/Permanent solution of Leucorrhoea & Over Bleeding in hindi with english subtitles

Permanent solution of Leucorrhoea & Over Bleeding in hindi with english subtitles

Video: Permanent solution of Leucorrhoea & Over Bleeding in hindi with english subtitles


Namaskaram i am Yogi Nityanandam Today i'll teach you that how to get rid of leucorrhoea I have seen a lot of mothers and sisters Many mothers have leucorrhoea from 10-20 years She does not care Some of them sometimes get treatment from doctors even again let it be Keep on bearing about this thing One thing to understand, If you will not treat it then it will void the whole bones Slowly the essence will eliminate from the body completely Therefore, it is very necessary to treat it Today I will give you some tips to fix this. With which you can cure the problem of years old yes First you understand this, which I'll tell in this video that will be beneficial in both leucorrhoea & overbleeding in females many ladies complain of having severe bleeding Too much bleeding & pain what to do in this case first of all, stop taking ice avoid icecream If you take then only one in month only 1-2 spoon If you eat more then liver will heatup eat mangoes very little apart from this, aviod spices & hot natured food items Avoid coffee so ladies take too much coffee, tea or green tea to reduce weight They also have these problems Apart from, this problem also happens due to bacterial infection.

Take care of your cleanliness sometimes, Heat a tub of water put one tablespoon baking soda in it make its solution Sit in that tub For cleansing of the vagina Sit down for a while & wash with clean water many times you can not sit in the tub then a bucket of hot water & mix baking soda in it The vagina can be sprayed and washed So that to get rid of vaginal bacterial It can be done only once after every second day one can wash their vagina with solution of alum, having 1 tsp of alum in a bucket of lukewarm water It was for refinement & cleanliness so that, your problem can end from roots Now we will talk about herbal experiment by which you will gain very much This last experiment, which i just told you is for leucorrhoea only. Its not for overbleeding The next experiment I'm going to tell you It works in both white discharge and Over bleeding so, what to do is I have a medicinal plant, see it. We call it Sheesham (North Indian Rosewood) sheesham is in hindi In Punjabi we call it taali It is a beautiful tree It grows very fast Its gives very pleasant air It takes small legumes see it I have been showing you these are legumes (beans) & these are leaves It takes very small leaves, similar but smaller than peepal tree leaves This is known as sheesham we will use its leaves If leaves are small then take 12-15, if leaves are bigger then take 10 in number also take 5 beans whole along with 10-12 leaves put all of these into a stone mortar We generally call mortar also add 7-10 black peppers, & 1 small piece of purified sugar Now start to knead it If you make a little paste, add a splash of water then knead it again by kneading these all ingredients will become a smooth mixture As soon as it mix well then add a cup of water in it & knead it again for few minutes knead it very well It will become a solution It is very beneficial if it is consumed along with pulp If its not possible to take with pulp for some reason then you may squeeze its water after kneading it minimum 10 min All its essence came into the water make its habbit of taking it every early morning empty stomach it takes 15-30 days to cure white discharge & over bleeding very quickly This herb is easily available throughout india still, if its not available to you then arrange its leaves from somewhere wash them & dry in the shade after drying, make its powder keep in mind If the water left as it is on the leaves then that can spoil your leaves so let it dry in direct sun for 1 hour after washing once water is dry then keep it in shed & let it dry fully make its leaves dry in shed & water in direct sun after drying, make its powder If you take only 1 spoon of that powder every morning with plain water add a pinch of black pepper powder while taking you must take 7 black peppers powdered with every dose to avoid its negative effect of legs pain It becomes totally safe with black pepper then it suits to everybody it is very beneficial in chronic leucorrhoea & overbleeding sometimes the problem is very high it takes few days to heal in emergyency burn outer threads of coconut & burn it to make fine ash Fill that ash in aairtight bottle after filtering it from thin cottony cloth We make ash of coconut's outer peel We derive very small ash from a huge heap of that crush that ash & make fine powder to fiter easily you may take 1 spoon of coconut ash with water every morning empty stomach in severe problem or if its not available you can thake this for 10 days yhen continue with this herb It starts working in 5-7 days Take pomegrante, red letil, fruits & vegetables Avoid pungent & hot natured food items take wheat grass juice everyday Wheat grass powder is also avaliable in the market you may take powder instead of juice If you will do the same Then you will definitely get rid of chronic or acute leucorrhoea & overbleeding thats all for today Namaskaram.