/Klein ISD: Board of Trustees Meeting, 05/08/2017

Klein ISD: Board of Trustees Meeting, 05/08/2017

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All right today's Monday may 8th now at 6 p.m.. The meeting of the Klein ISD Board of Trustees now open. Representing the quorum tonight is… Ms. Reitmeier… Ms. Arellano, Mr. Anderson… Mr. Mann… Mr. Smith…. and myself Bill Pilkington. As provided by the Texas government code the board of Trustees [will] [now] go into closed session according to section 5 [5] 1.71 Private consultation the board's attorney regarding all matters is authorized by law including board Governance Five five one zero seven two discussing purchase exchange lease or value of real property Five five one zero seven four discussing employment evaluation of discipline of personnel including board governance and including superintendent evaluation and contract five five one zero seven six discussing security personnel and devices Five five one zero eight two discussing disciplinary matters or complaints regarding school children and/or School district employees plus five 108 two one discussing person identifiable information about public school students Five five one zero eight seven deliberation regarding economic development negotiations The board of Trustees will reconvene in public at approximately 7:00 p.

m. [Navy] attention, please Now at 7:00 p.m.. The [meeting] of the client is d board of Trustees is now in session If y'all would Do me one favor if you just please silence your cell phone so that we may be able to conduct our meeting accordingly Thank you all for joining We're here [client] [ice-t] nice community going to honor a few special people tonight. We have [51,000] students [6,800] employees Will actually in addition to the Illinois We're going to have two special students from Niche special teacher two special students from Ralston a teacher You will notice tonight though that we move fairly quickly through our agenda It's because all the board members here have actually had a week to go ahead and go over the agenda Talk about it with the superintendent and dress all our questions So this meeting is actually our meeting here to show you in public because we are not allowed to vote on any items outside of Public while we may discuss the merits of the case we discuss and we will vote for all these things in public there will be a special emergency meeting regarding frank elementary tonight during the regular meeting in addition to that if any Resident employee vendor Potential vendor has an opportunity and would like to address the board of trustees for for specific purposes if you'd please come see our Secretary Mr.

. Stephen Smith Do we have any tonight and we do have one okay? Okay, we will start let's write my herbal latest in Prayer followed by Mr.. Olano Oh, no you actually have scouts my silas and miles Galloway will help lead us in the pledge of allegiance to the United States flag in Texas Right mark, if you'll stand with me, please We come tonight. So very grateful that there was no one injured in the frank [elementary] fire last night We just pray your hand over all the [restorations] so that our students can get back into their place of learning this is the season that teachers and parents and even grandparents are texting and Mentioning and putting forward in every student to minds to finish strong Because this is the finishing strong as one of our character traits we asked for Stamina and insight and a sense of humor for our teachers staff and students as We are on the home stretch now of our school year we see continued Guidance on our vision of promised a purpose the Strategic plan the guiding documents that they will come to full implementation allow us passion and teachers who lead Engage and know each student how they learn their interests their strengths and their challenges We pray safety in our schools and especially at the end all the end of school activity activities specifically prom and graduation We asked for wisdom on decision-Makers as they guide our educational process legislatively guide this board as we support great students and Caring skills leaders in our district bless our country and those who serve in harm's way for our freedom we ask this in your strong name and those in agreement would say Join me please Let's leave to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic For which it stands one nation under God indivisible with Liberty and justice for all on honoring [architects] well our three areas one to eight hundred of one individual Thank you for joining Something you may be thinking about I know myself Grew up we had seven or family six boys one girl I have no idea how my mom did [it] and I don't think I could [ever] thank her enough I have a feeling I'm not alone Everyone's fortunate, you know even though dads may send their kids to play football They go, they make it to the Super Bowl The Linebackers may have had some great tackles, but what's the first thing they say on TV? Hi, Mom? So if all the mothers would please just stand up, we'd like to take this moment to thank you and look [recognized] you It's often said the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world and I do know that.

Thank you thank you for all you've done and thank you continue to do it's Definitely a thankless job. I know my wife [would] tell you that But on to the regular [doctor] champion are there any other recognition there sure [are] first up we have principal of Roffe Elementary Miss Gail McGuire [to] To share some students and there we go I had [to] get hello back there students and educators from [roth] so come on up gail There we go absolutely Good evening doctor Campion misfolding members of the board and guests tonight [I] have the honor of introducing two outstanding students from roth Elementary First We have Emily simpson Emily is described by her teacher, miss Cathy Freeman as a well-mannered young girl who strives to do her best work every day When given a challenging task to do she shows diligence as well as perseverance She displays kindness and a positive [attitude] [towards] both adults and her peers She works well in a group and she shows leadership qualities without overpowering others.

She has as she is a pleasure to have in class [Emily] is also on the [Avianna] Role at Roth Elementary Outside of school Emily participates in the playhouse 1960 youth theater, she currently has a role in the lion King She is a member of the wow choir and leaders in training at Champion Forest Baptist Church Accompanying emily this evening are her parents David and Kerry [Simpson] her sisters Olivia and Abby and her grandmother Rita lovelace please stand and Next we have rafael [Emily] Rafael's extracurricular activities include membership and the Roth coding club Lego club and Chess club Rafael is described by his teacher miss Rose. Massey as a driven student always working his hardest He shows great discipline and is committed to all his extracurricular activities his witty personality Always Shines with classroom discussions and his [catchphrase] is [tang's] to do for life, and it means to do good things Outside [of] school Rafael is learning to play the guitar and is a black belt in [Karate] as of October 2016 With rafael are his parents jose and Maria homeboy please fans All right, and finally Mrs..

[Mays] I Have the honor of introducing Mrs. paige bayes who is a third grade English language arts teacher at Ross and She attended Texas A&M University. [oh] But we've got to ask her because she wears you t-shirts all the time so we don't know what white what's going on there? But this is her 15th year to teach and Mrs. Mays is an amazing teacher who goes above and Beyond for her students at Ross she is known as the kid whisperer because she just has a special way of relating to each and every individual student due to the positive expectations in her classroom Students are able to achieve at higher levels. We are truly blessed to have paige at Ross Elementary Accompanying paige this evening is her husband Betty so betty if you would stand up All the fine arts things you're doing [leader] [in] the [classroom] Later training charge all these leadership positions. [we] had a lot employee winter park in the last [Sarabi] So you get people looking at you on a stage or a classroom or trip those things we do.

