/Hello Counselor – Hwang Chiyeul, Hyojung, Jiho [ENG/THA/2017.04.17]

Hello Counselor – Hwang Chiyeul, Hyojung, Jiho [ENG/THA/2017.04.17]

Video: Hello Counselor – Hwang Chiyeul, Hyojung, Jiho [ENG/THA/2017.04.17]


We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National… – Competition on Worries! / – Competition on Worries! Introducing the guests on Hello Counselor today. Hwang Chiyeul, the singer. (Hwang Chiyeul is a native Korean.) Among the many members of Oh My Girl, they're the ones who are really refreshing and cute. They're Hyojung and Jiho. – Hello. / – Hello. (Hyojung and Jiho of Oh My Girl) (Last forever, Oh My Girl! This feels like a miracle.) – All right.

/ – Did you see something amazing? How scary. Thank you. I heard you were really glad about Chiyeul being on the show. – Are you a fan? / – I am. – The way he uses dialect is charming. / – The dialect. (Your dialect is adorable.) I lost all my dialect. – Excuse me? / – You're using it right now. – He's using it now. / – He's using it now. More importantly, I work as a supporting host of "Immortal Songs". I host at the waiting room. I think you won thanks to Yeongja. – True. / – Really? On 300th Episode Special of "Immortal Songs", the hosts of KBS variety shows appeared, – and the hosts of Hello Counselor won. / – We won. Really? (Congratulations on winning!) In fact, Cultwo is very experienced, so everyone – That's right. / – knows about their skill, but two surprises were the fact that Dongyeop came on the stage. – Goodbye. / – Goodbye. (The 300th Episode Special of "Immortal Songs") – Are you happy to perform without me? / – Let's go! (He's the best one when it comes to enthusiasm.

) The shocking and the stunning thing was… It was so surprising to see Yeongja head banging. It wasn't ordinary head banging. She suddenly let her hair loose. She let her hair loose and did head banging. (Yeongja lets her hair loose.) (Shake it!) (Nobody has heard of her head banging skills.) – She was like a water buffalo… / – A water buffalo? She's heard of many things but not a water buffalo. (Go forward alone like the horns of a water buffalo!) What is the name of your new song? – "Coloring Book". / – Show us. (Let's listen to it.) ("Coloring Book" by Oh My Girl) (The whole world is smeared with balsams) (We're colored with Oh My Girl.) (They are especially charming like flower petals.) (At the blink of an eye, we're all colored) (Oh my goodness, Oh My Girl!) Three worries are prepared for the day. Show us the keywords please. "Please Fix the Flaws". "Where Did You Come From?" – "Good Guy, Bad Guy".

/ – "Bad Guy". A woman in her 30s sent us her story. "Can I request to fix a defect here? This model was made in 1973. He's 175cm tall and 65kg. (He's 65kg!) 65kg… (Do you even remember when you were 65kg?) – What grade were you in? / – He sure is a defect. – "What grade were you in?" / – He is a defect. The memory of being 65kg. (Her memory of being 65kg is very faint.) – In my old memory. / – In your old memory. It's a memory from a long time ago. I thought very carefully when I chose this product, but it turns out he's full of defects after all. (What could it be?) What product is this? It's my husband. "Honey, I'm coming home now." "I'd like five-layer pork belly meat." My husband drinks alcohol every single night and the food to pair with it must be meat at all times.

He drinks alcohol at home. I have to grill meat for him by his side – while he drinks. / – My goodness. – "Your Majesty." / – "Your Majesty." – That's why. / – "Your Majesty." For goodness' sake, he's not a king. "Honey," "can't you grill meat yourself today?" "It's really tough for me." "What did you say?" What? (Me?) "Are you telling me to grill meat myself? Since then, my husband didn't speak to me for a whole week because he was sullen. Why would he be sullen? – Exactly. / – Due to that one comment? Please fix him! (Please fix my husband.) – How mean of him. / – We have to do something. – It's not easy to grill meat every day. / – Exactly. – You can't sleep. / – You have to deodorize it too. – Of course. / – The smell spreads all around. It'd be better off to work at a barbecue restaurant because you can make money that way. It's better if you eat together, but if you must do it until the end without eating.

.. – That's totally wrong. / – Exactly. Let's invite the woman who sent us her story. Please come on out. I can't believe it. (Who's tired of serving food and alcohol every day?) (Kim Jungnim) ♪ Hello ♪ (Hello.) She's adorable. Your husband only eats meat when he drinks alcohol? Yes, it must be hot grilled meat for him – to eat. / – Unbelievable. He gets off work around 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. I'd be awake at that hour. Once he comes home, I must have the whole meal prepared on the table – so he can eat with his chopsticks / – How formal. right away. – As soon as he comes home, he washes / – Yes. – his hands and eats? / – Why do you use such formal – expressions? / – Right after showering, he eats. It sounds like you're being sarcastic.

– Do you usually speak like that? / – Are you being – sarcastic? / – No, this is how I speak to him. People speak more formally when they're sarcastic. – You sound more formal. / – Exactly. "You're really eating a whole lot." (Why do I feel unpleasant?) Do you speak to him like this all the time? – Yes. / – Why? He's six years older than I, and since I was young, I was raised to speak that way. – To elders. / – I find it easier to say it this way. How much alcohol can he take then? He drinks two bottles of soju every day. He also drinks a pitcher of beer. – He mixes them? / – He drinks them every day. – Every day? / – Yes, every day. – He drinks a lot. / – I'd get everything ready on the table and place meat on the grill. I place meat on his plate a piece at a time so it won't be cold. I grill meat while standing.

– What? / – Why? – Why can't you sit on the floor? / – If so, it becomes hard to bring the stuff he wants quickly. – You have to do it quickly? / – Yes, quickly. He occasionally gives you meat, right? You eat – together, right? / – No. When I asked for a piece, he said there wasn't enough for him, so he didn't offer one. – He doesn't even give you beer? / – He offers nothing. Why is that? – Unbelievable. / – He doesn't care about me. He's busy eating alone. – You can just eat a piece yourself. / – That's right. I don't eat it because I find him cheap. (I choose to not eat because he's cheap.) You can go to bed after grilling a few pieces. That would be nice, but he becomes sullen. (If she doesn't grill meat for him, he becomes sullen.) – He becomes sullen? / – If he becomes sullen, – he doesn't speak for a week. / – He becomes sullen. – He speaks…

/ – He plays sad music of the 1990s and makes a very depressed look. – He brings the mood down. / – Totally. (He could be one of the worst ten rogues.) We'll meet your husband now. – Gosh. / – Where is her husband who eats meat only? (Who asks his wife to grill meat every single night?) You don't get why she's frustrated, do you? If this is a worry, everything else must be a worry. Let me ask you one by one then. Why must you always eat meat to pair with alcohol? When I eat vegetables or fish, my hangover lasts longer the next day. Thus, grilled meat is the best food to pair with alcohol. – You can grill one yourself then. / – Exactly. It's tough to grill meat with my own hands. – Why? / – Why? – Why is it tough? / – She also finds it tough. If I must grill meat after working hard, it'd be too sad. (It's sadder for me!) – I get how she makes food / – Setting the table. in the beginning, but why don't you let her go to bed? We'd talk about what we did during the day.

