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. – After six agonizing months, just three finalists remain. Toma, the former soccer player who quietly emerged as one of the game's fiercest competitors. [cheers and applause] Sonya, an ex-softball star who lost more weight on the Ranch than any other opponent. [cheers and applause] And Rob, a former rugby player who began as this season's heaviest contestant. Each has undergone an incredible transformation, but tonight, only one will be crowned The Biggest Loser, live! [cheers and applause] male announcer: From Hollywood, here's your host, Alison Sweeney! [cheers and applause] – Welcome to The Biggest Loser Finale, everyone. Just wait till you see what the three of them look like when we turn the lights on! [cheering continues] You're going to have to stick around to find that out. We'll reveal later on which of them win $1/4 million, and the title of The Biggest Loser.

And that's just a taste of all the spectacular transformations we have in store for you tonight. This season, 20 former athletes came to recapture their glory days. We had all-stars, a two-time Super Bowl winner, and even a three-time Olympic gold medalist. When this season began, together they weighed over 6,000 pounds. They have lost an incredible, unbelievable amount of weight, and we will reveal just how far all of them have come. But first, let's take a look at the epic journey they endured to make it to tonight. [cheers and applause] – Yes! I played quarterback in the National Football League. – I am a three-time Olympic gold medalist. – I played football at Arizona State. – I wrestled in college. – I was that athlete, but became a top model. – I've won two Super Bowls.

– I played in the finals in Wimbledon, and I also have an Olympic gold medal from the Seoul Olympics in 1988. – 26 years old. I'm almost 500 pounds. – You know, once upon a time, I was–I was great. – You better believe I'm here to compete. – Season 16! Glory days! – Go! – [screaming] – This isn't about getting back to your glory days. This is about going beyond them. – [grunts] – [screams] – Push yourselves! Athletes, go to work! – Where's it gonna come from today? No matter what it takes, guys, I am getting that athlete out of you! – This is the comeback you've been dreaming of! You get your life back in this house! – JJ, nine! – [screams] – Ow! – Oh! – Only if I had another day, another week. You'll never get a chance to tell her you love her. – I know I'm dying in five years! You don't have to remind me! – Every ounce of me is going into not quitting. – I don't think you realize what you can do, because you haven't done it for so long.

– To be called a champion? [scoffs] I want it back so bad, man. [cheering] My man! – Let's go! [yells] – Yeah! – Yeah! – How you train in here is how you will live out there. – Whoa! – Athlete's coming out, now. – That champion that's inside of you, let her out! – Show everyone what you're capable of! – Work together, work together! – Yeah! – You are a… – Legend. – You are a legend! – Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh. – You can do it, bro! Relentless! – Relentless! – Once an athlete, always an athlete! The show this season… – Oh, my God. – Is all about our athletes. But what it's really about is that when life kicks you in the teeth and knocks you down to the ground, are you able to stand up and keep fighting? – Yes! – Move! – That's what it's all about.

– Come on, show up! – The finish line is right there, it's right in front of you. – You show America what a winner looks like, right now! – I'm gonna be the next Biggest Loser. – Fight for it! – I will be The Biggest Loser. – Go, Rob! Go, go, go, go, go, go! – My glory days are ahead, and that's me as the next Biggest Loser. – Who's it gonna be? Who is it going to be? [cheers and applause] – Hold on, now! None of these transformations would be possible without the people who coached our athletes every step of the way, including two new trainers, starting with a woman who was an absolute force from day one, Jen Widerstrom! [cheers and applause] And a man who poured his heart and soul into this entire competition, Jessie Pavelka! [cheering continues] Next up, for five seasons, he's used his voice– And who are we kidding? It's his smile– to inspire some incredible transformations, Dolvett Quince! [cheering continues] Hi! You're such a cutie. And, for the first time in 16 seasons, the eliminated players had a chance to win their way back into the game at Comeback Canyon.

And who better to engineer the greatest comebacks of the season than the one, the only– say it with me–Bob Harper? [cheering continues] – Hi, guys. – Hey. – Oh! – Wow! – I know, right? – Wow! [cheers and applause] Season 16! Season 16. – So this season, Bob, you got to shake things up a bit. You know, I mean, Comeback Canyon, that was insane. – I loved every day we got to spend at Comeback Canyon. We were doing things that were just like, fun and crazy and realizing that, like, their real teams were at home waiting for them. It was their wives, their husbands, their children, and that's what I really wanted them to focus on the whole time we were at Comeback Canyon, and it was a blast. – Yeah, it looked like you guys really did have so much fun. – It was tough.

– Tough! – It was tough. It was tough. – I mean, I can tell you from experience, one-on-one time with Bob Harper is tough. – A scary thing sometimes, let me tell you. – We found that out the hard way, yeah. – Yes, we did. Yes, we did. – So Jen, Jessie, your first season with The Biggest Loser. That had to be…intimidating. I mean, there's so much. – Yeah. – You know, it's such a– – I think– well, I obviously made it clear that I wanted to make an impression this season. But what was so interesting, and I think my favorite part about this season was that it was the impression the contestants made on me that was the most powerful thing in my life. It just– I can't believe how well they took care of me as well.

– And that had to be a surprise, right? [cheers and applause] You think you're gonna be affected, You think you're going to find people you like, but I could see every episode you just really– – There were some tears. – Yeah! – There was a lot of crying. – A lot of tears. – Lot of crying going on! – I'm an emotional guy. – We saw that. – You go on this ride with them. – Yeah. – And when they're sad, you can't help but kind of be a part of that. The first season, I was going on this ride, and it was a–it's a ride you have to, like, grab hold of with both hands, and if you don't, it's gonna leave you. So, I just couldn't help but get emotional with them, so… – Yeah, of course. I feel the same way. [cheers and applause] It's so hard not to cry at every weigh-in, I mean– But, Dolvett, now you're several seasons in. We've got you a veteran, now.

What's special to you about Season 16? What stands out for you about this group? – Alison, probably the fact that they're a bunch of athletes. Every single contestant was an athlete this season. – Yeah. – We've always shared one or two athletes, but the fact that we have so many to work with that are coachable and they're really working on themselves all over again. They've truly reached their glory days, and it's great to be a part of that. – And I saw that competitive look in every single person's eye every day. All right, guys, say thank you to our trainers. Let's hear it for them. [cheers and applause] You guys go have a seat. We're gonna get to the big reveal. Tonight, not only will we crown The Biggest Loser, the 17 contestants eliminated during the season will battle it out for $100,000. So let's bring out our first three athletes.

He's a two-time Super Bowl winner who was desperate to lose weight for his seven kids, and now he's looking like a total champ! Give it up for Damien! [cheers and applause] Next out of the block is a former track star and mother of two. Give it up for Emmy! [cheers and applause] She won three Olympic gold medals playing softball. This season, she was an absolute champ. This is Lori! [cheers and applause] Wow. Okay, so Damien, you talked about the fact that you haven't been this weight since middle school. – Yeah, middle school, can you believe that? I was a big boy in high school. – I mean, what is life like for you now with seven kids? – I have lot less baggage on my shoulders, obviously. But with seven kids, you got to be able to have the energy to run around. Because of the changes I made here and post Biggest Loser, I feel liberated. I feel free. Got the energy to go out and have fun and be the father that I always wanted to be. – And now they're chasing you around.