We're going to create an example When you act your integrity your smile the way We walk up to make your hug your great example I'm belt black belt chef black belt Chef Legos also an exclusive [dealer] all those great [attributes] Especially someone who's focused and we can concentrate on doing things like do and have a simple game that should be what we can have Thank you for your hard. Work. Can't wait to see where you go throughout the school accomplish play We call the kid list or [the] [console] [at] all in fact if your kids trust you enough to accompany, I talk to you there's There's already lots of all that broken down [in] Bacon's there, and that there's no data model of the classroom that I was My parents don't want to burn and Next up from Niche elementary. We have amber kit here to celebrate some students and a teacher from Amber Good evening, Mr.

. [President] Dr.. Champion misfolding a member to the board it is my honor to present two outstanding students and teachers from Nitch Elementary who? On a daily basis demonstrate the face of a [knight] our core campus core values of Fierce leadership attitude of gratitude Collaborative Community and educational Excellence [I] will first present hey-Zeus garza Hey, soot is A [5th] grade student who have served as a knight leader and safety Patrol Ensuring he is modeling a sense of pride and safety for our students as they begin and end each school day He is also a member of the Principal's club for earning shields that demonstrate excellence throughout the school year hey [seuss] serves as a mentor on our campus to students in Kindergarten through [2nd] [grade] and Was nominated to participate in the lonestar leadership academies outside of school? Hey seuss is a leader on the baseball field [and] enjoys learning from his father as they build together Hey [suze] is willingness to help other students his teachers and other staff in the building While maintaining academic excellence gives me great pride in honoring him tonight as an outstanding night He is joined tonight by his parents father.

Hey [soos] garza and mother mina Garza please stand to be acknowledged I Would also like to introduce you majesty James a fifth grade student also serving as a night leader Working in the clinic to assist with younger students who need a band-aid and even a hug just to feel better for the day Your majesty is a member of a nitch choir she earned membership in the Principal's club for excellence in the way She models the values of a night each day you majesty was also nominated to participate in the lone star leadership academy [in] his academic scholar achieving the Honor roll each nine weeks of this school year Outside of [Scullion] majesty is a leader in track and field Dances and loves reading she and her father Volunteer community service for the homeless He majesty's infectious smile every day as she puts efforts in all she does helping her classmates and teachers while maintaining Academic honors gives me great pleasure and honoring her tonight as another outstanding night She is joined tonight by her parents mark and Charmaine James her brother Mark James, Jr.

Her sister [sade] James and Nephew [Roan] Thomas please ban so amazing and Finally I would like to introduce Javier Alvarez a math science Toh teacher working with 3rd 4th and 5th grade students, Mr. Alvarez serves on the Nichd Cibc providing feedback and guidance to the campus with a student-centered focus each and every day he is also a member a mentor as part of a nice and training group offering support to first-year teachers and education and First-Year teachers at Nitch Mr.. Alvarez spent countless hours outside of the school day providing feedback support and planning to teachers he is Mentoring but also with teachers he provides co-teach support and an effort to ensure the students at [nits] are receiving the very best in learning every [single] day Mr.. Alvarez extends his relationships Beyond the classroom he serves He has built relationships with students across the campus who may be in need of additional push to do their best He has also been actively involved in our community relations team He is led or participated in numerous after-school events to build a partnership between the school [and] home Mr..

Alvarez sponsored the night first ever math club this year in which two of our students placed in the top [10] Mr.. Alvarez's willingness to always focus on students at niche and provide a model of excellence as a leader gives me great pride in honoring Him as [Klein] gold at [Niche] [Elementary] he is joined tonight by his wife Martha Alvarez and their son yvonne as well as his parents alfonso and Martha Alvarez and his brother alfonso as well as staff member dr.. Kelly Moore assistant principal please stand to be acknowledged Para Mi yet for the pinkertons for many mother [oh] Here you have lots of you. What greater [given] [its] individual job people graduating Keep it up people. [can] [you] keep it [after]? You're here for a reason you can grab the [end] of the students and we want that [to] continue and the [other] happy person and A Big reason why you're here is to get it this person hit the teacher never forget your teachers People like Mr..

Alvarez will be high Sunday, and you'll write a letter come and say thank you And that was a lot of them in this [part] they can fill that [boy] wonders whatever happened to those kids on behalf of different Next up we have the [Clime] oak high school color guard Wi scholastic a class national champion Our director of fine art Mr.. Mothy Mask will make the introduction President poking Tanana the Board Dr.. Champion Ellen spalding it is my privilege to be before you this evening Tonight, we are here to recognize the clinic high school color guard and their director Stephanie Chavez the clinic color guards telling of [Jayme] is a story about maybe one of the most unlikely national champions ever it combines excellent program design Calculated risk taking students leveling up and a village of people making it happen What exactly is indoor color guard? Just like our dance and drill teams who perform on the football field in the fall and move into a gym in the winter color guard Follows a similar path They perform in gyms using flags rifles sabres and can use elaborate floor coverings props and costumes after their successful 2016 season the Color [Garden] Band Staff at Cline oak made the decision to build a more [national] presence and complete Exclusively in the winter guard international shows in Texas with the idea of attending national finals a year down the road Director Stephanie Chavez and her design team [knew] to succeed they were going to have to improve the performance level with the individual students So they took a huge risk They designed their show with no floor tarp no props simple attire and even limited the production to a single set of rifles and plugs they place the design squarely on the backs of the student performers and their ability to convey the emotion of Jaime and Boy did the students ever rise to the challenge? They attended their first contest in February the houston regional in finished second out of 24 competing units in the [scholastic] a class By only nine one hundredths of a point their only defeat of the season at the [end] of February they traveled to San antonio Regional where they were first out of 28 units? With their competitive success [the] staff knew they had a legitimate shot at being a national finalist Something that it only happened twice in Clinic's history and only eight times [incline] is Ds.

