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Ee Rojullo Telugu Full Length Movie || 1080P With Subtitles || Srinivas, Reshma

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Love! It's greatness and sacrifice, many a great men have said great things in as many great ways, so I've got nothing new to tell about it, but to tell about love these days is, it has become use and throw away disposable item, if we go little deep into it, How many does one love at a time? How long one was in love? How we act as if we love? Today's youth themselves can't understand their attitude, the real truth is they're an enigma to their parents too. This film is an attempt to introduce two such unstable minds I met.

His name is Srinivas. It's an hour since his office has started. But why is he in the cafe still? Love! What happened? – What happened? Pregnancy! – Pregnancy? She's Shreya. Doing final year B.Tech in Nishitha Engineering College. Her class too has begun an hour ago. But why is she still in canteen? Friendship! He says he loves me. For two years he said close friend and now he says he loves me. Over! I'm never lucky with girls. My 6 year career, money, everything gone to dogs. Krishna in class ten, Pranav in Inter, now Kishore! They're fine as friends, don't know what disease strikes them suddenly, they say love, my foot! Boarded! She'd have boarded the flight! With Rs.3 lakhs cash! She ran away ruining me completely. Geetha, Shylu, Padma and now Rajini! Ride…ride…

they made me ride my bike till I ran out of gas. Feeding them left my pockets with big holes but no use. I thought a boy would my joys and sorrows as a good friend, why are they like that? At last when I came to know they want 'that', I'm vexed with men! Do you think they would do this for money? Why not? Isn't Rajini there? Women are here to ruin men! I don't want anyone and I don't want anybody's friendship. Friendship with any boy comes and stops 'there' only! So I've decided to stay away from boys. Till now I was searching for real love, I know I can never get it, hereafter I'll not spend a rupee on any girl, I own my rupee, I own my petrol, I own my life! We can't live without boy friends.

Boy friends are God sent ATM cards! That's too much! I'll show you how to live without boy friends. I'll prove that there's no love in my life. One who talks about quitting smoking a cigarette, one who talks about quitting while drinking, one who talks about not chasing skirts while doing it, I don't trust them! Because we think it's in our control, actually it would've taken us in its control long back. I'm telling you seriously. If I ever talk about love or girls, beat me with your slippers. If you want, you want stay with me from now.- Let me see! That's the matter, though people are different, problems are similar, the girl who says she'll stay away from boys, and the boy who swears to stay away from girls, how they're going about their solo lives, and watch how the game of ring tring starts between them! Ring tring..

.these days… Love is full of affection… mountain of emotions… Take a decision and clear the confusion… Morning meeting, watching a matinee in the afternoon… Romancing in the evening and at night fight it out… Lonely bird without a partner… There's no way you can find in these days… God would've written in your future fate… The paths you tread and turns you take…. You'll reach your station… Solo life is super…why do you bore with such absurd ideas? Youth will bring a girl to share your life with… Where are you? Coming to college. Kishore is combing the college for you. Shall I send him to you? Don't tell him anything about me. Alone? Hasn't Kishore come? We broke off. – Broke off? At last you're free, Shreya. So I can take on rent your vacant portion. Will you give any discount? Why are you getting so angry? Come, let's go to Chocolate Room and have something, watch a film in Cinemax, I'll drop you at home after that.

You don't have a boy friend and you've many things to do, how long can you manage it alone? You've to get on to someone's bike, why not get on my bike? It'll go smooth at high speed! If you take one round on it, you'll never forget me or my bike. Please I beg you! Come…come…get on… Why are you going away? Think again. Look at this Black Berry! I'll give with SIM and recharge it. Would there be a girl who doesn't like Black Berry? She saw me! Stop! Why don't you stop hearing me? Look behind! Hey Sri, stop! Leech! If you've a money purse, she'll suck it up! It seems Rajini cheated you! I know she cheated you downright! Now you ruin him downright! Look, don't worry about her. I'm there for you. All that is needed to love you is luck. I've it plenty! You don't need luck, all you want is f..

. From today we're good lovers. Since I've accepted your love, you must take good care of me. Will you propose yourself and accept it yourself? I know she's ready to milk him! Sri, open an account on my name and ensure it has money always. Buy branded dresses, cosmetics and perfumes for me! Since tomorrow is my birthday, you must drown me with gifts! He'll down you! I love food! You must order food from city's top hotels. You must take care of picking and dropping me off. One more thing… We must go around happily! But marry the partner selected by our parents, in this love, you mustn't ask anything and I won't give you anything. Stop! – No Sri… Find some fool to dance to your tunes. Get lost! Buddy! What a girl! Hey girl! Want this? Take it! You're bleeding! I'm sure it must be a girl! Yes, a girl! Stop! If you kick and walk away coolly, are we fools to get kicked? Yes, fools! Compared to the you hurt our hearts this is nothing.

Hurt heart? How arrogant! Going away without even saying sorry. What happened? – She hit my friend's face. That's the way you women behave! If you call me informally, I'll bury you here. Are girls so cheap to you? – Say sorry and go! Why are you abusing me? No use in having beauty, a girl must be gentle. Should we be gentle? Would men let us live if we're gentle? Are you anything less? You show the ice cream and make us lick the ground. You're talking too much. What's this fight, sir? The topic is crossing limits. Your problem now is this wound. Come here. Take these Rs.3000 and go away. You start the bike sir. Go! Go! If you shell out for every girl, you won't find anyone to bail you. Please save some for yourself too. Purse is there to shell out! I'll not think if it is for women! I'll shell out whatever I have! What? I paid Rs.3000! Can't you get on my bike? I'm also going home, I'll drop you.

I'll beat you with slipper! Did I ask you to pay? You pay on your own and then ask me for everything. Everyone is same, bloody idiot! Where is Shreya? Love problem of first year student Bindu, she has gone to talk to her. Why that dull face? Call him on phone, I'll talk to him. Bindu, stop! Feel my love as anger or hatred or as curse O my love… He brought me into the field saying feel my love… Believing the feeling is true, he cheated me with that feeling only… Don't met often and never chat with him… Don't share adult jokes with him… Don't dream in 3D… No…say no to going out with him… No…never stay with him at nights… Boys, you keep quiet. I'll try to call Sudha. The customer you've dialled is busy on another call. She's busy on another call, try later. She's no busy, my foot, you silly boy.

.. She's one who talks with big fat purses only… If she loses one, she'll pick another to keep the cell phone ringing… She keeps blabbering day and night… Not just one or two, she's a public booth, buddy… She's sticky and won't get off you so easily… Real bad word! What about your love then? What has happened to me… – He looks like a soft candidate. What happened today? Are you calling me now after innumerable missed calls? Where were you till now? Roaming with some boy friend? I was riding bike. I've been observing everything, you're not answering my calls, but if Shekar calls, you're lifting wherever you may be! Why are you talking to me like that? I'm dying everyday to protect you. Cut the call! He says hello and shows hell to me..