Right? – Yeah, that's right. That's right. – Lori, it must mean so much to you. Do you want to announce the guests that you have in the audience tonight? – Yes. I have not only my family, but my Olympic softball teammates. Thank you so much for being here. [cheers and applause] – You know, something we talked to Damien and Scott a lot about, having professional athletes know that you're on this journey. What does it mean to you to have them here with you? – You know, it feels really odd because I'm used to being up on the stage with them and having this team experience, but having them here means so much to me. It's just, you know– It's almost like back in my glory days. I'm celebrating something again with them, it's great. – Emmy, you did this for your family. What's life like? How's family life? – You know, life's great right now, you know? I get the kids involved.

They help me cook and plan, and so it's much better for them. And, you know, we're involved in doing 5Ks quite a bit. My son actually wants me to do a 5K theme for his birthday. – That's incredible. I like the tip of making them help you cook. It's a good one for parents. All right, you have to go get changed into your weigh-in clothes. That's what's next. And we're gonna have the first weigh-ins of the night, plus more spectacular transformations when we return. [cheers and applause] announcer: And later, Toma, Sonya, and Rob will weigh-in for $1/4 million, live! . – Hi, everyone! I'm Lisa Rambo from Season 14. I'm here tonight to celebrate The Biggest Loser's ten-year anniversary. Thanks to this show, I lost 108 pounds, and I finished the New York City Marathon twice! [cheers and applause] – I love it. Doesn't she look unbelievable? Tonight, our finalists Toma, Sonya, and Rob will weigh in for a shot at glory and the title of The Biggest Loser. But first..

. [cheers and applause] The 17 athletes eliminated during the season are competing for a $100,000 prize of their own. Before we weigh them in, there's one thing we still need. That Biggest Loser scale. [cheers and applause] Remember, after all the eliminated players weigh in, it's the athlete with the highest percentage of weight loss that's taking home the 100 grand. Are you ready for our first weigh-ins? [cheers and applause] Damien is gonna kick things off for us. After retiring from the NFL with two Super Bowl rings, Damien struggled to lose weight, but after coming to the Ranch, I think it's safe to say he's definitely got his game back. – I played 12 years in the National Football League, and I've won two Super Bowls. – Your starting weight is 388 pounds. – [exhales] I'm disgusted by the number, but you better believe I'm here to compete.

[grunting] – Let's go! Let's go! – Move it! – I can just feel it coming harder and harder, and I'm like, "That's the guy. That's him right there." [grunting] – Go, go, go, go! Jab. Jab cross. – Once an athlete, always an athlete! – [grunts] The Damien that sits here now is a man full of confidence, and I feel amazing. Boom! [cheers and applause] – All right, Damien, you're starting us off tonight. I can't think of anyone I would rather have start off the night for us with these weigh-ins. Your starting weight was 388 pounds. Damien, your current weight is… [beeping] 296 pounds. You lost 92 pounds for a total percentage of weight loss… of 23.71%. That's spectacular, Damien. Come on down and stand with me. Wow. We are off to a great start tonight.

Emmy's up next. Emmy came to the Ranch to get healthy for her kids. Now this one-time track star is hitting a whole new stride. – It's okay to miss your kids, but take care of you too. – Right, I know, I know. – You've always diverted your energy to your family. – Right. – See yourself. – I want to be that mom that helps my kids. I want to be active in their lives. This is only gonna make me better, and that's what I'm striving for. – Show everyone what you're capable of! – Aah! – Yes! – Yes! – Whoa! – I've gotten stronger with each week that I've been here, and I feel like The Biggest Loser has opened that door for me. My little girls beg to do 5Ks, and when I get home, I'm gonna start signing us up for 'em. all: Whoo! [cheers and applause] – All right, Emmy, it's your turn to face the scale. You started at 260 pounds. In order to take the lead from Damien, have a shot at 100 grand, you need to have lost more than 61 pounds.

Emmy, your current weight is… [beeping] 212. You lost 48 pounds, for a total percentage of weight loss…of 18.46. Spectacular work. Thank you, Emmy. You can go have a seat, say hi to Bob. Damien is still in the lead, but next up is Lori. Even with three Olympic gold medals, Lori felt her life was losing its luster. But with Jessie's help, now she's ready to step up to the plate. – You said when you pitched, there was a spark. Where is it? Let's get it. – I'm trying to find it. I'm trying to even fake it and bring it. I'm doing everything I can just to stay here and fight. – I don't think you realize what you can do because you haven't done it for so long. – Last-chance workout! – Yes! – It's about time that I started to live my life like the Olympian that I am. – Yes! Yes! – Yes! – Oh, man! – Strike three, buddy. Oh, my God! – Yes! – I realized that I did have a spark, and I get to show my husband and my son the best mom and the best wife they've ever seen.

[cheers and applause] – You're a great mom, Lori. And your little boy is so beautiful. When you started with The Biggest Loser, you weighed 301 pounds. In order to have a shot at 100 grand, to take the lead from Damien, you need to have lost more than 71 pounds. Your current weight is… [beeping] 210. You lost 91 pounds! [cheers and applause] Oh, yeah! Yellow's got it. Your total percentage of weight loss is 30.23%. Damien, that's enough. – Wow. I probably won't be here long, but I'm glad I get to stand next to you. – I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. That's gotta feel so good. Wow. All right, our first three eliminated athletes have weighed in, and now it's time to see how fabulous the next four look. Let's bring 'em out.

This former football player was the only contestant to earn his way back on the Ranch. Here he is, the comeback kid. Say hello to Woody! [cheers and applause] Next, he's an ex-NFL quarterback who's looking perfect for tonight. Let's hear it for Scott. [cheers and applause] She's a former cheerleader whose time on the Ranch put a little extra pep in her step. Let's hear it for Andrea. [cheers and applause] She's a former basketball star. Now she's pretty hot stuff. Give it up for Jackie! [cheers and applause] Wow. All right. Woody, I want to start with you because I had–I still can picture so clearly that emotional reunion that you had with your children at Comeback Canyon. I mean, I can only imagine it affected everyone the way that it did me. To see that look on your daughter's face when she saw you, what did it mean to you? – Um, it was great. It was a great– it was a great moment because it was a confirmation to her that her dad's gonna be around.

– Yeah. – She's not gonna lose me too. She's not gonna be parentless, and I promise. That's my promise to them. That's my promise to my wife. I'm gonna be here. – And you did it. And you're doing it every day. All right, I gotta hear from Bob. Let me–let me get to Bob back there. Bob, you… – Yeah? – You talked to me about Woody. – I gotta tell you, when I got to first start working with Woody, I didn't know really what to expect because he thought he was going home, right? – Right. – And so all of a sudden, he's like, "Wait a minute. "You don't look like a flight attendant. I'm not–I'm not going home." But literally Woody came in, and when him and Scott went head-to-head, I mean, you should have seen those two guys.

[cheers and applause] It was the only time I was ever speechless on The Biggest Loser. – It was nuts. I mean, we got to see a piece of it on the show, but you were standing there. My favorite was the look on your face watching these two guys talk smack. You were like, "Oh, yeah. That's happen–that's real." – These guys–these guys are major competitors, and it's like no one was gonna mess with Scott. And let me tell you, Woody wasn't gonna mess with Scott. – Scott, I love– [laughter] But Scott, there was so much to you as such an important member of this season, and everybody looked up to you. You were a dad and a brother and a friend and a competitor. And it was just so great to talk to you about all of that and to hear your words of wisdom. Sort of every step of the way, you had something so insightful to say about what we were all experiencing. What is it– what do you say about tonight? – Well.