History and most of those were in the 1990s? So with little over six weeks to wGI [nationals]. They made the decision to push all in and it this year [a] Huge thank you goes out to anyone especially the parents and the client of band association who helped make this trip happen virtually out of thin air [a] week later the guard finished first out of 33 units at the Austin regional a Subplot to this story is was the story of member, Calista [askew] That she so elegantly told last week in the national pageantry website flow marching Earlier this year calista was diagnosed with stargardt disease a genetic form of macular degeneration That unfortunately in her case progressed rapidly By the time the students started learning the show Calista had been declared legally blind Not only did she persevere if you saw any one [of] their performances you would have had no idea what she was overcoming to perform with her peers if You haven't read her inspirational story in her own words. It is readily accessible on one of the client is [D] social websites WGI uses computer ranking to seed nationals on March 18th the [Klein] [Oak] [guard] headed to Dallas to compete in what WGI calls a power regional contest designed to bring the top regional units together before nationals Not only did clean up finish first out of 36 units their margin of victory was almost three full points ahead of the then National one National seed Allen High School clinic became the New – [Animal] number one seed and held that position going into Dayton So on April 4th the bus left Kline up for Dayton, Ohio and WGI finals Scholastic a had a hundred and twenty nine competing units from across the United States broken down into 12 flights of [to] sites for prelims Kline [Oak] came out first Semi Finals had the top 64 [advance] in eight flights and clinic was first again and on Saturday night clinic was named WGI scholastic champion with a score of ninety Seven point six four If you'll watch the video screen a little bit of the performance representing the guard tonight our clinic guard Captain Lianna Almogavar, Brianna yount co-Captain Daniel Walker and Director, Stephanie Chavez Thank [God] great job Monte's going to stay there as we talk some more fine arts, and we're going to recognize the Tommy tune award recipients so muddy – guys come on up Good job guys There we go, oakland Well, it is my privilege to be before you for the second time this evening tonight, we are here to recognize the [Cline] high school theater program and their tommy tune award winners the Tommy tune awards are sponsored by [theater] under the stars and recognize High School musical [theatre] in the Greater Houston area This year [forty] [five] musicals enter the process and Kline isd had twenty nominations Kline high School's production of Sweeney Todd Demon Barber of Fleet Street School [Edition] garnered 12 nominations and 15 categories Tonight we recognized the three nominees who were award winners the first [Award] winner was nominated in the category of best featured performance For his performance of adolfo Pirelli, we have Ryan Esparza The second Award Winner is for best orchestra We're all for client isd orchestras were nominated because the orchestra was conducted by a [first-year] [teacher] We've told her she set a pretty high bar to live up to Representing the orchestra is conductor Kelsey Blanton also with the Award Ceremony 3/3 client [isd] students were Given scholarships from the Tommy Tune awards they were [Cline] [oaks] students Grace Star Dia and Caroline [Thomas] and also from [Kline] High School ian conroy Before we get to the last award we need read the need to recognize the other staff members that Produce the show we would like to recognize choir director heather sharp and of course the [Cline] high school theater staff of Tina [Domino] Jason Bradshaw and Adam head in [jem] The Final Award is for best Actor as part of the awards show the best actor and best actress nominee is perform a medley based on their characters in what amount? in my opinion is the [best] part of the show the winners also Advance to the Jimmies the National High [School] [theater] awards to compete against other regional winners They're the winners will compete for a [four-Year] full ride scholarship to [Nyu's] prestigious tisch school of the Arts The [third] Tommy tune for the lead character of Sweeney Todd goes to ian Tom Roy These are your tommy tune award winners? indeed oil Come on up as always.

It's a joy to hear from our client education foundation and cindy take it away. Thank you [Dr.]. Champion, Mr. president members of the Board Misfolding and guests it is my Pleasure to introduce members of the Client is the education foundation Directors and Grant review Committee members who will make tonight's presentation These [climb] education foundation board members have accepted the challenge And it's a big one of coordinating the call for grant applications from our educators Review of the same in conjunction with the call for [grants] in conduct in conjunction with the district's recommendations from the teaching and learning staff Presentation of the Grant recommendations to the client is the education foundation board and finally the celebration Express That's a big yellow bus with a lot of loud adults on it Please Welcome Marlisa briggs Susan Sharon Lindo Sure Julie Stephens Becky Perkins Maria Hartman Diana [loring] and Sissy Shack Amano who will make our presentation tonight? twice each year the [cline] isd education foundation directors and business and community partners Ride the big yellow bus better known as the celebration Express To deliver big checks to educators who think outside [the] box Keeping the tradition alive on Tuesday april the 25th the celebration Express surprised educators on nine campuses with checks totaling seventy one thousand five hundred dollars We would like to ask the grant recipients and their principals to come forward While we invite you to watch a quick video and share a snapshot of our experienced Grant recipients and principals, please come forward with your big check you Grant recipient Grant recipients will ask you to hold up your big [cheque] when your grant is announced the campus is receiving the spring 2017 Grants our Greenwood Forrest Elementary celebrating cultures and acceptance for others a culture fair award $7,500, Georgia Mathews Cynthia Sullivan and Jessica Jackson [Klein] Oak and Kline Collins high School cross anatomy using class Models Award fourteen thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars Frances Didache [Catherine] Lawrence, Lisa Oliver and [Catherine] [Mar] Fine Oak high school the Collaboration cafe a menu for success in English three awards $7,100 Chris and [Christensen] Lynn Taylor and Jamie Nussbaum Metzler Elementary Huskies are cool in school Award two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars Lorraine right Lisa Gonzales Melissa Wilson and Meghan, Meghan burns [Heusen] Elementary Lights books action Award $2,000 Fernando Martinez enigmas Elementary Crew creations with robotics in the Elementary world Award five thousand six hundred and fifty dollars Jennifer Rad Mocker [Che] [Hartmann] Laura Furman and Kimberly England Cron Elementary too near to nearpod and Beyond Award [$1400] Shannon stroll [Amy] Magnify Judy berks and an May Hustler Elementary Hustler Pony Maker Cart Award five thousand one Hundred and fifty dollars Gretchen Worrell [Tanya] Shaw Amy Miller Jennifer Flirty and [Melissa] Bermudez [Dory] intermediate extend the stem piloting biology in Eighth grade two thousand Dollars Carol Anderson And we have a lead to spark Grant for [Cron] Elementary Cardinal Kaleidoscope a slight change in all patterns alter award $23,000 Frank Lord [is] the principal sedate the education foundation has awarded 1 million five hundred and ninety thousand one hundred and forty seven dollars to educators of the Klein isd awarded more than 400 thousand towards professional staff development and 330,000 to fund the steam Express mobile classroom the district serves as the fiscal agent for the Foundation classroom grants to ensure that teachers receive the maximum buying power Available for their grant funds Miss wright Meyer and Dr.

