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NARRATOR: Look high in the sky On this Never Land night For a glowing, green star The fourth from the right As it falls from the heavens And streaks through the air You'll know it's a comet A sight strange and rare A harmless display? A treat for the eye? Perhaps But be careful For appearances lie This comet, you see Has been here before The ancients described it In old fairy lore "Beware the green tail As it trails alongside "And spills into corners Where shadows abide "Take heed, and you'll know That before the dawn breaks "Deep down in the darkness Something awakes" (TWITTERING) ♪ I'm gonna fall ♪ Headfirst and fast like an avalanche ♪ Maybe I'll land ♪ Maybe I'll crash ♪ I will take that chance ♪ 'Cause there's nothing but air in between me and everything ♪ Nothing to keep me from flying aimlessly ♪ Shamelessly laughing at destiny ♪ And no one knows how high I go ♪ Or what makes the atmosphere glow ♪ I could follow the narrow road ♪ But maybe I'll let it all go ♪ And just float ♪ I'll float ♪ Float ♪ Oh, Tink, it's perfect! Just like you ordered, Fawn.

One extra-large wagon. But what's it for? I mean, why all the mystery? I just love how your mind's always working. I can take it from here. (GASPS) Baby ducklings! Or baby bunnies? It's a movable nursery, right? Bull's-eye! Can't get a thing past you, Tink. Well, anyway, catch you later. You're up to something. Who, me? Never. Yep, you definitely are. I know that look. I invented that look. What's the wagon for? (SIGHS DEEPLY) Okay, okay. Just try not to scream. Deal? (GASPS) (SCREECHES SOFTLY) Shh. No deal. No deal. No deal! It's okay, Hannah. Tink's with me. (STAMMERING) You have a… Deep breath in. …hawk! Uh, yep. Fawn, hawks eat fairies! Oh, adult hawks, yes. Hannah's still technically a baby. That whole "must-eat-fairy" urge hasn't quite kicked in yet. She doesn't look so babyish to me. Well, she was when I brought her here. She had a bad wing, but I fixed her up and now.

.. Whoa! (SCREAMS) Wing's all better. (SIGHS) You can't have a hawk in Pixie Hollow. What if the Scouts find out? That's where the blueberry wagon comes in! We just have to get Hannah out to where she belongs without causing, you know… (WHISPERING) …widespread panic. Good job! Here you go. Good. (HANNAH SCREECHES) Shh. (SOFTLY) You're doing great, Hannah. Hang tight until we're in the clear. Are you sure about this, Fawn? Remember, we're just taking berries to the forest. Nothing to it. But don't berries usually come from the forest? Everything will be fine. Just fly casual. Exactly how often do you do this kind of thing? (SNIFFING) FAIRY: Come on. (LOW GROWL) Oh! Oh. Whoa! Oh! (SQUEAKING) Huh? (SNIFFING) Fawn? Just keep smiling.

See, Tink? I told you this would work. All you need is a little faith, trust, and… Pixie dust? ROSETTA: There you are! We've been looking for you all morning! Hey, did you guys see that comet last night? No, but did you see that big, green ball of light that flew by? ROSETTA: What's with the berries? Just bringing them to the forest. For the animals. Don't berries come from the forest? Not this particular variety which is, um, extra berry-full-licious-tastic! Yum! Can we help? No, no, no! We're fine. Why would we need help? Oh, for goodness' sake. There's an easier way to do this. Wait! No, no! You don't know what you're doing! It's called "helping." (BOTH GASP) A simple "thank you" would suffice. What are you all staring at? (SHUDDERS) (COLLECTIVE GASP) (HANNAH SCREECHES) (PANICKED CRIES) (SCREECHES) (SCREECHING) Hawk! (HAWKS SCREECHING) (GASPS) That comet is an astronomical puzzle, to be sure, but careful observation and application… (TRUMPET BLOWING) (GASPS) (SCREECHING) (SCREAMING) Hannah! Hannah, stop! Come back! Everyone, get inside! Iridessa! (GASPS) (SCREECHES) Oh, no! (GRUNTS) Nyx? (GRUNTS) (PANICKED SCREAMING) (GRUNTING) (SCREECHING) Hannah? Hannah! Go! Get inside! Hurry! Go! (GRUNTS) (STRAINING) Come on! (SCREECHES) (GRUNTS) (SCREECHING) (FAIRIES SCREAMING) (SCREECHING) Wait! Everybody calm down! I promise, she doesn't even like the taste of Scout Fairy.