.. – I mean, being here. – You know, we're here to celebrate what we've lost. – Yeah. – But really, for me, I'm here to celebrate what I've gained. – Yeah. [cheers and applause] – I've gained the knowledge of how to make healthy food taste great. – Yeah. – I've gained a passion for exercise, especially in the morning. I've gained some amazing friends, and I've gained a deeper love for my family, and to be present in their life every day. And I've gained a love for myself. – And that– – And, I– [cheers and applause] Thank you. I came here as this physically and emotionally brokedown caterpillar, and I've transformed into this magnificent butterfly. I'm gonna take all that I've gained and soar to my highest heights. And Jimmy Stewart said, "It's a wonderful life." And this angel finally got his wings. – There you go. I love it.

[cheers and applause] All right, I'm gonna get you all backstage to change, and we're gonna talk to you guys when I get you in your weigh-in clothes, okay? So you guys head backstage right now, and we're gonna see if anyone can stop Lori. I don't know, 'cause she's looking like a major league threat to me. We'll have our next four weigh-ins right after this. [cheers and applause] . [cheers and applause] – Welcome back. Tonight, our three finalists are competing for $1/4 million and the title of The Biggest Loser. But first, 17 athletes that were eliminated during the season have returned to face off one last time for a chance to win 100 grand. Right now Lori is in the lead, but our next four eliminated players aren't going down without a fight. So let's get them on the scale. Woody's up.

This season, Woody defied the odds and made a comeback, but in the game. Even more impressive are the obstacles he's overcome in his life. – My oldest son said something yesterday. He said, "Dad, you already lost Mom." He said, "We don't want to lose you too." – How can we take this extraordinary love that you have for your wife and use that to go forward? – Aah. – You gotta fight for it. You gotta be in this place. – Nice! – We are with you every step of the way! – Come on! – Let's go, Woody! Yes! – I don't care what obstacle anybody puts in front of me. It's not gonna stop me. – Whoo! – Yes! – Whoo. – Yes! My wife right now would be so proud of me. I'm fulfilling my promise that I made to her before she passed away. This is a new me. A new start on life. That old Woody's gone. [cheers and applause] – Woody, if I give you a chance you're gonna start crying again.

So your starting weight was 398 pounds. I know they're gonna keep cheering through the whole thing, so in order to have a shot at 100 grand, take the lead from Lori, you need to have lost more than 120 pounds. Woody, your current weight is… [beeping] 124 pounds you lost… for a total percentage of weight loss– Get down here, Woody. 31.16%. Thanks, Lori. Woody, that's incredible. Woody is in the lead. But you've got some tough competition right behind you, Woody. I'm so happy for you. Let's see how Scott did. Scott wasn't a successful NFL quarterback just because of his arm. He showed us that he has something even more powerful, and that's his heart. – It's time you start looking up to yourself. Lead these troops. Lead them to be great, Scott. – Everyone wants to be under the lights on Friday night. They don't want to work out in the living room on Tuesday. I thought I lost that side of me that was that professional football player.

Yes! Yes! Yes! But being here has reminded me that it's still there. [cheering] I feel alive, and it's a great feeling. – Wow. – I'm in a place where things that just seemed completely impossible are within the realm of the possible. [cheers and applause] – All right, Scott. Let's see if this is possible. In order to take the lead from Woody, you need to have lost more than 114 pounds. Your starting weight was 366. Scott, your current weight is… [beeping] 246. You lost 120 pounds for a total percentage of weight loss of 32.79% Good job, Woody. Come down here, Scott. You're our new leader. [cheers and applause] Wow. Scott, there was so much emotion up there, taking in the crowd. – I hate that scale. I hate it. – But you just beat it. I mean, I'm pretty sure you win, you and that scale. – Sorry, Woody. I finally beat Woody. That's all I'm excited about. – Oh, yeah, that–well, that. [cheers and applause] There we go.

Well–or one each, right? It's even. All right, so next up, as a former cheerleader, Andrea always knew how to root for others. It wasn't until she came to the Ranch that she finally learned to root for herself. Take a look. – What's going on today? – I'm not sure. I'm a confident person on the outside, but on the inside I'm scared of everything. If it were us that ends up in the bottom, I would ask them to send me home. – Do you not feel like you deserve this? – Nope. – What are you afraid of? – That I don't know if I can do it. – Don't give up on yourself. Crank it up! Let's go! – Jessie believes in me. And it makes me think that I should believe in me. – Andrea, are you going home? – No. I'm not going anywhere.

[cheers and applause] – Andrea, you're always the cheerleader, and now you've got your family, you've got all of these people cheering for you. What does that feel like? – It feels amazing. I mean, I went home a little bit early, and my at-home team, my husband, my son, my at-home trainer Marvin, all of the people that were there just helped me through it. And with the kick start from my trainers here, it's been an amazing ride, and I'm not done. – All right, Andrea, you started at 244. For a chance at 100 grand, take down Scott, you need to have lost more than 80 pounds. So your current weight is… [beeping] 174. You lost 70 pounds, Andrea. That's incredible. Your total percentage of weight loss is… 28.69%. It's fantastic. You can go join everyone.

Say hi to your trainers. Scott, you are still in the lead. But we gotta get Jackie up there on that scale. Before The Biggest Loser, Jackie spent her time holed up in her house. But now this former basketball player is ready to break out a brand-new way of life. – What are you fighting for right now? – My life. My happiness. – I want to see that fight right now. Jab. Jab. – You know, I've been a fighter my whole life, but I never fought for myself. And that's what I'm doing here. You know? I'm fighting for me. – Keep it going. Quick, quick, quick feet. Quick feet. Get rid of that weight. – I feel strong. I feel powerful. The Jackie walking out of here is really happy. – Yes! – And I talked about being outside mommy, but now I get to go home and actually be outside mommy. That's super exciting. Good job. [cheers and applause] – Jackie, thanks for coming inside to do the scale. How does it feel being an outside mom? – It feels–it feels wonderful to finally say that I am truly an outside mommy.

I'm outside with my girls all the time. You know, we're– we enjoy life now. – That's amazing. – And you can't put a– you can't put a number on that. You can't put a number on that. – Of course not. I'm so happy for you, Jackie. – Thank you. – We have one number left to deal with. Your starting weight was 291. You need to have lost more than 95 pounds to take the lead from Scott. Your current weight is… [beeping] Your current weight is 225. You lost 66 pounds for a total percentage of weight loss… of 22.68%. Congratulations, Jackie, but Scott, you're still holding onto that lead. Right now Scott's on his way to winning 100 grand, but the next three athletes are ready to take him on. So let's bring 'em out. She won at the Olympics and Wimbledon. Show some love for a true tennis legend, Zina.

[cheers and applause] She's a former basketball star who's ready to break out a brand-new look. Say hello to Chandra. [cheers and applause] And she used to kick soccer balls on the field. Now she is kicking butt in the gym. Give it up for the brand-new Blake. [cheers and applause] Well, Zina, thank you so much for flying all the way to be with us. You're in Australia with the Australian Open. You're teaching a new generation of tennis stars. Are you sharing with them any of the lessons you learned here with us? – Oh, definitely. The more important thing is to have a goal and to go after it, and, you know, be determined. – That's awesome. Thank you for being with us, Zina. Blake, I have to tell you. I'm, like, your biggest fan on Instagram. I kill myself for the photos that you post. I'm so proud. It makes me smile so big to see how confident and proud you are.

I think we a picture of one of your latest Instagram posts, all hot in a bikini. 'Cause that's how this girl rolls. What's it like being the new Blake? I mean, it must be so fun. – Yeah, this is definitely been one of the hardest journeys that I've gone on, but has been the most rewarding. And I'm so proud of myself, and I'm so happy about the person I am today. – I mean, Dolvett, like, it must feel so good to see this young girl make such a change. – You know, Blake definitely was, um, difficult to work with in the beginning, but she found her way. And to see you up here now, I can't help but smile. You look great. – Chandra, you know, that first challenge, I mean, what an uphill battle that was for you. And yet, you did it. And you got there.