champion on behalf of Klein isd Education Foundation board of directors we are proud to present a check to the Klein isd in the amount of seventy one thousand five [hundred] dollars for the spring 2007 [Dean] Grants Congratulations Technically, I'm with you here [fool] next up Alan if y'all want to start coming forward that'd be great. Thank you Next up we have Alan vettes who is here from the Northwest Masonic Lodge to present the Mirabeau lamar? Award history [of] the Lamar Award has been summarized and presented on screen Tonight in on the screen now Mr.. Bennett good to see you Zoe Dr.. Champion protocol having been established I'm rob Hagan and I'm the worst full master of Northwest Lodge which kind of means. I'm the president ever since the early years of Texas Masonry has been very closely related to public education and Northwest [Lodge] has traditionally presented the mirror of the Mirabeau the [Lemoore] Award of excellence to one of the educators in the climb schools this year it is my privilege to present this Award to Tiffany Kaiser Mira, Mira Bobby lamar the second president of the republic of Texas has [been] called the father of Texas public education for his leadership in establishing quality public education in Texas Lamar was a member of the Masonic Fraternity know that known Known then as it is today for strong support of excellence in public schools With this award we recognize your exemplary achievement and offer our warmest congratulations To you and [your] school given this 8th day of may 2017 by Northwest Lodge [14:34] Rob Hagan Worstell Master and Anthony Adams the secretary And [I] [my] ask [write] worst allowing vettes if he wants to hang that on her It is my pleasure to present to you the Mayor [Bobby] Lamar medal.

Thank you All right, can we get a picture right [here]? I A little bit and we can find a little perfect or you know a little bit [more] [alright] So many great things next up Judy Romano is here. We're going to do both the alumni recognition And I think we're going to go right into the stand up for public education award as well, so [miss] ramada Dr.. Champion President Pilkington Board members misfolding and guests I'm pleased to provide you [with] some of the highlights about this month's alumni Honorees Donny and Carrie schroeder both [are] 1991 graduates of Klein [High] [school] where Donny place they played baseball and Carrie was a bear cadet Donny and Carrie dated in High school and College Then they married in 1996 after high school Donny went on to play baseball and graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont and Carrie graduated from the University of Texas at Austin Perry Presently teaches at Hostel Elementary and has been teaching in the Kline district since 1995 Donny is the sales executive for Ecco and has coached dozens of boys over the years in the community The Schroeder's have two boys and one girl cole connor and Kennedy cole followed in his father's footsteps by playing baseball and graduating from Kline High school in 2016 and now [plays] at Galveston Junior College Connor is a sophomore at Cline high school and plays baseball also and Kennedy is a fifth grade student at [hossler] She recently participated on the national Championship winning Sca Cheer team Joining Donny and Carrie are their children and if y'all will just stand as I call your name and stay standing Kennedy Cole and Honor Ashley [in] curt Hopkins and their children palmer and [hunter] Kim and Michael [Biermann] and their children did Dylan and Devin and finally Kerry's parents [Carroll] and Orville Hopkins Donnie and Kerry We really are so proud [of] you guys for being such strong alumni And for coming back to the client community where you grew up? It really means a lot to us and we're so so happy to have you in our community, and thank you for the work everybody let's get one with just so three of them and four remember Anderson because he nominated them and then we'll get everybody that way we have Come on Let's give another round of applause Awesome.

Thank you again for being here It's now my pleasure to present the Tasbeeh stand up for public schools Honoree for this month and this is a program that tasbeeh does across the state and each month We've decided that we want to highlight one of our own [in] business, typically It's a business partner, so this month's Honoree is [Lori] Glazier Swift Representing McDonald's of Glen [Locke] farms, not only is Lori the owner of the McDonald's at Glen log farms But she is also a proud plant ihd graduate since opening in 2007 Lori and her family have generously sponsored Campus spirit nights the Klein Ic health fair free start testing breakfast for [Cline] students very important student club activities teacher appreciations And so much more the 2015-16 donations totaled thirty six thousand one hundred Five dollars bringing the total for the last three [years] alone 290 thousand three hundred and Twelve Dollars that's amazing for [Amazon] joining, Lori tonight [is] her husband Brian Smith Brian We appreciate you being here to support your wife Lori, thank you so much for helping us make our shared vision of Every student entering with a promise and exiting with the purpose of reality incline we are proud to recognize McDonald's at Glenn lock farms, and thank you for standing up for public education [or] With strategic planning committee, and I'm and asked Dr.

McGowan to join me on this. I'm going to present here because we're going to partner this one up We are thrilled at this opportunity to celebrate the work of our incredible strategic planning team this committed group of educators parents and caregivers business partners Community members have been investing deeply in our shared vision over the last several months by Thoughtfully creating a plan to make promise to purpose reality for every student in Klein I think it's our joy [to] honor them this evening We are so grateful for the opportunity tonight to reflect with all of you on the journey that we've been on together Working with an innovators Mindset to develop our strategic plan It's truly exciting to think of all of the different things that have been done this school year to lay a foundation For our shared promise to purpose vision in fact this weekend, Dr.. Champion, and I received this awesome graphic That was actually created by one of our [mahaffey] teachers Kathy Nowak that beautifully tells the story from a teacher's perspective Of what has occurred in our client isd community over the last several months what brings us joy [as] we look at this graphic for a couple of things first of all the Clear connection [between] our shared vision our guiding documents and our strategic plan But also the collaborative design process [that] has been absolutely instrumental and at the heart of every part of this promise to purpose story Every step has been intentionally and thoughtfully driven by the Collective voice of our client [isd] community and we are proud [to] say [that] our strategic plan that will hopefully be adopted this evening is Definitely no exception to that.