– That's what I like. / – That's a friendly talk? If it's a friendly talk, you must have her seated. – Why make her grill meat standing? / – You should – drink together. / – When you meet your friends, coworkers and alumni, you must have grilled meat. Someone must have told you to grill meat. – I can't remember well. / – Then why do you become sullen when she doesn't grill it for you? That's not it. I become quiet when I feel unpleasant. That's being sullen. / – That's right. On the other hand, does he help you with other things? – No… / – The dishes, cleaning and others. – Never. He does nothing. / – He doesn't do anything? – He's a king. / – He drinks and sleeps once he comes home. He's never vacuumed once.

– He's never cleaned the bathroom. / – Even the dishes. He rests during the weekend on Saturdays and Sundays, but going groceries shopping is the only thing he does for Saturdays. He doesn't play with the kids either. On Sundays, he tells me not to bother him at all. Then he does what he wants on Sundays? – What does he do? / – He goes swimming, then he naps. – He really is a king. / – Your Majesty. Okay. When it comes to the grill, you should wash it – because it requires strength. / -You should wash it. I don't enjoy doing the dishes. – Everyone hates it. / – Who likes doing the dishes? What about vacuuming? I don't like it either. What about playing with the kids? You only go – groceries shopping. / – I play with them meanwhile. (He's so confident without a reason.) – Hello, boy. / – How cute. Hello.

You can sit down. What does your dad eat every night? Meat and alcohol. Are you happy with him drinking alcohol every night? I don't like it. – Why don't you like it? / – Kids know it too. It's because I can't sleep when my mom is not around. If your dad grills meat himself, he can sleep – with his mom. / – He can go to bed with her. Do you want to go to bed with your mom? No. (That's not what you want?) (Disappointed) – I want to sleep with Dad and Mom. / – With his dad. – All together? / – All together. – Can you pass the mic to Sooyoung? / – Okay. Hello, Sooyoung. Say hello. – Hello. / – Hi. (She can't be any cuter.) How old are you, Sooyoung? (Murmuring) – She's five. / – Okay. I have no idea what you said. Do you like your dad drinking and eating meat everyday? – No.

/ – She hates it. Does your mom seem to struggle or not? She seems to struggle. – She speaks clearly. She understands all. / – Exactly. How will the presidential election turn out? I think she'll somehow know everything. – She's so smart. / – This is what I don't get. Sure, he may think that way. However, you keep grilling meat while standing. You've kept accepting it naturally. Is it true? No, I also complained that it's tough at first. However, he didn't get why it would be a problem. – He thinks it's natural. / – He becomes upset. Then he should not ask you to grill meat for him. No, that's different. I still need to grill meat. He tells you to grill meat after becoming sullen? If you think the other way around, there must be an irresistible charm that makes – you become that way without a choice. / – Charms? – He must be charming. / – There must be something! What are you talking about? (Even an ordinary comment becomes weird for him.) He receives such impeccable treatment.

When Dongyeop asks, everything sounds a bit strange. (I didn't do anything.) What is the charm of your husband? His consistency. – What? / – His consistency. – It sounds even more wrong. / – What is that? Then… (I suddenly feel hot.) – You love him. / – When he's sullen, the vibe is… Since we have two kids, I end up losing. That's how you naturally are. You said you were raised that way, but you keep on losing because it's become a habit of yours. – It's a habit now. / – He wants you to be a good wife? – Very much. / – Was he like that since you dated him? One day, I was really stressed because of work. – Women think about making a drastic change. / – Right. – We want a change. / – I cut my hair short, and he suggested a breakup because of that. – Why? / – Why? He thinks women lose their femininity with a haircut. – How ridiculous. / – He drove past me. – Really? / – He's just like a man from the past. Are you being misunderstood, or is it true? I was driving to a place to meet her. She insisted that she was there, but I couldn't recognize her. – He didn't recognize her.

/ – She seemed unfamiliar. – You drove passed her? / – What about the breakup? I drove passed her after not recognizing her. She asked me why I couldn't recognize her. After quarrelling over petty stuff, I said that. No. Even now, he doesn't let me cut my hair shorter than my shoulder-length. – It can't be shorter than that. / – Why is that? It's time she cuts her hair short and gets a perm. That's right. – She looks pretty? / – Her hair is nice now. – Seriously. / – Is it weird if a woman with short hair grills meat? It tastes better if one with long hair grills it. (Gosh, I want to grill him.) His role model is my mother-in-law. She bones braised fish thoroughly and puts – the meat only on his spoon. / – She gave it to him? – To your husband? / – Yes. I was really surprised because he's now an adult. – I hear you.

/ – She raised him like a crown prince. – Exactly. / – She let him have his own way. He's being incongruent because his mom has short hair. (His mother has short hair.) Ma'am, you've heard her worry. Do you get her? Of course. My son – is just like his dad. / – That's crazy. My husband is much worse. – Really? / – Ma'am, come down here. (Will she be on the show next week?) – "Much worse"? / – I prepared food for 30 years. – 30 years? / – He never drinks alcohol without meat. – I also have to grill meat for him. / – Still? – He never grills meat himself? / – Never. – Why? / – "My father always eats meat" "my mom grilled for him and drinks alcohol." – It's natural for him. / – It's not strange for him. Taesung will be doing the same thing in 25 years. – No, Taesung! / – No, Taesung. It wouldn't be nice for you to see your son like that.

That's why I tell him to change every time. – You did. / – However, he doesn't change. When do you think Jungnim struggles the most? The financial part. Since it costs a lot to prepare alcohol and meat, – they don't have enough money. / – I'm sure. – We need two boxes of soju every month. / – Two boxes. – 60 bottles of soju. / – We need 30 pitchers of beer. – There must be 6kg of meat / – 6kg of meat? so he can eat whenever he wants. We need 600 dollars just for the food to pair. – 600 dollars per month? / – Just the meat. Then there's the expense for eating out. – 600 dollars are spent. / – It's a fixed expense. You should save a lot then. I haven't bought clothes for about five years. I wear clothes others give me. She's short on expenses because of meat and alcohol. I'm now getting about 340 dollars for my allowance. I think it's unfair to reduce that. That's not what we're talking about.

Why talk about – your allowance? / – You must add 600 dollars on top. – It's 940 dollars, not 600 dollars. / – 940 dollars. – You spend 1,000 dollars. / – You spend 1,000 dollars. (I see.) I can't cut it out though. If so, there's no way I can relieve my stress. You can eat something else instead of meat then. – Being financially ill… / – My hangover won't be cured. – Then cut down on your drinking. / – Drink less. When I suggested to eat out in the beginning of our marriage, he always agreed. I thought he was rich. – When he was a bachelor. / – After a year, he passed me an overdraft bankbook 20,000 dollars. In a year? – It became 20,000 dollars by eating out? / – Yes. It took two and a half years to pay it off. Of course. He makes money alone, so you pay it off little by little. I was thrifty to make a living. However, he's not sorry about it.

(All he does is spend money for himself.) – Everyone suffers from stress. / – Of course. – That's right. / – Even now. "There's no way I can relieve my stress" "if I can't eat meat and drink alcohol every day." – It's an excuse. / – It doesn't convince us. – You drink alcohol. / – How do you relieve stress? I looked after my kids alone for the past seven years. I endured through the period with books on childcare. About three years ago, I went to a coffee shop and treated myself to a five-dollar coffee. – You treated yourself / – Thinking that it's a waste, I went there after thinking for about a week. After ordering the cup of coffee, I looked outside – vacantly for an hour. / – Alone? Yes, I was alone. – The two of them… / – I have no one to meet. – Once I do, I spend money. / – You spend money.

