/The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Plan | Life Changing Guide To Wellbeing

The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Plan | Life Changing Guide To Wellbeing

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hi guys I'm Lauren Everett's from the skinny confidential and today I am so excited to share the skinny confidential nutrition and fitness plan with you I have been working my ass off for months to bring this to you so it's finally here and so excited to share over the years of blogging I've had so many questions about specifics of what I'm eating or how I'm working out so today everything is going to be in a one-stop shop for you guys I've had moms asking questions I've had girls that are just too busy I've had workaholics from New York City so now I've just put together a plan that the one size fits all and it's not a diet plan it's more of a lifestyle the difference between a fad diet know my style chain is huge a fad diet is just for a little bit of a mount of time you might lose a drastic amount of weight but it's not maintainable so you definitely want to focus on the lifestyle more the subscription plan is all about lifestyle it's about some unique routine day to day and tools that you can adopt for the rest of your life well after trying this program for the last six months my bat wings have totally tightened up they totally don't flail in the wind and I don't have a muffin top anymore so I'm very very excited to bring you this amazing workout and you will love it you will not believe are you tighten that to make sure that I was sharing the right information with you guys I hired on Jamie McFadden who was a celebrity trainer and she's absolutely amazing she's worked with a lot of celebrities but also a lot of normal people so I feel like she knows all the celebrity secrets but she also can tap into busy women on-the-go that just needs something quick and easy jamie has looked over the whole entire fitness and nutrition plan and totally approved it she's very excited about it she's tried it on herself and she loves it it kicks her ass and all the best ways the skinny confidential fitness and nutrition plan will also have a king where you can all connect you can connect one-on-one with me you can connect with other skinny confidential readers and you can connect with people within the community so you're gonna find a lot of women that are going through the same things as you or maybe have tips and tricks that are easy and accessible and you can also share how you're feeling after your workout or what's foods or recipes that you liked and it'll be really really fun to be able to connect with you guys one on one for me so since I had so many questions about exactly what I eat and exactly what I do for fitness it was just too much information to put all in the blog so I wanted to compile community of skinny confidential readers and you can all connect on a day-to-day basis so if you're looking for a spot for support that's accessible and easy and fitness related you will love the skinny confidential to be balanced and sorry to be kind in the morning I'll be with you.