That's right in fact this team of 70 outstanding folks reviewed over [1300] Pieces of Written Feedback from our community and sat at the design table [there] remembering that meeting and they're like oh [God] [for] that [matter] that is a design table with current client [eyes] these students to ensure they listen to the unique and diverse perspectives Of our community throughout the strategic planning process we learned together in a variety of ways reading Innovators Mindset Wandering through current client asti campuses and classrooms reviewing drafts of our guiding documents as they were under construction Capitalizing on and honoring the various experiences each member brought to the team to capture the strategic planning process our outstanding Communications team put together this quick video.

Let's take a look by my [own] [skill] is trying to be on the forefront of doing things a Lot of hard work have it possibly be a lot of fun And most importantly it's going to be critical for the success of our students this becomes a reality It means shifting the way we do business Life is going to probably get everyone to be kind of talking the same talk about. Why are we here? We're here to educate to have an urgency Educate our students. They're like no puzzle is complete in every stakeholder we have to learn with a Continue to learn that the wooden station really does matter is we do have to continue to learn all that we do [beautifully], [they're] learning having very individualized and personalized [paths] where students are able to really explore their passions and engage in learning and just reach their full potential and artists teachers just Facilitating that learning.

I think they are going to be excited to see new kinds of teaching Innovative ways [that] get them excited and motivated thinking outside the box love that idea of all the teachers [knowing] each child by name [ministers] knowing the children knowing what their needs and strikes are just does someone care about you like They don't even know no. They didn't know me or any of the other students before we walked into this district But they're dedicated to making the district better in that's just I'm purely honored I have such a great group of people to support me. They really cared about Everyone individually about how they how they would create intel with me. How are they succeed along? With how they what they want to do in their future And how much they care about all of [us] [individually] to clearly believe the [elections] not just a [feeling] I'm very care for all the type of my heart My name is showing that every student enters with the promise or an [excellence] was promises That literally makes me want to jump up and down when I hear kids talking about how excited They are that our community cares about them a couple weeks ago on our last strategic planning session each of the teams shared their Recommendations for the Targets and [strategies] connected to our five areas of focus Pathways challenge equity leadership and continuous improvement [it] was exciting to see how the community feedback those 1,300 pieces of feedback Had really been used to improve [the] plan and there were definitely some common themes that emerged you can see some of those depicted here Are things like personalized learning the importance of relationships and the use of quality feedback to drive future? Success as I said from the beginning our goal is to [have] a [strategic] plan that fits on one page something our entire community can easily identify Explain and share with others we wanted an image that captures not only the key areas of focus for our plan But also the connections between our shared vision and our guiding documents profile of a learner profile the leader and [high-quality] teaching So we put together our collective work into three big strategic plan priorities, and you see them there Reimagine Learning Cultivate Talent and build community Connecting specific targets and strategies that the team identified for each area focus for example under Reimagine learning you'll find Personalizing learning building a flexible and challenging curriculum and standards based evaluation under build community you'll find relationships mentoring and partnerships engaging educating and equipping families and cultural responsiveness under Cultivate Talent which means cultivating talent in everyone Students staff and [families] you'll find building a best-in-class leadership pipeline We celebrate again that we were one of seven districts in the state select about the [Holdsworth] Center [we] look forward to our continued partnership network out You'll also see feedback loops and self reflection as well as targeted professional Learning and very exciting you will see that the threat of innovation is what will continue to drive all of our work inclined isd As we called out also [relationship] specifically because that came out again and again from the work of the team As well as we wanted to clearly acknowledge that resources are needed and in order to fuel this plan and so we'll need all sorts of promise to purpose investors to partner with us on this journey [and] bring our shared vision to life and Finally as you can see at the center our shared vision will always be at the heart of everything that we do Pointing to promised a purpose and our guiding documents will surround the work as I literally guide our work together over the next several years So with all being said we believe the folks involved in this work are truly doing the most outstanding Leaders in our client is [Dee] community in countless ways we've witnessed them living our profile of a leader And we're so grateful for them at this time With the promise [to] purpose strategic planning team please stand and be recognized and celebrated for your service to the students apply Now come on up for a picture guys yell out his work come on Come on out here that leg throw did the board come on up too as well.

This is a very big [fish] So board members, why don't we come up and? [everyone] [to] Gather Super-awesome one more time All right Hearing them to go that was somewhere between Shazam and Dynomite that's right Was born after 1980 or missus intake before 1920 yeah, those actually are popular in the 70s [we] will actually move on now down to our scout recognition. There's any scouts community audience would you please stand? When the miC comes by if you could please tell us your name [your] school troop and what bad you're working on I'm miles going and I Got [story]. I'm in troop 531 and I'm working on citizenship in the community and I think also Citizenship in the Nation well, I'm not sure better find America's [counselor] I'm silas Galloway. I am from troop 531 I go to Dorie intermediate I'm working on my star, and I'm currently here for the assistantship in the nation community that one I'm sam, Johnston.

I'm with to 1333 [I] go to clinic high school, and I'm working on communications in our veg off a my eagle All [right], [II] will now take an intermission give you all a chance to meet the board Before we take our break here, so if you will if you line up at my left your right and [will] no, thank you Okay, I'm at retention place now [820] and I mean effect [discussion] will continue with the citizen inquiry do we have any increased, Mr. Spent yes, Mr.. President we had warned the City little assess stuart. I'm sorry point of order the minute should reflect mister man departed Okay, just [before] you have one thing selection [in] Approximately 20 minutes of each regular meeting is allocated citizen [increased] after registering the board secretary has you so done The school district resident employee a vendor or potential vendor shall have an opportunity to address the board of trustees [for] the for Specific purposes as dictated by state law governing open meetings to discuss an item that appears [on] the agenda To make a request for specific factual information to ask for a recitation of existing policy and to redress grievances in accordance with the law no deliberation Discussion or decision what we made other than to consider a proposal to place the subject on the agenda for a subsequent meeting? Unless the subject is listed on the board agenda in which case it may be discussed by the board factual information only in regard to citizen inquiry may be shared at any point by the superintendent A Written response will be provided oral comments are limited to five [minutes] in length and let's extend it by a majority of the trustees and Must not mention any individual a name position or containing any personally identifiable information Please proceed duly noted good evening.