I can buy my kids some snack with that money, – so I ended up not going out. / – My gosh. Two years ago, by coincidence, I got to grow a small vegetable garden through a neighbor. – That's really nice. / – That's right. When I'm there for an hour, he calls me about 10 times. – Why? / – "When are you coming home? Why aren't you" "coming home?" Then my hour of break is gone. – It's destroyed. / – Yes, it's destroyed. – I become impatient. / – It frustrates you. I end up coming home. She may think that it's only an hour, but for the one that's waiting, it's very long. Even if it's two hours… – She grills meat for you for two hours. / – Exactly.

Dig a deep hole instead of growing your kitchen garden. Keep digging it until it becomes deep. (Taejoon is still immersed in his old character.) One day, you'll just… (How frightening.) Your wife mentioned earlier that she thought about getting herself a cup of coffee for a whole week. What do you think about that? Isn't it heart breaking? – He must be sorry… / – If I were her, I'd cut down on other stuff and just drink it. What other stuff? – You should cut down. / – What stuff? – Let me ask you. / – There's nothing to cut down. What should she cut down and drink coffee instead? – Installment savings / – Installment savings. – and insurance. / – Cut down on insurance. What else? – What about meat? / – You won't cut down on meat? I can't cut down on meat. – Why not? / – What she's doing is for the future. It'll cost more for the kids' tuition too.

If you don't prepare yourselves now, you'll end up – getting a credit line, so she's saving up. / – Right. You have to share the responsibility. You eat all the meat you want. What if you become financially ill again? You'll still eat all the meat, and she'll suffer. You'll eat all the meat. – You can't do that. / – What is that? What are you most worried about? What's even sadder is that I now have two to three hours of free time after I send my kids off to the kindergarten. He told me to be in charge of the domestic economy – in ten years. / – In ten years? He says that he'll be in charge of the chores so that I should make money. – Make money outside? / – Why? – He must be kidding. / – He's not. – Seriously? / – Yes, he meant it. I'm preparing to become a public official, and I found myself miserable. I couldn't study because I was busy raising my kids. As a result, my career stalled. (What does he want from her that's career stalled?) – I become 55 years old in 10 years, / – Okay. so I'm quite nervous. Is it even possible for your wife to get a job in ten years? That's why I'm telling her to study.

What kind of studies in particular? He blindly tells her to study. She can find something that suits her. She can study the upcoming food of the future. The upcoming food of the future? – "The upcoming food of the future". / – Excuse me. That's ridiculous because saying that you'll make her happier – in ten years would be the answer. / – Exactly. It's so wrong for a husband to tell his wife to work. – My goodness. / – Moreover… You said that you worked – before you got married. / – That's right. – What did you do? / – What did you do? – I was a kindergarten teacher. / – It suits you. – It suits you. / – It suits her. Back when I was working, he told me to quit because we needed to have kids. Now, he's telling me to study and do something – while forecasting ten years from now. / – How mean. It makes me feel a sudden surge of anger. Also, up until now, he's…

– I feel very sad. / – She's so nice. You're upset about him. Why do you speak so formally? That's my habit. – Right now… / – I want to scream like this, – but I can't. / – You feel horrible inside then? Honestly, how would she feel? – She's so nice, / – Exactly. so he keeps wanting more. If she keeps piling her anger up and explodes, – she'll be… / – It'll be frightening. Things can be very serious. – What do you think, really? / – Seriously. I had no idea that she was this frustrated and worried. I've been hearing her story so far, – but I can't empathize with her. / – The thing is, since she always speaks formally to you and does everything you ask her, you think it's natural to do whatever you want. – That's right. / – You don't know how she feels. You can never meet someone like her. You should've met a woman like me.

You would've ate meat together then. What's more shocking is what you just said. (It's possible you didn't know how she felt at first.) It's possible you didn't get why it's a worry at first, but do you still feel the same after listening to her? Well, I think everyone goes through worries like this. Everyone still lives on. There are many women whose husbands eat meat everyday? If he persistently behaves like this, what are you planning to do? I think my trust for him would be shattered. I better recheck the way… (She'll recheck the way she educates her kids.) I educate my children. What do you mean by "educational method"? He got it from his father. – It was passed down. / – It was passed down. It shouldn't be passed down to my kids, so I better rethink in terms of that. She's right because if your son keeps seeing this, he'll think that it's natural.

– That's right. / – The world is changing, yet he'll try to find a woman like you. He might end up being socially maladjusted. – Besides, there's nobody like you. / – He's right. What do you want to do if you had enough money? By cutting down the expense for snacks and drinks, I'd like to go somewhere as an overnight trip together. You've never been on an overnight trip? We have once, but he said that the accommodation costs are a waste. I must always pack all the food from home. – Since showering costs money, / – It happens rarely. we must bring water in a bucket. It'd be nice if he cut down on such expenses so we can go somewhere clean with parasols and have fun. I'd like to create nice memories for my kids there. – A place with parasols? / – Yes. – What is it, really? / – You can't do it because of – meat and alcohol.

/ – Memories are crucial for kids. – Seriously. / – In fact, I think the guys here used the expression, "patriarchal" to be nice to you. – However, you're much worse than that. / – Exactly. Inappropriate words for a TV show keeps pops up. Honestly, her story is making me cry – because… / – Seriously. if a person is nice, – if a person is this nice… / – You are wronged. This is why you should know how to protect yourself. You teach your kids not to follow strangers and to say no to express refusal. Jungnim should also – defend her rights / – That's right. – and protect her personality. / – She must know it. – She should've defended them. / – She's right. Sir, you think she's resting at home because you're the one making money outside, right? That's not it. I know that she works hard at home. – I know.

/ – Then what's the matter with you? My role is to work outside, and my wife's role is to work at home. – We each have roles. / – Why make her work afterwards? – Exactly. / – That's part of her work at home. You know that you've been treated like a king in the past seven years, that you're different from other husbands, right? Well, isn't this natural? – No such thing natural. / – He really doesn't know. Seriously. Meat isn't the problem. The way he thinks is the problem. The way you think is… It's really heartbreaking. Her dream is to go on an overnight trip as a family. What are your thoughts on that? (What do you think about a family trip?) Going on an overnight trip would be possible anytime if she divides the expenses. He's so… – He shifts the responsibility. / – He blames all – on her. / – You're still thinking that it's not worth a worry.

Nonetheless, you must have been grateful to her and think that you married well in the seven years of marriage life. I'm always grateful to her. When I come home, since she educated our kids well, the three of them greet me well. – They say, "Welcome home". / – That's right. I'm always grateful to her for being by my side. Do you express such thoughts on a regular basis? I sometimes tell her that I love her. – Everyday? / – Once in a while. Don't speak so formally to him today. Be casual, since you love each other. Tell him a few words about your wishes in a causal way. I know how worried you are about what would happen in ten years. I'm saving up the money you're making from working hard, so I don't want you to worry so much about it. It'd be nice if you could wash the grill you use every night. Say that too.