Babies are such picky eaters. (SCREECHING) It's okay, Hannah. Everything's going to be all right. NYX: Get away from the hawk, Fawn. Let us handle this. There's nothing to handle, Nyx. I said stand down, Fawn. Is everyone all right? Yes, Queen Clarion, this time. (SCREECHING SOFTLY) (CHUCKLES SHEEPISHLY) But how am I supposed to keep us safe if Fawn keeps bringing dangerous animals into Pixie Hollow? Last time it was rats, and a snake! Actually, last time, it was a vampire bat. Fawn's just got a big heart, that's all. Hannah needed her help. Does this look like the face of a dangerous predator to you? FAIRY: Ahem. Come on, back me up, guys! (ALL MUMBLE INDISTINCTLY) (SIGHS) Fawn… I know, I know. Nyx is right. I've done this once or twice, or several times before.

Yes. However, perhaps my latest endeavor was crossing the line. Indeed. I hear what you're saying. Maybe harboring a baby hawk wasn't the best idea. Fawn, I know you. You've always let your heart guide you. Which is admirable, but… But I also need to listen with my head. (SIGHS) Next time, I promise, I will. (SCREECHING) Well, Hannah-Banana, I'd say come back and visit, but it's probably best to keep this a long-distance thing. Now, let's give that wing a try. (SCREECHES) Good morning, students! Beautiful day for a fresh start, don't you think? All right, then, let's see that hopping. (SQUEAKING) Nice work, Nico. Perfection, Paige! Oh, Calista, remember it's hopping, not walking. (SQUEAKING) What, haven't you heard? I'm strictly by-the-book now. Yep, we're talking model citizen all the way. Looking for the definition of responsibility? Look no further than this girl! (EERIE HOWLING) Well, that was interesting. Now, that's hopping. (HOWLING CONTINUES) (ECHOING) Hello? (HOWLING RESUMES) (SNIFFING) (GASPS) (HOWLING RESUMES) (EERIE HOWLING) Hmm.

Come on, Fawn, listen to your head. Heart gets you in trouble, head is your friend. And yet, head is making me talk to myself, out loud, in the forest. No, no, no. Model citizen. Starting first thing tomorrow. (EERIE HOWLING) What are you? (EERIE HOWL) (GASPS) (BREATHING HEAVILY) (EERIE HOWL) (GASPS) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTING) (GROWLING) Okay, think. Territorial, possibly carnivorous. Unspeakably big! What to do? What to do? Play dead! (PRETEND-CHOKING) No, no. Freeze. (GROWLING) No, the opposite! Make myself look big! (MIMICS GROWLING) (LOUD ROAR) What was that? (GROANING) (PANTING) (GASPS) (SIGHS) (CHIRPING) Did you hear it? Hear what? The roar! Did you hear the roar? Sorry, did you say something? (SIGHS) You bet I heard it. Little faster. Visualize the acorn right in front of you. Excellent. What was it? No idea. (PANTING) But let me know as soon as you find out. Gently, now. To the left. No, the other left! (SHRIEKS) (FARTS) That roar.

.. This morning? What was it? Oh, I don't know. I don't specialize in roars. Now, grunts and growls, on the other hand… Who would know? Well, if it came from anything big… Loud… Scary… And dangerous, try… Fawn. (FOOTSTEPS THUDDING) (SNIFFING) (GROWLS SOFTLY) (GRUNTS) (SNIFFING) (SNIFFING) (STRAINING) (WHINING) (GROWLS) Hmm. Come on, big guy. Over here. (GROWLS QUESTIONINGLY) (GRUNTING) (GROWLS) (GASPS) (STRAINING) (LOUD GROWL) (SCREAMS) (STRAINING) (GASPING) (GRUNTING) Wait! I was only trying to help! (LOUD ROAR) (SCREAMS) (WHIMPERING) Huh? (GROWLS) Hmm. So, I guess I'll just be on my way, then. (GROWLS) Hmm. Those thick forelimbs are ideal for digging. Nope. No, no, no. You're all fixed up, so off I go! And that massive jaw is perfect for supporting those heavy rocks. (GROWLS) (GASPS) Oh, okay. Sorry, sorry. Just leaving. (CHUCKLES) But, you know, it's like you're a cross between Didelphis marsupialis and Bison occidentalis..

