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Why You Should Never Buy Liquid Hydroponic Gardening Nutrients

Video: Why You Should Never Buy Liquid Hydroponic Gardening Nutrients


Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com with another exciting episode for you. Today we're talking about organic fertilizers in plastic bottles. Now, these are all the fertilizers that I actually own. They are from my place here before I got -picked them at Hydro shows and actually, I haven't used them in years. I don't know if they’re still good. But anyway, today were going to talk about, maybe some of the negative consequences of using fertilizers in plastic jugs. I've got special guest Josh Cunning's of the Boogie Brew Company to talk to you guys about it because, he's a plastic Nazi.

Josh: Actually my dad is a plastic Nazi. He raised me in an environment in England here he was like 'there's never going to be any plastic bottles of any kind in this home'. It was an interesting world to grow up in, you know, long before plastic bottles had become this ubiquitous in our society, my father was raising me as an anti-plastic Nazi; and my friends would come over to my house and they'd be scared like, 'do I have anything on me that your dad's going to take? He's going to confiscate?' So, that was an interesting time back in England. But I used to use a lot of plastic jugged products myself when I first started growing. I subscribed to the whole notion of walking into a grow store and being seduced by a whole sea of sexy plastic jugs, and their pretty labels with all their promises of plant glory. And over the years I found myself accumulating, just mountains of these plastic jugs, in my garage, in my recycling yard, and it sure would fleece my pocketbook, you know? And I was never sure which products are really working, which ones are truly making marked differences, and I would just keep going back and 'feed me more, what's the latest and greatest magic potion?' Always in a plastic jug, always in a liquid-based variant of ideally an organic fertilizer.

I hate to admit it but back when I first started, I was not even using organic fertilizers. So, it was a gradual progression for me and for Boogie Brew, away from liquid based fertilizers and plastic jugs, and now to the point where we embrace a zero bottle nutrient program that you can do yourself to grow like a pro, John. There's no need for any of this stuff. First of all let me tell your viewers, when you buy this stuff, you're subconsciously subscribing to the notion of getting your pocketbook fleeced, and paying for nothing. And this is a huge corporate scam. John: But Josh this stuff really works! Josh: Whether it works or whether it doesn't work, the point is, if you're expending a huge amount of resources to the planet, to get this stuff to your garden, all right? It's absolutely ludicrous. And you're paying for water, and you're paying for the carbon footprint, you paying for the transportation costs of it. A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds John, a 5 gallon jug weighs 40 pounds. Now, when I see these trucks pull up, either to the grow stores, or worse yet, in corporate America's parking lot, you know, the Targets, and the Office Depots, and the Safeways of this world, and pallet and after pallet after pallet, of single use, plastic, jugged liquids; either water, or other refreshments, all in plastic jugs.

And a whole, you know, truck full of this stuff. It makes you stop and wonder 'what in the hell are we doing?' And what we’re doing is making ourselves economic slaves to a massive corporate scam, John, that's being perpetrated on this country for decades now. And there was a time, and those of us old enough can remember it, when you would walk into a grocery store and it wasn't just a sea of plastic jugs. Nowadays, what is the number one item you see leaving the shopping markets? Leaving the stores of America? Look at the grocery carts around you, next time you go shopping. And it doesn't matter where it's at, it can be at the Costco, it can be at a Target, at a Walmart, at a Safeway, or even a health food store, a Whole Foods, and what's the number one item you see leaving those stores in the shopping carts? Indeed – plastic water bottles. The number one item. And this here actually is agave nectar, don't worry okay? But I made it look like oil to replicate how much oil goes into one little plastic bottle of drinking water.