"I'd like a day to myself to relieve my stress." Say that too since you're here. Give me a day in a month – so I can relieve my stress. / – Make it once a week. – Once a week. / – It's basically the same thing. – There are 31 days in a month though. / – No. Even when I go to the vegetable garden once a month, please don't call me to ask when I'll come back. – Just turn off your cellphone. / – It's just a garden. Why ask him for a permission? Just go! There's no need for a permission to go to a garden. Since you opened your heart, tell him how much he should cut down on food expenses. – Tell him that too. / – For food expenses, – spend a half of it only. / – The expenses for meat. – 300 dollars.

/ – Yes. (Would he meet her demands?) We'll start voting form Chiyeul. After listening to her story, do you think it's a worry or not for her? I think it's a serious worry. Actually, as it was mentioned earlier, this culture has been passed down. It's worrisome he doesn't know how other people think. I also think it's a worry. I think it's a big worry. I hope they would change their roles on weekends. – She should eat meat. / – Grill meat for yourself. You should go out while he looks after the baby. He will know only after they change their roles once. You should marry me in your next life. You should be born as a woman in your next life. (I will make you grill meat for the rest of your life.) Congratulations. (I will make you grill meat for the rest of your life.) If you think it's a worry, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one.

/ – three, two, one. – Time's up. / – You will break the button. Say what you want to say to your wife. Jungnim. You shouldn't act like that. She is very nice. I love you very much. I cherish you and respect you very much. To be honest, I don't know why it's a worry. Can she go to the garden once a month? (Can she go to the garden once a month?) (Are you still hesitating?) If the audience thinks it's a worry, I will try hard. Why are you striking a deal with us? – How many votes do you want? / – There are 200 people. – 100 votes. / – It's half. It's a worry. (Congratulations, it's a worry.) It's a worry. (He is clueless.) You will decide after you see the result. How many votes did her worry get? Please show us. – It has to be over 150 votes.

/ – 152 votes. (Did it go over 100 votes?) – Please let it be 192 votes. / – It must be 152 votes. (It went over 100 votes.) – You can now go to the garden. / – My goodness. (What will be the result?) Budget for meat… It's 132 votes. (Her worry received 132 votes.) Jungnim's husband. – You will keep your promise, right? / – Okay? Thank you. Good job. The person who sent this worry is pained by a question. It's "Where Did You Come From?" Hello, I am a car dealer in my 30s. My customers always ask me where I am from. The moment I tell them, they completely change. – "This car is…" / – "Before that," "tell me where you are from." "I am from North Korea." "For goodness' sake. Let me talk to another employee." – "What does a North Korean know?" / – Really? This is what hurts me the most. "I heard many people starve to death in North Korea." – That's horrible.

/ – "I had meals." People talk down to me and treat me like a beggar. Some people even say this to my face. "They are traitors who commit crimes." "All of them should be sent back to North Korea." There are customers who make terrible comments. When I defected, I thought I would pursue my dream. When I risked my life crossing Tumen River, I didn't know what awaited me would be biases. I want to rise above them. Please help me. It must be upsetting. It must be upsetting to be treated with contempt just because you come from North Korea. – That's right. / – It must be annoying. Let's invite him to the stage. Please come on out. (Who is pained by bias against North Korean defector?) I have a feeling it will be a big worry. (Song Manhyuk) – He is cute. / – He is cute. Please introduce yourself. Hi, I am Song Manhyuk from Musan, Hamgyeong Province. It has been ten years since I came to South Korea. – Ten years. / – My goodness. Please speak a bit louder.

– Are you intimidated? / – Yes. – Square your shoulders. / – Raise your chin. (It's not easy.) It's hard to believe that you get many rude customers. I have worked as a car dealer for eight years. Almost 90 percent of my customers are like that. – You have better Seoul accent than me. / – Seriously. My accent goes up and down. I can't tell that you are from North Korea. You must have practiced a lot. People wouldn't know if you don't tell them. During conversations, my accent comes out. It comes out when you speak comfortably. There are pronunciations I struggle with. I pronounce "Grande" as differently. – It's slightly different. / – Yes. – You add "U" sound. / – I see. – I pronounce certain words differently. / – I see. Then the customers ask me where I am from. When I tell them I am from North Korea, even those who were polite begin to talk down to me.

"Get me water." "Bring me a pen." Some customers leave. (Some customers leave?) You should take action against rude customers – even if you are in service industry. / – Take action. – I don't have personal connections. / – I see. – That's why I can't do that. / – You need customers. How do you respond? Do you not say anything? I get them water. (He can't help but smile and follow their demands.) I liked cars ever since I was in North Korea. That's why I got a part-time job at an auto shop. Back then, my accent was more audible and I soon heard that customers found me unpleasant. I got fired from the auto repair shop. – He struggled a lot. / – I worked many part-time jobs. Since I haven't driven a bike in North Korea, I got into an accident in which I almost died. – It must've been a big accident. / – You almost died. After that, I really wanted to be a car dealer. I failed a lot of interviews. Even if I did get a job, I was ostracized. I worked for free for about three years.

You worked for free. That must have been hard. I held out because I liked cars. Then the company failed after three years. – You held out for three years. / – Yes. Someone I knew from there opened a company – and offered me a job. / – How thankful! That's how I got the current job. I am not in a position to complain. How is your performance? – I have been in the field for a long time. / – Right. I come close to closing the deal. However, customers leave when my accent comes out. (The deal fails 90 percent of the time.) One time, a married couple in their 50s said, "North Korean defectors earn money by scamming people." "They should be sent back to North Korea." I couldn't even bring myself to show cars to them. – You gave up. / – I sent them to another employee. Then I left right away. It must have been disheartening. How do your colleagues react when this happens? They're good friends. They tell me to cheer up since I have done well so far. Being with your friends must give you energy. His friends who advise and console him are here.

– Let's say hello. It's nice to meet you. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – They are handsome. Does he encounter misunderstandings due to biases? When he talks to customers on the phone, they often swear at him. – They think it's voice phishing. / – Voice phishing. Do customers do that after calling first? Even if he explains, they swear at him. He can't talk to customers on the phone. What other misunderstandings were there? He and I went on a business trip once to buy a car. The sellers were a young couple in their 20s. They were very suspicious. They needed documents from the district office. After they left to get them, they didn't come back. They brought back police officers. That's insane. So we ended up getting investigated. Why were you investigated? They suspected us to be human traffickers. (That's ridiculous.

) – I heard it from the customers. / – That's too much. I am sure he dresses himself differently. – I don't even know where to begin. / – Why is that? He wears a white suit. A white suit? He wears a white suit and red horn-rimmed glasses. – Red glasses? / – Yes. Then he matches a blue T-shirt with a red jacket. – It's like the Korean flag. / – He likes colors. Until two years ago, he wore earrings and hairstyle H.O.T used to wear. When I told him not to do that, he covered his one eye with his bangs. (It was an unusual hairstyle.) – I am serious. / – He must have wanted to do it. I watched Korean dramas when I lived in North Korea. (He was a fan of Korean dramas.) He really wanted to try those styles. – "Let me try this style." / – In which drama did a white suit and red horn-rimmed glasses appear? – I know. Which drama was it? / – Tell us. "Autumn in My Heart". Did someone wear a white suit in it? I thought it looked cool with earrings. Your friends must have picked on you a lot. They asked me, "Did you go to North Korea yesterday?" They said that when you dressed yourself that way.