. Idiot! He's commanding me even in my dreams… Useless man! He kills me day and night with his suspicion… Worthless man! If I marry him, he'll be a lifelong torture to me… Shylu's phone, talk to her. Where are you? – Coming. Do you've a car? – I do. Then come. What else? – Okay. Why are you dull? If girl friend calls you must go jumping! Should I go jumping? Is it? They ask you to take them to shopping but make you carry bags… They'll ask for recharges and punch holes to my pockets… Saying to sister's house or take pet dog to hospital… She calls me on long drive and uses my car… She eats unlimited pizzas and burgers… She wants more and more things… She squeezes me dry… Bloody fate! Your boy friend tortures you only on phone. But my problem is always with me. Look there, he's coming! Irritant! If I wear long skirt and half sari, he says old model… If I wear sleeveless, he says over exposing.

.. If I talk to girls, he says they'll spoil me… If I talk to boys, he says they may trap me… If I say let's go to Imax, he says it's too posh for us… If I say let's go boating, he says it's too cheap… If I ask him to meet me in coffee day, he says it's too expensive… If I ask him to come to canteen, he says my taste is very cheap… If you don't want all this, how can one live, you fool? Wish I meet someone I know. Come…come… – How long madam? Just one minute! Where the hell are you guys? Come…come… She looks like your ex-girl Rajini's cousin Sushmi. May be. – She's Sushmi! Listen to me, let's go, don't see her. It's been many days since I saw you. Come…come…sit here. You've a very long life! I thought and you appeared. You me and Rajini had great time talking over eating here. Hey look at me! Forget it! If Rajini dumps you, her cousin I'm there for you.

Look after me as you like. Look at me with or without glasses. I'll give you full company. Okay? Brother, he's here, take the order. What's there? Why don't you talk to me, Sri? My marriage is fixed, all we've got is 6 months to enjoy. I don't know if my husband will give me freedom or not. Why are you leaving? Hey you! I offered you because you're used to. Look, I'm very happy now. I learnt a good lesson for trusting her. At least pay this bill. I've invested enough till now. I'll not invest on girls anymore. Are you marrying? Will you cheat your future husband? – Get lost! Come, we must vacate this area immediately. It seems there's a good flat in Manjeera. Manjeera? It'll be very expensive! No problem, I wan to go far away from this rotten society. If we get a flat here, it'll be great! We'll get rid of that area's damned girls.

Great! He has put a drawing too! He won't give to bachelors. Just follow me without saying anything. Do you get one thing? Looks like a family area. May get beaten up for being bachelors. Come let's go! Come, you're a bachelor and I'm a family man. When did this happen? Juts two minutes ago I got married and my wife has gone US with 6 month pregnancy.- Who? Your sister, brother-in-law, come. Enough of washing it, get me my coffee. Bell is for strangers and door is for close ones. So says tradition. – Do it. Who is it? Can't you see it here? Why are you banging the door? No sir… – Flat?- Yes. Bachelors? We don't let it out to bachelors. Please listen to me. Why are you closing the door on face? You're finished. He was about to use some bad word and changed it, right? Sir, he stammers little. I'm a family man.

She has gone to US for delivery. – Why? To get green card for the new born. – Can I trust you? If you want I'll promise on him. You don't talk man, it pains me in unspecified area. Watchman Manemma is downstairs, get keys from him and see the flat. Can you pay the rent? It'll be too stiff! – We got used to it. That's going overboard. No jokes with uncle please. I feel like my heart is bursting… Where did you go early morning? Say!- You said you're married. Extra bit is gone! So I went out to get something for my face. You didn't get my concept. I said I'm married to stay away from girls. See how happy I and my cell are! No phone calls or messages. Nothing. Look, how peaceful it is like a tired batsman after hitting double century. At last you've realised it! Sweet darling! How much ever one used it would never protest! Don't know how painful it was while sending messages to Rajini! How painful! Every time I got a call, how many times it almost died with low battery! Don't over do it boy! Don't know how this little cell is getting tortured in the hands of people like me! Even thinking of it is giving me jitters! Yes, we show our happiness, sorrow or frustration on it! Because we know it won't take revenge on us.

Hey stammer, enough of it! You don't worry, from today this cell is… What are you saying man? I'll take care of it like my sister! Saved me, O dear! Buddy, I forgot to tell you a thing in this cell matter. It seems our flat owner's daughter is very beautiful. You missed that miss! Come down! How long should I wait here? Brother! I've a small doubt! – Tell me. You brought me from village, you made me apply oil to the stick, and giving me a salary, why? – It's a long tale. In that film… They oiled and beat the hero… One gets flattened by it! What is he doing? Software got the stick! What happened? It fell from the top floor. Who beat my friend? – You carry on the job. Hey Manemma, I'm asking you, always oiling the stick like a sword! Hey oil can! You tell me! It's Shreya madam! Take it easy! – Who is she? Hey mind your words! Call her first! What's it, Manemma? It seems you hit someone with an empty can, he's creating a scene downstairs. Hit with a tin? – Yes. Let's go and ask him. Is it him? Did he dare come to home also? Hey hauteur woman! Won't you let us live here also? Come, I'll take you to task.

What's your problem? How long will you go around with that wound? Manemma, call the police. Let's get him beaten up! Call police! I'll also lodge a complaint of attempt to murder. That you're killing people with Coke tins! What? I hit you two ago, is the wound still fresh? Don't narrate tales! Who is asking you about that incident? I was hit just now. He was waiting down here and you hit him with a coke tin. It hit his face! Who told you to wait here? We pay the rent and will use this space. Rent? – We took up 304 upstairs! Madam, the stick is getting dry, shall I use it for a round? Manemma, cool! I'll talk to him! Sorry, it hit you by mistake. He got 3 stitches for the old wound, how many times he can mend the torn pant? He?… Sir, please wipe this wound with this Rs.2000! I'm there, right? What's that dress and this laptop? Silly get up! We got money for today's expenses! Shreya! Total has reached Rs.

5000, if there's any… Manemma, your patience! Do it! Are you ready for me? Who gave 304 to bachelors? – Your dad! They're not bachelors. They're a family! The boy got married recently. His wife has gone to parents' home for delivery. Brothers-in-law are staying here. – Is he married? He doesn't look like that. It's very tough to find whether men are married or not. But women can easily be recognised if married. Because they have sacred thread, right? Just a girl's photo in profile is enough to attract men! Who is calling me at this hour? Hey my sweet darling! Why did you leave me? Kishore? – Yes dear. You're not answering my calls, neither seen nor talking to me. Is this friendship? Your friendship doesn't look like friendship! Your behaviour has changed. I don't like it. Ours isn't friendship but love! Do you know how you appear in my dreams? Sexy.