And what's the rest been like? – I mean, this has been awesome, you know? That sand dune, I never want to see the sand dune again. – No sand dunes for Chandra. – But, you know, honestly, this journey has been amazing. I made history. I started out at 58% body fat, and if I can do it, hey, I was the biggest girl on Biggest Loser history. We got this. – And you did it. Right? That's right. Ladies, as much as I love how you look right now, we gotta get you into your weigh-in clothes, okay? Head backstage. The question is, can any of those ladies bring down Scott? 'Cause he's hanging on to that 100 grand right now. So we'll have our next three weigh-ins when we return. announcer: Coming up, three finalists, one winner. Who will become The Biggest Loser? The answer later, when we return. . – The 17 athletes eliminated during the season are on the hunt for a $100,000 prize. Right now, Scott is in the lead. But our next three eliminated athletes may have something to say about that. So we're gonna put them on the scale.

Zina's up. Despite success at places like Wimbledon and the Olympics, in our very first challenge on the Ranch, Zina finally met her match. There is one last spot in this competition. Zina only has a few feet to go before this spot is hers. – [shouting] – Oh, no, no, no, no! – Oh, God. – I just had a little bit more to go and I couldn't do it. I really felt like a failure right there. – This isn't it for you. – Let's see it, Zina. That's it. Athletes don't stop. – To know that I'm in much better shape and I'm getting in even better shape… – Good, Zina! – I feel amazing. – Zina, when you first started, you weighed 263 pounds. In order to have a shot at 100 grand, you need to have lost more than 86 pounds. Zina, your current weight is…

[beeping] 226. You lost 37 pounds, for a total percentage of weight loss…of 14.07%. Thank you, Zina. Scott's still in the lead. Chandra's up next. A knee injury once forced Chandra to quit playing basketball. But in week one of this competition, she proved that true athletes never quit on themselves. One spot left on the blue team. Chandra's having a little trouble. – I am in last place. I feel like I'm going home. – Come on, Chandra. – Chandra, come on! – I hear everybody screaming my name. They're reminding me that I'm not a quitter. – Come on, Chandra. – I want to make everybody proud, but most of all, I want make myself proud. – Baby girl, I'm so proud of you. – Come on, Chandra. – You have to finish what you started, Chandra. – You're doing this for everybody you made a promise to. Get it in there. Yeah! – Chandra has made it into the blue team. – Look at you. You did it. You did it.

– And I'm sure since that moment, you have given yourself so many reasons to be proud. You started this competition at 341 pounds. In order to take down Scott here, and have a shot at 100 grand, you need to have lost more than 111 pounds. Chandra, your current weight is… [beeping] 270. You lost 71 pounds. Way to go, Chandra. That's amazing. Your total percent of weight loss is 20.82%. Those are some incredible numbers. But they're not as good as yours… for the time being. I don't know. – That is unfortunate. – Blake goes around wearing a bikini. So I feel like she's gonna have something to say about this. – I don't wear a bikini. – [laughs] All right. Blake spent her entire life battling her weight and her emotions. But with Dolvett's help, this former soccer player is now heading into a whole new direction. – At the age of five, I was 100 pounds. I was huge.

I just have never felt good enough. I never felt like I made my parents proud enough. – But you're exposing yourself. That has to feel good. – It's a little weird. – It's weird, right? – [laughs] – Attagirl! – When I first came here, I wanted to lose weight to make my mom and dad proud. – Once again, Blake has the highest percentage of weight loss. – But now I've learned that it needs to be about me. And I feel great now. – All right, first of all, you gotta promise me I'm gonna see that shake on the scale, okay? And secondly, I'm pretty sure you're– I can tell from the way they're screaming, your parents are proud. – I know. They're so proud. – They are. And you're proud, right? – Yes, I am proud of myself. – Are you ready to see what you got here up against Scott? – Yeah. – Former red team facing off. Blake, when you started this competition, you weighed 251. In order to take the lead from Scott, you need to have lost more than 82 pounds.

This is a girl who was winning, right? When she was starting, right? Oh, Dolvett, let's see if she does it. All right, more than 82. Blake, your current weight is… [beeping] 154. [cheers and applause] You lost 97 pounds, Blake, for a total percentage of weight loss of 38.65%. That is enough. Come on over here. I'm sorry, Scott. – Great job. – Your former red team partner is taking the lead. Great job! Oh, my God. You just told those boys to sit down… – Yeah. – Is what happened. That has got to feel so good. – It feels really good. I'm proud of the work I put in. I worked hard. – You did. – Yeah, baby. – But I just knew it. Every challenge this girl had like, eye of the tiger. I mean, you just never quit from the moment you set foot on that ranch.

It's awesome to see. Well, congratulations, Blake. She's set to win 100 grand, but there are four more athletes waiting in the wings. Let's get them out here. He's a former wrestler who made all the right moves this season. Come on out, Mike. You're gonna stand over there. Over there. [cheers and applause] As a former cheerleader, she's ready to get off the sidelines and get in the game. Give it up for Gina. [cheers and applause] She's a former WNBA star and now she's ready to rock. Give it up for Vanessa. [cheers and applause] He's a former wrestler and model whose future is looking picture-perfect. Here's Matt. [cheers and applause] Wow, it's fantastic to be standing here with all of you. Matt, you have some news for us all. You and your girlfriend of 12 years just got engaged. Is that right? – Absolutely. – Can I just ask you one thing? What took you so long? – A lot of trial and error, but, you know, I finally found my roots, and I was able to ask her.

You know, I had a lot held back with the weight, and depression, and issues, and so with The Biggest Loser and stuff, it really gave me the, you know, balancing board that I needed. The balancing pad to ask her. – And now you're the man that she deserves, right? – Absolutely. – Congratulations to both of you. We're so happy for you. – Thank you. – Mike, your story was so meaningful to everyone. I got so many people who talked to me about how wonderful it was for you to be honest and talk about your relationship, and how much you loved your son. You had something special that you did to show us, right? We have a picture of you. Tell us about it. – Well, when I started this journey, I had no idea that I would ever be able to do this. My son was tall and lanky. And, you know, after all the weight loss, I kind of figured– I find out I was too. So, um– – It's where he got it. – And that's me last week.

– And that's you in your son's uniform. Is that right? – Yeah, those are his fatigues. – Those are his fatigues. And you are definitely doing him proud now. That must be so special for you. – Thank you. God bless. – Ladies, look at you both. Gina, you– you always say your husband was the active one. Uh, I'm pretty sure you're running laps around him now. Right? – Actually, I did. We ran a 5K and I beat him. – Oh, nice. – And I can out-plank him. I can pretty much outdo him in most things. – Whoa. – Okay, well– – I like the bragging rights. That's pretty awesome. – Yeah, finally. – Oh, my gosh, Vanessa, you were one of the first players to leave the Ranch. What's it been like for you going home? What was the challenges? What were the successes? – Um, I think being home, the challenge was, you know, continuing on my journey and being healthy.