These days, I copy their styles. I buy watches and wallets they buy. It's the easiest way to go. Even though he is a low-performing dealer, you divide money equally. It is a bit low, but I learned the business from him. – Did you learn from him? / – Yes. He is the type to come to work early to study. – He is diligent. / – If his performance is low, he works without having lunch for a week. He is the first to arrive and the last to leave. – He works without having lunch. / – Yes. Does someone grill you meat at home? (Guilty) Why do you skip lunch? It's my dream to be in the car industry. I have to take responsibility for my dream. If I don't perform well, I feel bad for my colleagues. You don't think you deserve money for lunch. In which ways have you tried to overcome the biases? When I began working as a car dealer, I realized I should fix three things.

– Accent… / – Accent. – and… / – Fashion. (Fashion?) Don't make up another item. Give us the three things. I used to weigh 48kg. I was very skinny. I was too short and skinny. That's incredible. The last one involves studying about cars. – Those are the three things. / – You gained weight. – Yes. / – He gained weight. To study about cars, I went to the university. He learned it the proper way. To gain weight, I lied down after I ate. – You did that on purpose. / – Yes. I wanted to gain a little bit of weight, but I ended up weighing 80kg. – He gained too much weight. / – It wasn't the plan. – He became big. / – He now weighs 80kg. I became short of breath when I showed cars to customers. He became short of breath! I lost a bit of weight by working out.

How do you study Seoul accent? When I meet friends who are North Korean defectors and go to work the next day, my friends ask me why my accent is strong again. I stopped talking to my friends from North Korea. I see. You did that because meeting them made you use your accent again. My accent worsens when I talk to my parents. That's right. I didn't even talk to my grandmother. You did that on purpose. I didn't talk to her for three months. You wanted to fix your accent. Your grandmother lives with you. Her accent is very strong. and I couldn't help but pick it up. Your friends from North Korea must have thought you were avoiding them. Many of them did. They asked me why I haven't called. They are here today. Let's talk to them. – Hello. / – Hello. It's nice to meet you. How do you know Manhyuk? About eight years ago, I attended a high school for North Korean defectors.

That's where I met him. What do you do for a living? Currently, I do manual labor. It's nothing to be ashamed about. You must understand Manhyuk's worry. After I graduated from school, I studied electronics. I applied to about 30 companies. Not one company called me back after an interview. (He failed to get a job at 30 companies.) They asked me where I am from upon hearing my accent. When I said I am from North Korea, the interviewers completely changed. Then I wouldn't hear from them. Then I managed to get a job at one company. No one talked to me. When I expressed my idea, they said, "You are from North Korea." (Shouting) "What do you know?" "Do what I tell you do." That's how people talked to me. I quit because I couldn't stand it. – The thing is, / – It's a struggle.

we knew it's hard for North Korean defectors to settle down. However, we didn't know it would be this hard. He doesn't have troubles with people outside of work, right? – He is cold. / – He is cold-hearted. – He builds a wall around his heart. / – I see. – He treats people coldly. / – That's right. When we go to a restaurant, a server could ask, "It's cold outside, right?" He ignores the question. He avoids talking to people. He is on guard. – I think he is wary. / – That's right. Do you avoid talking – since people might look at you funny? / – Yes. I used to do that when I was little. I was afraid I would get less rice if they learned I spoke a dialect. "Stir-fried meat over rice…" (Stir-fried meat over rice) I didn't speak in complete sentences. If it's hot inside the restaurant, others would ask, "May I turn on the fan?" "The fan..

." I would end it there. – I only spoke in words. / – It's wise. When I met him for the first time, we were eating fried chicken. "There is no fried chicken in North Korea, right?" He used swear words I have never heard in my life. "I will jump rope with your intestines." – He said that to you. / – Yes. It was very sudden. It happened when we met for the first time. We ended up having a fight. – We had a fist fight. / – Really? – Yes. / – How did fried chicken – lead to a fist fight? / – I know. How did it happen? "There is no pizza in North Korea, right?" "Have you had it?" Those questions are annoying. Such dishes don't exist in North Korea. Those dishes feel like mockery. One of my seniors said this to me. I don't leave food behind. I always finish my meal. He said, "Do you do that because you starved before?" – That's mean. / – It's a good habit.

I got very angry at him. You can misunderstand a simple question. Are there fat women in North Korea? No. – No? / – There are no fat women. There are no fat women. (Annoyed) Run. (I will show you my jump rope skills.) (I told you the truth.) Did you see that? She made an X. (I shouldn't have asked.) He probably didn't think his curiosity could be understood as a mockery. Don't you think you overreacted? The thing is, I don't want to talk about North Korea. Not ever. – You don't want to think about it. / – No. I went through a lot for being a North Korean defector. I told you that I did manual labor at first. The manager gives out monthly salary. He paid me only for four months out of six months. (The manager didn't pay him for two months of work.) – Do they still do that? / – I had worked very hard. You struggled for nothing. When the company I worked for three years went under, I was assaulted.

– Assaulted? / – Yes. – Someone hit you. / – By whom? – By whom? / – The president of the company. – The president assaulted. / – Yes. – Why? / – The employees learned a week ago that the company will go under. Everyone knew the company was sold. I told the president I will look for a different job. He locked me in the car. I was assaulted by three people. – Three people? / – Yes. He was assaulted by three people. Why didn't you call the police? I let it go because they apologized. You must have been upset. Did you know about this? When I visited him, he was at a motel. – He worried about his grandmother. / – His eyes were bloodshot and bruised. He received a severe beating. He said he is satisfied with an apology. It was heartbreaking and frustrating. How do you relieve your stress when you encounter injustice? I have a grandmother. That's right.

You can't let it show. I struggled when my father passed away three years ago. That's right. My grandmother had lost her son. On top of that, my grandfather passed away a year ago. I'm the only one my grandmother has. I hang on with thoughts of her. – My goodness. / – He repressed his emotions. Because of her age, his grandmother couldn't join us in the studio. That's why we called her. Let's talk to her on the phone. Hello. Hello. – Hello, it's nice to meet you. / – Hello. Thank you. You knew your grandson visited the show, right? – Yes. / – What do you think about that? It's an honor. Don't say that. It's an honor for us. Ma'am, how would you describe your grandson? There isn't anyone like him. He told us that he didn't talk to you for three months in order to learn Seoul dialect. Did you know about that? Yes, I did. He lost a lot of his accent, right? – Yes, he did. / – Yes. – He lost a lot of his accent. / – I thought he was from Seoul. Thank you. When are you most proud of him? I am proud of him for visiting a show.

It speaks to his courage. – Ma'am. / – Yes? I am sure you have had many good moments here. Have you ever regretted defecting? When I moved here from North Korea, I thought I was in a paradise. I was surprised by the number of cars on the street. I thought I was in a paradise. One thing that weighs heavily on my heart is the fact that I lost money often due to scams. How do you want your grandson to live here? I want him to be a good man and live as well as the others. It doesn't look like he is married. He wasn't able to get married. Please introduce him to a nice lady. (Please introduce him to a nice lady.) What kind of a daughter-in-law do you want? I want someone who doesn't need to lean on him. Do you want someone dependable? (Everyone looks at Yeongja.

