/Linear Gains While Dieting – Summer Shredding Training Vlog

Linear Gains While Dieting – Summer Shredding Training Vlog

Video: Linear Gains While Dieting – Summer Shredding Training Vlog


alright so in this video I'm gonna be taking you guys through a whole training week so gonna be kind of like a video commentary vlog type of thing I'm gonna be updating you guys on my list you know how I've been progressing changes that I needed to make and pretty much just how the diets been going overall so without further ado let's get into the video alright guys I know it's been a little while since I've made videos kind of this style so I'm pretty excited to share this one with you but anyways get straight into the video so maybe you noticed there I have the workouts listed before each day just to kind of give you guys you know a little bit of an idea what it is that I'm doing anyway starting off you know Monday's as usual squat phase 275 as you can see right here moving pretty well um it did feel really heavy however i like squatting 275 specially buttless like it's it's that a number that's gonna tell me pretty much how this watching sessions are going to go but here you see 315 even pretty good low bars feeling a lot better finally getting into the first working set here so 330 pounds we're gonna be doing six sets of – mmm last one honestly I think that I might have done seven sets on accident it kind of lost fat so one thing I recommend for you guys is trying to keep a log you know writing and/or using a phone app so you guys can keep track of everything but here this is the last set so you saw my first set then you saw this is my last set right here a lot different um I was definitely a lot more fatigued and yep I mean I was able to power through it I like recording a lot of my sets on these squats not just because I like to see you know where I am with my form but also because I I always feel like I'm gonna fail every set because it feels very very heavy here bench on my Mondays I added in the bench on this day like just doing a tiny single sometimes three signals just to kind of gauge like ah I've been having a lot of issues with my bench press so I've I've just gotten rid flat lunch program right now in a place that looks a bit but it won't touch on that a bit later on but here moving on to conventional deadlift so this is my accessory exercise for my squat day as you can see here we've changed the progression scheme so we've dropped down from three sets of ten to three sets of eight this is because the weights gotten a lot heavier and it's just getting a lot harder to you know try to keep up sima reps one increase in weight as you can see move pretty easily I'm all using straps because it's just a lot easier in my grip especially right now cuz we're I'm just always fatigued and I just I feel like I don't have any like I need to minimize the amount of effort that I put into other things but here curling for you guys it's a little boring to watch but this is a very big achievement for me here I'm curling forty pound dumbbells and yeah just making these gains I've never drove this much before it's funny because we've all got old videos you guys would give me a lot of hates I'd be curling like 20s but we're making progress it's just one of those things that's so hard to progress linearly but you just got to be consistent even play around with the reps games weights and yeah I know working out really well so far here is the second base but normally I would do the fat flat bench press up in this thing like I mentioned but having issues stove my elbows I feel like as I'm doing the flat bench press my elbow is just like speaking English so it's probably more of a formed issue than anything else but I know it's weird you know I'm doing a dip instead the dip doesn't bother me so I'm just gonna be doing other blagger bench variations and then just really focusing on progressing on this day so I started with 30 pounds a little while ago or actually 25 pounds and so I'm up to 40 right now and yeah so here's this here's the second set of those from the front and they're feeling really good I'm excited to go for one plate for the first time next week um the image is getting better and better as I practice at you're now also I'll be putting a link in description below it's Alberto years where he explains how he does his dips and since I've changed to this style of performing the bit I don't feel any issues in my shoulders or anything at all but here is the accessory exercise so I've actually had to reset I think I made my way all the way to work 15 4 sets of 6 and I just they helped so drop it back down reset and now I'm at 95 pounds for 3 sets of 8 I'm just going to continue to add and see how this goes I'll probably make smaller increments as I get a little bit further along especially you know more towards that 3 sets of 6 I almost already filmed this you like I mention you know I'm just I'm fatigued guys like this whole week has just been me feeling exhausted all the time I'm you know over training under recovery so I I think we need to do a deal oh yeah I didn't do a deal over this week because after the refeed last weekend I felt really really good so I decided to Tina what like let's just power through so what we can do and I don't know I'm just feeling exhausted right here incline dumbbell bench press I love this movement feels amazing 55 pounds here just three sets of eight you know nothing too crazy so now we're going on to the deadlift day so Dedalus went pretty well um here is the warm-up set so it's 8:15 it's crazy to think that 315 is just you know another warm-up set like this don't even need shock I don't need about and so I always like to either one up with both conventional and sumo just to feel it helps me warm up better and I can gauge more muscles because my poles are always really really different they use the 365 warm up musically I just do a single here but I don't know I wasn't too convinced with how that stood about so I want to just pull the conventional anyways and these you'll see me here house struggling a little bit I can lift more with sumo you know but my conventional is not far off so here is its first set and then you'll see my hips goofy up because I I stuck up for you okay it's dumb you know I'm trying to post you know but I have a really hard time engaging lift with my legs and that's always been my weakness now I'm a back pulling and here's just a conventional set just for those I think this was like my fourth set and you can see I mean it was alright but it wasn't too bad but one thing to know you know I keep comparing these numbers and I'm hitting today to like past numbers but I didn't realize this is the lowest that I've weighed when I'm moving these legislature we're making really really great progress here I was really trying to just focus on my form and I feel like it was better I mean I'm really working on being patient on for trying to break you know expertise like leg pressing it up but like I mentioned I'm back puller need to address it need to strip the weight down and just work on that technique it's not fun that I'm a it's something that I'm gonna need to do if I want to increase my numbers but here front squats front squats have been improving really well this is probably my least favorite exercise I get to about rep for and I'm just like up I can't finish like I'm gonna get to six you know I'm not gonna get to eight then