But I have a great support system at home with my fiancĂ©, and my best friend, and my children. It's been a good experience at home. – Jen, let me hear from you. Jen, what are you looking at when you see these beautiful faces? Matt and everything he went through? – We ought to give them jobs on the show. I mean, I can't even get over this. Like, the time and the effort, it's– you know, the changes, I think, happened inside and that's why we see them on the outside. But, man, it's good to celebrate the outside. I am just so into this right now. Awesome. – Now, we gotta celebrate all of you on the scale. So I'm gonna send you backstage to get changed, okay? Thank you. The question is, can Blake hold on to her lead? It's still anyone's game. The hunt for 100 grand continues after this. . [cheers and applause] – We're back with Blake in the lead for $100,000, but there are four more players eliminated during the season that are ready to take her on. So we're gonna get them on the scale now.

Mike is next. He's a former wrestler whose biggest battle was to overcome a devastating loss. So why don't you take a look at Mike's journey? – My focus had been so much on grieving my son's death that I had– I'd been neglectful. The only way I can introduce you to my son, is by showing him in me. – Yes! – Wow! – Damn, I'm proud of you! – If my son could see me, I think he'd be very happy. [grunting] – The athlete's coming out now. – This is nothing short of a miracle. – Thank you, Mike. – Good job, Mike. – You bring a certain class to this season. And I enjoy walking this journey with you, sir. – I'd given up on life. Getting the will to live back was a big deal. And now I have it and I'm not gonna let it go. My son would say… "Hell yeah, Dad. Nice job. Way to go.

" – Mike, when you started this competition, you weighed 399 pounds. To have a shot at the 100 grand, a chance to take Blake off the pedestal here, you need to have lost more than 154 pounds. I'll let you do the math later. We'll look at the number together. Your current weight is… [beeping] 249. You lost 150 pounds, for a total percentage of weight loss of 37.59%. So close. Blake, you have him by 4 pounds. – I know. – That's crazy. It's so close. All right, Mike, we'll have you take a seat. Gina's up next. Before this competition, Gina was always the consummate cheerleader, but once she hit the gym, she had a total game face. – You've put on a smile for so long. That fight.

That anger. You need to get that out. – Growing up, we always had to have our pretty face on. – How exhausting is it to always have a smile on your face? – Pretty damn exhausting. – Pretty damn exhausting. – No matter what happened, we weren't allowed to vocalize it. – Get it out! Get it out! Get it out! – It feels really good for somebody to tell me to get angry. – What do you see right there? What do you see? – My stupid smile. – Go! – I'm never gonna heal until I just let it all out. This is the beginning of the new Gina. – Gina, your starting weight was 242 pounds. In order to take the lead from Blake, you need to have lost more than 93 pounds. Your current weight is… [beeping] 177. You lost 65 pounds. Congratulations, Gina. Your total percentage of weight loss is 26.86%. You did great. Thank you. But you are still our leader. You are that much closer to $100,000. I mean, what are you thinking? – I don't know. – Well, we were giving a little shout out to your boy Dolvett over there, weren't we? – Yeah.

– He's gotta be pretty proud. Look at that proud smile on his face. – Very, very proud. I'm like this. – All right, we gotta keep going with these weigh-ins. Vanessa's up next. As a former WNBA star, Vanessa always knew how to win. Her challenge this season was to learn how to lose. – Let's go, Vanessa. – [grunting] Sorry. – What happened? – I'm just cramping up. That's all. – What are you feeling right now, Vanessa? – Anger. My body is failing me. – Get your mind straight. – Okay. – Think about what you want to do here. – Okay. I definitely need to do this so that I can show myself, your body shut down, but you kept going. – Big pull. That's it. Yes! Vanessa, you just lost 14 pounds. – Not only am I physically closer to the athlete that I was, but I'm mentally closer as well. And that's a great feeling. – Vanessa, when you started this competition you were at 366 pounds.

For a chance at the $100,000, you need to have lost more than 141 pounds. Your current weight is… [beeping] 299 pounds. You lost 67 pounds for a for a total percentage of weight loss of 18.31%. Congratulations, Vanessa. That's fantastic. But Blake here is still in the lead. But we gotta get Matt on the scale. I feel like Matt's gonna give you a run for your money here. Matt was once a model athlete, and thanks to his time on the Ranch, now his future is looking picture-perfect. – In high school, I was a top-tier football player and wrestler. After that, I became a model, and now I weigh 380 pounds. – My question is, what are you fighting for? – I have this wonderful girlfriend. We started dating when I first started doing the modeling. Since then, I've gained a lot of weight. – What are you fighting for? Go! – If I don't make changes, I'm gonna lose the love of my life. Whoo! I can't thank The Biggest Loser enough for helping me become the man I want to be..

. Would you do me the honor and become my wife? But also, the future husband I'm going to be. She said yes! Whoo! – Wow, Blake, we're looking at Matt up there. He looks pretty good. How are you feeling? – I'm nervous, but win or lose, I've won on my own. – Yeah, you're good? – So it's okay. Yeah. – Matt, in order to take the lead, to have a shot at $100,000, you need to have lost more than 149 pounds. Your starting weight was 386. Matt, your current weight is… [beeping] 231. You lost 155 pounds, for a total percentage of weight loss of 40.16% And that's enough to pull the lead. All right, Blake, you can go sit down 'cause Matt, you're with me. Matt is our new leader. He's on his way to winning $100,000, but we do have three more eliminated contestants that are looking to take you on. How are you feeling right now, though? – Feeling pretty good. – It's gotta be– I mean, this is a tough group that you're standing here and they're sitting down. – Yeah.

Absolutely. I mean, every single one of them were top contenders for me, so– – Yeah. Well, we got three more. – Yes, we do. – We gotta bring them out. Let's check out the next, a former Arizona State Sun Devil. No wonder he's looking so hot. Make some noise for a new JJ. [cheers and applause] She's a former all-state volleyball player who's serving up a sizzling new look. Say hello to Rondalee! [cheers and applause] And he is a new dad, a former baseball player, and this season, he totally knocked it out of the park. Here's Jordan. [cheers and applause] Okay. Jordan, enough about you. Where's the baby? Where is this baby? – I have to have to see it. – Where is he? Oh, I see him. He's right over there. – Aw, is he awake? Aw, look at him with his little Biggest Loser onesie.

– Look it, he's rocking Team Red. You like that? – I mean, Jordan, it's what we talked about. It's what you thought about every minute on the Ranch– that you were doing this for him. – Yeah. – For little Sawyer. And now you're– and now he's here with you to help you and motivate you. What's it like? – It's been one of the coolest things in the world to be a dad, you know? And I've said, this guy, before he was even born, changed my life and my world since being home. And meeting the little guy for the first time, it's even more so. And it gives me more motivation to be that– the best dad I can be for him, so. – You did it. Jen. Jean this guy here barely finished his first work out. And now look at him. I mean, talk to me about JJ. – Who's that? Who's that? – Oh, Jen. – And you know what's funny? What's funny, just so– okay, he was like, "I was fine. I was totally fine in that workout. There was no problems," but, like, it's on camera.

You barely, barely made it. And then you came back, and then you– He–does it not– we're giggling. It's true. And yet, you came back and you made a decision. Not 'cause I told you to. Because you chose to be in the room every day and make the change. And it's like, here we go! – Wow. What's been the biggest change for you? – You know, the biggest change is really just changing up my eating habits. You know? You cannot out-train a bad diet. And you can put in the work every single day, but if you are not putting that good in your body, your body isn't gonna respond. – That's right. Well, you did it. – So this is just, like, a personal thing for me, but, Rondalee, our entire experience together, you and me, you were like game face. You were serious, like, competitor, and I–and, obviously, it worked. – So, there you are.