. That spits. Well, I don't know what that's about. And I don't know what that's about. I really don't know what that's about. What are you building? You know, it is my job as an Animal Fairy to understand and study animals. And the Queen did say I should listen to my head. Huh. You've convinced me. I'll do it, for the Queen. Now stay here, okay? I'll be right back. I just need to get my stuff. Don't go anywhere. Just stay. Stay. Stay. (GASPS) (CHUCKLES) (GIGGLING) Fawn. Nyx. I've been looking everywhere for you. So, where have you been? Off hiding a hippo? Yep, he's bunking with the bobcat. Did you hear that roar this morning? (GRUNTS) Can you describe the roar in question? What kind of roar was it? The loud, hair-raising, monstrous kind. Animals make all kinds of roars.

I mean, you've got your growls, howls, whoops, hollers, shrieks, rumbles. Was it like this? (YOWLING) No. A roar. Oh. Uh, sort of like… (MIMICKING TRUMPETING) No. (HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER) No! (HOWLING) No! (MIMICKING A MONKEY) Fawn! Yeah. If you hear that one, run. Would you hand me that? Look, this thing might be a threat to Pixie Hollow. If you find out what made that roar, I need to know. Are we clear? What will you do if you find it? My job. And I'll do mine. (ADVENTUROUS MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ Strange sight ♪ You stand in the light ♪ You're wrong but you're right My heart's beating wildly ♪ Strange how I'm scared but delighted ♪ Afraid, but excited, too Oh! ♪ You have a cold heart ♪ You're reckless and distant, but I'll be persistent ♪ I will understand you FAWN: Hello? ♪ Strange ♪ How I'm drawn to the danger Ha! ♪ I reach out my hands to you (GRUMBLES) ♪ Do you long to be left all alone? ♪ Set apart with a heart made of stone ♪ Let me help, let's begin ♪ Let me learn Ow! ♪ Won't you let me in? ♪ All the light ♪ Let it show ♪ You are a strange sight ♪ Some new kind of wonder ♪ With good hidden under ♪ I'm sure that it's true ♪ Strange how your dark doesn't faze me ♪ No, I won't give up on you ♪ Do you long to be left all alone? (SQUEAKING) ♪ Set apart with a heart made of stone (GASPS) Oh! ♪ Let me help, let's begin ♪ Let me learn ♪ Won't you let me in? ♪ All the light, let it show ♪ If you're caught in the shadows and turned all around ♪ Lost in the darkness you will be found ♪ If you hear my voice Oh! ♪ Follow the sound ♪ 'Cause I'm here to guide you home ♪ Do you long to be left all alone? ♪ Set apart with a heart made of stone ♪ Let me help, let's begin ♪ Let me learn ♪ Won't you let me in? ♪ All the light, let it show ♪ Do you long to be left all alone? ♪ Set apart with a heart made of stone ♪ There's a light that you shine ♪ There's a love ♪ I see it in your eyes All the dark ♪ Let it go ♪ You're not alone ♪ (BIRDS CHIRPING) (SOFT GROWL) (GROANS) Oh, I cleaned out the skunk pen yesterday.

(GASPS) (GROWLS) Oh! Good morning! Looks like somebody's a night owl. What is this? Whoa! (GRUNTS) Oh, okay. So, where to? Anywhere but Scout Headquarters. Look, if I'm gonna cover for you, I need to know, what's the tower for? This one beaver I know, Bob… Great guy! He makes dams big enough to store food for three winters. And, of course, marmots build these terrific burrows out of rock piles for hibernation. Then you've got your northern orioles and those hanging nests of theirs. I mean, talk about brilliant! But I'm thinking you're not storing food. Or preparing for hibernation. Or nesting. (GROWLING) Seriously, what's the tower for? (SNARLS) You don't have to be so gruff about it. (GASPS) That's it. "Gruff!" Yep, "Gruff" suits you to a…

Whoa! Ow! (GROWLS) Guess we're building another one. (GROWLS) But before we start, I was just thinking, why not enjoy yourself a bit while you work? (GROWLS) Just hear me out. No reason I should have all the fun with the pixie dust. (SOFT QUESTIONING GROWL) Come on! (SNIFFING) Now we're talking. (GROWLS HAPPILY) (GRUNTS) Oh! Fairies and Sparrowmen, presenting the three-time defending champion of the Pixie Hollow Games Tower-Building event, the amazing, incomparable, Gruff. (GROWLING) Will he hold off this year's pint-sized, yet feisty challenger? (BONES CRACKING) (BARKS) (GROWLS) And he nails it! But it's too much! The fairy wins! The fairy… (ROCKS WHISTLING PAST) Oh, no. (SIGHS) And done. This may be our best spring yet. FAWN: (SHOUTING) Incoming! (BOTH GASP) (RUMBLING) Oh, no. The boulders came from that direction? Affirmative. If Fawn hadn't shouted that warning, we'd be flatter than a pumpkin seed. Two pumpkin seeds! Fawn? Hey, Gruff, I think it's time we make like a tree and lea..