..nude… I'm cutting your call. Hey, are you playing drama with me? You went out with me for two years and made me buy you so many things, are you dumping after using me? I'll hack you! When I've invested so much on you, who else would get your heart? Come to college tomorrow and confirm it as love and not friendship, stop, if I kiss you, accept it with grace! Now you can cut the call! I'll go to US, mom. You can go, baby! Sleep now. Papers given by the consultancy agency. You should've applied for passport earlier if you wanted to o to US. How could you delay it for so long? I'll not be in town from tomorrow, how can you manage it alone? Come. I didn't disturb you, right? – No. You've arranged the home very well. No women in home, right? So I brought some chicken curry.

Did he say so? You please sit down. Looks like your brother-in-law is talking to someone on phone. With his wife, right? – Love marriage? – Love…cum arranged marriage! Looks like he's ruining my home! You sit here, aunty, I'll be back in a minute. You carry on. I was worried what he may blabber… I forgot to tell you, call your wife on phone. Why aunty? There's so many problems during pregnancy, which month she's carrying now? 6! – 4! 6! 4 plus 2 is 6! 3 plus 3 is 6! If you add all, you get 6, so it is 6! So many 6s is quite difficult. You go now and call me. Flat owner aunt wants to talk to you, please talk to her. Why is your voice like that? Change the tone. Take it aunty. Hello dear! Are you doing fine? I'm fine aunty. Use little saffron in your milk at night! You'll get a fair child! For face, I'll have it full bottle everyday, aunty. Full bottle? Do you also stammer like your brother? Aunty, our entire family is different type.

Stammer runs in our family. Okay, bye dear. – Bye aunty. I think your uncle has come, I'll take leave. Pick it…pick it…pick it up! No need to take the risk. It's your Kishore here! Why don't you answer my calls to your mobile? At least pick up the landline. Pick it up dear! Talk to me…pick it up! Pick it…pick it…pick it up! Talk to me! Pick it! Pick it up! It's me! – Is it you? Why are you calling from different numbers? It's Santhosh's phone, he has come down from Bangalore. He wants to meet you, come. I'm already tensed, I'm dying because of that Kishore. Sorry, I'll not come. We've already reached Manjeera. You just come down silently. Okay. What would like to eat, Shreya? One chicken burger…

– No, I know your taste, Bhargavi. Because it's a daily routine. I think he loves you. Nothing like that, I don't have any feelings for him. But I'm always from love! But why this? Why are you raising his expectations for you? Kishore is showing me stars for saying friendship! Listen to me and settle it quickly! You don't get one thing, Shreya. I can tell him now I don't love you and take it easy. But it will affect my career. I'll tell you, listen. I've to pay fee for two more semesters. Then, I've to do masters in US, he must take care of my maintenance till then, to fulfill all this, without giving him a clarity in love, maintaining it like this, with few touches in between, lastly make him propose by himself, Is it so? Really? Sorry son! I don't have any feelings for you, saying this wash your hands off him.

If it's not right, what is wrong then? Though God didn't give us muscles like men, he gave us few weapons to use in situations, how strong the man may be or in what ever great position he may be, it makes them fall at our feet! I'll tell you one more thing, never think so much about boys now, wouldn't he have seen any girl till now? Boys maintain a girl near home, one at bus stop, another girl in college, another one in tuition class, they maintain a girl in every street, and distribute their cell phone number like pamphlets to every girl. Not only that, they try to impress every girl they meet, and wait to pounce on the girls like hungry lions. No… If we compromise a little pitying them and give them little space, next day we'll be left with a begging bowl. So, we must say bye from a distance. What girls! World is ruining! Look at him! He's coming like a peacock in it's full splendour! Sorry I got late. Though you come late, you're always latest! Silly boy! What is this? I promised a gift to you for writing GRE.

Please don't cry! – Hug too?- Go! Why are you getting so emotional? I love Bhargavi from class ten, Why can't boys be good friends? Love and all this… What if Bhargavi doesn't love you? I'll die! Only God can save you! If you need any help call me. Stop this side. I'll walk to home. What is he doing near the lift? Looks like I'm running bad time. He's acting too much, is it necessary to go with him in lift? Why is he like this? She along with him! Mummy, Kishore is torturing me. He's sending dirty pictures to my mail. Why don't you change your mail ID? That's okay, but I need to go to passport office today. I'm scared to go alone. You can't come with me. Can't you take any of your friends? Who would come with me? They've their own work. Shall I ask the boy in the opposite flat to accompany you? He? Frowning face boy! He turns his face on seeing me.

As if I'll steal his property. Did you see? Had he been a bachelor he would ogle at you? He's married and wouldn't see any other girl. He'll take you and bring back safely. Come, let's ask him. Hey Manemma! How dare you switch off the motor! It's really great to hear tenants shouting! That's why I take bath once in a week. Look, how happy I am! How am I enjoying! Sweet dirty smell! I'll get him lynched by engaging 10 goons before going away from here. Switch on the motor. I can't! He cares a hoot about tenants! Go, it may be him! Bloody rogue! Aunty you! I told you he acts too much! Why is aunty here with her? Tell me aunty. Nothing, will you please accompany Shreya to passport office? She's scared to go alone. Scared? Why? Will you please take her? No aunty, I've given my bike for servicing. Please take my daughter's bike.

No aunty… – No need, you come, mummy. You don't need to request anyone for me. I'll take Manemma with me, he'll do whatever I say! He'll give his life also for me. You come. That's your share! Don't ask for lunch. Will you eat here? Where ever one may eat, it should come here, right? Would aunty feel bad about it? How would I know? You would know it better. Don't you know when you eat the dishes she brings here? You're right in that point of view. Why don't you take her then? I can but just now recovering from the shock a girl gave me. One more again? Here comes the great Adonis! They would wait with their doors open for you!- Stop it. She sought your help not love! Okay, I'll do it since her mother made the request. When? After I die? Don't you know to talk properly? If she comes again with the request, I'll help her. Let's see, she has gone out with Manemma. Roads are very beautiful. – Don't shout sit silently.

Go…go… What a great place! It's very beautiful! Never seen it before. Look, that's Hi-Tech city! Where is he? I've seen it always on TV only. – What are you doing here? Come! Brother, lift please. Go to that bike, brother! What's your problem? – That one! He took the stick without telling me. That bike only! At last I got it! – You? My stick!- Hey, you leave it. Give my stick to me! Got down again! Where the hell he is? Come on apply it well! Madam, I'm sorry… – I'll pull you now. You showed me hell today. It was all because of you. Your old flame is coming, she'll come with new concepts, I don't have patience, you listen to her. Are you living here? Sorry for being rude that day. Actually I like you very much. I tried many times after you left that place. Show the interest in me on your studies, at least it'll give you a good career. Please don't come after me in the name of love.

Your future and my time both will go waste. He's a gentleman indeed! Can trust him! Mummy, I'm thinking of asking him to accompany me to passport office. Don't ask me to come if you want go alone. If he refuses again, I'll be embarrassed. Okay, I'll ask him myself. What's this get up? I'm little busy in kitchen. – What do you do? To him at home and to director outside. Will you please call your brother-in-law? Tell me Shreya! Will you please drop me at passport office today? If I had hurt you yesterday. – No problem. Will you please tell Manemma to switch on the motor? Atleast today, I'll take a full bath! Such a long line! – I'll drop you and leave. Call me after your work is over. I'll be back in a minute, please. Tell me Bhargavi. Are you in passport office? Yes, how do you know it? Kishore got information that you're there. He took an acid bottle from lab. Please leave the place immediately. Sorry madam, I didn't you see you! Shall we go? Why are you sweating? Wipe it.