John: No way that much? Josh: Yes! About 1/5 of it. John: But some of the plastic bottles use less, because they’re better designed. Josh: Some of them are using less material?! I mean come on give me a break man! I mean up to 20% of each plastic bottle, when you buy it, all right?- John: -That much oil? Josh: Yes! Yes! I watched this — there's a wonderful man out there, I strongly recommend those of you who are parent's and who have any influence or clout in the schools that your elementary age kids are going to, to request this dude, his name is Mr Eco, -incredibly cheesy, incredibly dorky, but absolutely adorable, and here's the thing, he's making an impression on the next generation. The generation that are going to ask us 'What were you thinking? How did you allow this to happen?' And we did. We've quietly accepted it. Whether it was myself back at the end of the 90s, back when I decided when I was going to go be a grower and going to the grow stores, and buying all this stuff; or even myself buying plastic bottled water.

And you know, you see all these famous multimillionaire sportsmen, sitting around talking about their latest sports victory, whether it's a tennis star, or Tour de France bicycle racer, and they're sitting there with their plastic water bottle, in the conference room, -or even the United Nations, who we trust, to steer this world to a better future, and they're all sitting there with their requisite plastic bottles. We have become sheeple absolutely seduced by this plastic nightmare, which is ubiquitous, and upon us all. Do you know John? Back in the 70s, back in the Soviet era, they were producing one new nuclear powered submarine per week I believe, so they had a lot of submarines all over the world, and the Soviets decided that, -they noticed that there was plastic everywhere, and this is back in the 70s, and they took water samples of the deepest, most remote water kingdoms on this earth, underneath the Arctic, underneath the Marianas Trench in the Pacific , in the most remote oceanic regions of the world, do you know John, there wasn’t one sample of ocean water that the Soviets tested back then that didn't have millions of microscopically sized plastic particles floating in it? And do you know that we've become a sterile human race? We're rapidly becoming more and more sterile, and one of the number one culprits besides, maybe GMO foods, -we don't want to talk about that right now, let's save that for another rant, is indeed the plasticization of the male reproductive system, of the female reproductive system, and the way the cancer rate keeps — do you think that maybe all this plastic that's in our environment now maybe has something to do with it? I mean how did we allow this to happen? This is disgusting, and this has got to stop.

And it's as easy as saying ‘no, I'm not going to do this’. I mean, look at these older water stations. Back in the 70s they were pretty busy, it was a decent business. You could set of in the 70s and as recently as the mid-80s, a water vending route, and all those water machines, most of them sit idle, you know? It's very rare when I go to the one across the street at the Raleigh's, near where we have or Boogie home, that there is someone in front of me filling it up. But, all the time they're coming out of there with their plastic bottles, and when I see these whole pallets and pallets of them, all situated along the sidewalk, it absolutely makes me cringe. And you have to also think about not just the plastic that went into manufacturing this little single use dose of convenience, for God's sake, but you also have to consider the amount of energy that is expired in transporting this stuff, and the axles of these trucks, and the wear and tear that they then inflict.

And look how many trucks are going down the road, and the wear and tear that's been inflicted on our roads, and then more oil has to be used for new roads to be built and so on. All to transport these liquids everywhere. These single use liquids that we one-time consume for the purpose of gratification. I have no idea what the number of bottles per human in or lifetime now is averaging, and what it's going to be. This is all like a brand-new experiment in society for the last 30, 40 years, but it's got to be in the hundreds of thousands per human being, and when you multiply that by tens and hundreds of millions of us, it becomes absolutely staggering, the proportion, and how we can allow this to go on. And you know these grow stores, I mean I have a customer who, he's a manager of a grow store in the islands in Hawaii, and he himself purchases a lot of Boogie Products, but his boss who's the owner of the store, doesn't want them featured in the store because he's nervous that all these dried cost-effective ingredients are going to replace two thirds of the plastic jugged miracle liquids that I'm selling, and the associated profit margins.