. Oh. Come on, Gruff, where are you? Oh! (GROWLS) (GRUNTING) Gruff! No time for rock collecting! You've got to get out of here! Gruff! FURY: Nyx. Snodgrass. Hmm. FAWN: No, Gruff! Wrong way! We have to go! (GROWLS) Okay. New game, Gruff. It's called Chase the Fairy! Now, follow me! Knock it out with the Nightshade powder! (GRUNTING) (WHISTLES SHARPLY) (GASPS) Oh! (COUGHING) (GROANING) (GRUNTING) (GASPS) (RUSTLING) That's my big, furry monster. Maybe it's time to make proper introductions. Hmm. Interesting. 35.25 miles to the right. Fascinating. Get me every animal volume you have in here, immediately. Bup-bup! Please. I'm in the middle of a high-level, special, royal project. (SIGHS) Oh, did I say "royal"? Oops. Top secret…

Oh! (GULPS) Hello. How may I help you? (GRUNTS) And this is just the "A's." You know, books are a workout for the brains and the biceps. (STRAINING) Ta-da! (CHUCKLING) And so I said… "Listen QC, Clar'… (GROANS) "…most Sparrowmen couldn't stomach this kind of pressure, "but then again, I'm not most Sparrowmen. "And besides, that mysterious green comet "isn't going to analyze itself." (YELPS) Tell me everything you know about this. Everything. Over dinner? Oh, okay, I see. I've misread the situation entirely, haven't I? (SOFTLY) We'll always have the "A's." First, thank you guys so much for meeting me here. I'm sure you're wondering what this is about. Whatever it is, it better be good. I was mid-exfoliation. Mid-exfoliation! So, as you know, I really learned my lesson about being smarter when it comes to dangerous animals.

TINKER BELL: We know. Oh, honey, you are doing great! IRIDESSA: Yeah, you're doing really good. However… And here we go. Fawn? Ladies, say hello to Gruff! (GROWLING) (ALL GASP) IRIDESSA: (WHIMPERS) Oh, no. Hi, Gruff. (WHIMPERS) What is that? I actually don't know. I've never seen any animal like him before. (GROWLS) Ever. What does he eat? Not fairies. (SIGHS WITH RELIEF) Well, that's a relief. So, I'm gonna take him to the Queen and show her he's harmless. Then I'll tell her how he destroyed Sunflower Meadow. Uh, well, how I destroyed… You know what? Maybe it was both of us. You guys destroyed Sunflower Meadow? He did it. (GROWLS IN PROTEST) It was an accident, okay? And what do you call that? Again, I don't exactly know. But I'm working on it. I'm hearing a lot of "I don't knows" in this conversation. Uh, uncertainty makes me uncomfortable. Come on! Have I ever put you guys in danger? Yes. Sure.

Frequently. Yeah. I still can't sit up straight. Hawk! Oh, yeah. The point is, I want to do the responsible thing this time. Just like I promised. I'm guessing you already have a plan in mind? "Operation Gruff-a-Go-Go!" Open up, big guy. Ew! My skin is gonna break out. Okay, so I'll go in and set the stage. Then, on my signal, get him in position, and I'll bring her out. Don't worry. She's gonna love you. (LOW GROWL) (INHALES) Here I go! Model citizen, all the way! TINKER BELL: Good luck! SILVERMIST: Be brave! ROSETTA: You can do it, sugar! She's doomed. Queen Clarion, I've been thinking about what you said. Which is why I'm here to tell you that… I, uh… You know what? It can wait. I'll come back. Fawn, I'm glad you're here. So am I.