Do you've any shame? Why did my mother send me with you? Will you leave a girl alone? Who is responsible if anything happens to me? What happened now? – What if this was acid instead of water? Acid? Why would it be? Arrogance! Beat me with slippers if I ever come out with you. Come. What? What happened? Why did she slap me? How many times will you see your cheek? I'm hungry, come. I think she's facing some serious problem. What if it was acid? – Her face would've got burnt! Why did you stop? Actually yesterday…unexpectedly… – You left me with just one. Is he expecting a second? Where are you going? I must complete passport work at least today. I'm free! – You said you've work… You've work not me. Today I'll finish Shreya's work. Ring tring…a necessity… Ring tring…she tried.

.. If the rat jumps in joy under the basket… Cat under the cot will dance in joy… Waiting calmly for the opportunity, sticks on like magnet at right time… Shall we go? I'm hungry, shall we have something? What shall we have? What is your age? – Why? To know when you go married. – Why do you want to know? Say something else. What does your wife do? Studying or works or home maker? How long are you married? Will you please stop the interview? When we had a fight over coke can hitting me, did you think you would come out with me? But life throws up unexpectedly what we never even think of. You talk about silly things but never answer what I had asked. No Shreya. I don't like discussing about family matters. If any girl broaches about marriage and wife, boys escape so smartly! You came for my work, how can you pay the bill? Friendship is unlucky to me.

If I'm close with anyone, that friendship will get snapped. And with boys, I'll never be friends with them. I said about friendship casually, me and friendship with girls? It's bad omen to me. No problem to pay their own bill, right? Then, nobody would expect anything from the other. Expect? You forget your phone always. Who is it? – How would I know? Talk! Don't cut the call, I couldn't bear when you avoided me. I don't like to talk to you, Kishore. I never entertained you. Why are you torturing me? No… – Never again call me. Are you raising your voice because I'm soft? Who is he you were talking to in Chocolate Room? What do I lack which he has? Have you lost interest in me? Too much? You're selfish… You used me! Yesterday it was me and now that guy! Your time has come near end. It's been long since I gave you a kiss. God is really testing me. I've to fulfill a vow of circumambulating in Chilakur Balaji temple. I think I'm facing this because I'm yet to fulfill it. Would you please take me to the temple? Mummy is calling, please don't tell her. I'll give a message tomorrow morning. Earlier they were strangers to each other.

.. Now or in near future they'd become made with each other couple… Earth and sky would never meet at any point… Isn't it strange they've met today… A couple who could never unite either in dream or in reality… Now they've united into one… May be this magic is created by love… Which ways both are going to take? Their final destination is love… Though they claim nothing is in their hearts… It has started long back… Without much acquaintance they're falling in love… Love is pulling them together… They think there's no one to observe them… Love is omnipresent and it takes you along with it… Their attitudes have changed…. Their behaviour has different meanings… Love has won over both of them in the end.

.. Hi brother-in-law! What have you cooked?- Great! I know you love me. Love? My foot! Acting too much. Why are you watching Upendra film, brother-in-law? Few people who were inspired by him are changing everyday. So to make them remember that great man's ideals once again. Shreya asked me to take her to temple, I did. That's all. I didn't say anything. First, you said her mother requested so you went with her. Agreed we fell for her curries, okay. Second, she came and asked and you did it again. Third, she asked you to take her to temple and you did it again. Tomorrow nobody would request or ask you anything, yet you'll go and ask yourself, the old story will repeat again, I spent so much on her and this much on this girl, then you claim there's no love at all, leave me, I don't want to hear anything. Shreya is facing some problem, she needed security and I gave her. That's all! – That's it! What if she asks this security all her life? She'll not ask because I've told them I'm married.

No girl would fall in love with a married man. Got it? What if she loves? What if any chemistry between man and woman works? Don't talk nonsense. Go to bed.- Let's see! There's much film left to watch! – Go man! Why am I not getting sleep? Shall I call Shreya? May be not good to call at this hour? Okay, I'll send a message. No, let me send it tomorrow morning. He took the trouble of taking me, and I didn't even thank him. Still not yet asleep? Didn't sleep yet? Just watching scoops on Youtube. Did you observe one thing? You look very happy. Don't know why I feel very secure when you're with me. Any girl would dream a husband like you only. No like that. Your wife is very lucky. Look at the way two hearts are moving towards each other… Look at the sprouting of first seeds of love…

I thought it wasn't love but… Already it's late night! Where is he? Can't he come to pick me up? Phone is ringing, pick it. Not there but little down. Hello uncle! – Can't you come to pick me up? Why so early morning? You've my address, right? Every time I come here you would've changed the house. I would come with old address and you would give a new address. Find yourself and come. Idiot, who am I to ask? Where do you want to go? Some Manjeera diamond or silver…? That one, I'm also put up there only, come. Uncle, this side not that side. My nephew Srinu stays there. He's software professional. You mean Sri? – Yes. We named him as Bayyaram Srinivas Rao, but he calls himself as Sri! Fool! You say he's your son-in-law, did he marry your daughter? Marriage, My foot? He's my nephew. Got few good proposals while software was in boom, after the boom crashed, proposals too fell! Now software is picking up again, so I'm here with proposals.

Isn't he really married? Am I lying to you? Look how my tongue is burnt with vows of telling only truth. Even in the face of death I wouldn't lie! I always told my sister, young men seek companion, let's get him married, did she listen to me? You mean really he's not married! – Again same question. Not married, he won't and he mustn't without our knowledge. You get it, come. You're a good girl. Why are they both coming together? Take a close up of the girl. There's some difference in Shreya's expression. Would he have blabbered something? – He's your uncle, he's honest to core. If Manemma comes to know you're not married, his well oiled stick would be put to good use. Apply it! – Look, how he's applying oil.

He'll not apply coconut oil to his hair also. Idiot! Take care! Stop! Where are you from? – From my place. Many people visit these apartments. But Manemma is local, better know about him. Once he commits himself, he won't listen to himself. By the way who is he? Me! – My foot! Oil it well! Did you tell her anything? Why is she so angry? I think he would've told her. Look at his face. Tell me what did you tell her? What is happening here? What is this apartment? Who are these people? What are their characters? What for these lies? There's no connection between your words and expressions. I must know what's happening here, I must know…indeed! That's all, isn't it? I'll tell you few lies which you try to digest it carefully. You're my father-in-law.