The way we have placed profit in front of people, profit in front of health, this is getting to the point folks, where we can't afford to just sit around and be complacent anymore. And you should tell everyone you know about this video, and about the absurdity of the cost of what you're getting your pocketbooks fleeced, and then they inflict on the environment, and it's just people who buy this stuff, -we should feel like idiots; we should feel that criminals. Because that's what it is, it is a criminal and treasonous act to the environment, to our Mother Earth. Like Mr Eco says: take your hands, hold them to your heart, these are the hands you hold the world in, hold it close to your heart because you love the world. If you love the world, get off plastic jugs now! John: Wow.

I'm not quite yet ready to get off plastic jugs entirely, but let me tell you guys, I've minimized my use and, I consume more than Josh, but a lot less than most people. So as much as Josh got you riled up, I'm here to share with you guys some solutions because I want you guys to be able to change effectively. So number one: install a good water filtration system in your home. There's nothing wrong with the water coming into your house as long as it's municipal water, there’s just some things that municipality put in that you want to take out. Josh: Or John, or just go and use one of those water vending machines, I mean that's actually – John: -but then you still got to use a plastic bottle man! Josh: You can get glass ones. You can get glass ones. That is a good point. It ends up being a lower cost per gallon than, you know, you have to spend a lot of money on a home-based system to end up getting it down to less than $.

35 a gallon, which is the going rate for these excellent quality water vending machines. Why would you need to spend more than $.35 a gallon? I mean why would you subject yourself? My neighbors, I set them up with a water crock, and out of habit, it took them a full six months before they weaned themselves off the convenience of buying these flats of the liquid water bottle; but they've done it, and they're saving water too, as well as the environment. It's such a no-brainer John: Yeah so I mean also, I want to encourage you guys, if you're not already, to get off things like such as soda in single use plastic bottles right? Instead go out to your garden, pick your greens, pick your fruits, and juice them up, and drink fresh juice that you make yourself with living water.

Your health is going to thank you and so will the environment. Next Josh, I want to really get into how somebody can get away from using some of the chemical and some of the water based fertilizers that are out there. So for example, you know, we got the 'Grow More Seaweed Extract Liquefied Organic Kelp'. Josh: Well yeah, I mean exactly, and so ‘oh dude, it's liquefied bro, well therefore it must be better right?’ They're actually selling that, that's a sales point, like 'oh this is being liquefied'. So, liquefied means, they're profit margins' skyrocketed, and you're getting ripped off. You can do 1/8 teaspoon per gallon of the seaweed extract, like the Down to Earth brand one, the maxi crop, you can find the same stuff that they then reconstitute with water. Everywhere this stuff is available, I mean not just from Boogie Brew, but at your local grow supplies store. All you have to do is ask for it. Vote with your dollars. Say, ‘wait a minute, if I buy this, I know I'm getting fleeced. Sell me the dried version of this’.

Same with humic acid. You can get the water-soluble concentrated, dehydrated, humic acid crystals. Same with the fish protein, the fish hydrolysate, again, we have like the pure pro-alpha fish, pure protein, bad fish, those are the names of those products but they’re all -the key ingredient is a water-soluble soluble dehydrated enzymatically digested fish hydrolysate powder. It's cleaner, it's less stinky, less nasty to handle and use, than the liquid version. Maybe it doesn't, in a big sexy plastic jug with a big label on it, but, what it does come in is asked sensibly priced ecologically, biodegradably packaged envelope that you then can reconstitute in your own plastic container, with water, usually for a price of pennies per gallon. I mean, that's where the economy of our Boogie Brew compost tea comes into play.

Just a small 3 pound pack which your typical grow store retails for $35, that makes 50 gallons. Already you're down to $.75 a gallon, or less, of a world-class nutrient rich compost tea. Pennies per gallon by the time you dilute it. And again, we wanted to sell value, we want to sell honesty. When you buy something in dried form and activate it yourself for pennies per gallon, you're getting an honest product. When you buy something in liquid form, you're saying to the manufacturer, you're authorizing them to fleece you. You're saying ‘hey, I want to be a willing sheeple, a victim of the system’. Why would you make yourself an economic slave to that system? It's time for this madness to stop. And what I would love to see is for the shelves of all these grow stores to just sit there idle with this stuff. And it's already happening right here in Northern California John, and here’s why, because the growers –it’s become such a competitive grow market with the legalization that's sweeping especially the West Coast, you know, I'm talking about cannabis, and obviously, the profits from growing cannabis is what then dictated the massive price margins on these products. But it doesn't have to just be cannabis that's also dictating these rip-off priced liquid products.