Nyx has discovered a dangerous animal in Pixie Hollow. We could really use your expertise. (GRUNTING) I am on the verge of perspiring over here. Do you see the signal? NYX: I had my first direct sighting earlier today. This is no ordinary predator we're talking about. It's bigger and faster than anything we've ever seen. (MOUTHING) I combed through every animal text in the library and came up empty. But it turns out, I was looking in the wrong pl… (YAWNS) Hmm. (WHISPERING) Back to the forest! What? Mission abort! Mission abort! That comet that went by the other night, it was here before. 972 years ago. And each time it passes it wakes the creature. What is this? This is the NeverBeast. Once the comet brings it out of hibernation, it starts building. Four rock towers. One in each season of Pixie Hollow. Green clouds fill the sky. The creature transforms. And then, a lightning storm so powerful, it consumes all of Pixie Hollow. TINKER BELL: Back home. ROSETTA: Come on, Gruff.

If we don't act fast, this storm will destroy us all. How do we really know this is true and not just some crazy legend or misunderstanding? (SNIFFING) TINKER BELL: On three! One, two, three! (GRUNTS) (SNIFFING) (NEVERBEAST SNEEZES) Wooh! I should get that checked out. (NEVERBEAST GRUNTS) (COUGHING) Hmm. That's odd. Ew! My mouth was open! It's always open. Guys! Guys, now is our chance! Quick! Look, animals do not control the weather. Ordinary animals don't. Furthermore, this creature, with the horns and the bat wings. (SCOFFS) An animal that big couldn't possibly fly under his own power. (MOUTHING) Bottom line, either we capture the NeverBeast or life as we know it is over. Nyx, let's not do anything rash until we know more. See if you can locate the creature first. (SIGHS) Yes, Queen Clarion.

I just don't want innocent animals to get hurt. And I don't want innocent fairies to get hurt. I'm not the enemy here. Both of you are conscientious and talented fairies. And I trust you, both of you, to do what's right for Pixie Hollow. What's the word? She trusts me to do the right thing. Which is? We go after it at dawn. FAWN: What happened? You were supposed to get him out of here. Oh, we tried, sug. Giant thing wouldn't budge. I think he didn't want to leave you. (NEVERBEAST GROWLS SOFTLY) (CHUCKLES) I missed you too, Gruff. Sorry to break whatever this is up. But what happened to doing the right thing? Nyx got there first. And? And… (SIGHS) Nyx found this harebrained legend about a creature called the "NeverBeast" who builds rock towers and shoots lightning to destroy Pixie Hollow. So now she thinks he's some kind of monster. I know. Crazy, right? (CHUCKLES) Well, early day tomorrow.

Oh. Am I tired! Really? I'm wide awake. (CHUCKLES) Bye-bye, now. Come on, guys. You don't really think any of that stuff is true. It's just, I know he's not what they say he is. Even if you're right, it's not safe for him here. Hey, big guy. Done for the day? (GROWLS) Rest up, because first thing tomorrow, we're gonna find someplace great for you. Just until things settle down. Gruff, you see those stars over there? If you connect them, they make a monkey. See his tail? (GROWLS) But if you turn it upside down, it's a swan. See? That one's a squirrel. Oh, and over there, with the spikes? Hedgehog! See it? (LOW GROWL) I knew you'd get it. You just have to know how to look. Imagine. You, a monster. Of all the ridiculous ideas. (YAWNING) I know they're wrong about you.

(NEVERBEAST RUMBLES) They don't see what I see. (WHIMPERS) (RUMBLING) (GROWLING) Gruff? Gruff? It's starting. What is that? (RUMBLING) It's so green. I've never seen anything like that. FAWN: Gruff? Gruff? Come on, Gruff. It's "chase" the fairy, not "run away" from her. TINKER BELL: Fawn! The Scouts, they were geared up and moving fast. Please tell me you took him away already. About that. I sort of, temporarily, misplaced him. You lost him? I got this. I just have to find him before the Scouts do. Wait! He's going to build two more towers. One in Autumn, one in Winter. I thought you said the legend wasn't real. Technically, I said he's not what they think. But everything Nyx warned us about, it's happening. The clouds are green! Look, it doesn't matter what Nyx's legend says. All I know is, Gruff would never hurt us. Please, Tink, trust me. I'll take Winter. Hey, Tink! Thanks. (GROWLING) (SNARLS) (RUMBLING) FAWN: Gruff? Gruff? (NYX WHISTLING) NYX: Just like the other two.