I was married 9 months ago. My wife… I'll tell the next part. My daughter is pregnant. Uncle is getting into the skin of the character. Not only that my 6 month pregnant wife has gone to US to deliver there. Maintain this carefully. Got it? Aunty, you? Please come in. It seems your father-in-law is here. – Please come in. Yes, I'm his father-in-law, please sit here. You sit here. Hello brother! How is your daughter? – Very fine. Which month is going on for her? – Month…is it 3 or 4… I think he said 6 last month. It's 6, father-in-law is little absent minded. Poor man! Since how long? From the time you made an entry. – You talk very funny. How many children do you've? How many…how many did you say? 3 or 4 children? 3 uncle, I told you he's absent minded. Why don't you talk to your father? You only! – Is he my son? He's overacting! You stop.

..is he dumb? Not dumb but due to cable fault little disturbance. As if father-in-law doesn't know anything. He's like my mother-in-law, aunty. Have you brought her also into the act? How is sister-in-law, brother? What happened? Dad has gastric trouble. – Go and see him! Daddy, that's kitchen, not there. Uncle…uncle… – Crackers are going great guns! They're gone, come out. Oh my God! So many lies! I had to run around courts for 6 years for avoiding to tell one lie. In the fear of truth dying! Leave me, I'll catch a bus to my place right now. No uncle. – No please. I had to use pot 30 times for just 3 lies! If you've love for me, leave me alone, I beg you. Take this bag and start the vehicle. – Okay Nephew! Is it necessary to live in Hyderabad telling so many lies? Start the vehicle.

– I have. Change the gear. – I did. I'll tell him a truth. – Tell him. You leave immediately after I tell if not he'll kill me.- What? Nephew! – Tell me uncle. I told her that you're not married. Go! Madam, a guest is here for Shreya. Why are you not answering my calls? Where will you go? Stop there! Come…come…come… Stop! Stop…come! Playing drama with me? Are you cutting me? Do I look like a fool to you? Will you talk to me when you need me or have personal work? Do you think I'm a fellow like Kishore to use and throw away? I'll kill you. Be careful! Why don't you say something? Have you become dumb? I'm asking you! How dare you avoid me! How many more lives will you play with? It's all over today for girls who use boys like you, I'll put an end to it. Are you listening me? Hereafter if any girl thinks of asking to take them out or buy something, take them to films or shopping or bakery or some nonsense, I'll see that they fear asking it. Listen carefully! I love you! You must love me, that's all! I love you! You must love me, that's all! Was it a dream? Mummy, they say early morning dreams come true, do they come true really? – Definitely come true.

Got it? I'm giving you 5 minutes break. Decide! Love or death! If you say no to love, second half will be very violent. Watch out! I got such a dreadful dream for avoiding him for a week. I'm managing to escape from Kishore. But he's right before my flat. I thought of him and he has sent a message. Must be away from him. That's all! He has come to my college too! Please help me. Why are you tensed? Kishore will not come to college for next 10 days. I'm not tensed about Kishore but Sri! He has come to college too. Moreover he's carrying a knife too. I'm scared my dream may come true. Don't confuse me, tell me clearly. Sri is a good friend of you, right? Do I've to tell you the entire story? Please send him away from here. You'll never change, come. Are you Sri? Shreya wants you in canteen. – Shreya? No problem, right? Thank God! Who is it? I got caught! We've reached your floor, will you please get down? Sorry, I'm eating! My food! Why did you got him out? I know your dirty tricks. Why are you avoiding me? I need to talk to you for a minute. Why are you stopping the lift? No dirty tricks, switch on the lift.

If not I'll raise an alarm. Why are you behaving like this? Tell me what happened? Why should I tell you? Who are you? I don't need to listen to your bore. I'm asking if you're facing any problem. Not you, I'm telling you, don't show your face to me again. Don't talk to me. Get lost! Beat me with your slipper. I'll never get sense though cheated so many times. If I go after any girl again, don't even tell me. Beat me straightaway! I'm serious not being funny. Be strict in this matter. Asking me if I'm facing any problem? How well you speak? You're little good and little bad! You'd helped Shreya! Shreya never forgets people who helped her. If you're so good, why did you lie about your marriage? Let's get clear about this lie. I'll send a message, will you reply? Can you dare not reply me? My foot! You're getting a call.

Mad girl! Asked me who am I? But now sends message. If Shreya sends message… Sorry dear, am I not a little girl? Please forgive me. Tell me, what has happened to you? I know about your anger, Sri! Computer is hit with virus… SMS messages will maul the brain… O my brother, stop chatting… It will end in meetings, right? Anger in this age is nothing but farce… It's love changing into a new colour… If your heart gets wings, it'll punch holes to your purse… You wanted to talk to me. I'll ask few questions, answer them, that's all. Yes.- Don't pose like a hero! You lied to me, though unmarried you claimed to be married. That's a trivial matter. Take it easy. That's big issue for me, you came closer expecting something from me. I think you're writing a script about me, just cool down. I entered your flat as a married man. About closeness with you, you sought help, I did it friendly.

That's all! I don't believe it. Boys can never be friends. You start with friendship and pull it towards love. Love? Would any boy claim he's married with girls? If he says so would any smart girl get closer to him? Though I'm not married, I didn't claim to be married for your flat, every girl in these 6 years has used me for my money, not one girl had true love for me, that's why I lied and opened it now. Okay, don't mistake me. I've faced same problems with boys, so I don't trust anyone. I do have a good opinion on you. But if you also say love, I can't bear it. My dear! You're going too far! If you offer Rs.1 crore and ask me to love, I'll refuse! Okay? Promise on you. I'll not say I love you. Then, what's the name of our relationship? Neither friends nor lovers, what else then? Blind relationship! Blind relationship? – I heard it in some film. Look at the way two hearts are moving towards each other… Look at the sprouting of first seeds of love.

.. You know how relaxed I'm now. You're so happy, it means she would've confirmed love. Nothing like that, we've come to a conclusion that we're not friends or lovers. What's this? Half of the film is over, got a good scene, have you taken this decision? I don't like it. I don't care about your likes, audience would like it, listen! We'll not have any expectations from each other. It's a new relationship in life. New relationship means like dating and batting in foreign. You'll lose your eyes, you fool! I've promised Shreya that I'll never fall in love with her. I'll not see her like that by mistake also. Yours is 100% love! To bring your love you, just one good scene in the film is enough, it will come out on its own! Don't spoil a film that's getting good talk. Go and express your love to her. – Stop your film language. You finish it quickly, we need to go to my aunt's house. Not attending college today? Where is aunty? Tell him also that you go to films and roam not to college.

What happened? What happened aunty? – What am I to tell you son? Last month she said she lost her ring. I didn't care. She's spending too heavily, I took it in my stride. Suddenly she has lost chain now. Just days ago bangles. Did she lose it really? Or is it going to someone? I don't get anything. Before your uncle comes to know about this, please get the truth from her. What? Will you beat me? Beat…beat me! Bloody cell phone! Always on phone or messaging! If I scold you say friends! May your friends go to hell! You need friends to do good not to get spoiled. Stop it! Can't you hear me? Aunty, you calm down. You come with me. Tell me who is he? Yadavram, working with TT. – You mean eat and roam? He gave up job feeling US is right place for his talent. Gave up or got fired? That's why I'm taking care of his maintenance for 6 months. What? I didn't get you. I'm paying Rs.15000 for room rent.