It's the same when you go into your average Lowe's or Home Depot, and a whole sea of plastic jugged products sitting there, all in liquid form, and all ridiculous carbon footprint of transportation costs, and all ridiculous profit margins. So, take for example like this vegan mix, which is one of my favorite all around top dressing tonics made by Down to Earth, this is the most expensive, like least cost effective box, and it's like full retail for $8.99 for a 6 pound box. And this has, all organic of course, ingredients. It's got the soybean meal, camelina meal, which is a mustard flower from India that they’re using to substitute the need for as much soy, because organic soy is becoming so expensive. Alfalfa meal, rock phosphate, langbeinite, volcanic ash, green sand, and kelp meal.

And then 5% humic acids derived from leonardite; all in a sensibly priced -look at this, biodegradably packaged, dried powdered form. You know you're getting good value when you buy this for $8 versus paying for a plastic jug, you know, I've seen some of these so-called liquid miracle nutrients for as much as $150 for a 5 gallon jug of this chemical crap that is mostly water anyway, that you're paying for out of your rear end. It's absolutely absurd. So you can take this product, pennies per plan cost, scratch it in as an organic top dressing, and then activate these pennies per plant cost top dressing powder that again was already a good deal to begin with, and then activate it with our pennies per gallon Boogie Brew compost tea, and do it all so affordably, and laugh at all your grow bros with their collection, their smorgasbord. Every grower, including myself back in the day, that I knew, had a whole mountain of this stuff. Always turning around, going back to the grow store, and buying yet another $60 priced miracle jug, and then wondering, scratching my head and wondering, which of these actually worked.

It's absolutely ridiculous. Time to stop! Time to end this madness! And the plastic liquid madness! Whether it's single use water or sodas, or expensive grow products, if it comes in plastic, in a water base, you're getting ripped off, and worse, -maybe you want to be ripped off, I don't want to be ripped off you know. I want maximum bang for my book. I bust my ass to make the dollars I make, you know, but even if you do want to get ripped off, think of the cost to the environment. Think of what the cost to create these stuff. These disgusting plastic jugs. And they never get fully recycled. I mean yes, they smash them down and make things like recycled buckets or make our roads out of it, but really, don't you think we should minimize the manufacturing of this stuff to begin with? This has just become so ubiquitous.

That's what kills me John. It's just become – it's what infuriates me. That's why I can't shut up about this, you know? This is insane. There will be a future generation, those kids, the ones that are watching Mr Eco in the schools, scratching their heads going ‘what were our parent's thinking? Why did they allow this in the first place?’ John: Yeah I mean, Josh is probably to one extreme, and standard Americans to the other, using all kinds of plastic; Josh uses virtually [not] any plastic. Josh: No there's nothing extreme about not wanting to use this stuff. Here's what's extreme, what's extreme is using as much as 2, 3 ounces of oil, to create a 16 ounce water bottle which gets drunk in 30 seconds flat, and then thrown away. That's what's extreme.

There is nothing extreme about demanding the end of this stuff John. Nothing whatsoever. John: So basically, what I want you guys to do, I don't know if you guys will be as normal as Josh and not want plastic anymore in your life, you know, a lot of people may not be that into it. I mean, I agree with Josh on many levels but I'm not going to take my life to that extreme and inconvenience myself in certain situations, although I use glass reusable water bottles, and have a stainless steel water bottle, and I teach you guys a gardening method that pretty much does not rely on plastic water-based nutrients, although there are some that I use still sometimes, that Josh doesn't like. But you know, life is not about all or nothing right? I want you guys to take steps in the right direction and reduce the amount of plastic, because I know you guys can do that. Whether that means using a 5 gallon reusable jug to buy filtered water to get that out.