Just like the drawing. CHASE: Over here! It's headed towards Summer. Gruff? (CRACKLING) (GASPS) Oh! (GROWLS SOFTLY) Gruff! There you are. We've been looking everywhere for you. (SNARLING) (GASPS) Gruff, it's me, Tink! Fawn's friend! The Scouts are coming for you. You have to hide! (THUNDER RUMBLING) Gruff? (GROWLS) (GASPS) (GROANS) Tink! Tink? What did you do? (SNARLING) (THUNDER CRACKS) (GROWLING) No. (ROARING) Oh! (GROWLS) (GRUNTS) FAWN: Help! Help! Nyx! (SIGHS) (TINKER BELL MOANING) Is she gonna be okay? HEALING FAIRY: She needs to rest, stay off her wings for a few days. She'll be all right. Oh, thank goodness. That's a relief. See, Fawn, she's gonna be… Fawn? (SNIFFS) Gruff? (GROWLS SOFTLY) Come down. I need to see you. (SNARLS) Gruff? (GROWLING SOFTLY) (GROWLING) Stand firm! (SCREAMING) (STRAINING) Nightshade powder! (ROARS) (GRUNTING) (MOANING) (GASPS) (WHIMPERING) (ALL STRAINING) Steady! Hold your ground! (NEVERBEAST WHIMPERING) (GASPS) Let's move it out! You did the right thing. (SOBBING) (THUNDER RUMBLING) (RABBITS SQUEAKING) Everyone get inside.

Hurry! This way! Hurry! Come on, Calista. (SQUEAKS) (FAIRIES YELLING INDISTINCTLY) (GRUNTS) SPARROWMAN 1: Get inside! FAIRY 1: Scribble, get inside! FAIRY 2: Fly away! SPARROWMAN 1: Get out of here! At least I loved once. (THUNDER RUMBLES) (LIGHTNING CRACKLING) Whatever this is, it should have stopped by now. Just stick to the plan. Immobilize the NeverBeast, and the storm disappears. (LIGHTNING CRACKLING) Does the storm know the plan? Get everyone to cover until this blows over. (FAIRIES SCREAMING) SPARROWMAN: Help us! (GRUNTING) (GROANING) (GRUNTING) Get to the shelter! Move! And secure the doors! (RUMBLING) (ELECTRIC CRACKLING) Stop this! I order you, stop this now! (CRACKLING CONTINUES) FAIRY 1: Do you need anything else? FAIRY 2: Bring some extra bandages. Tink. We need to get to the shelter. It's not safe here. I have to find Fawn. FAWN: Tink! Fawn. It's over. He can't hurt you anymore.

Gruff? He's exactly what Nyx said he was, a monster. No, Fawn. He's my hero. When I found him in Winter, he was acting really strange. Gruff, it's me, Tink! Fawn's friend! The Scouts are coming for you. You have to hide! (CRIES OUT) Gruff? (SNARLS) (GASPS) (GROANS) (GASPS) (GROWLS SOFTLY) If he hadn't pushed me away, I would've been crushed by the tree. I could have been killed. Or worse. He was protecting you. He saved my life. And I betrayed him. (LIGHTNING CRACKLING) (THUNDER RUMBLING) Where are you going? To do the right thing. (CRACKLING) FAWN: Hang tight, Gruff! We're getting you out of here! (STRAINING) We need help. Pull harder! Oh, for goodness' sake, there is an easier way to do this. Thank you. Go! Take cover! Come on, Gruff! Gruff, let's go! (LIGHTNING CRACKLING) Gruff? (GROWLS SOFTLY) Come on, Fawn! Get out of there! Life or death moment, here! (ALL SCREAM) FAWN: Listen to me.

You're having a reaction to the Nightshade. (SNUFFLING) You can see my glow! Don't worry, Gruff. I'm gonna get you out of here. (LIGHTNING CRACKLES) (GROWLS) Well, I did not see that coming. FAWN: Nyx got it backwards. He's not here to destroy us. The towers, they draw in the lightning, so he can collect it! It's what he's been preparing for the whole time! (GROWLING) I understand. We're going to the towers. No! It's too dangerous. For once, my head and heart, they're actually telling me to do the same thing. TINKER BELL: Fawn, you can't! It's okay. That said, if things don't go well, Sil, you can have my rock collection. (GASPS) Oh. All right, big guy. Just follow my glow. (GRUNTS) Okay, Gruff! That's it! Pull up! I'm up here! Higher! Gruff, fly higher! You okay? (GRUNTING) (GASPS) (GRUNTS) Oh! (GASPS) FAIRY: Is that Fawn? Two down, two to go! One more, Gruff! No! (WHIMPERING) Gruff! FAWN: Nyx! What are you doing? Saving Pixie Hollow! No, he was saving Pixie Hollow.