– It worked. – But did you go home with that same, like, you know, one-track mind? – Like, that focused energy? – Yeah, definitely. You know, it's, it is a focus. And even though we're at home, you still have the mindset, and you still have goals you want to reach. And, you know, I think, through it all, I just had to stay focused and be confident in my ability, and, you know, regardless of who takes this away tonight, I'm excited and I'm happy. And these guys look great. And everybody looks incredible. – Yeah, you– Oh, please. All three of you look incredible. She's got– no, say it loud. Say it proud. – Look at these things. – Let's see them. Look at those guns. Well, we're gonna see more of you, but you guys have to go get changed into your weigh-in clothes, okay? – All right.

– Cool. – The question is, can Matt hang on to the lead? Our last three eliminated athletes are ready to take him on. We're gonna have a $100,000 winner right after this. announcer: And later, who will become The Biggest Loser? Toma, Sonya, or Rob? The answer tonight, live from Hollywood. . – Hey there, I'm Vinny Hickerson. Isn't this awesome? When I started this show, I weighed 426 pounds. Now, I'm a competitive bodybuilder. And tonight, I'm here to welcome all these new athletes to The Biggest Loser family. – I like it, Vinny, you're breaking out the big guns. Way to be awesome. Okay, one of the athletes eliminated during this season is about to win $100,000. Right now, Matt is in the lead. But our last three players are about to weigh in. And JJ is next. He's an ex-football player. JJ had a rough start to this season, whether he'd like to talk about it or not. But, thankfully, being teamed up with Jen turned out to be a total game-changer.

– JJ, go to work. Seven, six, five… – I've got three younger siblings. I feel a sense of responsibility to be a role model. – Leading by example is a powerful thing. Take it seriously. – I do. – Yes, JJ. – You know, I struggled with the first workout. So, I feel like I have a lot to prove. Yeah! I feel like I'm leaving here a better person. And a better older brother. I came here with those intentions, and I feel like I've accomplished them. – JJ, you started out at 392 pounds. To have a chance at 100 grand, to beat Matt, you need to have lost more than 157 pounds. – That's a lot. – It's a lot. – That's a lot. – JJ, your current weight is… [beeping] 225, you lost 167 pounds. Well, thanks for standing here with me, Matt, but I'm gonna have you sit down 'cause, JJ, your current percentage of weight loss is 42.60%. And you are our new leader.

That is incredible. Wow. Wow. Hey, so, um, before we move on here, Jesse, I gotta ask you. Is it just staggering for you, like, to see, here, all these numbers, all this weight loss, all these successes? Like, this is your first finale too, to really be a part of this. – Yeah, it's incredible. These guys have put in the work and it's showing. And everybody here has succeeded. Weight loss is one part of it. But all of you have shifted and you're all happy. You're smiling on stage. Whereas, when you first showed up on the Ranch, that was not happening. – Right. – Well done to all of you. Rondalee's gonna weigh in next. The former all-state volleyball player, Rondalee, discovered the trick to finding the inner-athlete again, was to dig deep. – When I was an athlete, I was the best. I am here to try to find that athlete again. – Come on, that champ, it's inside of you. Let her out! Nice. Rondalee, she's here, she's ready to work, and she's ready to win.

– There you go, Rondalee! – Ah! – Yeah, keep going. Yes! – Nothing about this place is easy. But I am a fighter. [grunts] – Oh! – And having that athlete come out again, that's exciting for me. I don't want to put the brakes on. I don't want to stop. I just want to keep pushing forward. Whoo! – Okay, here we are, Rondalee. You started out this competition at 280 pounds. For a chance at the 100 grand prize, to take it away from JJ, you need to have lost more than 119 pounds. Your current weight is… [beeping] 187, you lost 93 pounds. That is incredible, Rondalee. Congratulations. You have total percentage of weight loss of 33.21%. And you are still in the lead. – Whoo! Whoo! – I mean, we are one weigh-in away. Jordan, I feel pretty confident, is gonna have something to say about this, but we gotta get him on the scale to find out. He's a former baseball MVP.

This season, Jordan made the ultimate sacrifice for his growing family back home. – I'm making a huge sacrifice to be on The Biggest Loser because I might be there for the birth of my first child. How is everything going? – I just had an ultrasound. – I wish I could be there for that stuff. You and the baby are the reason I keep going. I'm here to be there for 'em for the long run. And if I don't make it for the first day of his life, I'm gonna do my best to be there the rest of it. – Come on, go to work. – Ah! – Go to work! – That's a man with a purpose right there, man. – You, sir, are a rock star. – Yeah! I have a fresh start at life. I no longer have the fear that I'm gonna be that sideline dad. This isn't the end of my journey, it's the beginning. – Well, I can't help but think that 100 grand prize would go a long way for Sawyer, right? Jordan, your starting weight was 323.

It is down to you and JJ. One of you is about to win 100 grand. In order for it to be you, you need to have lost more than 137 pounds. Your starting weight was 323. Your current weight is… [beeping] Oh! Jordan, you lost 143 pounds. Your total percentage of weight loss is 44.27%. Congratulations, Jordan. You did it! [cheers and applause] Congratulations, Jordan. Look at your beautiful family. Little baby. We have our first winner of the night. But the grand prize of $1/4 million is still to come. Toma, Sonya, and Rob will face off to become The Biggest Loser, live, right after this. announcer: $1/4 million is on the line. Our final weigh-ins, coming up, live. . [cheers and applause] – Welcome back. The season, people from across the country sent us their comeback stoies, and along with our friends from Subway, tonight, we wanted to recognize them. So right now, we have our trainers in the audience with a few of the incredibly inspiring people that we met.

Bob? There you are, hi. Who'd you meet? – I am out here with Trayce from Chicago. This girl, on her own, has lost 120 pounds! [cheers and applause] You better start telling us, how did you do it? – Well, for ten years, I tried to lose weight on my own, and the things that I was doing with the yo-yo dieting put me into the hospital. I had told myself I really couldn't do it, I wasn't gonna be able to do it because the deck was stacked against me. I was a stylist, a mom, and a wife, and I had three kids, and I weighed 275 pounds. And then I saw The Biggest Loser and connected with you, Bob. I then put it into my brain that I had to change here, and I had to change my diet and my exercise. And through the support of my family and also my husband, I made it happen, and I got my life back.

– Well, she changed here and she changed here, okay? – Incredible. – Okay? – All right, Jen, I know you found an incredible story too. Tell me about it. – Yeah. We're finding these guys everywhere. I'm standing next to Jordan Grahm, a guy that turned his life around and got into powerlifting. He's now lifting more than he used to weigh. And we just had to have him here–like, share his story. So, Jordan, take it away. – Well, I was overweight my whole life, and by the time I graduated high school, I was over 400 pounds. I was in a near-fatal car accident and I realized that I couldn't live my life unhealthy and be depressed. And that was my turning point. So I started exercising. I started making smarter choices with food little by little, and I started losing all this weight. And then I became addicted to the gym and lifting weights, and I set a goal to squat more than I used to weigh, and then I accomplished it. – That's incredible. Wow! Good for you! – Isn't today a special day? Today is a special day for you, is it not? – Yes, today is my birthday.

– Jordan's birthday, guys. It's a party. – Ha! Happy birthday from The Biggest Loser! – Now it's a party! – Dolvett, you found someone special too? – I'm here with the beautiful Lori. Lori's amazing. At age 47, she started her journey, and now at 51, she's lost 211 pounds. – Wow. [cheers and applause] – How in the world did you do that? – Well, I too have been overweight my entire life, but I reached a tipping point about four years ago. My weight hit 381 pounds– more than an NFL defensive lineman and more than most female contestants on the show. It was then that I met O'Neal Hampton from Season 9 Biggest Loser. He looked me in the eye and he said, "Lori, we've got this. We can totally do this." He gave me hope when I didn't have any. And so to anybody sitting out there tonight who's watching the show feeling like they can't do it, I'm here to tell you, "We've totally got this.

