/A Quick Day Tour of Maragusan, Compostela Valley, Philippines

A Quick Day Tour of Maragusan, Compostela Valley, Philippines

Video: A Quick Day Tour of Maragusan, Compostela Valley, Philippines


Good morning. We're in Davao City right now. It's only 5 in the morning so the sun hasn't fully come out yet. We're traveling to Maragusan which is in the Province of Compostela Valley. It's considered the summer capital of Davao Region. Maragusan is a valley and it's surrounded by mountains which is why the area has a cool climate. Compostela Valley is to the north of Davao City and this is our first time to go there. Come join us. We're now leaving Tagum City. This is the capital of Davao Del Norte Province.

This is the popular section along Davao-Agusan Highway here in Tagum City. It's famous because it's lined with royal palms. If you noticed, we changed vehicles. The van we rode earlier, its engine broke down. Good thing this ambulance/rescue vehicle of Maragusan Municipality passed us by and we were kindly given a ride since we're all heading to the same destination anyway. We're now at Mawab Municipality. The roads are getting steeper and steeper. I can feel my ears pop which means we're at a high elevation. If you noticed, road construction is currently underway so it's a really bumpy ride. There are also times when we have to pull over and wait for oncoming traffic to pass since there are sections where there's only one lane. We'll have a short rest stop.

The driver is fetching water from the spring for the van's radiator. The green trees you see at the foothills are bananas. Oh, so those are all banana trees? Yes. We're now at Maragusan. The travel took three hours. I'm assuming the travel will be longer if you come here via public transport like bus or van. We're here on the invitation of Magrow to see Maragusan and their farms Magrow is the most successful farmer-led cooperative in this area. It's beautiful here. I feel like I'm in Baguio City or Tagaytay of Luzon. Though it's already 9 in the morning there's a cool breeze and the sun's heat isn't uncomfortable. Maragusan is classified as a first class municipality. I can say this area is a solid proof of the impact of the banana industry and cooperatives to the economy of an area. This is a seedling bank for coffee and cacao. Though banana is the main crop here farmers are slowly diversifying their crops here in Maragusan.

That one's flowering already. This tree is called mahogany. These are coffee plants. That one. The leaves were eaten by insects. But that will surely recover. It's being eaten by scarring… Huh? Scarring. Scarring? There's scarring weevil? It's scarring after all. That's the insect? Yes. That's a coffee pest? It's only now that I've seen this eat coffee leaves. It's eating the leaves. They love eating the tender leaves. Cacao leaves are tough (so they don't eat them). Here's one with fruits. That's cacao. Oh, this one. There's plenty here, too. Oh, so this one starts from a flower… Yes. Yes. Then it'll grow into a fruit like this? Yes. So it grows directly on the stem? Yes. The fruit doesn't grow beside the leaves. No. Aww. Sorry. I don't know anything about planting. I've tasted the cacao fruit, right? Yes.

You've eaten ripe cacao fruit before. Eaten cacao fruit? Yeah, Mon. You've eaten cacao fruit in Malagos for the first time. We're now headed to a banana farm. After that, we'll try to look for Rafflesia magnifica. This is a type of parasitic plant and can only be found in the mountains of Compostela. I hope so. Here we are. We're hoping to find Rafflesia magnifica. It can only be found here in Compostela Valley. It's one of the biggest flowers in the world. It can grow up to 3 feet when in full bloom. It's now critically endangered. This is why Maragusan locals have initiated planting of the Tetrastigma vine which is the only known host of Rafflesia magnifica. Is that the vine? Yes. Which one? It's the stem we planted. It's a type of vine. Oh, this one? Yes, that's the vine.

It has no flower. This one? No. This one. That's the vine. The vine's really grown, right? Yes. Then that will flower when it has fully grown. These are wild… Rattan. Wild rattan. Oh, rattan. Oh, right, rattan! Yes, rattan, wild rattan. This species is dwindling, right? Yes. Amazing. That's the creek we passed by. The one we heard earlier? Yes. That's the plant nursery on the other side. Do tourists come here to look for the big flower? Yes. Yes. Like Margie Moran. Margie Moran came here, sir? Yes, before. Here, sir. That's where we came from earlier? Yes. That's the fish pond. Of tilapia, milkfish? Yes, tilapia. And carp. Amazing. So we were just driving around the entire time. Yes. We're heading home. Today was just a quick visit of Maragusan. We got there at 9 AM and it's now 1 PM and we're on our way home. We didn't have the time and the opportunity to check out other places of interest in Maragusan but don't worry, we plan to go back.

If you noticed we're taking a different route home. This morning was via Tagum City, Davao Del Norte. Now the route's via Mati in Davao Oriental. We weren't able to find Rafflesia magnifica. We're hoping to find one when we go back. Thank you for watching. Do you want to see more videos about Davao? Please subscribe now!.