(GROWLING) Nyx, we don't have much time. The fire is spreading fast. Listen to me. Get out of here. Get everyone to safety. Go! (GRUNTING) Gruff, it's too late. How can we catch it all? Follow me. (GRUNTS) (FAIRIES YELP) (GASPING) (GROWLING) (RUMBLING) (STRAINING) (LOW BUZZING) (EXPLODING) Can you see them? There! (FAIRIES EXCLAIMING) TINKER BELL: Fawn! Help them! (BOTH GRUNT) (MOANS) (FAINT CRACKLING) (GROANING) IRIDESSA: Oh, no! SILVERMIST: Fawn. ROSETTA: Fawn? TINKER BELL: Fawn, wake up! VIDIA: Is she okay? (GASPS) No! This can't be. (NEVERBEAST WHINES) (FAIRIES GASP) (SNIFFING) (WHIMPERS) (WHINING) (GASPS) (BREATHING DEEPLY) (GROANS) Gruff? Hey! That's my big, furry monster. (GROWLING SOFTLY) (CHUCKLING) (ROARS) (ALL CHEERING) Fawn! (LAUGHING) FAWN: Every fairy should know the true story about the NeverBeast. He is the brave guardian of Pixie Hollow. He is our hero. And his name is Gruff. Easy, easy.

A little more. (GROWLING) Good job! (CHEEPING) (GRUNTS) FAIRY: Yay, Gruff! BUCK: Thanks, Gruff! Well, how about that? They finally see what I see. (GROWLS) (LAUGHS) (SIGHS) Took them long enough, huh? (YAWNING) IRIDESSA: Hey, Gruff. SILVERMIST: Hi, Gruffy. What do y'all think we should do now? Actually, I made a list. Of course you did. Oh! We should go truffle snuffling! With that sense of smell… (YAWNING) ROSETTA: Speaking of smells, how about a bath? I've got a lilac shampoo that could do wonders for that fur. SILVERMIST: I know a hot spring that's just his size. (HEART BEATING) With a waterfall! Fawn? (NEVERBEAST YAWNS) FAWN: Gruff? Looks like he needs a nap. A little rest will perk him right up. Won't it, Fawn? His work is done. It's time for him to go back into hibernation. How long are we talking about? A month? A season? A year? More like 1,000 years. (GROWLS) But that means… We'll never see him again. It's time. ♪ Do you long to be left all alone ♪ Set apart with a heart made of stone ♪ There's a light that you shine ♪ There's a love ♪ I see it in your eyes ♪ Every day, every night ♪ I know time may divide ♪ But fate is something we refuse to hide ♪ And it's real and it's right ♪ Something strange out of sight ♪ We say good night ♪ (GRUNTS) Anyone who sleeps for 1,000 years deserves a decent bed.

And a fluffy pillow. (SNUFFLES HAPPILY) Make that a "Gruffy" pillow. A spring-filled water bowl that never runs dry. A night light, so you never have to be scared. A little fresh air to keep you cool. And the enduring respect of a grateful Scout. (GRUNTS) Hey, big guy. I won't see you again. But I know you'll always be there when we need you. (SOBBING) (VOICE BREAKING) I'm really gonna miss you. (NEVERBEAST PURRS) (SNIFFING) (WHISPERS) I love you, Gruff. ♪ So many years ♪ Such a long, long time ♪ Even for a star up in the sky ♪ I could count the tears And the long, long nights ♪ But I'd rather just remember how you smiled ♪ In a thousand years ♪ I know that our love will still be here ♪ So close your eyes, my dear ♪ Knowing that our love is going to last ♪ One thousand years ♪ The time flies by ♪ In a blinking eye ♪ No matter how we try to make it last ♪ But if souls are strong ♪ They'll go on and on ♪ And we will hardly know the time has passed ♪ In a thousand years ♪ I know that our love will still be here ♪ So close your eyes, my dear ♪ Knowing that our love is going to last ♪ One thousand years ♪ We'll disappear ♪ if we can keep each other here ♪ inside our hearts ♪ We will never be apart So don't you fear ♪ Dry your tears ♪ In a thousand years ♪ I know that our love will still be here ♪ In a thousand years ♪ So close your eyes, my dear ♪ Knowing that our love is going to last ♪ One thousand years ♪.