dense Dr. Rick Dina: way more nutrient dense. And the other thing is that I can grab the figs ans eat them easily, let's say it was brussels sprouts you have to cut them in half you have to steam them and you have to wait. I could go either way on that. John: You have to choose one Dr. Rick Dina: All right, if my goal is optimizing my calorie and nutrients intake then I will go with steamed vegetables over the dried fruit. So, i am 90-95 percent raw instead of a 100 but I came ahead of my all raw choice. John: That's respectable, but me on the other hand will choose the dried figs, number one I enjoy them so much more than some steamed brussel sprouts. Dr.

Rick Dina: I love brussel sprouts, they are awesome. John: So all right Dr. Rick here is another one and this is interesting one, so had some steamed broccoli finely chewed in the mouth like baby food or you had raw broccoli chewed like you are chewing bits of broccoli. What would you rather do? Dr. Rick Dina: That was no brainer, no matter what the choices would have been between raw and steamed broccoli, i would have steamed broccoli. I thoroughly enjoy steamed broccoli, it is really nutritious and raw broccoli sometimes like young raw broccoli can be really good. Typically raw broccoli are tough to chew and it doesn't always digest so well. Say we lose 20 per cent of nutrients steaming broccoli versus having it raw. If I eat twice as much as steamed broccoli that will balance it up completely with a raw broccoli and I will get way ahead nutrient wise. So, those are my thoughts but I am not against raw broccoli and specially those little young one sometimes, they are pretty good raw. But as far as the mushing versus chewing, chewing is important. John knows it well as when me, my wife and John sit together for a meal, my finishes first then me and then John because he chews really well.

But what makes the difference more surface area, your stomach doesn't have teeth. John: And yeah microbes like everything fine. So, my answer will be finely chewed steamed broccoli because broken down properly. As sometimes when I see people having 2 chews and swallowing and they swallow big particulate it is sometimes difficult. Not that I will finely chewed steamed broccoli but I would rather like to chew them properly than raw broccoli. And I will like to harvest broccoli in my garden. And I will like the young ones and not the nasty ones. And apart from that I eat all the broccoli leaves which most people don't have the advantage of getting it. Because the broccoli leaves have more nutrients than the broccoli flower. Dr. Rick Dina: If it was raw versus cooked for the broccoli leaves, I would go with the raw because they are tender, you can put them in a salad. I mean they are really good. And they are really good steamed too .

John: So, I chose chewed steamy broccoli as it is optimal for your digestion. So, Dr. Rick here we are to our last question. Dr. Rick Dina: Even though I have been choosing between cooked food and raw food, you should know that I get 90 percent of my calories from raw food. and I have been doing this for 30 years now. But when you are given situations, cooked food is also superior. Don't think I am eating all those cooked food. John: And I am doing it from 1985 and I have been 99.9% raw, so I don't steam things and I cooked something way 20 years ago. But on regular basis I don't eat the ones that I cook myself. I try to keep everything organic and raw like organic peas, organic corns. Another thing that i have cooked for sometime are some dried fruits, nuts and spices which heated out more to the temperature that I would like. And now a days, I am doing mushroom powder blend that is actually heat process and mushrooms should not be eaten raw as there are toxic things and bacteria in it. There are much health benefits in mushrooms. Dr.

Rick Dina: So you are 0.01 percent cooked. John: So I am not like that I will eat the steamed broccoli, I can chew the raw broccoli on the first place. I am not going to eat stuffs which would normally increase my diet and the additional benefits that I am looking for. Yes, doctor it's the last question it is raw versus raw question, Would you rather eat Eat Oranges Bananas and Mangos fresh whole or Blend Oranges Bananas and Mangos and 3 Homegrown collard leaves?. So now the question is raw fruit versus blended fruit plus greens. So, is the blending and the green make up the fruit percentage. Dr. Rick Dina: I would go with blending because you know the first meal sounds very good, I will enjoy both of them but I mean 3 big collared, they are huge. When you mix them up it will 10-12 cups of greens. That quantity of green far out ways little bit of nutrient loss might occur from blending. There has been a lot of talk about it in recent years and a lot of claims that just can't be backed up.

There are studies been made about how much nutrient you lose from blending even though they claim there are a lot out from there. Even though you lose a bit of nutrients from the oxidation that the blade spinning up so fast. On the other hand you break up the cell wall more of the stuffs become available at the same time. So, there is a lot of debate out there but with a lot of green it will far out way damage blending my cause. John: I respect Dr. Rick's opinion on that but for me personally I would like to eat the fresh bananas, oranges and mangoes that I don't want to blend and seeing the blenders and the new vacuum blenders, the testing that they have done with vacuum blending versus non vacuum blending, we will talk about no vacuum blending here what I have seen blending blueberries in non vacuum having 2.

5 more anti-oxidants versus vacuum, and while you eat them whole you get all the anti-oxidants. You are losing significant portion of anti-oxidants with blending. One category which they tested, but what other things are you losing when they didn't test but I think there are 3 collared greens here which might add vital nutrients then blending them individually and you would get the oxidation and the bubbles. So, I would rather eat the fruit whole that being said. In blending the volume gets increased to some extent which is the air space. And, when you are going to keep it still the air created is going to bubble out and it will lower down. Dr. Rick Dina: It's too bad and we have to do an overall nutrient analysis and it has to be tested by the vacuum blenders. We don't know if it is for all nutrients or for the one which looked dramatic for them. John: It is like they did two nutrients I have seen and these blenders are not out yet. But the option is, if we chew them up finely and Dr.