) My grandson is very wise. Ma'am. Is it okay if she is a bit older than him? (Nervous) As long as she is smart, I am okay with that. She weighs 80kg more than your grandson. (She weighs more than your grandson.) – Ma'am. / – That's a bit… (That's a bit…) That won't do. (I am only a bit heavier than him.) – Ma'am. / – Yes? Is there anything you want to say to your grandson? I want him to stay in his position, fulfill his duty with excellence, and help his nation. Thank you. Say what you want to say to her. I know she is struggling after Grandfather passed away. I want her to stay healthy and live a long life. You should tell her directly. – Tell her than you love her. / – He is overwhelmed. My goodness. Ma'am.

– Yes? / – Your grandson is crying. What is he, a fool? "What is he, a fool?" – Thank you, Ma'am. / – Stay healthy. – Stay healthy. / – Thank you. Do you have a girlfriend? If I were as handsome as Hyunbin… That's impossible. (Stop talking about what's impossible.) You should show off your charms. I lack confidence because of my accent. When I meet a woman, I shower her with presents. However, women find it burdensome. It's burdensome to receive a lot of presents. Haven't you given him relationship advice? I have done that a lot in the past, but I grew tired. – Why? / – He falls in love after one or two dates. – He falls in love too quickly. / – He is pure. He buys shoes and medicine for a woman if she asks. He lends her his car and takes a taxi to work.

He prepares an event with that car. – What kind of an event? / – He fills it with balloons. – What? / – Balloons? How many days after the first date does he do that? Three days. – Three days. / – He hung balloons after three days. It's like a wedding proposal. – Didn't she like it? / – She stopped taking his calls. I saw a similar event 20 years ago when I was in "Three Guys and Three Girls". – No one does it anymore. / – Who taught you that? In a drama… (He learned it from a drama.) – Dramas ruined him. / – Stop watching dramas. – Which dramas do you watch? / – Are those old dramas? – Are those recent ones? / – In a drama, it looks cool. – You should watch recent ones. / – They are nice. You are still absorbed in "Autumn in My Heart".

– Tell him which type of men is popular now. / – Right. These days, brusque men are popular. Men who look after women in a chic way are nice. – Right. / – "I found it on the street on my way here." That's how you do it. – "I found it on the street." / – "You can have it." Please converse as if you have met for the first time. – Go ahead. / – It's a blind date with Oh My Girl. Say, "Hello." Is this a blind date? (Bowing) You need to say something. What was that? Don't look someone up and down at the first meeting. (Don't look someone up and down at the first meeting.) Did you learn that in a drama? (He is hearing what will happen,) (he looked them up and down.) (Licking) – That's burdensome. / – I get that you are nervous.

You licked your lips because your mouth felt dry. However, you can't do that after you scan someone. (You can't do that after you scan someone.) – His mouth felt dry. / – All right. This is a blind date. Say hello to each other. – Hello. / – Hello. (He doesn't know where to look.) – Don't look away. / – Have a conversation. – Ask her where she lives. / – You need practice. – It's hard to talk. / – What? Hyojung, talk to him. – How old are you? / – I am 33 years old. Really? You look young. Thank you. You should ask a question in return. – What was that? / – You shouldn't keep on answering. Then you throw a balloon event after four days. After a meal, – "That startled me." / – he will lead her to balloons. I will give you a demonstration.

– Hello. / – Hello, you're very pretty. – You are too kind. / – What color is your hair? – I dyed it orange. / – It's very pretty. – It goes well with your skin tone. / – Really? (My goodness.) I heard a fairy has descended on Earth. She is here. You went too far. – You went too far. / – That was bad. Both of them did badly. Taejoon, please demonstrate. – That's Taejoon. / – Hello. This is Jiho. Hyojung, you should go home. Talk among yourselves. – Ma'am, you should go home, too. / – Okay. I will go and get treatment for a herniated disk. – Hello. / – Hello. How old are you? I am 27 years old. How old are you? – I am 21 years old. / – You are 21 years old. – I will talk to you casually. / – Okay. What do you like to do? – I like to watch movies / – They talk casually.

– and listen to music. / – Then let's watch a movie. Really? What kind of movie do you like? I like anything you like. Are you close to Yeongja? – What? / – Hey, I am her mom. Do exactly what he did. Ask age, speak casually, and ask to go to a movie. – Hello. / – Hello. – How old are you? / – I am 30 years old. – I am 21 years old. / – I see. Speak casually. Say, "I will speak casually since I am older." – "I will speak casually since I am older." / – Cue. Can I do it with a man? Why would you do it with a man? – For goodness' sake. / – Try it. You need to try it. – You can do it. / – "What do you like to do?" Hello. (Embarrassed) – How old are you? / – I am 30 years old. Really? I am 21 years old. – Really? / – Yes. You can speak casually. – I will speak casually. / – Okay. "What do you like to do?" Please tell me what you like to do. – Speak casually. / – That's not casual at all. (His head is a blank.) "What do you like to do?" – I like movies.

/ – I like jokbal. I am sorry. – You like movies. / – I like movies. Would you like to go and watch a movie? – There you go. / – That's how you do it. – I would love that. / – My heart aches – because he is very timid. / – That's right. Don't limit yourself with the concept of North Korea. You need to be free yourself to meet more people, do better at sales, and adjust better to this society. What do you think about that? I decided to visit the show because my way of thinking can be wrong. I wanted to hear various opinions and fix my way. You should be more confident. If people tell you to go back to North Korea, laugh at them. Then they wouldn't know what to do. When someone brings up fried chicken and pizza, say, "No, those dishes don't exist in North Korea." "I am glad I can have them here." Be more comfortable with yourself. "It's not like you have tried North Korean sundae.

" "You haven't had cold chicken soup." "You haven't had the real Hamheung-style naengmyeon." Accept your past and use it as a way to talk to people. It will be fun. It's important to be confident. Lastly, are there really no fat women in North Korea? (Shut your mouth.) (He was attacked.) There were many people who misunderstood you. – Please say something to them. / – I am glad you came. I came here with a big dream. I hope you wouldn't look at me as someone different. I will do my best to approach you, laugh, and live cheerfully. Please thank your friends. They are good friends. Thank you so much for helping me do my job. I love you. Chiyeul, press the button if you think it's a worry. Although it's a problem you can overcome, it's hard to rise above prejudices. That's why I think it's a worry.

I also think it's a worry. Although there are biases, I hope you would smile. Your smile is charming. – Jiho. / – I don't think it's a worry. People's will change after this episode airs. If you think it's a worry, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. Time's up. Please say something to your friend. You are a diligent man who works harder than anyone. I hope you would put down your burden and work with us. I love you, my friend. Let's lean on each other until the day we succeed. Let's cheer up. You can do this. – You can do this. / – You can do this. Let's see how many votes his worry got. Please show us. The winning worry has 132 votes. Will he beat someone who grills meat every day? It will be hard.

All right. (99 votes) Thank you. (Good luck.) "Good Guy, Bad Guy". Hello. I married my husband since he seemed to be a good guy. This man – is seriously… / – "Seriously". the best man ever. (He is the best man.) "Honey, did you post photos of our trip on SNS?" "Why would you do that? Erase them." Why? "People who can't travel will be sad." He is nice. "How did we get a ticket when we don't have a car?" "My friend wanted to buy a car under my name." "It seems like his business is doing badly." (Unbelievable) Here is the biggest problem. "Honey, I am sick." "Would you go to the hospital with me?" "I have to go on a business trip." "If I don't go, the work will pile-up" "and other employees will suffer." "Can you get sick after two days?" That's mean. My husband always sides with other people. He's a nice guy to other people, but he's the worst person to me. I report my husband! (I report my husband!) That's a worry.

