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This is a thirty-five day program in which you'll combine the number of times you eat to the food combinations you choose and optimize those foods to maximize your weight loss. According to the author, the enzymes that digest fruits, carbs, and proteins have difficulty breaking down these foods when they are mixed. If the food groups are eaten separately, the digestive process works correctly which creates reduced body fat. You'll eat carbohydrates with carbohydrates, protein with protein, and fruit by itself. Foods You Can Eat You will be able to eat fruit, lean proteins, seafood, baked potatoes, salads, and occasionally have wine. The plan starts with fruit in the morning but you will be limited to one piece of fruit per hour.

Exercise There aren't any exercise guidelines or recommendations. Costs The cost of >book which starts around $10.00 at various places online. Pros Plenty of foods to choose from No calorie counting or restrictions Cons Exercise is not promoted No scientific basis for Conscious Combining No calorie or portion control recommended Summary This plan isn't based on scientific data and the author is not an expert in the nutritional field. This would be a difficult program to stay with. I have a better solution clink the link below and visit: peoplelienumbersdont.com To read more about the Beverly hills diet and while on the blog Check out the fat loss icon on the left and watch the video. See how hundreds of thousands of people really have lost weight. Thanks..