about why you shouldn't give a fuck what the scale says i get a email every day from women everyday um hey i I'm i weigh 200 pounds i use to be 150 i want to get back to 150 i want to be that weight so bad my confidence is blah blah blah blah blah how long do you think its gonna take until i get to this weight they every woman has this goal or ideal weight and for men as well and I'm gonna tell you why you shouldn't give a fuck it doesn't make a difference basically when you get on the scale it tells you your weight ok thats including your earrings thats including your organs your muscle what you had for breakfast lunch dinner if you weigh yourself at night it the water thats retiained in your body from the sodium that's in all the foods we eat today basically your really not getting an accurate number your not you shouldn't give a fuck what your weight is ok right now i weigh 150 pounds but i mean people think i weigh 130 135 140 it's all this muscle that's making me weigh more than i look so why do i weigh 150 pounds but i dont look it because i have muscle muscle weighs more than fat so ladies who gives a fuck what your weight is when you lose weight it's not a good thing because you know why your losing water weight your losing muscle that's why you don't look different when you lose weight that's why you look the same except smaller all you do is lose weight you end up looking the same but just smaller you don' look toned you don't look tight you don't look fit you don't have definition you know your not changing the shape of your body when you just lose weight you have to focus on fat loss when you lose body fat you shape your body you see my shoulders are like broad because of the fact that i build muscle on my shoulders my arms look a little thinner because i have muscle its like defined this is the shape that that most people want they want to look athletic they want to look fit if that's your goal if you want to look toned if you want to reduce cellulite if you want to be more confident have better posture you have to focus on losing fat thats going to give you that gorgeous body that you've always wanted that's gonna give you the athletic look that lean look that fit look no matter what size you are ok so fuck the scale it doesn't mean shit it doesn't measure your body fat that's point blank period you need to focus on your body fat you don't want to lose weight you want to lose fat you just don't realize it because you don't know don't focus on weight just focus on your body fat percentage if you expensive to get it measured accurately the gyms not that reliable please don't you can use it as a guide but from my experience i ended up with a higher body fat percentage like three months into my contest prep I'm like come on thats not possible come on you guys they're not accurate so what you want to do is take your measurements that's the easiest way cheapest fastest way to determine whether you are losing fat or not that's going to help you track fat loss so the way you this is what you should look for if your losing fat the scale doesn't change too much but your body does the way your clothes fit the way your body looks the way you feel and especially the way you look your measurements will help you determine whether your losing fat or not so please no more talking about scale weight oh my weight my weight fuck the scale i'll throw that shit out with you guys alright so thank you so much for watching this video i hope you learned something today and let's not obsess over the scale the number on that shit anymore ok if you guys have any requests for videos please let me know in the comment section or feel free to leave it on Facebook and uh thank you so much for watching be sure to subscribe for more thank you for watching.