I'm giving Rs.10000 for expenses. Every time he goes to Chennai for Visa, he takes one of my jewels. You say every time, do you know how many times one goes for Visa? I don't know, he has promised to take me also to US later. You mad girl! He's stealing you in the name of US. If my imagination is right, he would be dancing with girls now. My Yadav isn't like that, he's a gentleman! He's not a gentleman but a big batsman! My friends take care of their boy friends. I've just spent Rs.1.5 lakhs only. Some girls have spent about 5 to 6 lakhs. – You will spend! If there are boys to cheat, you'll spend unlimited. First call that cheat! – He's not a cheat but Yadav! Let it anyone, call him. Yes dear! Switch on the speaker. Please come to my colony park immediately.

Sorry dear, no petrol in my bike. You didn't pay me anything this month. You come to my room. Come with money. Come along with something to eat… – You will eat! Thanks dear. Did you see he's calling me dear? If not dear, he'll call you Goddess of Wealth. You're giving him boons, right? Come. Let's take him to task. Does Yadavram stays here? I'm here for him only. She has sold her Scooty Pep. Are you also Yadav's victims? Look, you say my Yadav, he's my Yadav to many girls. Come, let's take him to task. – Come. Morsel of food in the hands of Gopika… Ball of butter in another hand… You want kiss or ball… You want to feast on which one, my sweet Govinda… I want my Song LED! I want my Scooty Pep! They'll fall to such cooks only. Aren't you ashamed? Will you take money from girls? They're innocent girls. If you trust them, they'll give their lives. If you can, earn, but please don't beg.

You come. What's this, Yadav? What's this hairstyle and the chains? I came to know a truth because of you. I thought only girls used boys, now I know boys too use girls. The problem is with both sides. Okay, take it easy, study well. – Got it? Why a gift suddenly? Don't know why I felt like giving a gift after long time. My photo! I clicked and locked it. You must always be happy like that. Are you guarding them? They'll not come now. I'll offer groundnuts munch it. Uncle! What do you feel about them? Tell me correctly. Good lovers! No doubt about it. I thought I'm an idiot and you're worse than me. What did you say now? I'm selling groundnuts for 30 years now. Who are lovers and who are friends and why they come here, I can judge it by looking at their faces.

Will you see faces? Are you doubting my experience? Look, before they go from here, they'll hug each other! Foolish uncle, sit down. Pack your experience and keep it aside. They don't love each other, infact they're not even friends too! Now… Look at this block. I'm sure they're lovers. You saw this block now, I've seen it from the opening of the film. They say it is not love. I say yes. It's a love film with love! We can enjoy it only on screen, we can't do anything. If they don't hug each other before leaving this place, I'll quit selling groundnuts. Don't challenge and lose your livelihood, uncle. Mind your business. Tell me Bhargavi! Where are you? – Any new tension? All your problems are solved from today! You know that? Kishore's father has met with an accident in Dubai, just now he left our college forever.

Have a blast now! That's the shot! The nut has come under the teeth, it'll get crushed slowly. Is it this garden's magic or power of your word? What's this love without romance, uncle? Every time you're with me, something good is happening to me. Why did you kick me? What's this new habit of putting leg on me? I feel like someone is playing the drum left untouched, like water gushing out from a rusted tap, like a useless rocket flying into sky, some unknown sweet feeling is enveloping me, I feel like electric current is passing through my nerves, yes, this is the magic of Shreya's hug! You've become coal for the hug given in hot sun. She has committed herself with a hug, from tomorrow get her used to your touch, transmit the current from your body to her body, if current form her body and your body meet, your life will be full of light! Full of light! You said it right.

From tomorrow it's hugs all the way. Hugs…hugs… I'm elated with kick… I've fallen in love with her happily… I'm intoxicated… I'm losing my balance… What I never liked till now, I've started liking it… My youth is on high when excitement hit… It's wrong to think there's no man to make you fall… Love has hit the man who was supposed to make you fall… Heart is soaring into the sky… It's sweet pain in heart as love strikes… Can't live peacefully as youth reaches it's prime… God is a magician to have created love and united us both… Madness has reached head and made me dance to its tunes… It wishes for a partner to thrill all the life… Mischievous thoughts are overwhelming me..

. Let's see how time would unite them… Unless you get slapped you have a drink! Start now! Is it funny if my Shreya slaps me? She never allows other men to touch her even. She hugged me. You wanted her hug but she thinks your hug is problem. She likes me…no, she loves me. I can feel it here. Why did she then slap you? I'm unable to get it, that's why I'm having drinks. Buddy, don't cry! Manemma is here! I was waiting for you. Sit… Why are you so gracious? What's the matter? What's our sin sir? You stop motor midway. You never allow us to take bath. Never let to wash completely. What is this injustice sir? Shall I tell you the truth? You should've shown this respect earlier. Take out money. – Money? I'll give right now. Kadi Manikyala Rao, alias Manemma! 4 years service and 8 transfers! So, you haven't compromised anywhere. Record is good! But not when your records are appreciated. While on duty you must have fear and devotion. You haven't yet used to it.

I'll show you now how that fear will be! Why do you think I'm fearless? Not just once, I fear every moment of the day. I' promised to sacrifice my life in the line of duty, the phone calls and gate sounds as you say may come or not, but certainly my stick would get stolen someday, that day when I look into its eyes, I'll fear every moment of breaking my promise, fear takes over man who commits mistake, but my fear is in this oiled stick, my duty is over! I've promised my wife that I'll take care of stick very well. I've only one wish. When I face a thief, my eyes mustn't show fear. My face must be smiling! My hand must be on my stick. Got it? Hair…? He dared touch my hair! Manemma, you're dead! You've touched what mustn't never be touched. How dare you touch the hood of a cobra! Like the demon's life is in the parrot, your life is in this. Please forgive me, darling! What do you call it? – Stick! Now he'll dance on your favourite stick.

Get on it! Deep down in heart myriads of rhythms… Not missing a note even while stuttering… A raga drenched on the lips… Uniting rhythm and beat… Stick! He gave a good stick! Who are you calling continuously? You're off the mood since morning. To Sri! Neither he's answering my calls nor calling me back. What happened between you? You were fine till recently. I don't know. Driver, stop the bus. – Where to? I'll meet Sri and talk to him. Where? To his office. Let me see how will he avoid me! I'm sure she's in love. Lunch sir! – No please. I'm not in good mood. Again! Why is she calling me again and again? What are you doing here? Why are you not taking my calls? Why are you not replying my messages? I slapped in a flow, do you've to take it so seriously? I said sorry, right? Forget it. Don't make me angry, I'll beat you again.- Beat me! I came all the way from Vizag to beaten up by you.