Let's welcome the lady here to report her husband. (Who's frustrated because of her husband?) (Kim Mihwa) Goodness. Welcome. (Welcome!) Is he really only nice to other people? Is he not nice to you at all? My husband is only nice to other people… (He's only nice to other people!) At all times. – Oh, dear. / – Goodness. It looks like she's really upset. – "My husband is only nice…" Do it again. / – Really? My husband is only nice – to other people. / – She's like an actress. When I talk about how I almost got into a fight with another person, he says, "You must've done something wrong." – That's bad. / – He says that. – He should be siding with you. / – He should be. But he always sides with other people. He lets other people – use his name and his phone.

/ – That's bad. – Does he do this secretly? / – He lends cell phones? – Yes. / – Why does he lend his name? – He even paid the bills. / – He paid the bills too? – That's bad. / – That's terrible. It's really strange that he bought a car for someone. – He bought it in his name. / – He used his name. Something bad can happen if you're not careful. (It can become a really big problem.) (A bigger problem already happened.) – He's the nicest man to the others. / – He is. He's the most considerate man. I found out about this after marrying him. It turned out his parents left a family gravesite and a house to him. – As inheritance. / – A house and a family gravesite. – Yes. / – Did you find out after the marriage? Or did you know even before marrying him? Before marrying him, I knew about the house. I didn't know about the family gravesite. But he lost two family gravesites.

– How did he lose those? / – Did he lose both? – Did he lose two mountains then? / – Yes. – How did he lose them? / – What happened? – He… / – He must've stood surety. That's the only reason you lose your properties. He stood surety and lost the house. He lost the house too. He lost the two family gravesites while spending for his friends who were in bad situation. We couldn't afford his credit card bill. He paid with his credit card first, – but he couldn't pay the bill. / – Did he treat them? Has he changed now? I wouldn't have come here if he changed. – You're right. / – Right. Right. We are sorry. – We're talking nonsense. / – Why did I say that? One time, we won an exclusive purchase right for an apartment, and it was like winning a lottery. – That's really difficult. / – I wanted us to get it. But my husband gave up the right. – Why? / – What's the reason? – For another person? / – He said if he gives up, the next person in the waiting list would be thrilled. (He gave up for the next person in line.

) He didn't give up because of money then. – Is that being considerate? / – Goodness. He's like a hero. He wants to help the world. He wants only other people to be well. Did you not know about this before marrying him? One time, someone picked his pocket. And the pickpocket threw away his wallet in a restroom. My husband said, "He must've really needed it." – He said that. / – He tried to understand the thief. (At the time, she thought he was just a nice person.) Let's meet her very considerate husband. Hello. – Hello. / – Goodness. – He looks like a nice person. / – He looks – like a nice person. / – He looks sweet. – Totally. / – He does look sweet. Do you understand your wife's concern? I think everyone is taught in elementary school to be considerate to others. We are taught to be nice to people around us. I think it's a problem to think of this as a problem. – I came out with a doubt.

/ – Why sound so difficult? – His voice is really nice. / – I… Do you think your wife didn't go to elementary school? – He… / – Well… They don't teach you to lend your name or to hand over your purchase right to other people. Do they teach you to hand over it to the next person? – They don't teach you about how sad / – Right. the person who's next in line would be. Nobody would purchase the house then. We could've gotten loans and somehow gotten it. But I thought it was better to give up so that the person who wants it desperately – can get the house. / – You thought it was right for someone more desperate to get it. But that desperate person was your wife. Right. I tried everything I can – to get that purchase right. / – Right. But we lost the right, and we almost had to dig a hole in the ground and live there.

What do you think about the financial struggle? In helping other people, your financial situation doesn't matter. You don't have to be rich to help. You should help in any way you can. But you stood surety for other people and ended up incurring a loss. Don't you feel bad for making a loss? Your parents left those for you. I do feel very apologetic to my parents. There was a time when I needed someone to stand surety. But my friends refused saying even family won't do that. And I was really hurt by that. – You couldn't believe it. / – After I inherited the house, one of my close friends came to me for help and asked me to stand surety for him. At that moment, I was reminded of myself. You remembered how tough it was for you. – That's… / – He's amazing. That's why I decided to do it and risk the house. – Goodness. / – That's the exact pattern of so-called Nice Person Complex or Syndrome. You got so hurt when you were rejected. – You're traumatized. / – So you're afraid that when you reject someone, that person's going to get hurt as much as you did.

That's why you can't reject people. That's what happened to you. After you lost the house from that incident, did you stop standing surety for people? – He's got… / – No, that's not it. Now, he's not in the position to do it. – He's got nothing. / – We don't have any property now. – You don't have any collateral. / – No. Now he can't give much, but he's still the same. – He hasn't changed. / – No. Was there another incident? – He does what he can. / – Anything else? About three to four years after the marriage, we became financially challenged. – One day, his friend visited us. / – There you go. (His friend visited us.) – He was an insurance salesperson. / – Right. We already had a number of insurances. But he cancelled all of those.

(He cancelled all of the previous insurance plans.) And he signed up for every insurance his friend sells. – The total… / – How much did you lose? The monthly total was too big. And it was hard to maintain it. So I ended up cancelling everything in the middle. So we ended up losing about 40,000 dollars. Don't you think this is too much, sir? – You cancelled all your previous plans. / – He was starting this profession with ambition. Everyone starts ambitiously. – When he was explaining it to me, / – Of course. he said that it would be better for us to sign up for his insurance plans. So I discussed with my wife and signed up for his insurance plans. Didn't you say no at the time? At first, I said we couldn't do it. But he kept reasoning with me. Goodness. – "He's struggling, so.

.." / – She's stressed. – I know his types. / – "He's working so hard." I was going to be a terrible person if I don't say yes. He made it sound like I was going to destroy his life. – You? / – He made it sound that way. That's why she couldn't say no. – She couldn't say no. / – No. You must have a lot of people around you. A lot of people thank him, but they are not those who got help from him. – What? / – They're not. The person he stood surety for and his friend who sells insurance are out of reach. – That insurance salesman. / – Yes. Before we got married, he used to live with a friend. His friend used to live with him without contributing a penny. When we were getting married, he felt sorry to tell his friend to leave. So he gave one of our wedding gifts as a gift to that friend. – A wedding gift.

/ – It was a gift for you. – I know. / – He didn't come to our wedding, and he didn't come to any of my children's birthdays. What's this? – Unbelievable. / – What kind of a friend is he? How is he your friend? Didn't you feel bad? You gave him everything. What are you going to do if he watches this? (What are you going to do if he watches this?) – What? / – He should watch it. – He should watch this. / – It's not like that. He never let me bring this up because… That friend and I were roommates. He couldn't come to our wedding because of work. Now he's doing really well, – and he became a really famous actor. / – Really? He could've come to the wedding and to your children's birthdays. – He could send a message. / – I think one day – But he never… / – we will be able to meet again – He said, "one day". / – and talk about the old days. That friend never called him, – and he never got any gift from him. / – That's bad. But you still consider him your good friend, and you want the best for him. Right? – Right. / – Then you should tell us his name so that he can be more popular.