" – That's incredible. Good job. Congratulations to all of you. But I've got Jessie right here, and you've got someone special who made a comeback that inspired people across America for 16 years. – Yes, so I'm here with a guy who knows just a little bit about weight loss. It's Jared from Subway. Now, how much weight did you actually lose? – Thank you. I actually lost 245 pounds in one year back in 1998. And that, of course, was eating two Subway sandwiches every day, plus lots of walking. – Are you still eating Subway? – Well, of course. It's still one of my favorite things. I still eat it a couple times a week to help me keep the weight off. And I'll tell you one of the things I love is that Subway continues to lead the way with smarter, more nutritious choices like the grilled chicken strips, which go great on my favorite sandwich, the sweet onion chicken teriyaki.

– Excellent, excellent. [cheers and applause] Now, I understand you have a pretty amazing prize for these guys. [cheers and applause] – Yeah, I am– – Hey, listen up! Hold on! This is important. They need to hear this. – Yeah, I am here for a really special reason. So Trayce, Jordan, and Lori, you guys have been awesome. And thanks to your amazing comebacks, Subway would like to present each of you with the Eat Fresh For A Year Award– right here–to help you continue your incredible journey and inspire the people hoping to make a comeback of their own. So each of you are gonna be getting free Subway for an entire year! – Now that is cool. [cheers and applause] – That is quite a prize. This moment is spectacular, but it's not as good as the one that's coming. You've been waiting for it all season.

Our finalists Toma, Sonya, and Robb will share their unbelievable transformations when we return, live! [cheers and applause] announcer: Think you can be the next Biggest Loser? Visit biggestloser.com to apply now. . – Hi there, everybody. I'm Amy Parham. It's so crazy to be here. Seven years ago, I stood on this same stage, and now I get to travel the country paying for the lessons I learned on the ranch. I can't wait to see what's in store for them. [cheers and applause] – Let's hear it for Amy. Come on! [cheers and applause] The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here. It is time to bring out our three finalists. On the softball field, Sonya was the ultimate team player, but in her personal life, she always found herself alone. Something tells me that after the "transformortion"– transformations she's made in this competition, her love life is going to be a whole new ball game. – Wow. My name is Sonya Jones.

I'm a two-time softball All-American. This October, I will officially become the 40-year-old virgin. I've never been in a relationship, ever, and I can't imagine someone wanting to spend their life with me when I don't find myself desirable in any way. – Why come to The Biggest Loser? – For the first time in my life, to focus on me. [cheers and applause] Yeah! I'm learning to love someone that I didn't even know could exist. [grunts] – Nice, Sonya! – Good heavens. – For the first time in my life, I feel beautiful. Words cannot describe to you how grateful and how proud I am of this journey. I have been the biggest loser on the ranch since week five, and I'm not planning to relinquish my title as the biggest loser anytime soon. Yes! [cheers and applause] – Here she is.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for Sonya! [cheers and applause] Oh, hi! – How are you? – Oh, I'm doing great. Just hanging out, you know? – Just hanging, chilling, yeah? – Look at you. I mean, Sonya, this has been incredible, and, I mean, Jen can't keep a dry eye. – Hi! – Hi! – I haven't seen them yet. – Well, I'll give you a chance to catch up in a minute. I want to have everyone hear from you. What's your life like now? Those kids, those Coach Jones' kids, they love you. What was that like? – I gotta tell you. The first day that I went home, I got there and my kids were– I got on the big speaker and I said, "Hey, I'm back," and I heard the whole school go, "Yay!" And they freaked out. So I walked into each classroom 'cause I wanted to see all of them. And I walked in, I said, "Hey, guys, can I come in?" I opened the door and they all went.

..[gasps]. [laughter] Because they had only seen through episode nine and I had just been through makeover week, and they're like, "Whoa! Who is that?" So it took them a couple while– a couple of weeks, but man, they adjusted well. – And are they so inspired by you? – They– [cheers and applause] They sure seemed to be. They–you know, the kids– It's so funny because I hear parents say, you know, "My kids are doing Biggest Loser scales," and they get up on the scales. And so many of my staff members and friends and family have dropped weight too. I mean, it's just been– – Please, Sonya. – It's been such an amazing ride. – Oh, plea– We all know. You just–you just inspire everyone you meet, and I'm proud to be one of them. – Thank you.

Thank you, Ali, thank you. – But we gotta meet your competition, right? – Yeah! – There are two other finalists we're bringing out here tonight. As a rugby player, Rob was no stranger to tackling some pretty tough people, but this season, he realized that the toughest opponent he'd have to overcome was himself. – I'm Rob Guiry from Springfield, Massachusetts. I'm a former rugby division champion. – You're starting out at 483 pounds. – I'm 26 years old. I'm almost 500 pounds. If I don't lose the weight now, I'm terrified of what's gonna happen. [screams] – This is in your immediate future. – [bleep]! – We have to get you to remember this stuff. – I'm not gonna! I know I'm dying in five years! – For the first time in your life, take control of you. – I don't know how. – Tell your mind to get out of your body's way. Get out of your head, get out of your way.

Yes! That looked good, baby. – Let's go! – Let's go, Rob! Yes! – All right! – All right, Rob! – Let's go! – Be relentless! You got this! You got this, baby! – I know now I gotta let go. I gotta believe in me. Now I'm way closer to the man I want to be. I was dead within five years, and I was already dead inside. You didn't just change my life. You saved it. I'm going to show up at the finale with that 500-pound guy far, far behind me. – This is a new life. Go get 'em, Rob. [cheers and applause] – He's ready to break out in a big way. Give it up for Rob! [cheers and applause] – Yeah! [cheering continues] Yes! Yes! Look at him! [cheering continues] – [laughs] Look at you! – Hi. Mwah. I love you. – All right, Rob, you come stand over here. First of all, I think we gotta resolve– There was an incident with Dr. H at the beginning.

.. – Oh, geez. – And he has something he wants to say to you. – Well, I mean, I was just thinking, when we were going toe-to-toe, I mean, hiya–how ironic? I'm doing 16 seasons talking to contestants, telling them, "You're gonna lose years and years of your life if you don't get your act together," and here I'm thinking, "God, maybe I'm the one that's gonna die prematurely," you know? [laughter] But, all seriousness, Rob, you started out– I mean, people don't realize how young you are. 25, 26 years old. You started out a boy ready to walk out. You turned–Dolvett turned you into a man that stood up to your disease. – Uh-oh. – And that, you know, you looked at severe sleep apnea, hypertension, dyslipidemia. You had arthritis. You had pre-diabetes. You had hormonal shifts. And you know what? You turned around and you lost literally hundreds of pounds of excess fat. [cheers and applause] – Tell us, where is he today, Dr. H? – And you know what? – Let's hear it. – You did it in a–you did it in a safe, effective manner, much better than those distasteful weight loss surgeries that everybody wants to turn to.

And because you lost that weight, all those diseases that you had have completely remitted. They're gone. [cheers and applause] And so, I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, Rob, you got my vote to get inducted into The Biggest Loser hall of fame, and I couldn't be prouder. – Thank you. – Congratulations. – Thank you, thank you. [cheers and applause] – We've got one last finalist that we gotta bring out here. Rob, I'm so thrilled for you. We are so excited to see all of you together. We're gonna hear from Toma right after this. . [cheers and applause] – Welcome back to the live finale of The Biggest Loser. We are just moments away from the grand prize, but first, we have one last finalist to bring out, and that's Toma. He's a former soccer player who joined The Biggest Loser to fulfill a promise he once made to his dad.