My mother too never beat me, good bye to you and your friendship. That's all? – That's all! I said I'll never beat you again. If you want hug me now! I don't want. I'm in good mood hug me. You always think from your side only. You're doing this to satisfy me not from your heart. No, trust me. Hug for me! I've never given this chance to anyone till now. I'll count to 5! Why are you over doing it? Show me your face. I know how to cool you! Come. You want me to hug. – First to a film. Long time since watched a film. Come. – It's office time. Don't say anything. – My break time is over. Is office more important than me? Come! Try to understand me. Ready? – Bowl! What has fallen isn't just the wicket… You don't have any chance of getting up… Bowling is for the bat… Fielding is for the ball…

Our film's point is your joint… start enjoying… You don't remember now people around you… You don't see your parents now… O my brother, confirmed this is love… It was an art hidden… Not me, watch the ball! Should I bowl, Shreya? Will you bowl or watch? I'll bowl. – Bowl! I'll not bowl like this, I'll bowl like this. Great! Come! You may think I'm a foolish villager. I tried watchman's because it was new. Inside me there's Antharvedi team batsman! He's still fresh inside. If he comes out, it'll be sensational! At last I got your stick into my hand! This is my bat! Your nest is displaced… Your heart is broken… O little pigeon, who beat you?… – Stop! It'll break, go!.

.. Isn't poori very nice? You never appreciate. Where are you going, mummy? Sri got a courier. I'm going to give him. Sri? Wait, I'll give it to him. Answer the door bell. Is it you? Why at this hour? You got a courier, I brought it. You've come at this hour. – Why? Shouldn't I come now? I thought you came to see me. You don't have that much. Come, I'll show you few pictures. Look at this! Hands off me. Look at this pic. Aren't you taking too much liberty? If I beat you'll feel bad. Come…beat me. Beat me. Leave me. – You said you'd beat me, right? Leave me… – Come on beat me. Mummy is calling. Can't you stay for 2 minutes? – Leave me, I must go. Is it true what I'm seeing now? Have you started the show in home? You'll lose eyes, bloody fool. That girl who stays away from boys, you, who hates girls, are you uniting?- Go! No, you'd already promised not to fall in love with her, right? Who is loving her? Why were you romancing her then? It's not romance but fun! Go! If cat is blind..

.rat… I can't get it… Rat will show face! I've seen many cases like this. Take hands off your face. – I've done it. Sri has become close to our family, right? Isn't it good, mummy? Moreover he's married too! Though he's married, he's away from his wife. Try to understand it. Look dear, his wife will come back in few days. If she sees you moving close with him, she may misunderstand you. Don't go to that flat, stay away from him. Should I stay away from Sri? May be its difficult. It seems you forgot box, your mom has sent lunch. Enjoy it. You go. Shreya, I've brought your lunch, something… Something for me… – You fool! You pitch the stumps, I'll join you. Come sunny, I need to talk to you. Come! Sit here! What do you want man? What do you mean by something? Why are you addressing me informally? No problem. What can you do if I give anything into your hand? Nervous weakness. Madam, bad word! – Not bad word, my boy! Did you watch Delhi Belly film? I didn't because there were too many bad words.

You're scared to hear bad words, how could you dare do it then? No, I like Shreya very much. If she agrees, I want to marry her. Will you marry her? – What do I lack? You don't lack in anything. You've everything ample, fatso! May I tell you a thing? It's normal for humans to have wishes. Not for pigs like you. Take it easy! Why not? That is your knowledge! Why are you raising you voice? If you've too much money, spend on me! If you follow Shreya and ask for something… Get out! Head down! What are you doing here? Why did you leave without telling me? Should I take leave from you every day? If you chase me like this, your wife may get offended. What are you saying? My wife? Where would she come from? You told everybody there that you're married! People are scolding me for going out with a married man, you know? Okay, not near home, can we meet outside? That's what people are thinking in Hi-Tech city.- What's it? That's not my nature. – I can never understand you. Okay, I'll tell your father that I lied about my marriage. He'll kill you! Moreover my father hates cheaters.

Is it cheating? – Is it not? Stay away from me. People may mistake us. You're doing too much. You've already done it. Go to office. His budget is just Rs.2 crores and wants a Titanic! If tell horror story he wants love, if I tell love story, he wants something in it. Can't understand. How long man? It seems the producer watched Titanic last night, he wants to make today morning, and his budget is Rs.2 crores! You went to her college, what happened? Shreya likes but not coming out. Nothing will be decided till we stay in this apartment. So, I've taken a decision. I'll vacate the flat and make her say I love you to me. Think twice before taking any decision. I love Shreya sincerely. Do one thing, tell her that. I've promised her that I'll not say I love you. Mad boy! Do you know God's boon to women? Forgetfulness! You won't believe me, right? I'll tell you. You see in class ten, fall in love in inter, they forget in degree! Once married, finished! They'll forget everything.

If we meet anywhere, they'd ask are you doing fine? Before we say anything, they'd say my husband is coming, meet you later. Stop your silly logic. That's you experience. If girls are like as you say, there won't be love in this world. So many love stories would've come out. What ever you may say, my life is with Shreya only! That's decided! You get in, uncle! Oh no! He saw me! Who saw? What did you show? Her father saw me. I was peeping from the keyhole. Why did you peep from the keyhole? Don't know where she has kept her phone? She's not answering my calls or replying my messages. Should we go back to Krishna Nagar? Shreya, please pick up the phone. You've a message, read it. What are you doing? I'm booking a slot for visa, dad. Who has sent the message? My friend Sudha…

Look dear, when we tell truth we keep our head high! But we bow our head to tell a lie. You must never bow your head. I wish I should never see my daughter bowing head in shame. I didn't read the message to keep my wish intact. Keep people in their limits, it's good for everyone. Where are you? – Tell me Santhosh! I want to meet you immediately. It seems Bhargavi doesn't love me. Listen, I'll die! Don't do anything madly! Wait, I'm coming! What is this? What am I to say? He's serious about me. He's threatening to commit suicide if I don't love him. Why did you raise my hopes on you then? Why did you hug me then? – Is it love if I hug you? What's wrong if a girl hugs you? Hug is something which a girl gives for one she loves. You hug someone with your heart, you'd know it. You may take the hug casually, but once it touches the heart, that feeling is same to boys or girls. There's love in every person! It comes out when it's time. If it fails to come out, that love will die! Look, if you don't like me, leave it. I'll die my death.

One thing, please don't make believe that you're there for us with you close hugs. If you truly love us, express it. Please give me your mobile. I was waiting for your call. Where are you? – I'm in my flat. Stay put there, I want to tell you an important thing. That's our hero's first love! Sitting in a cafe he said about a girl running away with Rs.3 lakhs. That's her! Rajini! What? – You come. Where are you taking me? I told you to come, right? Come! Where are you taking me? – Don't say a word. Get on! Did you see how he's taking away his wife? You trust such people only not men like me. Did you see? He's not married at all. It seems that girl is his lover. How he cheated us? How many lies he told us? Software appeared soft. Are there such people in software too? What should we do with such people? Watch, what I would do! Go to the place where you came from! I've come for you… Why? Didn't you find any other scapegoat like me? Love? What's this suddenly? How much I took you around? How great I took care of you? I thought just seeing is enough! But what did you do? You went to US without informing me.

