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How I Choose My Perfume! | SCENT TRUNK | Stef Sanjati

Video: How I Choose My Perfume! | SCENT TRUNK | Stef Sanjati


Hello little buns, it is Stef, welcome back to my home! I have something different to show you today, because I've been experimenting a lot with different fragrances. So normally I use like, department store, not bad fragrances that I do like, like Bon Bon by Viktor and Rolf or some different Chanel fragrances, but I wanted to try something a little bit different, something that's maybe not as commonly known. I wanted to spread my wings in fragrances, I guess.

So something you might not know about is as part of my trans experience, I really value fragrance because I feel like it can change the way people percieve you a lot, so I really value really feminine fragrances but I also like just things that are really different, things that catch attention, you know what I mean? So I wanted to try something – I'm just gonna say the same thing over and over again, I want to try something different, but I'm gonna show you what it is, alright? Okay? So what it is is a subscription service called Scent Trunk. I was recently offered a shipment of Scent TruCK and it's really interesting – Scent TruCK? Scent TruNK. Scent TruNK. like a box of scent? So, it's really interesting because I don't think there's any other subscription boxes like this, it's really really cool. So what you get, is actually in an envelope it's not in a trunk, but like I forgive that, that's alright.

The envelope serves just fine. It's really cool. So you get, basically, these little atomizers that say Scent Trunk on them, every subscription box comes with three atomizers of different niche fragrances. Niche fragrances are typically made small batch by luxury perfumers from all around the world, so they can be fragrances from France, from Italy, from, from different parts of the world, anywhere – anywhere in the world. And they're very different, unique, and limited, right? So if you like something, you may not be able to get it again, but you'll know what you do like based on that fragrance, it's very very cool. They're more experimental, I guess you could say, and they smell very different, and much purer than department store fragrances do. Basically, Scent Trunk searches for these niche, unique perfumes and sends them out to everybody once a month! So I want to show you first, what they sent me for my first month, okay? Every atomizer does look the same, but it comes packaged and wrapped separately, with little cards that tell you all about the fragrance, okay, so the first one is Orchid Noir, and Orchid Noir, it doesn't have like a special story description but the top notes, the middle notes, and the base notes are listed for every fragrance.

If you don't know how top, middle and base notes work, bascially, the top note is what you smell immediately, it's the first thing you smell, it's what you smell when you spray it on the card, it's what you smell when it's in the air. The middle and base notes are something that come out as you're wearing it, so it's not something you're going to notice right away, but as you wear the fragrance it becomes apparent and it's really, it's deep and it's special and I love it. So, um with Orchid Noir, the top notes are bergamot and cassia which are nice kind of, I don't know, floral, gentle, but they're a bit – they have a bit of depth, but they're not, like, they're not rose, but they're still floral, okay? Then you've got the middle notes, are iris flower and black currant, okay, I LOVE iris flower, iris is one of my favourite flowers, because everything about it is great, I just love iris. And then the base notes are vetiver and vanilla, so basically, as you're wearing this fragrance, the longer you wear it for, the more it smells like vanilla, the sweeter it gets, it starts out kind of like, floral and topical, then it gets deep and delicious, so it's very very cool and I love that one.

That one has a little American flag on it so I'm guessing it's an American fragrance. All three of these actually have an American flag so I'm guessing they're from the United States. This one is called White Pepper Mandarin and this one does have a little description I want to read for you, so it says: "White Pepper Mandarin is reviving, energizing, and rejuvinating. Notes of white grapefruit and madarin dance on top of white pepper, clary sage, and lemon verbena. White woods, oak moss, and frankincense round out this fragrance." So the top notes are white grapefruit and orange, so it's very fruity and kind of spring and summer, I kind of love that about this, when it first goes on your skin. But as it sits, it gets very woody and very deep and that's something I'm noticing is a trend with these niche fragrances is it's not just like one fragrance, right, it's like three fragrances in one, it's so cool, I love that about it. So the top notes like I said, are white grapefruit and orange, middle notes are white pepper in lemon so you get a bit of citrus, a bit of spice in there, right? And then, as you're wearing it – like, the bottom notes are cedarwood and frankincense, super super woody, so it's really really cool, um.

.. And then the last one is called Falling Into the Sea. Again, there's no description for this one but the top notes are lichi and grapefruit so again very fruity, very sweet right out the base… *sighs* Yes. And then the middle notes are sand and lemon so I don't know what sand smells like, I don't know, um… *pops lips* how that works, really, but I'm gonna take its word on it, like do you know what sand smells like? Does it smell like dirt? I don't know. I don't know, it's fine. And then the base notes are exotic florals and bergamot so it starts out very light, very fruity, kind of like "Oooh, I'm going to the beach" and then it ends up, like, tropical, which is very awesome. I think that's very cool, it tells a story, you know? It has a story. SO, I am in love with these. My favourite is probably Orchid Noir because that's my kind of fragrance, where it starts out, like, kind of delicious – not even, it doesn't start out delicious, okay. So it starts out kind of like sweet and delicious, but then it gets like SUPER sweet and delicious, I don't know.

I just like fragrances where I feel like I can eat them, and that's why I like that one. And what I find cool about Scent Trunk is that every month I can try something new, and my tastes are going to change, so I can try new things. And especially in line with my transition, my tastes are changing constantly because I'm on hormones, so everything that I like changes constantly. So, Scent Trunk I believe is $18 a month. $18 a month for three two mililitre fragrances, and like, you don't use very much of these, you use one spray of each of them, so six mililitres will last you a month for sure. You don't need to worry about that. It will last you at least a month. Somebody told me, it's kind of like you build a scent wardrobe. With your clothes, you know, you have like so many different clothes, but with fragrances usually people have like one or two, and this way you can have, like, twenty. In time, of course, you don't have twenty right away, but it's very cool, just to build, you know, your selection.

I love collecting fragrance, it's really cool I think. So when you sign up on Scent Trunk you actually make a "fragrance profile" and then they hand-select three different fragrances for YOU, so the fragrances you get you're likely to like. Good grammar, right? Something that's cool is there's actually a free trial happening where you just pay shipping, so you pay $4.95, I think, and you get one fragrance to try, so it's a way for you to break in and see if you might like this kind of service. So I put a link in the description box, you can click on it if you want to see and try Scent Trunk out or you can check out more information in the link below. If you're like me and you're transitioning and you love fragrance and you feel like it's a part of your identity, then I go for it! But even if you're not transitioning, like, everybody likes to smell good, so, you should click on the link below, even just to look at more information, or to give the free trial a go, or you know, to start a subscription with the box, it's just a really cool thing and I LOVE these fragrances, they smell so good, they last forever, like I'm so happy.

I feel good. That is all I have to show you, if you have more questions please feel free to comment below, I will get to as many of you as I can! And until next time, I will see you all later, it's been a pleasure oh my gosh, and just, you know, be cool, I'll see you again, it's all good, just be cool, be yourself, it'll be fine, I love you so much BYE!.