/BON-BON, WE HAVE COMPANY~ | Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location Pt.2

BON-BON, WE HAVE COMPANY~ | Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location Pt.2

Video: BON-BON, WE HAVE COMPANY~ | Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location Pt.2


hello everyone it's me Jayskibean and welcome back the five nights at Freddy's sister location now the first episode we got through the first night which is basically a tutorial and we got about halfway through the second night yeah and it's gonna it's going to make me start the second night all over again which is fine it's totally ok I can do this and if come back for another night of intellectual stimulation talking rear choices and self-reflection on past mistakes past mistakes we're committed to any way a unique and fulfilling work experience one part of that commitment is ensuring that you don't get tired of the voice that you're hearing right ok ok I'll take HCG pants below please select a new companion voice for male press 1 for female press 2 for text only press three for other options press four anyway like I was saying before i was rudely interrupted by future angsty teen um i am going to go ahead and skip ahead until I'm back where I was before unless of course that you had some something exciting happens all right now we're caught back up where we were to begin with going back to the control module that took a good 10 minutes geez crazy okay so now we have to crawl through the bellorum place and not you will now be realized to crawl through the bowl or a gallery using the vent to your left yes the breaker room it is recommended that you stay low to the ground and reach the other side as fast as possible as to not disturb valora I will deactivate myself momentarily as to not create an auditory disturbance so take a nice illuminating okay so i hear her ah she's singing I hear her singing but I don't hear the music I don't know what to do and hear sounds it seems you are taking a long time please proceed as quickly and as quietly as possible hush ah where is she oh she's right there oh that was her we're good she's getting so close ah I don't want to die how'd you don't talk anymore please ha it is ah thank you ok we r you you may now interface with the breaker control box using the interface may disrupt nearby electronics if you feel you are in danger feel free to disconnect the interface temporarily ok this is safe to reconnect space to play mascot response audio ok so set the interface ok sadly restart what do I do so I just have to oh ok yeah alright cool oh dude danger level spikes when I do that though like it just goes always right there go back to your stage go back to say sir no ah dude you can see it moving yeah go back to sleep yeah she's right oh wait no he is on the stage okay so danger levels greens so that's good oh so in between everyone you have to go back so is that is that Freddie talking spread your voice right yes go back to your stage I see you yeah you're silly you're so silly were you at okay okay so we're good why is the danger level spiked like that I don't know I don't want to mmm yeah you're right there yeah okay so we're good no everything's okay it's fine it's fine it's good it's okay it's okay Freddie it's a birthday boy over there I'm not a birthday boy it's enough is I'm not a birthday boy yes silly poo oh good this is ridiculous it's or so I'm doing it one out of time because I don't wanna die yeah go back to your stage yeah silly poo haha silly it's silly Willy you're so silly you're so silly silly you silly little bit up this completes your task for the night please proceed through the ball or a gallery with care and we'll see you back here tomorrow so I got to go back s so I can do the same thing same thing I'm gonna go nice and slow yes I mean no no one's here there's no one here but Laura poo no one at all yeah but there's no one though you're just here and stuff yours is here and stuff so what am I supposed to do now perhaps not yeah maybe you're just imagining an image maybe it's just all in your head by Laura maybe I should just run yeah I did it without dying slin if I'm talking about oh my god enjoy some time at home I don't mind to decide you to do to do to do so scary so creepy the hobby on says so also does another chapter in the saga of love lost between Vlad and his distressed miss Blanche and may be reconciled can their love rise again Batman more happening now yes can't wait clean up the baby isn't buying it is glad they had trouble catching him in the nursery today ha oh ha get hyper run around and stop they had to knock him out of the air with a broom what I have to go they're going to dock your pay tax they can't do that fire I don't get paycheck ah don't have a job graveyard shift the fry me taco don't lie to me oh the humanity whoa no again when will these two ships passing in the night rekindle their long-lost love to me into one mind out there's not one burnt piece of popcorn that I'm not gonna eat so nothing has changed in between ships yet but I feel like as game as the game goes stuff is going to change just once oh poor kid she prolly dies welcome back to another pivotal night of your thriving new career yay really ask yourself what am I doing with my life what would my friends say and most importantly will I never see my family again we understand the stress the new job and we're here for you that's not how reach a more stable and relaxing frame of mind we offer several musical selections to help make this elevator ride as relaxing and therapeutic as possible we offer contemporary jazz classical rain forest ambience as well as a wide selection of other choices using the keypad below please type the first few letters of the musical selection you would prefer it seems you had some trouble with the keypad and wonder what you were trying to type and I will auto correct it for you thank you for selecting casual bongos casual bongos now that your elevator experience has been customized to your needs and your thoroughly relaxed it's worth mentioning that due to your lackluster performance yesterday your pay has been decreased by a substantial amount well they please enjoy the rest of your descent my pay has been decreased because it did a bad job okay well anyway I gotta finish the episode off here this was part 2 day to night to night two of five nights at Freddy's sister location now hope you guys enjoyed if you did enjoy make sure you select that like button underneath the video and until next time I'll see you guys later.