That too with my money! Along with your best friend Ashok! Are you still using him as a friend or dumped him too? Why are you saying like this? Though he loves me sincerely, I came for your love. Why? He's wealthier than me, right? Men just use girls an throw them away! I've never seen anyone as sincere as you. I want you! I don't want you! I love Shreya! The man who brought you to me is Shreya's father. You made an entry when my love was about to be confirmed. If you'd really reformed, then marry Ashok. At least he'll have good impression about girls. If not he'd curse women all his life like me. What happened? – Go away! It has been proved again that love will not work out in your life. Please forget it. It's not expressed with eyes… Not a message sent by the smile..

. If you want to express what's in your heart… Your lips may not find words for it… May be this agitation would never come to an end… With sadness they were roaming in hot sun and rain… If you cut here… – Forget about cut, is it a tragedy? Telugu people don't watch such films. That too with new faces. Tamil will do! This is not climax sir, a month after getting thrown out of apartment… I know your stories. Heroine would go to US and you'd planned climax in airport. Like in the film 'Tholi Prema'. Where there's good love feel, you'd have united them with an emotional scene. Such stories are routine! Audience are smarter than us! We make one film and they watch hundreds of films. Very difficult. No sir… – Get me a tea. An interesting point comes out here! What that point is… Why are you not visiting cafe now? Looks like long time since you'd a love failure.

Who is the sister-in-law to dump you this time? Lousy life! Even he's taunting you! Talking to you! In the 3 months of relationship, she's leaving filling my heart with love for life time. Till now I thought there's no real love. But I got it, but now… I know I'll never get it. Do you know one thing? You both roamed like real lovers. Hugs, bike rides, romance at night, cricket, song and dance. You've done everything but couldn't just say three words I love you! Nowadays they say I love you after everything is over. You'd have followed that path! – I don't get you. Flight is at 3 pm! I feel my heart is getting squeezed. I got it. When Rajini left you, I saw irritation in you in this same place. now when Shreya is leaving you, I'm seeing you feeling sad. Pain is there where there is love! You've pain so I'm sure your love will succeed.

Don't talk, come with me. Tell me what you're going to do. We'll die if Manemma sees us. Why are they here? Come aside! You promised her, not me. You don't have any relationship with Rajini, and you love Shreya, I'll tell her, your problem is solved. How is my idea? You've lost brain in tension. Shreya knows we're friends and cheats too. No use if I or you tell her, Rajini must tell her. That she has no relation with me. You're clear, right? Come. Where can I find her now? – Call someone. You maintained her for long, call some old friend. Old… Prakash, it's me. – Why are they here? I'll tell you that later, tell me where can I find Rajini now? I'll take you to task! Those bachelors are here again sir! That's enough for me, I'll show the power of lion's paw! Stop! We must go on a hunt! We must know their plan! Go…go…speed! Accelerate! They're escaping, we must catch them. Girl friend means I thought we'd go to some park, but this looks like a den! This place looks scary to boys also. Come silently.

Have we come to the right place? Rajini is there! How can you be so cool even is such a place? You entered my life once and made me hate love. You came to my home now and destroyed my love. If you still any sympathy on me, tell Shreya that we don't have any relationship. I'm in a problem, please go away. Problem? Your past has used Rs.5 lakhs from present. I'll give the details of when and where later. If it is urgent, pay Rs.5 lakhs and take her. If you've Rs.5 lakhs, you can go to US and express your love. Come…come… – How to pay you now? Bring it. How many facilities we've, right? Go! Transfer funds and take her. Oh God! Rs.5 lakhs! He has overtaken me in paying for girls. Are such people there in modern times too? I mistook him, he's a good man. – Very much! I'm not paying because you'd help me. Expect you to change at least now. Come. Where the hell are you going? Didn't get me, brother-in-law? My love! – You are..

. You took her from under my nose! I made her trust me as good friend for 2 years, as I was about to cozy up to her you entered to spoil it, didn't get me? How could she come there when Shreya was about express her love? I'll tell you the details, come. Shreya started avoiding me ever since I expressed my love. I tried to scare her and threatened too! Her father was also not in town, I thought I got her. But you made an entry. You took her to the passport office. I couldn't bear to see her on your bike. I went with acid! But you made an entry again at right time. After that she'll take you with her where ever she goes. I saw you in Chocolate Room, I knew I had lost her. So I decided then that I must separate you from her. So I put all my energy on you! I searched all the social networking sites. I brought the girl who could put an end to your budding love. Mad girl! Fell into the trap! I cut your connection with Shreya. Are you done? Can we leave now? I made an elaborate plan and brought you here, will you go stick on to her? Do I look like a fool to you? How come you've so much sympathy for him? What I don't get nobody must get it! She'll die alone there and you'll die here. May be silly boys like them get scared of threats by a freak like you, not me! You come! Stop! Don't try to stop me, I'll finish you! Not the Hookah but you! – Finish him boys! We don't care how many you may be! The man behind us if he comes out.

.. It'll be sensational! Why is he calling me? I'll not go.- Go! Big bully! He's my man, beat him first and then come after us. Manemma, take care of them. Come. Get the hookah! Careful brother! – Let's fight it out. To beat me, first you must beat Chinna. You must come to beat me only after beating him. Boys, catch Sri! Nobody is seen in the smoke, We're getting late, let's go. Come. How can I spare the man who had tortured Shreya? This is not my Raja's short! – They've taken my pant! My Raja's! – Have they taken yours too? They've taken my shorts! Enough, we don't have time, come. My short… Come brother. They're beating themselves in the smoke. I don't have short. – I don't have pant, come.- Come..

. The girl flies away to US! They didn't meet again, right? What happened then? I told you it was inspired by true characters. Had it been a film, it would've ended as you said. But this is a true story. Few days later Rajini meets Shreya's parents unexpectedly… Her parents who knew about this love started searching grooms for her. Shreya was rejecting all their proposals because she loved Sri. Unable to control his anger, one day Shreya's father… An unknown sweet wish… It has started in you and me… You wanted a hug, right? I've come back for you. Do you know it has sprouted in you and me? As heart meets another heart… I've seen heart rising like a wave… May be love is the other name of worry… Are you so happy? I never expected you'd come back into my life. Good, you're inside the story. Though you've used few characters, you've made it very interestingly.

Do you've any experience in direction? No sir, I've made few small ad films. I've approached you to make a good film all Telugu star cast. One of my friend is ready to invest Rs.30 lakhs. If you arrange another Rs.30 lakhs… Do you want to direct the film or become a mediator? I encouraged you since your narration was good. What is this? Budget is producer's problem. Got it? Okay, make the film! What? About the story? I said it's good, right?.