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welcome to the primer on the dukan diet inside of this short video you'll discover the basics of the dukan diet and learn how to start applying immediately the dukan diet has taken the world by storm as you've most likely heard from tv radio stations and news outlets the diet is somewhat similar to the atkins diet but it's not as extreme for example limiting carbohydrates is a similar techniques that the dukan diet suggests but the dukan diet is far less restrictive depending on which phase you are in you will also discovered that unlike other diets out there you can actually eat anything that you want at certain phases of the diet let's take a look at the basics phase one attack in phase one you eat nothing bet lean protein and you can eat as much of it as you want there is no calorie counting your allowed to eat meats like fish chicken and beef just make sure to eat meats that are typically lower in fat and stay away from pork you will also be able to eat not fat dairy such as cottage cheese and eggs these are great sources of protein on top of this your also required to meet at least one and a half tablespoons oat bran per day as you can see the dukan is similar to the atkins diet due to the low carbohydrates in phase one the difference here is that oat bran is allow now why is that it's because oat bran happens to be extremely high in fiber which means a lot of the carbohydrates can even be broken down and digested by your body in phase one your also required to drink at least one half liters of water per day phase one can last anywhere from one to ten days depending on what your requirements are Phase two, cruise the cruise phase introduces vegetables into your diet food isn't allowed but will get to that later your allowed to eat an unlimited amount of vegetables in phase two as long as they are more of the non-starchy variety, vegetables like peas carrots and corn are not allowed however vegetables like lettuce spinach and green beans are to be clear here this is on top of the lean meats and protein sources from the first phase the oat bran and water requirements from phase one still apply to phase two an important note about phase two is that you alternate days as far as lean proteins and vegetables for example, you'll have one gay thats just like the attack stage and the next day it's likely attack stage but with all the vegetables that you want, this is a never-ending alternation and it last for the entire duration of phase two phase three consolidation phase three is like a combination of phase one and two but with a little more freedom in phase three you do everything that you heard in phases one and two but now you are allowed to eat meats like pork, you also get one piece of fruit a day, two slices of whole grain bread per day, and just a little bit of cheese.

Your'e also allow one to two servings of starchy food and you allowed one to two celebration meals per week your celebration meals consistent of anything and everything that you would like and lastly phase four stabilization. In phase four you can eat whatever you like and you will not gain weight as long as you abide by the following, day per week follow the phase one attack part, your also required to have three tablespoons of oat bran per day and to walk for twenty minutes per day Artificial sweeteners are allowed as well as sugar free gum if you're not much of a water drinker, the good news is that you could have diet drinks because they usually use some sort of artificial sweetener by now you should have a good understanding of the dukan diet and how it works good luck on your weight loss journey and here's to your health!.