Thank y'all Congratulations to everyone in the district. We had a lot of winners here tonight My name's Melissa stewart my husband and I moved into Klein district about 16 years ago It has only been in the last two years that we've actually had a student in the district We're very proud and we wow when I grew up in Houston my eagles up at Eisenhower were fighting the climb Forrest Eagles But it's all good now with all one My personal background is I am currently serving as an executive [director] for the Eastern [restaurant] association previous to [that] I've worked for about Ten years in public education with the County department of education doing surveys and and Just reports and analysis of different districts at request. I worked at the Americorps group and with various after-school programming so I'm here today for a real specific and it's such It's really important to my family and I think it's important to a lot [of] [families] [I] [also] recognize that when I see the news truck outside.

I know when they show up on my doorstep It's not been a good day Typically unless it's not week or James beard awards of another great it's often things like hey, just you know somebody got shot or something, so But that's what I want to talk to you about is back in March You're a radical change and in approving some next Year's school calendar and school schedules [y'all] were absolutely been there's no question. I'm not questioning your ability to do that. [I] understand the district of innovation. I made longer [days] earlier Stars We have a later winter break we have the same end time so overall the school calendar itself has expanded at how much time on the Calendar that it takes up. We've lost three instructional days. You know did [a] survey two of them went out I? [track] I participate in the first one when I saw the second one.

It looked like the same thing I didn't think would be fair [for] my family to vote twice so I didn't but I did receive both of them I Spoke to run webster about this particular complaint as well as the administrator at my daughter's [school] Means I'm here is when y'all made those changes in March Nothing came out Per usual what I see with the district bad because I followed school calendars for years They [just] get posted on the website you go check it out when you're ready Well that works most years because you're following the fourth Monday law By the district of innovation though, you didn't do [that]. You don't have to You also have certain expectations. We're going to get out a couple weeks before it you know week before Christmas We'll have that week until after That up until New Year's day, and that everyone's right back to school right back to work And then hopefully we're all getting out as close to the world as possible. How about this time last year I had the privilege and I continued have the privilege of planning a vacation with five households three generations and [it] is a truly privileged vacation. So don't get me wrong.

I'm talking from a great place of privilege We're going to Disney world if you ever planned over at Disney [World] vacation They're very expensive and if you can you want to plan on a year out because a year out you can get the best rooms You get better rates you get to make your choices way back in so that's what my family did We wanted to wait to the end of the summer [to] let some of the other crowds go So the kids could have their camp we had some custody issues. We wanted to make sure we were being respectful So I looked at our counter [a] fourth Monday here. We go Let's make sure we're back in time to meet the teacher that Thursday before no problem. Did everything made all the arrangements [we're] all good to go Well, Lo and behold just on a whim And I truly mean a whim because I used the calendars of the different districts in the Houston area for some of our Association planning, I went in looking saying how many [cars] is out yet? Which is when I found out about three weeks ago that [in] fact my vacation was during the first week of school [a] bit of a problem [so] as a surprise I was kind of where and I'm very very frustrated and I will tell you why as A family I had to rearrange [of] vacation not the end of the world cost me a little bit of money Didn't quite get everything I wanted not the end of the world [we're] still far enough out that most of our work arrangements were still able to change however as a business person in Houston who works with the [company] to employ our Students in our students families this impacts internships jobs camp travel because it cuts to the arrangement These changes while hopefully they will have the result you want They are big impact on our community daycares churches all across the board when y'all opted to make those changes you needed to optimize them very public, and that's what didn't happen as I started working through this in my frustration what I've heard time and time again was Much a few days beginning of the school year, [not] a big deal I Was appalled that is not.

How we do it in my house You know we have 50,000 kids here [in] climb Every nine days Ms. Just 5% of [that] students Allocation from the state that adds up to the bottom line. Which is critical but everything we talked about today Innovation the plan the purpose if they don't show up, we got nothing That's my goal. I moved that we have a sense of the board to allow the speaker to continue to finish [her] point Thank you so much. I [got] it's on so long um so Nothing happens if the kids don't show up. That's pretty cool. So another thing when I was weren't perfect attendance household We're really proud of that Sally is finishing up her first grade year. She's not missed a day of school We've been very blessed that she's not had an illness that causes that but we do a lot of planning on our part, too We go to bed on time. We eat right what who's doing? What who's got? What if there's something going on? We make sure that her getting to school on time for the entire day every day [happens] And just quickly quick antidote just to let you know she has the great privilege of running into one of the tolls at playgrounds She was so full of merriment awesome, so I [get] the call from the nurse and we're having a bad moment And you know bleeding those slowing up eyes and so definite [ursus] of all Let [me] come get her she wouldn't come home because even though we both assured her it would not mess with her perfect attendance She didn't want to leave that's the citizen amazing.

That's the values at my household We can't Have our values and support the district as I want our families to do if we don't have that information [I] get a ton of stuff from y'all. I follow your Twitter feed. I haven't pushed to my phone I know you're 90 seconds I know when cline Whatever school was in the basketball finals And there were a lot [of] team did great in the spelling bee this should be on everything It needs to be in the newsletter going out if there's no reason that we can't make this super duper public It's a really easy fit, but because we're changing both. How we're doing the calendar next year in so many radical ways and The time our parents in our community need to know this. I'm just asking that y'all talk to the communications department [this] isn't the same old same old We need it everywhere needs to be in a Tuesday folder up on the website just [you] know a tweet once a week Hey, did you know we're changing the calendar these are really easy things to do, but they will have a big impact I think all learners overall Okay, thank you freezing, right Mr.

