/ROBLOX JAILBREAK! FGTEEV Escapes Jail @ 3am! Corrupt Cop Chase & Baby Shawn! Best Prison Ever (#32)

ROBLOX JAILBREAK! FGTEEV Escapes Jail @ 3am! Corrupt Cop Chase & Baby Shawn! Best Prison Ever (#32)

Video: ROBLOX JAILBREAK! FGTEEV Escapes Jail @ 3am! Corrupt Cop Chase & Baby Shawn! Best Prison Ever (#32)


Duddy- Dude, it's 3:00 AM! I'm not supposed to play Roblox at 3 a.m? You know what could happen!? *Screaming* – AAH! – MY BABY SHAWN JUST DISSAPEARED! – I TOLD YOU, WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO PLAY AT 3:00 AM!! It's FGTeev! (Family Gaming Team) – (High-Pitched) DO YOU WANT SOME FGTEEV POPCOOORN!? Shawn- Yeah!!! – *Slips over and falls on his butt* – (Normal Voice) You OK? – *Coughing* – Oh my gawd – What's up FGTeevers, I'm just eatin' some buffalo wing popcorn and BUFFALO powder puffed in my… my long asparagus, I'm Soft against I don't have vegetables my throat right now. Oh, we got to run chase's camera. Now, say hi Chase- Hi. -Okay, Chase is here Shawn is here – And were playing JAILBREAK! https://www.

roblox.com/games/606849621/BETTER-TRAINS-Jailbreak – We all got on that "Clarence" merch right now. ROBLOX Jailbreak – I never done played it before so, I'm gonna LEARN as I play. – I'm gonna show him how t- *doesn't know what to say* – DO IT! – *Being Coagulated* – Are you choking too? – Yeah. – He has RANCH… that's why he's not choking. – One! – Two! -Three! PRISONER! – Breakfast! Grab a bite to start your day. Well, I'm already eating POPCORN your silly munch! Captain Sharky- I want a munch on popcorn. – Okay, so where's breakfast in this machine? – What kind of PRISON is this!? Where's the breakfast at? Maybe I have to beat up this other prisoner… and take her breakfast. Oh, do you have breakfast for me?! Prisoner- Back off! You can't have any! – *grunt* Punch her. I'll punch her and GIMMIE your breakfast! – *Punching* – I don't think she has breakfast today – Wait I'm almost done and….

..and *the prisoner gets rekt* – YEAH!!! Oh, she got taller when she died! -Look um.. at the window. – Oh it's CHASE. Hey chase I thought you were a guard? So how do I eat breakfast in here? Oh my goodness? I did she's a fan I beat up a prisoner very What's up, Chi get out of here? But I do this person hole behind the backs of police to pickpocket their key card, where are you oh? Hi chase face, how do I get breakfast? I'm starving all I have is this buffalo popcorn here shark you eat a popcorn How come this is a prison we're just roaming around freely We're not, we'd need to try to pull it, We need to try to find a police, so we can kick… amm.. get there key card. Not kick his butt that's not what you were going with it We need to try to find a police, so we can kick.

. Is but your time go for a run workout or play a game in the yard yeah, I'm playing in the yard This is a Brooks prisoner loose doesn't even feel like prison it feels like fun recess. I'm on treadmill look Shawn I'm getting buff on the treadmill. I like to work out who likes to work out you do you want dry shine on trampoline ready – Well I brought myself to death Oh No hey don't hit the keyboard you missing me oh No Whoa don't spaz it out. You're making me spat Sean. Oh, what's that noise? Oh wait? Oh, I'm out of the jail. Please don't punch me porch Punch it Free time everything is open make a phone call relax and walk around Best chill ever oh you're helping me punch get shot. Oh, oh she's getting down low I can fight like that Oh, I lived a good life. Wow really in jail yeah. Yeah me again all I'm arrested Sean how we get out of this prison The gates electrocute me or shock me Oh, no wait. Let me in there wait. Oh, that was a cop right there II 0:08 kiddo oh The cop just punched me And holy it okay, okay stay still stay still sir, Oh Oh my god the jail don't you escape Jordan our criminal run higher up a No go quick wait the vehicle is locked ask the owner, okay, if I'm trying to steal a car how can I ask the owner? What dude no the cop just tasered me I fell down oh? No, this isn't good wait No, I'm back in jail Dude I'm back in jail Chase open up my jail dude, please oh, thank you cheese, dude This is the best jail ever there's like almost no rules Do I can't believe I escaped and then got caught do we got to do that again? You I like this game.

Okay up here Okay, most wanted. Please be me. Hey how come mr.. Sharky's most wanted cuz i'm red to the bone You're just my sidekick. Why are you more important than me, or is this cafeteria? No what is this? Oh? This is where we make telephone calls how could can actually make a call hello Not working is this where I do my homework? I'm five-o is this outside y'all good game. How'd you get a key card you stole it from hello neighbor? Marquis car Rod Mark's gonna get us. I guess Mart's in jail – finally. It's where you belong oh right here e wait wait wait II Get it get it you guys are blocking me. I'm trying to get ready here. We go hold E. I'm doing it in yeah Yeah, my mom will be so proud of me wait what he arrested me Wow Arresting me – I'm the worst criminal ever I'm leaving my cell. I need to go back outside I have to escape distinct in prison sometime time for bed head to your cell. I just got ahead of myself I'm not going back to myself.