He's not the kind of guy to say much, but there's not a question that this season, he proved he's definitely a man of his word. – My name is Toma. I'm 33 years old. I played soccer in the Metropolitan Soccer League in Chicago. – Toma, your starting weight is 336 pounds. – Feel like I let a lot of people down. Most importantly, I feel like I let my dad down. Things really changed for me when my dad passed away. It was devastating. He told me he wanted me to be healthy and he wanted me to lose the weight. – Losing weight is the greatest thing you could really honor your father with. Wrap your head around that, you're unstoppable. Come on! Dig in! Go! – [grunts] – Go! Yes! – Yay! Yes! – To watch you up there celebrate like that, that's the man I want to see. Here's a guy who is a quiet storm. – Ah! – There's a beast in Toma. – [grunts] It's been an amazing 17 weeks.

– Yeah. – I just want to thank you guys for being there for me, for us. I kept my promise to my dad. It's been nine years since he passed, and I can finally say tonight, "Mission accomplished." [cheers and applause] – Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for the quiet storm himself, Toma! – Yeah! [cheers and applause] [all chanting] Toma! Toma! Toma! Toma! – Toma! [all chanting] Toma! Toma! Toma! Toma! Toma! Toma! – Yeah! [cheers and applause] He looks like a politician. [cheering continues] – [laughs] I would vote for him. [cheering continues] Wow, Toma! – Hey, how are you? – Good. – Looking fresh, buddy. – Wait, sorry. Are you Andy Garcia or what? What's happening here? And by the way, I called that first, like, way a long time ago. – Totally. – I mean.

.. – I like it. – Look at you. This is incredible, and– and your life is so different, and now look at the three of you. What were you thinking when you guys saw each other in the dark at the beginning of the– beginning of the show? – They looked amazing. Absolutely amazing. And I was just so, like, proud of us. Like, just everything we've accomplished, it's just been absolutely amazing. – We talked a lot this season about your past and your promise to your dad, but you said something to me earlier today that was really amazing about what's coming next for you. Tell me. – Yeah, you know, it's– It was difficult losing my father, and I really held on to that grieving process for a very long time. I didn't dream anymore, you know? I didn't believe in myself, and I had a really hard time seeing my future, and, uh… I mean, I feel absolutely amazing now. And going through this whole– [cheers and applause] – And now you can dream. The world is your oyster.

– Now I can dream, the world is mine, and there's nothing I can't do, and I'm looking forward to the future. Regardless of, you know, what's there, I'm ready for it. – Well, we're gonna get the three of you backstage and ready for the weigh-in, which is next, but… we have something that we want to share with you. A little bit of a surprise, right? One of you is gonna win $1/2 million, the title of The Biggest Loser, but before we get to that, the trainers came up with an idea with their friends at Kohl's 'cause they wanted to help you celebrate this huge moment and your new life beyond the ranch. So I know this is crazy to say, but they went shopping together, the four trainers. It really happened, and you're about to see it. Thank God they brought cameras 'cause I'm so happy to watch this unfold. They wanted to give you something for you and your entire family. Watch this.

It speaks for itself. – All right, does everyone know what they need? – Yep, we've got it. We'll take it from here. – Got it. Let's go. – Let's go. – Today, we're at Kohl's and we are finding some cool gear for our three finalists. – They need to be set up to be successful at home to replicate what they've been doing here at the ranch. – I love these NutriBullets. – Yeah, they're pretty awesome. – Toma can make smoothies with these. I'm gonna get one for him and one for his family. – Sonya's gonna look really good in those. – She can wear these Fila leggings to the gym. – Kohl's is like a one-stop shop– the cooking gear, the exercise gear, and all the other gear in between. You think Rob would like these ASICS? – Yeah, those are cool. – Did you guys get everything? all: Yeah.

– Let's go. – Let's check out. – We're all stocked up. The carts are full. These guys are set up for success. – So you guys are each going to take all of that home for you and your entire family… – All right. – Awesome! – Thanks to Kohl's. The trainers had so much fun because they had so much to choose from in store and online. Kohl's knows that you're making a move in the right direction, and they wanted to help honor that and celebrate you as you continue on your journey to leading healthy lives. Now, all of you and your families are set up to have success at home. So we've taken care of that. Now you have to go get changed. Let's get this weigh-in on. Okay? – All right. – We're gonna get them on the scale right after this. All right, let's go.

– Let's go. . – All right, America, either Sonya, Rob, or Toma is going to win the $1/4 million grand prize and the title of The Biggest Loser. They're ready. I'm ready. I'm sure you guys are ready. Let's weigh 'em in. First up, she was the biggest loser on the ranch. Let's see if she can keep the crown. Remember, it's not just about the pounds that you've lost. It's about your total percentage of weight loss. That will determine who will become the next Biggest Loser and win the grand prize. Sonya, when you first came to campus, your starting weight was 283 pounds. Your current weight is… [beeping] 139! – Yeah! – You lost 144 pounds, Sonya, for a total percentage of weight loss… of 50.

88%! [cheers and applause] – Yeah! – Come on down here, Sonya! – Yes! Yeah! Are you kidding me? – That is a number to beat! Over 50%! Come over here. You're on the other side. This is incredible. Look at that number. – That's huge! 44! 44. – All right, we have to get Rob up on the scale, though. Come on up, Rob. Rob started out as our heaviest contestant, but now he's hoping he has the number tonight. You go on up on there– on the scale, Rob. Let's see how you did. [cheers and applause] This sounds crazy to say, Rob. Your starting weight was 483. In order to take the lead from Sonya, you need to have lost– yeah, every pound counts. [laughter] Um, okay. In order to take the lead from Sonya, you need to have lost more than 245 pounds. – Okay. [exhales] – You started at 483. [laughter] If anyone can do it, you can. Rob, your current weight is… [beeping] Oh! [cheers and applause] Oh, my gosh! Rob, you are so close.

You did such an amazing job. And your total percentage of weight loss… is 49.28%! That is incredible, Rob. And what an incredible achievement. We are so proud of you. But Sonya, you are still in the lead. It is down to you and Toma. We gotta get him on the scale, but we'll do that right after this. – Aw! . [cheers and applause] – All right, welcome back, everyone. This is it. After months of grueling work, this is the final moment for all the glory. It is Toma and Sonya. What's going through your mind right now? – What's going through my mind is, regardless of what that scale says, we have won. [cheers and applause] – And–and Jen, I mean, looking at these two, what is going through your mind? – This is, like, the hardest moment 'cause I am so excited. And I'm just like, "Can't they just, like, both win?" You know? – We could.

– It's just such a cool way to end this thing. You guys were side by side starting the white team. You kept us afloat. You're here at the end. You look amazing, and I just am so proud of you. [cheers and applause] – Toma… you started this competition at 336 pounds. All that pain, sweat, the tears… comes down to this moment. To win, you need to have lost more than 170 pounds. Toma, your current weight is… [beeping] [beeping continues] [laughter] – Oh! – Oh, my God! – Yeah! [cheers and applause] – By one pound! – Yes! – Toma, you did it by a pound! Congratulations! You won! You are The Biggest Loser, Toma! [cheers and applause] What an incredible show! Thank you so much! He's gonna be on The Today Show in the morning, so be sure to tune in to NBC. Good night, everybody! [cheers and applause].