/3 Cheap & Easy Student Meals // #RoadToRyerson Week 2

3 Cheap & Easy Student Meals // #RoadToRyerson Week 2

Video: 3 Cheap & Easy Student Meals // #RoadToRyerson Week 2


[ Music ] >> Hey, guys. Welcome back. So today I want to do a few recipes for university since they're super quick and super easy and very frugal. So if you are on a budge or if you're not even on a budget, but you just want to eat something good, well, got you. Ooh. I got you. You'll need oatmeal, brown sugar, cranberries, milk, and a bowl, and a spoon, and some hot water in a pot. Add some oat flakes into your boiling pot of water. Mix it up. Let it sit. Add some milk. Mix it up a little bit more and add it into your bowl.

Dash in your brown sugar. Add in some fruit of your choice. I chose cranberries because I like cranberries. And mix it up. Presentation might not be all that good but it tasted amazing. [ Music ] You'll need some rice, some olive oil, and a frying pan, a bowl, some broccoli, and oregano. Pour your rice into a bowl. Then you want to wash your rice to make sure that any excess starch who is cleaned off. Pour your rice into the pot. Turn your heat to medium-high. After a few minutes it should start to boil. Add some salt. Grab your vegetables. Put some water in it and just steam it for about four minutes. After about ten to fifteen minutes your rice should be at a fluffy and thick consistency. Now take your oil and put into a frying pan. Make sure it covers the entire pan. Add your rice. Mix it in.

[ Music ] Add your oregano. [ Music ] Mix it up a little bit. I added vegetables for fibre. Mix it up, yup. So you get your broccoli from the microwave. Pour out the water and mix it into your rice. Add some lemon just for some extra zest if you want and pack it away for school. I'm going to eat this for lunch. Yay. Yeah. Pour some olive oil in a pan. You know the drill. Mix it up, cover the pan, add your hamburgers. Add the oregano. Let's say orega-yes. Then I added some Thai sauce because it's one of my favourite sauces to go with me. Fry it a little bit until it turns to a darker colour. You want it to be almost burnt so you know that you're not going to get salmonella. And serve. I'm taking some of my salad from the previous recipe and putting that on top. Just add a little bit more help. Help is fun. Yeah.

I couldn't wait to eat this. I wanted you guys to see the exact moment I devour this hamburger. *nom nom nom nom* I hope you enjoyed the video. Feel free to add any variations to the meals and spice it up in any way that you want. Bye. Thanks for watching. Bye..