There's a cop at hey mr.. Cop. Oh, no, is that no long to come and get me no Ok eat pickpocket you sir stop it you sir, Oh chase how you come here. Just normal Chase your record stay still stay still help me out old Chase is disguising himself as a guard Yeah, dude. I got your gun Oh Chase you're the most awesome sidekick oh no, I'm not this Cup yay yay, can I get his key card? It doesn't matter if it's the fan, I'll do anything to get out of this stinking Well, I got the key card. No. Don't arrest me. You're my son if you arrest me. I'll shoot you that's it I have no choice, but to shoot you okay, you have made it perfectly clear. Oh, I can't shoot you baby. Oh Chase I see what side you're on shun you see this. What are you doing you seeing ghosts over there, buddy? Oh? Ghosts do you still punch them cuz I haven't seen you do it in a while punch them Yeah, good job.

Go. Go go get him punch it punch, but but yeah oh me oh you want my Bro if you take my glasses I won't be able to see I think um okay. I'm exiting myself Wow this hallways dark. What's wrong with this. Hallway got my glasses back Wow wait a sec I'm still in my cell, bro. There's popcorn greasy smudge fingers all over my lenses Where's the bank at it's so hard to see it on my glasses cuz shun smudged it do it it's 3:00 a.m. I'm not supposed to play roblox at 3:00 a.m.. Do you know what can happen a? Lot of stuff but baby Shawn just disappeared. I told your dad what the play 3 a.m.. At least I got Shawn's popcorn Whoa, what are you doing there? I thought you disappeared No there's chase Ok I'm getting it, but stay still okay wait wait John get your greasy little popcorn fingers out here Hole eat in Thank You chase. I got the key card.

I got the key card. I got hey guys look I got a key card everyone look at the egg Don't you touch my key card don't you touch my key card Hey look at that guy Hey gotta keep going hey stop It are you a magician he's pulling tricks. Yeah, look at my keeper. Hey Stop, wait a sec oh no oh no that guy is after me. I got a key card. Oh, yes, okay. I'm getting out I'm leaving why is that a cop? Wait, what did he just arrest me no? He arrested me and took my key card. You know how hard I worked for that key card unlike the worse escaper ever You can see Oh hello creepy garden let me get your key card, and I'll give you some money. Okay. Thank you Yeah, sure the best start ever how much do I owe you how much do I owe you? Woah this creepy guy again, hey pear hcu Apple whoo Oh, maybe that's annoying orange. Hey look guys me and annoying orange But the explosion behind the building you know what it calls for it it calls for a celebration ready /ii dance I can't because that guy's trying to get me ready alright again me he got me I Was just trying to dance that guy's such a hater okay, I'm not a hater who's a hater you're a hater May well I apparently stink at being a prison are I? Think I'm gonna just leave cuz I really have to clean my glasses because I really can't see anything can I go on to other? Peoples prison cells anything I could steal ooh this toilet looks cleaner than mine.

Can I use the toilet I pee? Let's not start now hey popcorn alright, we gotta get you don't pop where's it goes That is funny. What is Doge doing are you posing? I think Doge is in like a weightlifting show or check out his muscles I give you a ten ten good job Doge someone open it up open up Punch Wait wait wait I'll track pickpocket this guy E Yeah Yes, I got a key card. Okay. How do I get out Jase? Tell me how to get out come on? Whoa who's got the Flintstone car you gotta be kidding me. Go hit it, dude Yabba-dabba-doo wait oh no. No he's gonna trying to arrest me. Oh, where do I go? Shaye's follow me, okay? It looks like you're following me, but okay Mainstays are racing actually over here. Okay. Go I'm gonna punch it. Okay go Why is dode still posing? Why's that guy still showing his Kiko? Yeah, okay, bunny look. I got a cute cartoon 20 Yeah, all right rod rod, bro. This is just a little playground.

Okay. Let's get to it Do it quick let me out chase take your bro and go okay good? Yes, I'm free all right I really needed that how do I get out here so what happen right here right here see go under yeah No cable run I Think Shawn appreciate it. Yeah, I definitely need some popcorn so this is really helpful that you're doing that for him I Then even actual use this key card. Oh, no the quality is facing me. Oh No who's that guy oh no Oh, no if he hits me. Will I die I'm gonna jump over him yeah Thank You Shawn, I'm getting kind of full now Where's the map? I don't even know where I'm traveling to no one's after me to just mean I made it Oh, no, what what car I can't see Uh-oh boob. I will have that kind of money. I'm a criminal if I had that kind of money I would stop being a criminal okay Thanks Shawn how do I get to the city faster? I'm gonna be here all day, okay? There could be a train coming you gotta stop. No train that way and Oh, man. Oh, no.

There's a car behind us chase. Oh wait chase. You are a guard Oh Oh, what's this can I Rob this Thank You Sean? I'm actually getting really full Give me all your money Right now dear Jimmy Rob Rob. It's his name robber am I robbing him overrun robbing or guarding name wrong I just got you under 50 bucks cash yay I know it's gonna catch me except for chase if he's a real guard, but I don't think yes Yo, I love this game You own it there is a free car okay aunt e oh yeah Who's in the car though Who am I in the car with another bank robber? Get out yeah, no, I'm surfing a car you gotta be kidding Turns on is that a cop that's chase. Oh, yeah, can I do this one anchor? Yeah, you guys have a car guys. We should totally make like a fasten the Furious yay How do I get out of here? Oh my Cho? What's up? Homie ready and one? wait, it's so dark and a light dark I Mean II a cop car oh, no.

That's a police officer. Oh, I can't get caught here I cannot get caught here right rut no ha ha ha you'll never catch me alive right oh No, the cops got me. I'm arrested. No purse you Donnie whatever your name is I don't want to go back to the slammer All the doors are slamming alright guys. Well that is it for this video. I had so much fun We're gonna play that again that pilot does one for watchin. We'll check you later peace out Billy Bob Do you have nacho cheese on your head get Michael oh He's escaping jail son Shawn are you a police? Gun oops I forgot it's very hard to get up hold up aah whoa Toki.