Whether that means stop buying soda. Whether that means reducing the amount of water-soluble nutrients you're buying in plastic jugs that already have been hydrated, so you're paying for 70 ounces of water that's OPW – other people's water, instead of OPP. You guys can start making a difference today. So want you guys right now to post down below this video to let Josh know what you're going to do to reduce the amount of plastic that you are using so he can sleep better at night, because obviously he's quite upset about this. Josh: I want you to join me with this, we've got to end the use of plastic. I mean plastic, it's such a miraculous substance, think about it, you know. The miracle of creating this from a raw oil product to begin with, and something that yes, admittedly, can be very, very, handy. Imagine if we had approached this to begin with as this valuable treasure that's to be utilized in true life – remember those stupid ads in the 90s? 'Plastic makes it possible, plastic saves lives.' Showing these babies in incubators, all right, now there's a sane use of plastic.

I life and death situation. Keeping a human baby I live in a plastic cocoon. Or even maybe using recycled plastic for greenhouses, all right. But the single-use plastic era has the end. Think about all the creatures that are out there in the oceans that are regurgitating this stuff. You've seen all the footage in the ocean movies where they show this stuff in the intestines of the fish itself. There's not a single fish out there in the oceans that hasn't already had its organs plasticized. And every creature on earth has arguably been plasticized. And this plastic era, this plastic age, it's got to stop. Please, get with me on this and be just as vocal and passionate about it as I am because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and it's just time to end the madness of plastic, period, to absolutely minimize its use to less than 1% of what's we currently use it at; to treat it as something that we always should have treated it as – a volatile and potentially very dangerous substance that's now plasticizing the organs of every man woman and creature on this planet, and to guide its use, very, very, carefully to control the amount that's finally used in or society.

It should be, like I said, 1% of what we’re using right now. Come on. There is no need for people to be loading up their shopping carts with yet more plastic bottles. It's absolutely absurd. John: All right, so what I'm going to do for you guys is actually, I'll put a link down below. It's a really good documentary on plastic. You know, I have friends who have actually watched that video and then they basically go plastic free or as plastic free as they can. It's good to know about this kind of stuff, and I want to include this kind of stuff in with my show because it's all about the environment, and it has to do directly with gardening because a lot of gardeners out there, -I know you guys are out there, -buy stuff in plastic jugs and this does not need to happen. If you want solutions, get a hold of Josh and he'll tell you how to grow without the plastic jugs successfully. Josh: Tea and top dressings. All you need is a world-class compost tea recipe and the sensibly priced top dressing.

Zero bottle. Grow like a pro. Zero plastic nutrients. Zero plastic usage ever in your garden. You never need to have used a single plastic jug of anything. And I will guaran-damn-tee it, the results will blow your mind. John: Awesome Josh. So yeah I want to get going here. We've been on a rant so long. I want to let you guys know, I want you guys to vote with your mouse button right now, click the thumbs up if you like to hear Josh's rants, and click the thumbs down if I should never have one of his crazy rants again. I appreciate Josh a lot and I agree with him that we need to reduce the plastic. He comes on at bit strong- Josh: -Banish it. You've got to banish it completely. There's no room for forgiveness here. Take no prisoners! Banish plastic, period. Treat ourselves like criminals if we find ourselves having to buy one unnecessary plastic jug. I'm serious.

It's time to change. We are running out of time. It's getting crazy! John: All right Josh, well I want to thank you for having you on the show today and thanks for being here and sharing with my viewers the perils of plastic! Once again my name is John Kohler, and I'm going to get back to gardening with growing your greens.com. We'll see you next time and until then, remember, 'Keep on Growing!'.