Rick will agree to it these ingredients like mango, banana and collared green, the collared green being chewed up properly will be a right thing to do. Dr. Rick Dina: Yeah and specially in the spring when the collared greens are soft and tender. They almost taste like they are steamed when they are almost raw. But in winter when they are hard it's tougher to chew but they are pretty good still like that. John: But I mean yeah Dr. Rick will be convinced with blendig but slow juicing might be a better option than blending. Dr. Rick Dina: The greens, yeah John: And the fruit, the fruit with the green juiced versus the blending Dr. Rick Dina: But juicing a banana, we have to do it with some water. But fine tuning here. It's hard to go wrong. John: Right, I mean these are just examples to prove a point and I hope you guys learned a bit from this.

And if you guys like this format actually Dr. Rick and his wife Dr. Karen are going to ask 20 questions on raw foods. So, you guys are going to learn a bit more from the raw food teachers out there. So, Dr. Rick can you explain it a bit. Dr. Rick Dina: It is known as the International Raw Food Summit 2017 and the buy line is Raw Food in real world. So, we asked 20 leading experts in raw food community of the whole series of questions and we ask why they will choose this versus the other things so that we get what their priorities are. What's most important to them and why, and some of the questions don't have to do with food they can be like eating ideally versus not eating ideally versus optimal amount of sleep versus couple amount of less sleep. Or exercise versus eating some cooked food versus eating raw food. What will they choose and why?.

And some of the answers might surprise you because we have some people who are 100 percent raw at least 99 percent raw who actually said they will eat cooked food then exercise or choosing raw food. How important exercise is or how important sleep is and the bottom line of this is there are so many people who aren't bothering to do this or there are some who are confused on the whole fact: raw food seems so complicated I am going back to the way I use to be and you don't get the benefits of the raw food diet. So, even a poorly implemented raw food diet is much better than what most people are doing all the time. So anyway it's a great summit and it breaks down the hurdles so that people can know they are on the right path. And though every people have their own point of view, we are looking for the points of agreement so that you can gain confidence on what you are doing instead of being confused all the time and always feel like you are doing something wrong because no matter whatever you are doing there is someone out there to tell that you are doing wrong.

It's unfortunate, I mean all such silly things out there. So, instead of finding out conflicts we are trying to find points of agreement. So, if it appeals to you check out John's link below and you can join us for the International Raw Food Summit 2017. John: The amazing thing is that it is free, so sign up now and get notified for every episode that comes on you can get notified and listen to it for free to get all the information without any cost to you. You sign up now, you have to sign up now. Dr. Rick Dina: And we are not packing it up in to 4 days and you have to buy/ purchase the summit if you want. However, you can listen to it and it will be like one lecture per day.So, it's not too much to listen to you can check out the whole thing totally for free. John: Amazing, and sign up for now as you do not have to hear all the thing but the main part will be when Dr. Rick and Dr.

Karen sum up everything what everybody said because then you can learn the answers and that is what you want. And they do it in a very excellent way so that you can digest and implement that in your life and you can get the changes that you guys want to see from raw food style. It is very beneficial if done in a proper and best way possible. Dr. Rick Dina: If you have got 45 minutes each day, you can listen to segments and get more inspiration. John: Hearing different people opinion and hearing for yourself and they might be common. And when interviewed you get to know the views of different people which are different from each other.Some things which work for me might be different for other people based on their experience, body and the knowledge they have. Dr. Rick Dina: I am going to do some give away as we have done some of the interviews and one of the leaders who was earning his key as wise leader kind of joking but serious said you know there is one right way to do it and you know what right way he said was his own way And I will say the way that works for you is the right way & breaking down hurdles and giving confidence on what you are doing.

John: I mean there are a lot of raw food you tube channels doing raw food stuff and here we are having 30 years of experience like doctor's and 22 years like me.People who are doing it may not have done it for those many years and are not giving the most accurate information unfortunately. So, you have to sign up that link below, popping up right here on the screen click on it, or the link in the description or the first comment click on that and get notified about Dr. Rick's and Dr. Karen's new summit that they are doing. Dr. Rick Dina: See you then, thanks for tuning in John: So Dr. Rick any last word you want to share before we go Dr. Rick Dina: No I think that covers it. We would all love to see you in the summit and hope you will take advantage of the opportunity. John: All right, sign up down below, any other programs that will be coming will inform about that. Actually whatever I have learned comes from Dr. Rick, I have learnt a lot of thing from this guy since I have met him years ago. I follow a lot of things that he does but eventually branched up doing my own things but he forms a base for my success to raw foods and I will thank you for that doctor.

Dr. Rick Dina: Happy to be in assistance and want to help everybody. John: So, if you really liked this format, the question answer format then please give a thumbs up I get a lot of thumbs up and come back sure to Dr. Rick and Dr. Karen again and interview them with such kind of questions. it's more kind of fun, nobody that I have known has ever done like this and also be sure to click that subscribe button below to get notified about the upcoming episodes 5-7 times in a week in this you tube channel and you can't imagine what you are going to learn from my you tube channel and trying to improve your life. also, watch my past episodes, my past episodes those are worth of knowledge. There are over 450 videos in this you tube channel dedicated on plant based food and diet. Click that link below to sign up to Dr. rick's summit one of the most important thing that you can't do this year in my opinion.

Until then this is John Kohler from http://www.okraw.com/ , we will see you next time remember keep eating the fresh fruit and vegetables because you know they are the best..