. President. I'm not going to speak to the to the particular matter because I know we have constraints on that, but I do want [to] recognize and for myself Give my appreciation for your willingness to come and speak to us [I] really wish I think we all do more citizens would take time to do that because Your voice in our communities. I appreciate you stepping forward as an individual board member I appreciate you stepping forward and bringing your matter to our attention. Thank you. Thank you Okay, the first item for consideration and approval is the strategic plan may have a motion any discussion Dr.. [King] any other information [just] very quickly just to make sure that we're all in the same page as to what you're adopting so I know there are several Pieces sent to you, [so] in terms of what the strategic plan is are the three bit? Thank you, or are the three big blocks that are joined by the Golden thread of innovation? so Cultivate Talent to Reimagine learning and build community and then the three bullets under each of those that's our strategic plan there was a there was a whole lot of pages of Detail work that we'll have teams working on in terms of how do we support that and make that happen? But in literally once that's adopted assuming you adopt that you will you will have? Adopted everything that's on our systems diagrams that we have listed here such want to be clear What exactly was being we're recommending adoptions not? Thank you Any other discussion well I just like to extend a compliment to the district and to the committee Those that showed up tonight, and those that couldn't show up tonight [for] [taking] this seriously because This this is this is important stuff in the last couple of weeks, I've entered into a program It's going to kick off here pretty soon where? We will have visitation to Harris County Juvenile Hall students 7 10 to 17 kids that are incarcerated in Juvenile hall because something went wrong [Robert] Heinlein a science fiction writer 40 years ago said it's impossible to have a juvenile delinquent by definition because juvenile is a definition of someone who's too young to understand the reason and delinquency is a state that took a certain amount of [reason] and commission in order to to create that that crime at whatever the offense is and so I see this as a Step in that direction to help us capture those who are bound to fall through the cracks [and] if we can through the strategy and [the] implementation and the tactical implementation and and the the Dedication and attitude that we saw displayed on that video with our employees and our citizenry [if] we can Keep that at the forefront as we keep everything else at the Forefront I think it's going to have great impact on the district and on our family Thank you all those in favor opposed motion carries 6:04 the Trustees will now conduct the first reading of those modifications to let the board policy pursuance it has the update 107 as follows CDC other revenues grants from Private sources Cj contracted Services DC plus employment practices the Faa probationary contracts suspension terminations during contract DFb a term contract suspension termination during contract DFC a continuing contract suspension termination Faa attendants culinary attendants FSa a Wellness and health services physical examinations ge relations with parent organizations with any comments or questions from the board? Real quick these are all state or tasbeeh.

They're not local These are [tasks] be recommended policy changes that we reviewed to make sure they match [cline] isd practices. Thank you or trustees will not conduct first reading with proposed modifications to student handbooks with no first [reader] right sorry I got time to [Spin] the Handbook so 2017 2018 year are there any comments or [questions] from the board? Next we'll have the approval of fund to support Community partners at events and have a motion I Second any discussion all right and again. I think this is addressed to Ellen [we're] fine with The whole argument or thinking of taking tax payer funds and supporting? another entity Because these entities that we're supporting are directly related to promoting the interest of the district that is correct what you're doing by this resolution is Considering the benefits that these entities provide directly to the district [into] district students and declaring that a district public purpose is served by these entities and by doing so you are fine using tax dollars to support the causes and quick [follow-up], and I don't think it's really part of this but What what is our? gatekeeping system to keep us from getting into A lobbying effort Even if it we were unaware we thought it was this and it turned out to be That we do we review these do petitions come across your desk or through the to Dr.

. Champion both Yes, so Dr.. Champion and Judy reviewed these Specifically and then if they have any questions, [they] contact me, thank you any additional discussion all those in favor opposed motion carries six zero Next item for consideration to approval additional staffing positions for 2017 18 years summarized in supporting documentation so moved second discussion all those in favor opposed motion carries Six zero Next we approval of the seal proposal number 17 250 depository services including approval of rankings and authorization To the superintendent or his designee to negotiate an executed contract with the appropriate depository in accordance with provisions of the Texas education codes May have a motion – move second any discussion all those in favor Opposed motion carries six there will now consider for approval the schematic design development for the softball field lighting replacement project at [Kline] Forest High School and Kline High school may I have a motion I second a discussion all those in favor opposed motion carries six zero especially Next item is the approval of the contract Award for Kline Collins High School Kline Forest high school and Final High school synthetic turf addition, I still move racing [a] discussion all those in favor both motion carries sixer next we will have the approval of the construction documents for the Kline Forest high school career and technology education Cte and gymnasium [addition] may have a motion actively second discussion all those in bigger, oh motion carries six zero next items the approval of the guaranteed maximum price for the Kline Forest high School career technical education and gymnasium addition may have a motion I said move Hey discussion all those in favor closed motion carries six, they're Moving on to the consent agenda are there any items that you wish to remove from the consent agenda start with you [whose] red marks Which is exactly no mister centenary, and I have none all those in favor post Senate Jenna Carry six here We're now ready to approve the minutes of the regular meeting on April 10th 2017 and it's a special meeting on april 30 2017 in April 24th 2017 may.

I have a motion second all those in favor opposed motion carries The 0 Moving on to calendar of you, please note the following events may 14th Mother's Day guys If you're married [and] have kids your mom doesn't count you have another one May 15th Curriculum audit interviews [may] 18 states that banquet [tameria] Waterway in the work [women] may 22nd Board Workshop may 25 promised a purpose celebration dinner and may 26 Mrs. [clare] out I'm sorry well, maybe 25 went promised a purpose celebration dinner at the NPC [may] 25th 25 correct We already get that Thursday In re Mountain, and what was the last one? I'm sorry 26 is just just clap out I thought it was That was june 1st at second chances Oh, I'm sorry, but that's similar both at the same location. Yes Thank you Will now move on to board comments, then we will adjourn this meeting before going on to the emergency second meeting I'll start with you [Miss] right mark Okay, quickly [as] I look at this chart And I think about all the work and all the thought and all the people that poured into that it is truly an amazing Feat thank you for everyone who is involved in it? it was very exciting to go to relay for life and See the community effort against cancer and the groups that were [there] and everyone that participated [as] the [community] A quick Community comment [bill] and I were [at] [a] scalp center 20 feet or so and Mitch was part of that with their involvement with scouts, and there was a surprise honoree for his bone his time of volunteering Is a big Niche volunteer? Amber still here, but it was just a great Celebratory night not only for the scout but for mitch and just a lot of things surrounding All the people that just helped make that school Success a lot of people sacrificing time and effort just tons of volunteers just you know Long's are so close around us, and [that] was a pretty special night [now] This is exactly so I'm not going to be brief.