I finally get to rep six and I'm just like you know what stopping the baby they're just two more we can do this and then here's just the sideways you can see you know I'm so flexible like I I squat pretty much all the way down I mean I couldn't go even deeper as well but I really try to widen my stance out a little bit just so I don't go in deep but yeah front squats I hate this exercise but it feels really good and I feel like I get a lot out of it here is my pump from the from that back day I just wanted to update you guys on kinda you know what the physique looks like with the pump and without I have a little flat stone you know I've been a little bit now I'm meeting these mini carbs I've been eating a lot more cops than I did the week before but still you know it's not where I wanna be but new I move on to the overhead press day and you'll see here I have some wrist wraps that I bought I'm also botany sleeves but they were too small like they fit just right like very tight but I knew that if I you know I'm not gonna make this wait forever we couldn't gain weight you know what happens when a a leg pump so I just returned them but here you know I took off the little thumb wrap thing from the straps because they were failing interview my first set this fall a little bit better but then it almost felt like I wasn't even wearing anything and then till last I said you know what let's just take off the wrap see how it feels you'll see that would be actually really really well so just a matter of learning how to use the straps I found myself kind of writing the wraps up so I'm so used to flexing my wrists back in order to get the weight up at the top but anyways progressive on this overhead press its prime and weakest lift but we're getting there making progress I haven't hit these numbers in a really long time especially at this body weight but here incline bench press does not bother my elbows at all I love this movement I feel my chest working really really well and yeah it's just a really really great movement especially forget targeting or that upper chest you know front delts and yeah it's great I'm doing this movement a lot giving you guys two different views right here and yeah I mean I feel like I'm making great progress not punching you know just wring incline barbell or dumbbell doing dips doing a variety of pull-ups again I'm getting enough you know stimulation from all these for those things and I think that's gonna carry over to the bench press you know to the future towards the end but I definitely need to practice doing some flat bench as well you're doesn't bother my elbows that lower weight so I'll probably find some way to incorporate that into the programming soon lastly for this workout right here finishing off we're not finishing off but the third main compound movement of the day is dips as you can see here like they're moving really really well dips are feeling a lot easier and they're just feeling really good they don't bother my elbows they don't follow bother my shoulders before when I would do dips I would get a pain like right here my sternum but that's not the case anymore you know once I have been fucked weighted in you this different way of doing dips which is pretty much that you retract so you want to almost like shrug at the top or the first rod and then you want to bring in your scapula to retract your scapula downwards and then did and Alberta Matias explains it way better in this video which would be in the description box below for you guys well here I was able to get intend on this last set so quickly about 10 reps and last two sets eight on the first set I figured you know what let's just progress on reps you know try to focus on technique and form over anything else really in here so I've been doing crunches just on like a decline that's pretty much and I mean I like it but I wanted to try to add into some way that component so here's me trying to do standing cable crunch I don't know if I'm coming it correctly and I don't even know how much weight I use so this is just me good plan around something new trying to figure this out that felt it from the majority of my core so that was really good that's pretty much the end of the workout here as promised here is the physique update as you can see I think we we're kind of seeing some abs now I don't know I mean I'm I'm Wayne in my lowest weigh-ins gonna be up on the screen right here believe it's like 174 just pretty nice as you can see just looking completely depleted it's the physics gonna look a lot different towards the end guys like once I'm carved up you know and with a pump like this transformation is just gonna look insane but besides that I'm just looking really really small I feel like my legs haven't gotten much leaner you guys might beg to differ but I mean I'm seeing progress everywhere else which is really really nice a lot more progress in my midsection this time around and yeah just working on my posing I think my posing is increasingly is improving a little bit to back has gotten a lot later this week I've noticed that and here just another front pose you can kind of see the ABS a little bit there I hope we thought that those lines were just like my rolls from sitting down but maybe not anyways here is last I guess the end of that physique update gonna put that picture right there for you guys because I'm I think it looks pretty impressive for being completely depleted but that's that's the video for you guys I know let me know what you guys thought up this video did you enjoy this did you guys want to see more of the vlog type videos that I've been posting in the past before we had these are the changes that I've had to make you know I've hit stalls and some lifts had to repeat them and reset I actually had to like extend my training week to speak so I was supposed to Train Thursday Friday but Thursday was just I was dead I could not train on that day I was supposed to deadlift so I just took an extra rest day pretty much and I'm thinking of transitioning my workout days to Tuesday Wednesday or not Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday that way I actually have something to do on the weekends and then hopefully I'll eat a little bit less than weekends – I've noticed that exercising kind of blends my hunger a little bit and also I just won't be home all day and when I'm home all day I like to snack but that's the video for you guys as far as where we're at weight wise I mean I really don't care you know what the way on the scale is at the end of this you know weight loss space it's really just about how we look but gauging the progress that we've had like I told you guys know everything got kind of thrown off on my scale you know got a little wonky and the numbers just changed but we're still seeing progress I think we'll really gauge you know where we're at after this week and then we'll decide you know what we need to change tour Macker so so far for the macro so you know this week was between like 1750 to 2,000 calories a day my fat was lower this week this week probably like 30 grams fat or a little bit less you know almost 200 M scarves are just pretty nice and then like 180 200 grams of protein so the diets changed a lot it's changed so much since the beginning so I'll definitely be showing you guys full day of eating this week coming up but once again that's the video thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys soon you.