– True. / – That will make him more popular. I think he must've felt betrayed. He got kicked out because I was getting married. – But… / – You needed to get married though. Goodness. – Then… / – But… You had to get married at one point. Why would you be sorry? It was your place. (I'm sorry for mentioning you, my friend.) Personally, I am really curious about this. Was there an event that made you become so considerate of others? My parents had me at 50. My mother was almost like my grandmother. She always told me to become a person who helps other people. I wanted to listen to her, and it just became my habit. But when she told you not to harm others, she didn't mean you should harm your wife. We become a family. So I considered her another me. – No. / – That's why I cared less. You shouldn't think like that. You should consider her another person. – You should be nicer. / – If you treat other people like how you treat your wife, you'll be in trouble. This is how considerate he is of the others.

One of my friends in the neighborhood was ill. – Is she your friend? / – She's not really my friend. She's a parent of my son's classmate. We became close. – She's another parent. / – She had a back problem. And she couldn't move. He told me I should cook for her. So I cooked several dishes – for her husband and child. / – You cooked. – I cooked fresh rice too. / – That's crazy. – Goodness. / – But when you were sick, he asked you to get sick later. – Right. / – What does he do when you're sick? Last year, I got hospitalized for shingles. – It must have been tough for you. / – It's very… – I know. / – Do you know? (He's flustered.) You are supposed to know. – I know. I know. / – You'll be in trouble otherwise. You need to know. The doctor told to stay in the hospital, and my husband said, "Can you get sick after two days?" He said, "I might go on a business trip." – That's so sad.

/ – It wasn't even confirmed. I got a call while I was staying in the hospital. (He called her while she was in the hospital.) He asked me if I could go home and do the laundry. – But you were in the hospital. / – Goodness. – What is that? / – Why did you do that to a patient? Did you go and do it? – Yes. / – What? – Did you? / – She did it. I went home, did the laundry and went back. – That's unbelievable. / – He must have things to say. The laundry was too much for me to handle. – Was the laundry… / – I knew it wasn't a good idea, but I thought perhaps she could do it if time permits. – But it wasn't about time. She was ill. / – She was. – I think… / – But the laundry situation was – too much for me. / – The laundry was serious to you, but the illness was serious for her. When you have shingles, it hurts everywhere. – So why would.

.. / – You could've done only half. I think this is how he is. He cared a lot when another parent was sick. If their laundry was piled up, he would've done it. – I would've looked up online. / – See? – You're so bad. / – That's so bad. – That's so sad. / – He takes her for granted. Can you go to that parent you helped and tell her to cook for three days since you helped when she was sick? Can you say that? – I can't. / – He can't. (I'm worse than strangers.) There's a man who eats meat only if his wife cooks it for him. It turns out his father's doing it for years. And he's been growing up watching that. I'm sure the children watch their father. They must be influenced by him. How is it? When we were waiting in the waiting room, – they couldn't stay in their seats.

/ – Right. My husband kept telling them to settle down and to be considerate of other people. He used the word "considerate" so many times. – It must be so tough for the kids. / – It's already become a habit for the eldest. He doesn't move. – Right? / – Right. (The shoot went on for a long time,) (so it would've been boring.) (But he managed to sit straight the whole time.) (The 12-year-old is very considerate.) (Whenever his brother moved,) (he told him to sit straight.) If I can… The younger one kept leaning against him, and the elder one hit him with his elbow. – Aren't I strong? / – You are. Whenever I think of my children, I'm reminded of a heartbreaking story. When we were struggling, I had to work too.

So my husband and I went to a preschool to perform. I told him we should take our kids with us, because they were six and three years old. But my husband said it will be inconvenient for them. He said we shouldn't take the kids with us because we are getting paid for it. So we left them in the car. (They left their kids in the car.) – For two hours? / – You let them alone in the car. When we went back after two hours, my son's clothes were wet. I asked him what happened. We gave him a drink, so after finishing it, he tried peeing into it, but it wasn't big enough. But afraid of being scolded by his dad, he said he was okay. And my heart broke watching that. You must've told them to stay in the car.

My husband told them not to leave the car. – Goodness. / – That's really dangerous. Why did you do that? Why couldn't you take them? We went there to help them. So it would cause them inconvenience if my kids run around the stage. Thankfully, they were hanging out well. So I just decided to do it. I didn't think through. Do you feel sorry for what you did? Of course. It was the worst decision I made. I shouldn't have done it. (He's very sorry.) – Your son looks very reliable. / – His first son. Let's talk to the two boys. What's your name, boys? Hello. I am Nam Doyoon. I'm in fifth grade. Your voice is too small. Don't be inconsiderate. – Talk louder. / – You're 12. What's your name? He's so adorable. Hello. I am Nam Siyoon. I'm in second grade. You're big for a second grader. – He's handsome. / – Do you know why you're here? Dad doesn't help mom when she's sick.

Kids can see everything. Dad takes care of other people better. He doesn't take care of us well. (It's shocking.) Bingo. That's right. – You got it. / – How did he take better care of other people? When we went camping, he gave us the snacks last. Did he give the snacks to the other kids first? – Yes. / – Did he give you everything that's left? Perhaps he was being more considerate of you. Did your dad tell you never to cause inconvenience? – Yes. / – But you've secretly done it, haven't you? (He feels guilty.) You've caused inconvenience, haven't you? (He's looking at his dad.) Maybe. Tell us about it. Did you talk in class? (Stop asking me.) Yes. Did you eat more than you're supposed to? Yes. – That's causing inconvenience. / – I love it. Are you scared of saying something mean to people and rejecting people? When I have to say sorry regarding something, I ask someone to do it for me.

It's not bad to be considerate of other people. – Of course. It's good. / – It's a good thing. But you become a bad dad and a bad husband, and that's not good. You have to be considerate of your family first. Only then your family will feel better. about themselves and be more loved by other people. You should think less about what other people think of you and how they judge you. Say no to people. You have to express your dissatisfaction. Only then you can stop only being mean to your wife. Right now, you vent out your anger to only your wife. Chiyeul, vote first. – The kids are handsome. / – I think it's a worry. – The family has to be strong and happy. / – Right. Only then they can be successful and help others. – Hyojung. / – I also think it's a worry. I think it's a worry too.

He's a good man, so I hope he will treat his family better. If you think it's a worry, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) – Five, four, / – Five, four, – three, two, one. / – The kids are so cute. – Time's up. / – Stop. What do you want to say to your family, sir? Well… – Call her honey. / – She's crying. She must still love him. How do you call her? Honey. I made promises to you many times, but I kept disappointing you. I gave you a hard time. I'm really sorry. I will try to be more considerate of my family. I will try to change and be different. (Please keep your promise.) We hope you will keep your promise. Let's see if she got more than 132 votes. Let's see. (The result) – 136? / – 136? – Is it 136? / – Goodness. – Is it going to be 196? / – Who's worse? (With 136 votes, she won.) You won. – Was it that bad? / – Goodness. Yes. – This is the biggest worry. / – Yes. "Good Guy, Bad Guy" became this week's winner.

Winner will receive a 1,000-dollar gift certificate. Until the day we are all worry-free, Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you. – Thank you! / – Thank you!.