Oh dear [surprised] So I spent the weekend with a couple that They've retired and left the district, but the wife used to teach in the district she taught it several districts there oil fields, so they moved around and she can be pretty direct in her criticisms and so we were talking about education and school and so on and so forth and She started going down this road, and I said well, you know I said well have it. How was [it] [at] [Cline]? She goes climb was the best Which is hard for her to say about anything? And I had that thought in my mind today this evening while we were going through the student and teacher recognitions from from nish and from Rock and then the student activity recognitions the Tommy Tunes and the flag team Mr.. Pilkington, and I attended the Cline oak Junior Air Force Rotc Banquet About a week and a half ago Saw the same thing even though Lamar [ward] if you if you read that little Summary there and the history behind it [a] recognition of the alumni the strategic planning recognition the recognition of the McDonald's and Glen Rock farm the shared Vision [and] then you put all that what we saw today in context of Mr.

. Wonderlic Stories of [11] [us] six months ago. He went through that and You see this and that and then you go to the slide that we have up promised the purpose and the innovation And you think of the innovation of our of our German forefathers? cultural forefathers and a farmer breaking apart in the field and having to come [up] with a solution to get the job done in that whole Sense of American Innovation, which to me from what I've seen in traveling around the world is distinct It's something that has become kind of almost culturally genetic within within the American culture to fix things [and] [we're] always fixing things doesn't mean that what we have isn't, right? But it also means it couldn't [be] better and so I credit Dr. Champion and the entire team and community underneath his direction for her being aware of that it kind of leads to improvement with the purpose and If you look at so if you look at just tonight [is] a one snapshot Microcosm of the Client community and these great parents are raising great kids and [yeah] We have problems as I alluded to earlier these kids at Juvenile. Hall ten year old kids Incarcerated in a seven story jail down on Commerce or prairie or wherever the heck it is down there 10 years old you [know] something broke Something broke and and we can't select the parable of the [lost] sheep.

We can't let that one go unattended while at the [same] [time] keeping the focus, so so I just All that was just kind of coming through my mind This evening, and I want to just pay special credit To the district and through your leadership Dr.. Champion. I know you're too humble to accept it For yourself, but to pass on to all those that are present here and that we're present today It's very proud. I think we have something special and we need to continue continue that thank you So I'll be a little brief. I thought was a wonderful meeting wonderful content. I've no further comment no, it was had a really good time both at the Air Force the military Ball and at the boy scout event is just amazing some of the things are [going] on [won't] forget your comments that boys don't know anything until they're 25 it's a but everything is great from the past and I am like wicked excited about the next five [years] We're sending the administrators back to school were you this whole tour foundation is So cool the things that they're going to be doing pulling the best the best Where our administrators are going to be going where all y'all are going to be going? Just the things I see just I was so excited after talking with the people and I couldn't even control It's like I'm calling up friends telling everything about it and just [good] luck for that.

It's like I'm geeking out on it, but I Just really think the most thing that is the most impressive to me is that we actually have the team to do it We have the vision to do it. This is not something. That's without reach and so I look at it as So you take hydrogen you know something in oxygen to things that are very flammable totally different, but you bring them together And you can make water the thing of life, and so that's where I see It's going with this you know caduceo Jenny could as [the] free gum and to [Dr.] champion Look forward to where it's going. I like where it's going It's kind of one of the things I even said it's like. I don't necessarily know where it's going, but I like it and So thank you You're coming, so real real briefly it is first I want to give a shout out to my team who was incredible with the frank stuff that that took place really outstanding We had like it's amazing that these people are looking at here or awake right now It's well done, but not only are they awake, but the work that they did Was outstanding and so so thank you – Judy Jenny Robert Thomas just for being here yourself Just always always keeping But thank you for for your work with the frank elementary piece but but really what I wanted to to call out tonight [is] we have some really cool things [going] on in the district? [and] if you think about the the image of our system that y'all adopted tonight with a strategic plan and the vision the middle and all those cool guiding documents It's really powerful and cool And I'm wicked excited about it [-] and the whole birthing and all that stuff is really great And so I think it is the [perfect] day for our our Incredible communications and planning team to have adorned the walls of the boardroom with the pictures that are behind our our folks who are in the audience right now and The reason that I think it's the perfect time is because with all of those adult things we have on that on that chart If we don't keep these things at the center of all of our work, then it's all for naught That every single thing every action we take in this school district has to be fueled by the students we have in our system and it's really easy to get caught [up] in the adult world that we we live in and forget what we're about and so I want to thank the the Communications and planning team for for surprising me this morning by this occurring because it's miraculous [and] it's it's miraculous because these are our students.

This is why we exist as a system. They're looking at us [right] now And this is what every action we take has to be centered around and so I'm just I'm so proud of Where we are where we're heading? [and] can't wait to see what happens with these guys is they move through our system from promise to purpose, so thanks Now actually as provided by the Texas government code the [board] of [Trustees] Will go into closed session for [a] brief closed session in accordance of section five five 1.07 one private consultation of the board's attorney regarding all matters is authorized by law Including [word] governance and five five one zero seven for discussing employment Evaluation or discipline of personnel including board Governance and including superintendent valuation contract now it could Maybe [retention], please right now 850 one the mini Clarity [board] of [Trustees] is reconvened and If there are no objections at 8:52 this meeting is adjourned Good evening now 850 2 p.

m. On Monday may 8th and this second meeting is now open the purpose of this meeting is to address the emergency regarding Frank elementary school [represented] the chrome tonight or Ms. Wright [Meyer] Mazaru on [oh], Mr.. Anderson which is in Check, Mr.. Smith and myself built, Oakington This versus the addition to the agenda was posted at 4:00 p.m.. Today, and notice was sent to the news Media may have a motion to declare an emergency exception to procurement requirements in accordance with Texas education Code section 4 403 1 h and to authorize a superintendent negotiate and execute all contracts related to the same Regarding Frank Elementary school, I so moved all those in favor Opposed motion passes a 6-0 thank you. Thank you to all the district employees. Thank you for all you did and Some of you Went with no sleep, so we will now actually let you go home.

Get some sleep. [thank] you. Is there any different comments? Okay now 854 p.m.. And the meetings adjourned.